tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHalloween Fright Night

Halloween Fright Night


Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 18 years or older.


I hated being late. Rushing around to get ready for my best friend Sissy's Halloween party, I forgot to get gas. With Sissy living out of town on a country road, it was not the ideal place to be sitting. And forgetting my cellphone on my dresser at home just demonstrated what kind of night this had become. Wearing my witch costume, I decided my only way out of this mess was to walk back to town and call for a ride.

My name is Sheila, and at 42, I was a divorced woman who spent most of my time with Sissy. She was always there for me, and she urged me to get out, and telling me there were some really nice single guys invited to her party, it would be a chance for me to mingle. I considered myself a plain, old-fashioned gal, who got a lot of attention for my large breasts. I had no problem getting dates, but always knew they wanted me for my tits, and not my mind. Even my ex-husband ran off with his secretary, who was even larger in that physical department.

I walked back in the direction I had driven, the night dark with a bright full moon. It felt eerie and I was a bit on edge, as the stories about some strange people living out here in this remote area were legendary in town. There were several murders and kidnappings, but the criminals were never found. So, to be here alone, and in this Halloween costume, I had decided that I would be hot inside of it at the party. So I chose to just wear my skimpiest panties and bra, which would make me feel a little more comfortable. But the cool night breeze was stirring my nipples, making them hard, which always turned me on.

Then, I came to a clump of trees, and heard a rustling. Before I could see, a black figure came out, and wrapped an arm around my neck, cutting off the air to my lungs. I also felt a sharp object poking my ribs.

A gruff voice uttered, "What have we here? A witch out in the dark of night. Now, you can scream all you want, but there is nobody here except you and me. And I just hate screamers, so it would be perfect to just use this trusty knife and leave you here to be devoured by the wild animals."

I was in fear for my life. He eased up a bit so I could breathe, which brought on a coughing spell from me. I wondered how this night could become worse, until I heard the sounds of metal rubbing making clinking noise.

That rough voice spoke again, "You are going to be a good witch for me now, won't you? If you do as I say, you may get to live, come morning. But, I am not the understanding type, so what will it be, Miss Witchy?"

"Please don't hurt me, Mister. I just want to go home," I begged him.

He laughed, and then I felt the knife against my ribs harder. I was very scared, as here I was out in the middle of nowhere, and fearing for my life. He was very strong, and continued to hold me with one hand, while he waited out my predicament.

"Put your arms and hands under your costume. Do it now!"

I had no idea what was in store for me, but I quickly reached up and worked on moving my arms and hands under the costume. I thought about running when he eased his arm from me, but the knife remained at my side, as I saw it glistening in the moonlight. I felt that I best to do as he asked, for I didn't want to risk running and him catching me.

"Now, that's a good little witch. I have plans for you tonight. We are going to have a party, and you will be the center of attention. Now put your hands behind your back, Missy," he said.

Then I felt the knife poking me again, with my costume being lifted from the rear. I stuck my hands behind me, under my costume. Then I felt my wrists being schackled with handcuffs, making me understand now what the metal rubbing sound that I had heard earlier really was. Now I was at his mercy, and I was scared at wit's end!

"That's good, now let's check out the goods."

I felt his hands reach around me, holding me, but yet they grasped my breasts. He was pawing them, and I knew he could feel my perky nipples. It was still chilly, plus despite trying not to enjoy it, his hands were doing magic to my breasts. Having my breasts played with, and my nipples rubbed was the recipe for me giving in sexually to any man. His hands were rough, but he definitely had me in his control as I felt my bra slipping below my breasts.

He said, "Nice tits, Missy. I think we don't need this bra now, do we. You like that, my hands on them. I know a slut when I feel one."

I just moaned as he soon removed the bra, and his hands returning to my breasts and nipples. He ran my nipples between his thumbs and fingers, and I could feel my panties getting soaked. I knew I should have worn more under my costume, but I also knew tonight, it wouldn't have mattered.

Then his one hand slid to my pussy, feeling my soaked crotch. His finger slid between the pantied pussylips, and my clit was now on fire from the rubbing. My legs were getting weak, as he soon began to pull my panties down my thighs.

"What a slut, your cunt is soaked, Witchy. My boys and I are going to have so much fun tonight, and you will be the perfect hostess. Now if you are good to us, we'll let you go. But, if you think I can be a mean bastard, my sons are even rougher," he stated.

I knew this was now a rape, but as he held me tight, there was nothing I could do to stop him. My body was betraying me, and I yearned to be touched, like he was now doing. Despite the roughness of his face against my cheek, his finger now deep in my pussy, was bringing me to orgasm.

"Ahhhhh, oh my I'm going to cum," I moaned.

And then without a word from him, he brought me off. I came so hard I felt my knees getting week. My panties were around my ankles, and one of my breasts was in his hand. I felt so good, despite the predicament I was in.

Then, after I came back to earth, he picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder. My panties fell off my ankles to the ground, but he didn't care as he carried me into the woods. Now I was scared again, but he was so strong as I felt like a sack of potatoes being carried off to market. Wearing only my costume now, my nipples remained hard which rubbed on his shoulder, keeping me in a constant state of arousal. And the fear of the unknown, was keeping me in blissful suspense. I knew I was going to get fucked, and I had no control over it. It was exciting but scary.

We soon cleared the woods, where there stood a lone house. It didn't look really large, but I could tell it was well hidden from civilization. Even if I yelled for help, nobody would hear me. And soon, we reached his door, and he took me in from the darkness.

Once inside, he put me down, but he once again pulled out his knife. Don't think of running Missy, or you'll end up like swiss cheese. Now be a good girl and get on your knees.

I did what he asked, as the light blinded me for a few moments. When I focused, I could see my captor now. He wore coveralls and looked unshaven. He was rather big, and had a belly. Then he reached down, and I gasped. He rubbed his crotch, and I saw the outline of a well-endowed man. I sat there mesmerized, as he squeezed it through his coveralls, aware of my staring in awe.

"This is all for you, Witchy. My boys will be home soon, so it's time to get warmed up," he said as I saw him pulling the straps of denim from his shoulders. I knelt there knowing I was soon going to be his plaything, and as he told me, we would soon be having company as well. I was very afraid, but as his coveralls slid off his body, he was naked under the coveralls. Then I watched in awe again as his powerful cock stood up under that flabby belly, and looked to be growing like a club. It had to be at least eight inches and thick. I never saw a cock that big in my life, but my pussy spasmed at the thought. My ex-husband was puny compared to this man. If he would have looked handsome, I would have jumped him before he had a chance just to feel that weapon inside of me.

"Like my cock, Missy? Come over here on your knees. Do it now!"

I was shook out of my funk, and inched over to the man. My hands were cuffed, so it wasn't easy to stay blanced. But soon I came face to face with that monster, which seemed to please him with my starry-eyed look. I was afraid of what he was going to force me to do, but knew it was coming.

"Don't just kneel there, kiss my dick, slut!"

Then I felt his hands behind my head, and he pulled me to his cock. My lips brushed it, and I could taste the precum on my lips. I pursed my lips and kissed the head, which made that monster twitch. With his urging, I kept kissing it, then I began to kiss all along that long shaft. Against my better judgement, tasting him had me turned on totally now. My pussy was dripping down my thighs, as I soon reached his balls. They were huge like his dick, filled with sperm.

He told me, "Don't stop now. My balls love the affection. Kiss them too."

I was glad he was holding my head, keeping me from falling over. Without the use of my hands, I couldn't hold his magnificent member, but I still admired it's girth. My lips found his balls under it, and I began kissing them tenderly.

"Use that tongue, Witchy. Get those nuts heated up, so I have a good load for you to swallow."

I felt his hands pull me tight, as I began to lick and suck his balls. I felt the tautness of them, knowing he definitely had been saving his cum for this moment. His hard cock was rubbing my forehead, as the saliva covered balls were all over my lips and tongue. The manly smell of his body wafting in my nose drove me crazy.

He groaned as he said, "Time for the main course, slut. Time to feel this beauty down your throat."

I was in fear of being choked to death, but I also knew I wanted the challenge. I was an experienced cocksucker, and no man ever complained after I had sucked them off. I deep-throated many cocks, but never one quite this size. It would be a challenge, but in the aroused state I was in, I was ready for the challenge. Despite the situation I was in, I was so horny that I needed cock bad.

Then, as he guided my head up, I came face to face with that cock again. It looked menacing, and ready to blow. And it was up to me to bring it to an explosion, as I prepared myself for the task at hand.

"He asked, "It does look big, doesn't it? I love shoving this down a slut's throat. Now, be sure not to bite me, I don't want to feel any teeth. Your life depends on it. Give me the best damn blowjob of your life, and we'll both wake up in the morning."

I meekly opened my mouth, and let him be in control. As his cockhead entered my mouth, I could feel it stretching my lips to capacity. As another inch pushed inside, I could smell his manly scent once again. Even though he was unkempt, his cock had a nice smell to it. I succumbed to his need, and allowed him to continue to push deeper. Once it entered my throat, I had a difficult time controlling my gagging, but somehow managed to breathe out of my nose and stem my need to get sick. He now had over half of that monster in my mouth, as I could see his wiry bush nearing my lips. He wasn't thrusting hard, which I was thankful of. But he was being sure to hold my head, making sure I couldn't pull off, even if I wanted to.

"That mouth feels so good. I'm going to fuck it so hard. When I'm done with you slut, you'll be the best damn cocksucker in the county. Shit, that mouth was made to suck cock," he told me with pride.

Finally, after patience by him, and extraordinary effort by me, his balls hit my chin, and I had the whole thing down my throat. He soon eased it back out of my mouth, as I tasted his precum when my lips reached his cockhead. Then, he began to literally fuck my face, as I was just there to receive that massive cock until he filled my throat with his seed. Having licked and sucked his balls, I knew it would be a huge load. But I was really getting into pleasing him now, when I heard the door open.

I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to, but looking out of the corner of my eyes, I could see two younger versions of the man I was sucking. Both looked strong but were a bit overweight, and unkempt in appearance.

"Gee dad, you found us a slut for Halloween. Damn, she does suck your cock good. I can't wait until it's my turn," said one of the guys.

The other said, "I want to fuck that ass. Can I see it ,dad?"

"Sure boys, get naked and join in. Once she takes my load, you can do her any way you want. It's not like the slut could stop us anyways," he told them as he flipped up my dress with one of his big hands.

"Nice ass, dad," both of them said in unison.

I knelt there with my ass and pussy bared, while I was getting my throat fucked hard. I could feel his cock seem to get even bigger, and I wondered how my mouth could handle all of that girth. But he held me tight and continued the onslaught when he grunted.

"I felt the eruption, and then my throat was awash with his cum. Spurt after spurt pummeled my throat, forcing me to swallow it without gagging. I loved the taste of cum, but he was so deep it was just going straight to my stomach. But he finally eased off after a bit, and I tasted his sweet load. I was in heaven, as I came myself from the thrill of the situation I was in. The taste of cum always drove me wild, which always pissed me off about my dates always not wanting to return the favor.

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth, and told me, "Lick up the excess. I taught my boys we don't waste around here."

I lapped up the pisshole, tasting the last of his semen. Hands were soon playing with my ass and pussy. As I knelt there, the old man pulled my costume off, and I knelt there naked before three, greedy men. I looked at the boys, and realized that they were just like their dad. Both had large cocks, just a bit smaller than him. As he walked to his couch and sat down, I soon was squeezed between his sons, as they molested my breasts, pussy, and ass. Their cocks rubbed my thighs as their bodies made a sandwich out of me, me being the meat in the middle.

"Go ahead boys, the slut needs it. Fuck her good. And you have to get a blowjob from her. She's needs that cum, she's a junkie for it."

Again, having my nipples and clit played with had me at a fever pitch. I moaned at their touch. Despite the three of them looking so rough, I knew I wasn't the first one they had been with sexually. Two sets of lips circled my nipples, and I had an explosive orgasm. I came over one of their fingers, which was burrowing inside of my pussy. Their hard cocks leaked precum all over my thighs in their state of arousal.

Their father spoke up saying, "Slut, this here is Bubba and Brawn. They are really good boys for me, but they are at that age that they need to get laid often. It's hard for them to get dates, due to them being backwoodsmen, so I am the one that goes out to find them some pussy. And tonight, you are the lucky one, aren't you glad?"

A finger worked inside of my ass, and I was helpless to stop it. I was still cuffed, and really was at their will. As I felt the finger worm deep inside of my asshole, it would only be a matter of time that a cock would be there as well. I was never really into anal, and seeing their sizes was scaring me, but the thought of it excited me as well. I was so horny, I knew I now wanted it as much as the dad and two sons did.

Soon, I was laid on my back, which was a bit uncomfortable due to the cuffs, but as one of the guys sat on my chest, I knew I was about to have my mouth filled once again. Then to my astonishment, I felt a tongue licking my pussy. The other son obviously was well accomplished at eating pussy, and quickly had me squirming as he toyed with my clit with the tip of his tongue. The guy above me placed a pillow under my head, and then inched over my breasts, bringing that monstrous cock closer to my lips. I could feel his hairy ass on my nipples, bringing me to a quick orgasm on his brother's experienced tongue.

The cock soon entered my mouth, and again I was soon swallowing a mammoth cock. It wasn't quite as big as his dad, but it sure was big enough to make me scared. I was in a position there that I could die from lack of breath if they so chose to kill me that way. My head was pressed hard against the pillow, while my mouth was soon assaulted without mercy. My lips and tongue did it's job, however, and he was soon moaning in gleeful bliss.

The boy between my legs stopped licking, and then I felt a cock slowly rubbing up and down my pussy. I knew I was going to get filled, and eagerly awaited the pleasure. Knowing their sizes of their cocks, it was something I always dreamed about, getting fucked by a big cock. And as I felt his dick slide into my very wet pussy, I moaned around the cock fucking my throat now. Even though it wasn't the Halloween I had envisioned tonight, it turned out to be more exciting than a damn ole' party at Sissy's.

I was soon having one wild orgasm after another in rapid succession. The thick cock inside of me felt so tight, that I was afraid it would rip me apart. But the pleasure of it rubbing my clit on each thrust just kept me on the edge. But, I guess the two boys had something else in mind, and both withdrew from my mouth and pussy suddenly.

The boy whom I was sucking laid on his back, and then told me, "Sit on my cock, slut. Fuck me."

The other boy was helpful as he assisted me over his brother's hard cock. I felt it brush my pussylips, and then he grabbed my hips and pulled me down on him hard, the cock filling me forcefully. Again, another wonderful cock had filled me up, and he bent me over so our faces met. Without the use of my hands, he soon forced me to kiss him, as he began to steadily drive that dick in and out of me. Then I gasped between the kissing and him driving his hard cock in and out of me, as I felt his brother get behind me. I knew where he intended to stick that huge thing of his, and I was scared shitless once again.

"Oh no! Please don't fuck me there. Please, I'll suck you, or stick it in my cunt, but don't do my ass," I cried out, pleading.

Their dad walked over to me, and slapped my face, saying, "Shut up bitch. If he wants your ass, then he can have it. Look at it this way, have a sore ass from his cock fucking you, or I cut it and make it very sore that way."

He pulled the knife off the table, showing it to me to make sure I understood his words. But before I could say anything further, his son shoved his cock into my ass. I cried out in pain, as it felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up my ass. The cock in my pussy stopped, which made me fuck it on my own will, just trying to center my pleasure elsewhere as inch after inch of that monster cock filled my asshole. I was whimpering and crying uncontrollably. Quickly, I could feel both of their cockheads against each other it seemed, well deep inside of my aching holes. I had two big cocks shoved all the way into me, which in a way, made me proud that I could accomplish something I never felt possible. But the pain was unbearable, and I really didn't have any way of stopping it.

Soon, both sons began to fuck me hard, and eventually the pain in my ass felt pleasurable. As I came over and over again, I now realized that my ass was sensitive almost as much as my pussy. I also wished now to have a cock in my mouth, and I pointed to the old man standing near me. He knew what I wanted, and moved next to my face, and I quickly wrapped my lips around it once again. Now, I was enjoying the gangbang, and intended to bring these three men to orgasm. I wanted to be filled with cum. I needed it, and knew after tonight, my life would never be the same again.

Finally, I was filled to capacity, and three swollen cocks edged towards filling my body with their seed. I thought it ironic that I was glad I was on the pill, or they would surely get me pregnant. I was warming to their need, but I definitely wanted to get out of here with my life and sanity. But if anyone saw me now, they would think it was me doing the fucking and sucking on my own, as I now was getting into it with excitement.

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