tagNonHumanHalloween Fright Night

Halloween Fright Night


This is a story about a guy's night out at a Halloween party that turned into a fright night for him. I'll be the guy because I tell the story better in the first person.

I had just moved to a new job in a new town and had not yet met many people other than the guys I worked with at a shipping and receiving company. I am a bi-guy who prefers the uncomplicated sex a man can share with another man. Due to the recent move, however, getting settled into a new job, new apartment and new town, I had been without sex with a man or woman for several weeks. I had just had no time to make the scene, meet new people.

One of the guys who worked with me invited me to a Halloween party on Oct. 31. Since that was Wednesday this year, and we were working long hours with early morning reporting times, I was hesitant about partying in the middle of the week. My workmate persuaded me though, telling me with a leering grin I couldn't help but notice, the party was on Hump Day and suggested if I got lucky some humping might go on at the party. He gave me directions to the house where the party was to be held, then on Wednesday afternoon before we knocked off for the day, made sure I knew the directions and still planned to come to the party.

After going home I showered, watched tv for awhile, dressed in comfortable thong underwear, casual slacks, a sport shirt, loafers with no socks and took a simple Mardi Gras-type mask with me as he had suggested no dress up garb or fancy costume. He had also said we would probably spend some time in a hot tub at the party house, so I thought the thong underwear could double as a bathing suit. I did not necessarily want to reveal my sexual preferences to my coworker and his friends who would probably include others that worked with us.

I left my apartment shortly before 8 p.m. to arrive at the party by 9 o'clock. He had said the drive should take about an hour. Following his directions out of town, I noticed I was soon way out in the countryside. The directions led me off the main highway onto a two-lane road, onto another side road, then to a tree-shaded dirt road. At the end of this road, deep in the woods, I finally came to a secluded, three-story, eerie-looking house. I had not seen any other houses or vehicles for some time before arriving at the house in the woods. As I pulled into the circular drive though, I saw six other vehicles – cars, SUVs and trucks - parked near the house. Lights were shining through the ground floor windows and music was blaring from an entertainment system somewhere inside the house.

I was met at the door by the guy who had invited me to the party. He welcomed me, led me through the house out the back door to the spa area, and mixed me a drink from a bar on the patio. The patio was lit only by a few flickering candles lighting the immediate area that was surrounded by the darkness of the woods.

The only really odd thing about this part of the evening was the fact that my host was buck naked. When he noticed me checking out his sexy nude body he told me to get out of my clothes and join the group in the hot tub. Graciously, he took my shoes and clothes as I undressed. He put my slacks and shirt on a rack where six other sets of clothes were hanging and placed my shoes under my clothing in line with six other pairs of shoes. I left on my thong underwear and took a gulp of the drink he had given to me. He patted me on the butt and said, "Take those off too. We're very friendly and loose here." He let his hand linger on a cheek of my butt for a couple of heartbeats, hooked a thumb in the elastic waistband and helped me pull the thong over my hips and down my legs. Kneeling to do this he was right at my crotch. He took my underwear in one hand, brought them to his nose and sniffed them. "Ummh, nice cologne," he said. Still kneeling he cupped my cock and balls in his other hand. "Nice package, my friend. Are you ready for some humping?"

While he was doing this, I took a couple more swallows of the drink to calm my rising nervousness. He stood up, smoothed his hand over my stomach to my chest, then turned and hung my underwear on the rack. I took yet another swallow of my drink and glanced down at my stirring cock aroused by his touches and his strange eye contact as he had handled me. Turning back to me he put his arm around my waist and said, "Let's go meet the others."

Although a bit uneasy at his arm around me so intimately and our flesh touching as we walked toward the hot tub side by side, I was glad he was steadying me. I felt real dizzy all of a sudden, my vision was blurred, my legs wobbly. He walked me to the hot tub and eased me into the warm water. "Fellow revelers," he said, "greet our sacrifice to Eros for the night."

What the hell, I thought, sacrifice, sacrifice to Eros? What's going on here? What's happening to me? I barely know this guy, and I don't know any of these five other guys closing in on me. As I leaned against the side of the hot tub, crotch deep in the bubbling water, my host stood chest to chest, belly to belly, thigh to thigh with me. I could not focus on his features, and five other blurry figures closed in around him and me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me on the mouth. Other hands touched my body, my cock and balls, stomach, sides, butt, legs, shoulders.

I kept my mouth closed against his kiss at first, then yielded to him as my cock rose in full erection, my loins tingled, my whole body shivered. His tongue wormed between my lips, into my mouth and tangled with my tongue. Other lips and tongues worked on my ears, neck, shoulders, back, chest, stomach, sides. Then pulled and pushed away from the wall behind me, I felt a mouth moving down my back to my butt cheeks. Hands bent me forward. Other hands opened the crack of my ass. A wet set of lips and tongue slithered between my cheeks, slipped up and down, then probed at my crinkled anus. "Ooooh," I moaned. Another mouth was at my crotch, kissing my cock and balls, a tongue licking my corona, sticking into my pee slit, swirling around the mushroom head of my stiffening cock, then the mouth engulfed me half way down my shaft. "Oooooh," another moan escaped from my mouth smothered in the tongue wrestling kisses of my host.

A finger, wet with some slick gel, slid into my rectum, deep, then twisted working on my prostate. A stream of pre-cum coursed down my cock into the mouth of the man sucking me. The finger moved back, paired with another finger, and those two entered me. Mouths closed on my nipples. Another mouth tongued my navel. The two fingers were joined by a third working in my yielding nether hole.

"He's ready now," a husky voice intoned. "Let's put him in the harness." I was lifted by six strong men, one with his three fingers still stuck inside me, another with his mouth still clamped on my cock, a hand griping my balls. They placed me face up in a leather, swinging harness, lifted and secured my legs high and wide in the air, my head hanging backwards unsupported, my arms passed through restraining loops around my biceps.

As I settled into the harness, dizzier than ever now, a cock entered my mouth. Two other cocks were placed in my hands. A long, slender stiff dick covered with a lubed condom penetrated my slickened, slightly opened asshole. The remaining two rods were being stroked by hairy hands and rubbed against my face. As the night wore on, all six cocks fucked my mouth, all six humped my ass. Rubbers full of cum littered the ground beneath me. Cum splattered and ran on my belly, chest, neck and face. The cocks were long, slender, short and fat, one black one was both extra long and thick. The balls bouncing against me hung in hairy or shaved sacks. Some hung loosely, others were tightly drawn up to the cocks moving in my mouth, ass and hands. The men were as varied as their sex organs, tall, slender, short, slightly overweight, medium built, but all strong and aroused by their use of me for their pleasure. I came three times, emptying my seed onto my abdomen as hands stroked me, after mouths sucked me, once when I was being fucked vigorously with a long, thick cock pounding back and forth in my asshole.

Fucked in the mouth and the ass each six times by six men, 6-6, I thought my night of ravishment was over when the men unstrapped me from the harness. But they only turned me over face down and re-secured me on the cool but sweat-coated, cum-stained leather. The six men left me. I hung there in a daze. Then they returned wearing black robes with peaked hoods covering all but their eyes, noses and mouths. Standing in a semi-circle around me, they started chanting, invoking some "Master" to come and take me for his pleasure.

Soon I heard footsteps crunching in the leaves, approaching my exposed behind from the dark woods. The men knelt low. They arranged a rope in the shape of a pentagram beneath me. Too exhausted to lift my head again and look, I felt cold, clammy, hands, more like claws rake my butt cheeks, dig into my cleft and open me. A smell like wet coals of a campfire doused with water filled my nostrils. Something pointed, snout-shaped like a dog's penis touched my abused rectum. A long, skinny shaft slid into my tender hole. Furry thighs and an underbelly mashed against my thighs and butt cheeks. "Oooooh, no, please no. I am so scared," I cried, salty tears running from my blurry eyes. "What is that? What are you doing to me now?" I moaned.

"Relax my friend. You will not be hurt. Do not be frightened. You will feel only pleasure. We have all been with the Master. This is our admission to the order," my workmate intoned in a strange, far away-sounding voice. The men started a new chant, music wailed, assaulting my ears.

The claws clutched the sides of my hips. I shivered in fear. The thing in my bowels expanded stretching me slowly. It lengthened until it touched a spot deep inside me, deeper than I had ever been penetrated before, at the point where my lower chamber angled sharply at the beginning of my colon. A hot, slimy fluid filled me, squishing back down the shaft, lubricating it and my insides. I lowered my head to look back underneath me. All I could see was a pair of slender, furry legs, like a goat's legs, and cloven hooves. The thing inside me pulled back until just the pointy tip remained clamped by my anal sphincter. Then it plunged into me raking along my prostate gland, penetrating me right to the point where my colon began. I was terrified when I felt it going into me, expecting it to rip me apart, to hurt me unmercifully, but it felt so good lubed by the slick liquid that had filled me to overflowing just moments before. As the Master humped like a dog rapidly back and forth into me, I came for the fourth time that night, gushing hot juice into a mouth that had suddenly covered my cock. The Master shrieked an animal cry and filled my bowels with near scalding, creamy jism, still pounding into me with his hard rod.

Squishy sounds emanated from our junction. His cum frothed, bubbled out of my asshole and ran down my inner thighs. He rammed into me one last time. Then I felt his cock readjust, get thinner and shorter, relieving the pressure in my rectum. Still when he pulled out of me a juicy plop escaped from my hole.

Immediately he stalked around to my head. He lifted my head with a claw and stuck his pointy cock in my mouth. Just before it disappeared between my lips I saw it was red, raw-looking, thick-veined, and his balls were drawn up tight in a furry sack nestled between his furry legs. He stood still, and as he had done in my rectum, adjusted his length and girth to reach just the right depth against my throat and the right pressure of my pried open mouth against the full shape of his rod. Then he fucked my mouth, wet only by my saliva until he gushered his cum onto my tongue. He controlled the amount until my mouth was full and his jism was just starting to ooze from my lips. "Swallow," he commanded in an accent I had never heard. His cock diminished under his control, allowing me to drink his cum.

He returned to my ass. Back and forth six times he filled my rectum and my mouth. Six times with six men each in my mouth and ass. Six times in each receptacle by the Master. 6-6-6.

I guess I had passed out from exhaustion and sheer pleasure. I awoke in the hot tub with the six men lounging near me. My jaw and ass ached slightly, but the feelings were strangely pleasant. A sweet nectar taste in my mouth. The men moved ceremoniously, urging me from the hot tub. They toweled me with bright red towels, congratulated me on admission to the order, and presented me with one of the black, hooded robes. We went into the house and slept together in a huge round bed upstairs on the third floor. My workmate called us in sick for Thursday. I slept until late afternoon before returning to my apartment wondering when we would have our next meeting of the order and what my role would be then. Would the Master come visit me now anytime he wanted me? How would we seven in the order keep the pattern of 6-6-6? Would one of us go form a new cell for the order? Was this all just a dream? Had I just had some kind of drink that made me hallucinate all this? Some kind of wishful thinking from being so horny in a new town? A Halloween fright night that never really happened? How do you answer these questions readers?

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