tagNonHumanHalloween Masquerade

Halloween Masquerade


Renata Vadja couldn't help but lick her crimson lips in anticipation of the evening's Halloween gala at the Van Renslater mansion. So many possibilities for a passionate encounter with a lovely woman and afterwards she'd feast. Blood tasted much sweeter after her victim had climaxed, possibly more than once. She never killed, that would draw unnecessary attention; rather she took just enough blood to sustain her until her next conquest. Her victims felt weak afterwards, but attributed it to their breathtaking orgasms.

She finished applying her makeup and studied herself in the mirror. Where the stories began about vampires not being able to see their reflections she didn't know, but it was silly; just as putting white makeup on her face and hands made her appear as undead. No matter, it would be worth the charade to satisfy her sexual and blood lusts tonight. The costume she'd purchased fit her like a second skin, accentuating her lush figure. What fanciful character was she supposed to resemble? Oh yes, Morticia Addams, whomever that was.

Finding victims was so much easier these days. People were no longer hunting vampires, they were emulating them in the manner of the old legends; how droll. How she could have lived in human society for over two hundred years looking like some ghastly freak was ridiculous. She shivered in anticipation, it was dusk and the party would begin soon. Calling downstairs for her driver to bring the car around, she swept a brush through her long, black hair and strutted out the door of her penthouse condo on black, spike heels into her private elevator.


Maureen Von Renslater's estate was ten miles out of town when you arrived at the massive, wrought iron gates. When you were identified and they swung ponderously open, you traveled another mile inside before you saw her sprawling Neo-Classical mansion. Maureen was a wealthy woman thanks to a generous inheritance, with the figure of a centerfold and an all-encompassing sexual appetite that would give a satyr an inferiority complex. She went through husbands and lovers like cream through a funnel and was always on the prowl for new conquests. She and Renata were best friends with benefits and spent many a pleasant evening making each other cum. Her Halloween party was the event of the season and if you weren't invited, your social standing in the community was toast.

When Renata entered the spookily decorated ballroom, many of the guests had already arrived and were eating and drinking with abandon. Superhero, video game and Hentai character costumes predominated allowing the women and men to wear as little as necessary; any numbers of whom were flirting shamelessly with anyone who caught their fancy. There were fifteen bedrooms upstairs; not counting Maureen's, so any couple or group could have their passionate romp in private with no waiting.

Maureen was dressed as a Hentai character, Renata didn't know who, wearing little more than two leather straps that crisscrossed her breasts attached to a wide belt, a leather g-string, thigh high boots and a wig of shocking orange hair that hung below her waist. She carried a large sword in a scabbard on her belt and had the usual gaggle of sycophants and hangers-on surrounding her, all vying for her attention.

When she saw Renata she ran to her exclaiming "Sugar Bear, darling, how good of you to come. I'm so glad to see you." Maureen was the only person who called her 'Sugar Bear'; she called Maureen 'Cupcake' and they hugged and kissed until Maureen said "What a wonderful costume, Bear. You look deliciously sinister as a vampire. Maybe you can suck my blood later."

"Among other things, Cupcake," Renata said with a grin. "Seeing you in that outfit make me want to fuck you right here on the serving table."

"Maybe later, Bear, the party's just begun. Would you care for something to drink?"

"Some white wine would be nice."

Maureen sent a server for two glasses of wine and some petit fours as the two women conversed.

"I haven't seen this much flesh since the beach this summer," Renata said. "I'm practically drooling."

"Isn't it just delicious," Maureen replied. "I feel like a child in a toy store with Mama's credit card. I intend on picking some of these ripe cherries before the nights over. Want to double team a few?"

"Sounds good to me," Renata replied, sipping her wine. "What have you been up to lately?"

"Oh, the usual, board meetings, conferences with lawyers, accountants, financial analysts and the like. It's deadly dull and boring. I so wish Papa had left me money and not his empire," she sighed, "And Mama persists in asking me when she's going to have grandchildren. I certainly don't want to ruin my figure with some smelly little ..."

"Who is that?" Renata said abruptly. She gestured at a costumed guest across the room dressed as Red Riding Hood complete with a goody basket for her Grandma. The woman was blonde, tall, well-proportioned and moved like a shadow among the chattering guests. Her red costume's skirt barely covered her pubic area and her white blouse was open to the sash around her waist revealing a generous amount of cleavage and the fact she wore no bra. She wore a red hat and cape and when she smiled her teeth were shining white. Renata was captivated.

"I think that's the daughter of one of my investment advisors," Bear said peevishly, disliking being interrupted. "She's a tasty little morsel isn't she?"

Renata didn't reply; she was imagining how the girl's pussy would taste, not to mention the taste of her rich red blood when Renata sank her fangs into that lovely neck after making her cum and cum ...

"Earth to Bear, hello?"

"Uh ... sorry Cupcake, she is an adorable little thing."

"Going to sample her, are we?"

"I may just do that, but let's window shop first."

Arm in arm, the women strolled into the crowd of revelers.


It was nearing midnight and Renata was having a wonderful time. She and Maureen had several quickies with male and female guests in the sitting room and parlor, but neither had found who they wanted for an all-night love partner. Renata was feeling slightly tipsy from all the wine she'd drunk which was odd, since alcohol didn't usually affect her. Therefore, when a voice said "Good evening Morticia, where's Gomez?" in her ear she jumped, startled.

Turning to see who was speaking, she gazed into large yellow-green eyes framed by a beautiful face and a mane of blonde hair; it was Red Riding Hood.

"Oh, my," Renata said, "you startled me. I'm afraid I don't know anyone by the name of Gomez."

"Hee, hee, well you should, he's your husband, on TV anyway. I'm joking with you sweetie."

Renata's head was swimming, she was gorgeous. She had to have this lovely creature in her bed. Maybe she could seduce and ravish her in the garden.

"I'm so sorry," Renata replied, "I was woolgathering and didn't hear you approach. Where are my manners, my name's Renata."

"Wisteria," The blonde answered. "My mother liked the blooms, so she named me after them; nice to meet you, Renata."

They conversed for several minutes, and then went to the buffet table for a snack. Wisteria's family was involved in petroleum refining and lived in Texas. She was in the city on a shopping trip and a friend had brought her along to the party.

Renata told of her childhood in Hungary (two hundred years ago, but she didn't mention that) and how her family immigrated to America in the early 1900's. Her father owned a chain of medical supply stores catering to the professional trade. They were out of town at the moment visiting relatives in Hungary.

It was midnight and everyone drank a toast to the holiday and the witching hour. As the women talked they were looking each other over, liked what they saw and proceeded accordingly. They drank more wine, laughing and talking; giving each other lingering caresses on arms and shoulders, stroking their prospective partner's hair, conveying their interest and acceptance of one another.

Wisteria finally whispered in Renata's ear "Would you like to go somewhere where it's less noisy?"

"Yes, I would. Come with me. I know this house well and we'll find a place."

She led Wisteria to an elevator concealed behind a drapery. They rose to the third floor, tiptoed up to several doors listening for sounds of lovemaking, finally found a bedroom that was unoccupied and went inside. Renata loosened her dress and it slid to the floor, Wisteria removed her skirt and blouse and they were naked in each other's arms kissing hungrily.

Renata was beside herself with desire and Wisteria was equally excited. Never stopping their open mouthed, tongue swirling kisses, they sidled over to the bed and fell upon it, working their way to the center of the mattress where they began to rub their wet pussies on their lover's firm thigh, kissing and fondling all the while.

Their silky skins glistening with precum juices, they rubbed their clits faster and faster until they screamed into the others mouths in response to the intensity of their orgasms. More rubbing and another set of powerful orgasms made them cry out together in joy and pleasure. Then they relaxed, lying together and panting with the exertion.

"Gawd, that was hawt," Wisteria said, catching her breath. "I can't wait to taste you."

Renata rolled on her back and spread her legs. "Come and get it baby. Eat my hot cunt and make me cum all over your pretty face."

Wisteria slid between Renata's firm thighs and began to lick between the fleshy folds of her soaked pussy. Renata grunted and moaned as Wisteria ate her out with consummate skill. 'Her tongue must be a foot long' she thought, bucking her hips up wanting more. Wisteria licked her gooey slit until Renata thought she was going to faint. Holding Renata's ass in a grip of iron, Wisteria stopped licking and began sucking hard on the engorged clit making loud slurping sounds.

"Ohhhhfuckkk ... I'm cumminggg!" Renata shrieked, spurting ejaculate into Wisterias face, cumming again and again as the woman continued her merciless clit sucking until Renata slumped back on the pillows murmuring "Please, no more, please."

Wisteria released her and they snuggled together regaining their strength.

"You're an amazing woman," Renata said to a smiling Wisteria. "That's some of the best sex I've ever had."

"I'm glad you liked it, baby," Wisteria replied. "I've been watching you all night just looking for the chance to jump your bones."

"You're a hard act to follow," Renata said, stroking Wisteria's breasts, "But I'll do my best."

"Show me what ya got, lover," the woman replied. "I love having my asshole licked." She rolled over, rose to her knees, put her head and shoulders on a pillow and wiggled her ass at Renata who stared through a red fog of desire at the puckered asshole and engorged pussy lips on wanton display for her, then dove in.

She licked around and on Wisteria's wrinkled hole, forcing her tongue into it until the sphincter relaxed and she started tongue fucking in earnest. She pushed two fingers into the woman's wet pussy, moving them in and out and round and round. Wisteria gasped and squealed as her holes were plundered by her lover and she pushed back onto the tongue and fingers moaning "Faster, deeper, fuck my asshole, fuck me!"

Renata nipped and kissed Wisteria's firm butt cheeks as she worked two slippery fingers of one hand in the woman's asshole and four of the other hand in her frothy, dripping cunt, maintaining a steady rhythm so both of her holes were filled at the same time. Wisteria was whimpering and gasping, her body shaking as her orgasm grew and grew until a final penetration of Renata's fingers deep in her holes sent her screaming over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm, her body jerking like she'd touched a live wire.

Renata continued to fuck her lover until she had two more orgasms, then withdrew her fingers and licked them clean as Wisteria lay before her, sweaty and panting. Renata lay beside her, stroking her lovingly, waiting for the woman to relax before she fed. She only wanted a mouthful or two of her sweet blood, just enough to sustain her and not harm Wisteria. She wanted to see her again.

When Wisteria had calmed, Renata embraced her and began nuzzling her neck, the throbbing jugular vein calling to her to partake of it's life giving fluid. Wisteria moaned in happiness as Renata bared her fangs and sank them into the throbbing vein in the woman's neck, wanting to fill her mouth with rich, salty ...fur?!

Renata recoiled and faced the muzzle of a huge Red Wolf, it's yellow eyes ablaze, lips curled back from it's fangs in a rictus of savagery and imminent bloody death. She trembled with fear knowing if she was sufficiently damaged she would never heal properly, slowly starving and withering away.

The wolf began to growl deep in it's throat as it continued to stare at her, waiting for it's prey to make a move. Renata shifted her weight and the wolf growled louder. 'It's toying with me', Renata thought, 'Like a cat with a mouse. Fuck this, I'm going down fighting'. She sat up, bared her fangs and claws hissing "Come and get me, wolf. This vampire's not such easy prey."

The beast began to shiver and a musical laugh emerged from it's fanged jaws. "Heeheeheeheehee, you should have seen your face when you got a mouthful of my fur. Heeheeheehee!"

"Wisteria?" said Renata incredulously, "Is that you?"

"Sure it's me, silly," was the reply. "Lemme morph back, it's hard to talk in this form." The wolf shimmered and Wisteria reappeared, still laughing.

"Why ... why ... you little shit!" Renata blustered. "You about scared me to death. I was about to fly out of here before I was torn to pieces."

Wisteria wiped the tears from her eyes, "Well, you were just about to suck me dry weren't you? Some lover you are. And I wanted us to have several more go-rounds."

"I never drain my lovers," Renata said indignantly. "I take just enough to satisfy me. Besides, I may want to fuck them again."

"So you want to fuck again?" Wisteria said, grinning. "How do I know you won't take a sip or two out of me while we're in a 69? I know your saliva numbs the wound, like a Vampire Bat."

"Oh, for crap's sake," Renata said. "Number one, you can tear me limb from limb if I try that. Two, I think you're a wonderful lover and I thought we could see each other again and three ... well. I just won't that's all."

Wisteria stretched languidly "Morphing always makes my muscles tense. We pretty much stay in wolf form on the ranch; it's more comfortable and easier to herd the cattle." She drew Renata to her and they kissed. "I knew you were a vampire all along, baby, but you looked so hot I figured what the hell, I'd probably taste lousy anyway."

Renata snuggled against her; Wisteria was warm, while she was always slightly chilled except when she fed. "How did you know I was a vampire?"

"The nose knows," Wisteria replied, touching hers. "I smelled you clear across the room. Musty with a hint of cinnamon, must be that undead flesh."

"That's my perfume and we're not really undead," Renata replied. "Our bodies have a mutated molecular composition that allows us to age much more slowly than humans. Contrary to legend, we can go out during the day, but we have to cover up or use lots of sunscreen."

"We have different problems," Wisteria said. "If we stay in wolf form there's fleas and ticks to contend with, shedding isn't fun, it itches, then there's the hazard of remaining in human form for extended periods. It puts a terrific strain on our bones and muscles and some of us have been crippled for life because of it."

"Do you think you can stay in human form long enough for us to fuck again?" Renata said playfully.

"I think I can manage that," Wisteria replied, "Top or bottom?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Flexible, huh, I like that in a woman." Wisteria lay on her back and spread her legs, "Get over here and sit on my face. If you don't make me cum, I'll bite you."

"It's tough to bite someone when you're bloodless," Renata quipped, lowering her pussy to Wisterias mouth as she gripped her lover's thighs and licked her wet cunt.

They set to work pleasuring each other, licking, sucking and nibbling, moaning and whimpering, swallowing mouthfuls of sticky juices, rubbing their faces against their lover's labial lips, sucking on erect clits, jerking and wiggling, wanting to make their partner cum before they did. Wisteria exploded cum into Renata's face, her howl of joy muffled in a flood of cum as Renata squealed and came in her face. They ate each other to another orgasm and lay sweating and happy, bodies a sticky mess on the crumpled sheets.

Renata climbed off Wisteria, turned around and lay next to her. "I could use a shower."

"Me too, Now behave yourself or we'll never get clean."

"Hah, keep your paws to yourself Ms. Wolf."

Renata turned on the faucets and when the water warmed they entered the glass stall. Still excited, they leaned against the granite wall under the spray heads, pressing together and riding the other's fingers, moaning in pleasure until they both climaxed and slid down to the floor, kissing and hugging.

When they were finally clean and dry, Wisteria said "I need to stretch my muscles. Wanna take a quick run in the woods? I mean I'll run and you can fly. You can fly, right?"

"Of course I can," Renata replied. "I haven't morphed for a while, but here goes."

Wisteria watched as Renata shimmered and a huge ebony bat appeared, flapping in midair. It had the wingspan of an eagle, glittering red eyes, a fanged mouth, a nose that resembled a curled leaf, sharp claws on it's feet and on midribs of its webbed wings. She hovered and waited until Wisteria had become a wolf then they moved out on the balcony into the cool night.

"It's a long drop," Wisteria said, "Let's sneak downstairs and slip out a side door."

"Nonsense," Renata replied in a piping voice, "I'll carry you down, it's faster that way."

"Are you sure you can lift me ...?" Wisteria began, and then gave a 'Yip' of surprise as Renata's claws grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and they flew out the balcony doors, spiraling to the ground below.

Wisteria shook herself and sneezed, "Well. That was fun, gimme a little warning next time, willya?"

"Sorry, babe," Renata replied, flying in lazy circles above her, "I had to lift a human once, a big guy too; you were light as a feather compared to him. My back ached for a week."

"Let's go then," Wisteria said. "It's getting late and our host will wonder where we've gone." She set off in a gentle lope and gained speed as they entered the forest, Renata keeping pace with quick flaps of her wings. They traveled a good distance until Wisteria finally called for a rest, walked round in a circle and curled up, tail over her nose.

Renata alighted on a branch to wait and then saw movement in the undergrowth. She swooped down upon an unwary rabbit, drained it dry, picked up the warm body and dropped it at Wisteria's muzzle.

"Here's a little snack, babe," she piped.

Wisteria gobbled her prize, spitting out bits of fur and licked her lips. "A little gamy, but tasty," she growled. "I prefer a bloody sirloin, though. Now I want dessert."

"Dessert?" Renata said, "Where are we going to ...?"

"I meant you, baby," Wisteria replied. "I want to lick your pussy."

"Oh, that kind of dessert," Renata said as they returned to human form.

She leaned back against a tree and spread her legs; Wisteria knelt before her and began slurping noisily on her pussy dessert. "Oh God, baby, you eat so good," Renata moaned, gripping her lovers head and grinding her gushing cunt on her face. Wisteria growled deep in her throat as she ate Renata out, loving her moans and little shrieks when she tongued her clit and began to suck it, hard. "Ohhhfuckkkk!" Renata screamed as she climaxed, jetting ejaculate into Wisteria's greedy mouth. She gulped it down and went back for more, finally relenting when Renata had climaxed twice more, moaning happily.

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