tagLoving WivesHalloween in Germany

Halloween in Germany


It was my own fault, after all I volunteered. I had to go to Germany on short notice at the weekend. In this time of digital communications and video conferencing there are still those times when there is just no substitute for being there. I phoned Angie, my wife and asked her to come with me. I would have to work Saturday morning but after that I would take her shopping. She was not happy as it meant that we would miss her best friend's Saturday night Halloween party that she had been particularly looking forward to. With heavy bribery she said yes. I could tell that it was going to cost me dearly.

I left the office early and we headed for the channel tunnel. That's one good thing about living where we do. The channel tunnel is about 20 minutes away and we can be in France in under an hour and a half when we are lucky. The traffic was light so we made record time and got to the Avalon hotel by just before ten, just time for a bar snack and bed. After the long drive I was ready for sleep but Angie was unusually demanding. Don't get me wrong, she is not frigid, but I would never call her adventurous. "I want your cock in me" she whispered, who was I to deny her, and we bonked merrily for a short while. It was nice, very nice in fact, but I was just too tired to make a good job of it and I must admit that I just came, rolled off and fell fast asleep.

Next morning the early call rang out at 6:30. I showered and dressed. I had breakfast and zoomed off to work. I worked all morning and got the job done. I really wanted to sleep in the afternoon but a promise was a promise and so off to the nearby shopping centre we went. German shops are nice, especially around Dusseldorf. The styles are good and just a bit different from what you get at home, plus the prices are very reasonable. Angie got some really nice sexy outfits and we went back to the Avalon.

We took a rest and about seven o'clock we went off to a nearby restaurant. I could have made a better choice, last time I was there the waitress made a play for me and she was on duty. She was embarrassingly attentive and Angie smelled a rat straight away. I had to get her away from there to stop a fight breaking out so I paid the bill and we went back to the hotel. It was only eight thirty. All the way back to the hotel she was really giving me a hard time about the "little German trollop."

The Avalon is a strange place, I have stayed there lots of times but it never seems particularly busy during the week. Tonight, a Saturday, it was packed and there was a disco going in one of the conference rooms. We forced our way through the crowd and I noticed that lots of the people there were wearing long black robes. Just as we got to the bar I realised that I had left my cash behind so I had to go to the room for it. Our room was right at the back of the hotel and it took ages, by the time I got back to the bar Angie was standing talking to a German couple, glass in hand, and it looked as if it was not her first. "Hello darling," she gushed, "this is Tina and Lars, I shook hands and introduced myself. They asked if I had been to one of the parties before. I explained that I didn't know about the parties, "Oh well, Tina will take Angie around and introduce her, it's quite an exciting scene. "

The girls disappeared and I asked Lars what kind of party it was. "Well the theme is of course Halloween, but you name it, groups, lesbians, swapping, bondage, whatever you want, and sometimes the girls will put on a show, what do you like?,"

"All of those," I said, not wanting to admit that I had never succeeded in getting my wife into anything remotely like that. Lars sussed me right away. "It's OK, Tina will get her to come across - if that's what you want?"

"Lars, I have to tell you that there is no chance of my wife doing anything like that, I know, I have been trying for twelve years. He excused himself and disappeared. I saw him talking to Tina, and then he returned. "I take it you are willing to leave Angie in Tina's hands for the evening?" My jaw dropped open. Speechless I nodded.

We wandered around the hotel, looking into all of the rooms in turn. I once caught sight of Tina hand a drink to Angie, who was getting very hyper.

We walked into one room where we saw three women holding a young woman down on a bed. She was moaning softly as they licked her body and sucked on her tits and clitoris. She moaned progressively louder as they worked her up almost to orgasm, but then they stopped. I watched while they repeated this about six times, each time denying her release from her feelings of escalating ecstasy. Then, without warning, they dragged her off the bed and bent her over a chair. One of them produced a cane and gave her six hefty strokes with it. She was crying her eyes out and pleading with them not to beat her again. They took her back to the bed and started working he up to orgasm again. This time they did not stop and she wailed as she hit the high spot. Then they just carried on. She struggled but could not break free. She screamed and laughed like she was being tickled. I could still hear her as Lars and I walked down the corridor to the next room.

In the next room, a woman was blowing a large black guy whilst another man, I presume it was her husband, watched from a comfortable armchair. She could hardly get his cock into her mouth. We watched while the man turned the woman around to face her husband and bent her over. Then he pushed his entire length of his cock into her from behind. The look on her face was a mixture of shock and delirium. She spoke to her husband as he sat in the chair "Now I know that this... urhhhhhhh... is what it is like to have a... aaahhhhhhh... real cock in me, you can bring me.. oooooooo... back again!... pleeeeease!" The black guy was giving her the full benefit of every inch and we could see that he was about to let her have the contents of his balls as well. We left them to get on with it and moved on.

As we walked into a third room we heard the unmistakable sound of leather on naked skin. Some poor middle-aged guy was tied to a frame and was being thrashed by a woman of about the same age. From the sound of what was going on he had been caught with his secretary and was now having to pay. I felt that I did not want to witness that one so we made a discreet exit.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was eleven thirty. I saw Tina leading Angie by the hand into the disco. Lars and I followed and watched them dancing together. Tina was dancing very erotically, looking Angie straight in the eye. A slow smoochy tune came on. Tina pulled Angie close and held her. They were literally wrapped around one another and as the tune ended Tina kissed Angie deep in the mouth. I could see that she had her tongue down Angie's throat and Angie was kissing her back. I could hardly believe it, my wife of 12 years was snogging another woman on the dance floor! The tune ended and they broke away. Tina took Angie by the hand and brought her out to where Lars and I were standing.

"Well Angie, what would you like to do now?" Tina asked. Lars interjected – "Well, we have a special Halloween party to go to, if you are willing to sacrifice your innocence."

"Oh yes please" said Angie. "What about you Steve, are you willing to sacrifice Angie's innocence?" asked Tina, "Well if she is willing then absolutely," I replied.

"Let's go," said Lars, we followed along a corridor and down some stairs. We ended up in the basement. The disco faded away into the distance and all I could hear now was a sort of monastic chanting. The air was chilly. Tina produced a white full-length robe for Angie to wear. "Take off all your clothes and put this on. " Tina commanded Angie. As Angie removed first her short black dress and then her brassiere Lars and Tina watched closely.

"Everything off please" Tina told Angie firmly.

"Even my panties?" asked Angie, "Especially your panties Angie, and don't forget to remove your wedding ring – it will be quite safe here" Tina told her. As Angie stood there naked I saw Lars smile and exchange a glance with Tina. Angie slipped into the white robe. Lars gave me a black robe. Lars and Tina stripped and put on black robes themselves and Lars gestured to a door at the end of the room. We opened the door and found ourselves outside.

The air was now quite cold and a chilly breeze was blowing. Our breath was condensing in the cold night air as we stepped outside into a bright moonlit night. There were two rows of high bushes and Lars led us along a grassy path between them. We walked for some while, the lights from the hotel getting further and further away. On and on we walked into a wood and still further. When we had been walking about twenty minutes we came into a clearing where a fire was burning. I could see nine other people standing in a group on one side of the fire. On the other three sides I could see a large high table with a white cloth draped over it, a bed which had posts at each of the four corners and two large wooden chairs. At the edge of the firelight I could now make out the shapes of three very large black men. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see that they were naked and although they were not erect they were still very big.

A towering figure stepped into the clearing and stood on front of one of the two chairs. He was about six and a half feet tall and wore a large mask in the form of the head of a goat. "Who brings an innocent before me?" his voice boomed out. Lars nudged my arm and whispered in my ear - "That's you – just say "I do" loud and clear." I called back, trying to contain a chuckle "I do."

"Sit by me" he commanded and pointed towards one of the two chairs.

"Bring the innocent forward!" he boomed again. Tina stepped forward, leading Angie by the hand until she stood right in front of him. "Are you here to sacrifice your innocence willingly?" I had never seen Angie like this, she was nervous but it was like she was in a trance. "Y-Y-Yes" she stammered, "And are you willing?"

"Yes I am willing."

"Reveal yourself." Angie peeled off the pure white robe and stood naked in front of him. Her nipples were standing out proudly in the cold night air.

Angie looked around the clearing but did not see me. Then she saw the large black men, step forward into the firelight. They were now all sporting erections between 8" and 10." Angie trembled as her eyes roamed over each in turn, missing nothing of their exquisite physiques. Her eyes widened slowly as she began to stutter. "Oh no! You... you can't mean... no please no!" Tina nodded ever so slowly, never easing that vice-like grip on Angie's her shoulders and four members of the assembled group stepped forward to carry her to the bed. They held her quite easily as she attempted to back way. "No Tina... please. " Now she understood now what it was that the party was all about.

"Angie, be a good girl now" Tina instructed. They laid her upon the bed and held her arms and legs open spread eagle fashion. One of the less well-endowed men stepped forward, She struggled, but she knew it was hopeless. He was much larger than me or anyone she had been with ever before. She kicked and screamed, but it made no difference. The other men then surrounded the bed and she felt strong, rough hands roaming all over her body.

Then I saw one positioned over her, his 8" erection positioned right at the slit of her cunt. He lunged forward and penetrated her in one stroke. Angie screamed a deafening penetrating scream. She was held firmly and could not move, but I could see that with his thrusts she was rocking her hips ever so slightly to meet his advancing cock. Then he sped up his pace and went rigid. I guessed that he had just reached orgasm and shot his load inside my wife. He pulled out and another was there. He was bigger. He pushed in, but there was no resistance as Angie had been stretched and lubricated. She was gasping as he humped into her. I could tell that she wanted to come. He too was soon ready to come and made one hard thrust into my wife. I could see his muscles twitching as he squirted more milky white fluid into her vagina.

The last one was huge. By this time I was certain that he was fully 10" long and at least 6" around. She looked up at him wide eyed and shook her head. She tried to sit up but they pushed her back onto the bed, and opened her legs and spread her arms apart. As he positioned himself they pushed her knees up. She struggled but Tina had her arms pinned "No please, I can't take that in me," but he pushed forward and pushed the head inside. "No no Arghh!" he pushed a bit further, I thought she would scream the place down. She looked down transfixed as the huge black dick inched further into her. When it was fully in he started to pump. A look of pleasure started to appear, " Yes yes yes. " He kept the rhythm going for a good fifteen minutes as she started to gasp and squeal with pleasure. Tina let go of her arms and started to play with her tits. She pushed forward to meet the black guys thrusts and reached forward to pull him closer. As her gasps got louder and faster I realised that she was going to come. Wow, what a noise she made. She squealed and wailed in a combination of agony and pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. I saw his face tense up and he exploded his black seed inside my wife. "Oh yes that is so warm and nice" she moaned as her orgasm subsided and she pulled him closer still. She whispered in his ear, "stay in me please," but he pulled out slowly, leaving her hole gaping open and spunk dribbling out.

As she lay there panting I heard the chanting start up again. Goat features, who had been sat beside me during the rape of my lovely Angie, stood up. He walked over to the bed. Angie was lying there totally spent and motionless. I saw her look up and saw him staring down at her. She placed her hand on her cunt in a futile attempt at modesty. Tina pulled her hand away and placed her back in the spread eagle position, and Angie was too exhausted to resist. Then in one movement goat features pulled back his robe to reveal a massive cock. It was 12" long and even thicker than the last one. Angie saw it and raised a hand weakly. He climbed on the bed. "Are you ready to sacrifice your innocence?" Angie did not reply. Tina spoke into her ear "you must say "Yes master" Angie in a loud clear voice." I could just about hear Angie say, "Yes master," but it was anything but loud and clear. Goat features leaned forward and pushed his cock deep into my wife. Angie was looking up at him above her, watching that hideous goat mask leering down at her. He pushed further inside her than anyone ever before and I saw that Angie had begun to pant and move her hips in response. Suddenly she cried out "Yes master!" at the top of her voice and screamed as she reached orgasm one more time. Goat features just kept on going. Angie pulled him into her and he roared as he too reached orgasm, exploding his cum into my wife, so deep into her that it reached far up into her womb.

He stood up, and I could not believe that he was still erect. He looked around and caught sight of Tina. She backed away and tried to escape behind the rest of the group, but they caught her and pushed her back to the bed. By this time Angie had managed to sit up and could see Tina's predicament. She was absolutely terrified of being impaled on that monstrous cock. She tried to dodge around the back of the chairs but goat features was too quick. He caught her right wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. Tina was screaming and shouting to Lars to rescue her, but Lars did not move. Goat features shoved her to the bed and pushed her onto it face down. She turned to face him and tried to push him away with her feet. Too late she realised that she had played into his hands as he grabbled her ankles and hoisted them high in the air, pulling her legs apart and bringing her cunt level with that monstrous dick. He swung his hips back and in one movement his cock found her cunt. He pushed and was inside. Tina screamed in pain but goat features was showing no mercy. He grabbed her hips and pushed her down on the bed, with one thrust he threw all of his weight upon her and all of that enormous cock disappeared into her. With all of her breath knocked out of her and now pinned down by his massive frame Tina could do nothing. He humped into her with long deliberate strokes. Every stroke seemed to push further in and each stroke brought a squeal from Tina, although it seemed to me that there was more pleasure than pain each time. He kept on and did not stop, for easily ten minutes Tina was pinned down and getting a very hard fucking. Finally he led out a load bellow and pushed hard into her. He bucked three or four times and stopped.

After laying on top of Tina for a few minutes he pulled himself up. His huge cock that had inspired such fear in Tina had now shrunk; even so it was still 8" long. Tina stood up and in the firelight I could see the reflection of a dribble of cum as it slipped from her cunt and ran down her legs. Instinctively she clutched her pussy to stop any more of the liquid from escaping. A strange silence descended for a minute. Goat features took the hands of both Tina and Angie and led them to stand naked in front of the altar.

"You have sacrificed your innocence" he said to Angie and presented he with a small stone on a pendant. "You have sacrificed your innocence at last" he said to Tina and presented her with an identical pendant. "Kiss" he commanded. Tina turned and kissed Angie and once more they were locked in a long and passionate kiss.

I looked at Lars, "You mean that Tina has never been through this?" Lars nodded. I was about to ask him why Tina had dragged Angie into something that she herself had not done, but a loud gong interrupted me.

Tina suddenly appeared in front of me and dragged me away. Despite the hard pummelling she had just received, she still had not come. She had been snogging Angie all night and was by now desperate for the release of orgasm. She threw off her robe and dragged me to the bed. Kneeling above me she slid her fingers into her slit. She bent down and took my cock into her mouth. I wanted to taste her hot snatch, but she kept pulling away, keeping it just out of the reach. I managed to get hold of her hips and flipped her onto her back. She sucked my cock harder and faster, as I locked by mouth onto her button. I could feel my cock getting close to eruption so I intensified my efforts onto her clitoris. She gasped and that gave me just a few seconds to regain control. I fastened my mouth onto her cunt and she began to buck and heave as her orgasm approached. She let go of my cock and grunted loudly as her orgasm hit her. After she had finished coming she started to cry. Great racking sobs. I shifted position so that I could hold her. I kissed her face and after a few minutes she calmed down. Then without warning she leaped up and sat astride my face bending over my cock and sucking and playing with it. Within a minute I was bursting to cum. I could taste the contents of her cunt and could not escape the deliciousness of it. "Lick it out!!!" Tina screamed at me. I was pleased to oblige and pushed my tongue deep into her vagina. She squatted down with all her weight on my face and now I could now back no longer. I bucked and heaved and gushed great streams of cum into Tina's mouth. She caught it all. It felt as if I had gushed enough to fill a coffee cup. As I lay exhausted Tina got up off me and walked over to where Angie was sitting naked on the lap of Goat Features. She let a drop of my cum dribble out of her mouth and Angie reached forward to lick it off her face. Then they were kissing. Tina pushed the contents of her mouth into Angie's mouth.

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