tagLoving WivesHalloween Experiment...

Halloween Experiment...


Halloween Experiment—Would He, or Wouldn't He...

Fidelity... It's one of those warm, fuzzy, nebulous concepts that one is probably better off not exploring too deeply—at least that's what I think I learned. I'd always wondered if it was something that one was born with, or simply an artifact of circumstances—a question of opportunity, really... The subject of my musing wasn't myself—I was pretty sure I knew the answer to that one; opportunity or not (and I'd been presented with several of them), I had taken my wedding vows quite seriously over the years. Forsaking all others... No, the subject of my consideration was Tom, my husband of several years. I'd often wondered if his profession of fidelity was truly real, or simply a matter of opportunity. Not that I thought he was engaged in any extra curricular activities, but I wondered about his resolve... Was he truly honorable, or simply untested? The subject ultimately became more than one of idle curiosity; it grew into obsession. How would I know how he'd react to an unexpected opportunity?

Suddenly it struck me—Halloween would give me the opportunity to run my experiment and learn the answer. An associate of Tom's had invited us for the first time to his annual Halloween costume party... This would be the perfect venue for my test. The opportunity lay in the costumes—all were to be attired in such a manner that one's identity would remain a mystery until the unveiling at the stroke of midnight. Further, we knew few of those on the guest list, so the likelihood of guessing who was behind any given mask was quite small. Perfect... All that was required was to insure that the costumes that we chose, Tom's in particular, would be sufficiently unique as to avoid duplication. As to that, being fans of Babylon 5, we chose our favorite characters. Tom would be Marcus, complete with Ranger insignia and Membari fighting stick on his belt—I would be Delin (prior to her change). To make sure I could identify him by touch, I secretly sewed a small coin into his lapel. My other secret was my second costume—that of a heavily veiled harem girl...

Finally, the night of the party arrived... I had been feigning a slight illness for a couple of days ahead of time—though always reassuring Tom that I would be well enough to go so that he wouldn't cancel. But on the evening of the party, I finally acted ill enough that Tom thought I should stay home—trouble was he wanted to stay home with me. It took a fair amount of persuasion to convince him to go ahead and go—I told him all I would do was go to sleep as soon as possible and hope to be better in the morning... Reluctantly, he left...

Now it was time to put my plan into effect... I pulled my costume from its hiding place and stripped. Since the plan was to be as tempting as possible, I donned the costume sans underwear and bra. It was quite a costume... The top was a sheer translucent white fabric that draped around my shoulders and ended just below my breasts, which were just visible as indefinite mounds—my nipples, though, were clearly prominent... The pantaloons were similarly translucent, but pink—it was quite clear that I had no panties—in fact I wasn't too sure if one could just make out my pubic hair with the right light... Clearly, this costume hid very little and it showed off my body to devastating effect. This would be a true test of Tom's fidelity! All that was left was to make sure that the veils clearly hid my identity.

My hands were positively shaking by the time I got to the party—part of me, though, found this to be arousing, in a naughty sort of way... I was going to this party with the idea of seeing just how far Tom would go with an alluring stranger—and just might get laid in the process...

I made my way into the party and slowly searched for Tom. In the process, I noticed that many of they guys were stopping and staring, some in mid sentence—even the girls were looking at me, some with poorly concealed looks of envy. It wasn't too terribly long before I spied my husband standing not too far from the bar with a drink in hand. He wasn't alone. In fact, he was deeply engaged in conversation with a rather shapely blond dressed as Cat Woman! Somewhat indignantly, I made my way to the bar and grabbed a drink—though I noticed, with some satisfaction, him watching me as I did so... I gulped it down and as the music started up, started dancing by myself some distance from him. It didn't take too long for me to sense someone dancing close to me... I looked up just in time to see Cat Woman storming off and "Marcus" dancing fairly close to me...

We danced like that for a couple of fast-ish songs when a slow song came on... He started to say something to me and I put my fingers over his mouth to silence him. He looked at me wonderingly, and I opened my arms to him... He shrugged and gently hugged me as we danced together, slowly and softly through the song. The next one was also slow. This time, I nestled as close to him as I could, pushing my breasts against his chest and slowly working my hands down to his rear... It wasn't too long before I felt his hands reciprocate; and not too long after that, I felt his hardening erection against my lower stomach... I felt myself becoming warm and cozy from the romance of it all, until I remembered that as far as he was concerned, this was some unknown women—not his wife... At that point I felt myself becoming angry! Damn him! I decided that we would definitely take this as far as it would go!

The song ended and we stayed in each other's arms for a long moment, then I disentangled myself from his embrace, took him by the hand and led him off the dance floor... We made our way down a dimly lit hallway until we found a bedroom door slightly ajar. As soon as we were inside, I turned to him and kissed him hard on the mouth. He kissed me back, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth as his hands feverishly stroked my back and hips. As his hands roamed my body—and mine his—I took advantage of the situation to check for the coin I'd sewed into his collar... Sure enough, it was there... In spite of my anger that Tom would obviously have sex with some anonymous stranger—without putting up too much of a fight, I felt my self becoming completely aroused—I wouldn't have stopped things had I'd been given the opportunity... So when Tom pushed me back on the bed, I let him. I could feel his hard penis as he climbed between my legs and gently pushed my top up to expose my breasts. Within minutes, he nearly had me climaxing as he gently kissed and teased my breasts with his mouth and tongue. Sensing how close I was, he slowly kissed his way down my stomach and slipped off my pantaloons. It seemed like he kissed and licked all around my sex forever before I felt his tongue lapping at my slit... When he finally touched my clit with his tongue, I exploded in orgasm. He didn't stop as I bucked against him, but gently toyed with me. It wasn't too long before it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming "fuck me now!" I knew that if I did, he would recognize my voice and the game would be up, so I bit my lip and stifled my cry to a desperate whimper... As if he was sensing my desperation, he wriggled and slowly kissed his way up to me, pausing at my breasts until I pulled him all the way up. His penis felt so hard and hot as he gently rubbed it along my slit. Again I pulled at him, thrusting up with my own hips and he slowly pushed his way into me, filling and stretching me... It seemed to go on forever—if I hadn't felt the coin in his lapel, I would have seriously wondered if I was being fucked by someone else—his penis felt so big inside me, stretching me to the point it almost hurt... I groaned deeply as he worked back and forth, thrusting my hips back to meet him. We settled into a slow comfortable rhythm and soon I felt another orgasm building. He held me tightly as I cried out and my cunt spasmed around him—surprisingly, he didn't climax with me, god, he was sure exhibiting unusual control! As the waves of my orgasm quieted, he started thrusting again, though this time somewhat more urgently. Soon I was thrusting back with similar urgency as I felt myself building to yet another orgasm; he was really pounding me, so hard I could feel his balls slapping hard against my ass (it's funny how little details like that can stick in your mind). And then he slowed and deepened his thrusts really pushing into me, the head of his penis brushing against my cervix—I'd never had him push so deeply before... Finally, I could hold back no longer and my third orgasm crashed over me... He gave one last, deep thrust, and came with me—I could feel his penis pulsing in time with my spasms as he filled me with his semen... He softly caressed my cheek as our spasms subsided and nestled against me, still inside me... I gently caressed his back and hips as he softened inside me. At last he slipped out of me and we curled up spoon fashion and he drifted off to sleep, his arms around me, nestling my breasts.

As soon as I heard him start to snore, I carefully disentangled myself from his arms and dressed myself... I looked at him one last time, feeling very confused inside. On one hand, I felt very good, very relaxed and satisfied from our lovemaking, on the other, I was angry... My husband, for all he knew, had just fucked a complete stranger—and done it very well... and very passionately. My knees wobbling, I quietly slipped out and closed the door behind me, then, in a blur, made my way to the car and home...

I quickly changed into the flannel night gown I had been wearing when Tom left and hid the costume. No sooner than I had gotten into bed and arranged myself as the "poor sick wife staying home and reading a book," did I hear Tom's car pull into the garage. My heart was pounding as I heard him make his way up the stairs to our bedroom. Would I be able to tell a difference in his behavior? Would he look guilty? Would he be changed in any way?

I quickly put my book down and feigned sleep as he came in. He walked over to me and gently kissed me on the top of the head. As he put my book away I pretended to awaken...

"You're home..." I said to him as groggily as I could, "how was the party?"

"It was OK," he muttered from the closet, "I missed you, though."

I bet, I thought to myself, "Anything interesting happen?"

"Nothing worth mentioning," he answered as he crawled into bed, "good night babe." He kissed me on the forehead and rolled over.

The bastard! I wouldn't even get the satisfaction of being able to look him in eyes to see if he was telling the truth... I rolled over and turned off the light and tried to go to sleep myself, but all I could see when I closed my eyes was the image of my husband humping some bimbo—bimbos of all sizes, blondes, brunettes, redheads; but mostly, they were me... Finally, morning came and I felt like I had been through the wringer... Even Tom thought I was still ill.

For the next couple of days, we went about our business, though I was fairly cool towards Tom. Apparently, he'd chalked it up to me being upset about his going to the party without me, though occasionally I'd catch him looking at me with a puzzled expression on his face. Even so, he didn't act like someone with any secrets to hide—either that or he was very good at hiding them—which made me wonder if he had lots of practice...!

On the third day following the party, he came home from work storming into the house.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wondering if he was ready to confess.

"Damn it," he blurted, not very contritely "I know I never should have gone to that damned party with out you...!"

"Why?" I asked, guessing wrongly, about what he was going to say...

"Well, first of all, I never have any fun without you at those damned things. And secondly, being lonely without you there, I loaned my costume to that asshole Fred and left... He'd been crowing at work about how he'd gotten laid by some stunning harem girl that he didn't know. Not one of us believed him, but he gave me my costume back this morning and it's got cum stains all over it!"

My heart stopped beating for a few moments... Well, it looked like I had my answer about Tom... but what about me?

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by Anonymous

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by mark7310706/14/18


Time for wifey poo to confess!
She should know by now how her
husbands dick would feel in her pussy.

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by Anonymous04/19/18

sorry iamhapless

But story has headed much lower. As another has stated she certainly would have known it wasn't her husband before the screwing started.

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by imhapless04/19/18

Original and entertaining

Stories like this don't get enough respect in the scoring. This definitely should be a more than 4.5 story (5* for me); but then again scoring for female writers, or writers writing about lead female characters,more...

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