Halloween Hypnosis


"I won't do any such thing." She said this as she was straddling Jeff and inserting his cock into her pussy. She rode him up and down. This was going on as the telephone rang. It was eleven o:clock. I took the call in the hallway.

It was Ashley.

"I am calling. Do you want me?"

"I certainly do. Are you alone?"

"No, Greg and Heather are with me."

"Ashley they will call me in five minute intervals. You will then all come back to my house, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." That was on her own. "How long will it take you to get here once you start out?"

"Less than ten minutes."

"Fine, I will see you all in twenty minutes." When the next calls came in I told them that they would come back to my house, now.

I went back to check on Judy. She was still riding Jeff. Her juices were flowing onto his pubic area. She was making all kinds of noises that indicated to me that she was having a good orgasm. She saw me and screamed. Noise, no words.

"Judy, did you just cum?"

"God, yes. It was glorious. What about this poor guy under me what does he do?"

Jeff was humping up against her. His face was all twisted in agony. "Judy, are you on the pill?"

She laughed. "Oh my, yes of course."

"Jeff, you can cum." He exploded into her and she came again with another scream. She then fell on top of him. She just lay there.

"I haven't the strength to get off. Is he another Halloween subject?"

"How did you figure that?"

"It just makes sense. You probably brought him in to get the babe." She sad that looking at the sprawled Stacey.

"Something like that. Did you ever do it with a woman?"

"No, but I have thought about it. Can I try it with her?" Now that sounded like it would be fun to watch.

"What do you want to do?"

"Sixty nine sounds good for starters. Can you tell her to do me?"

"Take the position and we will see what happens. This will certainly be an interesting day for Stacey."

Judy pulled off of Jeff and put her pussy over Stacey's face and her mouth over her cunt. She started licking. Stacey started moaning. 'Stacey, lick back, you will like the taste and you will have a monstrous orgasm. Stacey started to lick. Soon both women were making lots of noise. Judy was a real squirter and Stacey's face was sopping. She didn't seem to mind as she was screaming. I put Jeff back into a trance. He was now limp.

The doorbell rang. Ashley, Heather and Greg were at the door. Ashley knew why she was here. The other two were clueless. I brought them into the house and locked the door and turned the 'phone off. "Greg and Heather go into a trance." They collapsed to the floor. I didn't want to make the same mistake again.

"Ashley, what is the relationship between you three?"

She laughed her delightful laugh. "Greg is my twin brother and Heather is my friend and Greg's girlfriend."

"Have you ever done it with your brother?"

She laughed again. "I thought that was your concern. We experimented as kids but nothing serious. I would rather not, but the world would not end if we were to do it once. As long as I didn't get pregnant."

"Are you on the pill?"

"Oh, yes."

"Is Heather?"

"She better be."

"Have you tried it with girls?"

"Sure, it was fun. Then I am the dominant one. I want to be dominated tonight."

She was mature far beyond her eighteen years. "Heather and Greg, get up and get undressed. We are going to have a party."

They stood up and took their clothes off. Ashley was stripping without being asked. Greg was hung like a horse and Heather had cute small breasts. I took them all into the den. Stacey and Judy were still going at it, moaning and screaming, having multiple orgasms."

Ashley looked at them. "My, they are having a good time. You used him up?" She pointed at Jeff.

"I'm sure he'll come back. [No pun intended]. Ashley I want you to be my personal sex slave." I was really taken with her.

"Yes, Master it'll be my pleasure. I am in your total control." She meant it and clearly she loved it.

"Greg, what is your fantasy? What have you dreamed about doing and haven't done?" I figured an eighteen year old would have many fantasies. Wrong. "The only one left is fucking Heather in the ass. She is afraid."

"Heather, Greg is going to put his penis in your ass. You will keep your sphincter loose and you will greatly enjoy it. You will both have huge orgasms. Heather, get on your hands and knees."

She did. I got some KY Jelly and applied it to her ass. She pushed her ass back against my hand. She was ready. "Greg, push into her very slowly and both of you will love it."

He did and Heather squirmed and then began to enjoy his huge cock in her anal canal. Greg pumped very slowly. "Greg, massage her clit while you slowly pump." He did.

I returned to Ashley who put her arms around me and began to wildly kiss me all over. My face, nipples, chest and then my cock. I wasn't sure what the hypnosis had to do with all this.

"Ashley, trance." She sighed and collapsed at my feet.

"Ashley, what do you think of me?"

"You are the man I have dreamed about since I was eight. Strong, handsome, dominant, large with a deep voice. I want to get to know you much better." The feeling was mutual. I left her there for a moment and checked on everyone else. Stacey and Judy were winding down. Jeff was out. Heather and Greg were almost done. I told them all that when they had their last orgasm they would fall asleep and sleep until I woke them in the morning.

I went back to Ashley and woke her. "Ashley come out of the trance. You can do what ever you feel like doing or not doing."'

She opened her eyes ans stood up and hugged me. "Master, I just want you to command me and dominate me. I want you to be totally satisfied. If you are satisfied, I will be fulfilled."

I took her up to my bedroom and laid her down on my large bed. I lay next to her and she again began to nibble my whole body. When I was so aroused I could not stand it anymore, I told her it was my turn. I nibbled her whole body, every part. Under her arms, her navel, her feet and hands and her breasts and finally her clit. She moaned and cried and I thrust into her. She spasmed all over my cock as she screamed that she was coming. She hugged me so tightly I thought I would crack a rib. We fell asleep that way.

This was a Halloween I would never forget.

* * * * *

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