tagMind ControlHalloween Masquerade:Taken

Halloween Masquerade:Taken


Author Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy/fiction and any resemblance to any person, or place is not intentional. It is my first story creation and I welcome your review and kind comments.


A few weeks before Halloween...

The invitation came in a thick black envelope with gold lettering. Inside was a single gold cardstock sheet with black lettering:

Private Party: Halloween Masquerade

Halloween 11pm.

Your host: Drake Daemon

Address: 666 Devils Reach Drive

Hmmm... Impressive. I don't recognize the address but it's close by. Drake ...that name sounds vaguely familiar, I wonder how I know him?

Oh, wait, I bet he's the guy I met at "Scandals" two weeks ago... tall, dark and mysterious!

Now I remember... yeah, Drake... a stud, looked to be in his late 20s, about 6'2", 185#, dark thick hair, chiseled face, with just the right amount of scruff. I don't recall what he was wearing but he looked good, and there was no hiding the buff body under his clothes and the substantial bulge in the crotch of his pants.

I'd had a few drinks before I met him, so I don't remember everything we talked about but I do recall his dark piercing eyes and how he seemed to look right into my soul.

I felt my pulse quicken and cock thicken in my tight jeans as I looked into his eyes and remember him saying, "we will meet again," and everything after that is fuzzy... I guess I need to cut back on the alcohol.

Erm, I must have given him my address-- whatever, I don't have any plans for Halloween and am definitely up for a party. His invite is impressive, so I'm sure the party will be great. I'll have to think about what to wear.

Oh, about me, I'm James, 22, just graduated from College this past May and am working some odd jobs right now until I find what I really want to do. I'm an only child and lost my parents five years ago in a car crash and have pretty much been on my own since that time.

I was on the swim team in High School and College so I have a lean, smooth body, nicely defined chest, cut abs and a tight bubble butt on my 5'10" frame. I continue to swim 4-5 days a week to keep in shape. I have short-cropped blonde hair, and am told I'm good looking by the few people I've dated. My cock is uncut, about 7" and pretty thick.

Sexually, I don't have a lot of experience with girls or guys but I am finding my attraction and curiosity leaning more to guys. I don't like labels, but I guess I'm a straight guy, Bi curious. In high school I dated a few girls, but when things started to get more serious I ended it...no need to rush into anything.

With guys, usually after a few beers, I've topped a few times, but never penetrated... mostly just mutual J/O and 69... like I said, I'm curious.

So, I feel my experience is limited at this point, but for the last couple of weeks, I find my mind wandering at times about having a guy take control and giving me what he knows I need. I've never thought of myself as the submissive type, I've always been sort of independent, confident, more leader than follower. But in the last two weeks, my nightly dream fantasies have involved some pretty strange situations, always with me naked, restrained in various ways, and being sexually stimulated, anally penetrated.

I usually wake up at the point of orgasm, feeling strange, drenched in sweat, my heart racing and realize that I've cum all over myself.

In my dream I don't see the person controlling me but I have an intense longing to give myself to him and be under his control.

Like I said, these are not feelings I've had before and I'm finding my mind wandering during the day thinking about this mystery person and what is happening to me. I usually end up aroused, leaking and with an uncomfortable erection and have to sneak into the restroom at work and stroke out a load. Intense!

...What is happening to me?

The next weekend I went out shopping for a costume for the Halloween Masquerade party. After shopping around I decided to go in all black, black skinny leather pants, black body hugging long sleeve button shirt and a simple black eye mask. I know what you're thinking, not really imaginative when it comes to costumes!

Ugh, I can't stop thinking about this guy, Drake; his eyes just keep coming back to my thoughts. What is going on? My cock is getting thick just thinking about him now. I can't wait for the party so I can meet him again and find out more about this mystery man.

Days go by:

It's Halloween night and I Just finished showering and getting dressed for the Masquerade party. I jacked off in the shower to calm me down a bit...yeah, I really needed the relief!

I decided to take a cab to the party just in case I have too much to drink.

The house is located behind a gated drive and sets back from the street about 100 yards. The expansive house is quite impressive from the street, gothic style with a circular drive. The cab driver drops me off out front and I get his number so I can call him when I'm ready to go home.

I don't see any other cars out front, so maybe others had the same idea and took a cab or parked on the street. As I walk up the front steps I notice a sign that says: Enter at your own risk! and the front door is slightly open, so I take that as a signal to just come on in to the party. Spooky! I'm excited with anticipation for the party.

The entry way opens up into a large dimly lit foyer with a large

spiral stairway to the right. Directly ahead is a wide hallway.

The interior is richly furnished and all of the lighting is dimmed by candlelight. There are some carved pumpkins on the hall table and an arrow pointing down the hallway. I wonder where everyone is hanging out; I guess I'll follow the arrow.

The hallway is long and dark, only lit by candles (probably for the spook factor) and I can faintly hear music coming from the back of the house. As I walk down the hall I see light spilling out into the hall from a room at the end. I have goose bumps in anticipation.

As I get to the room and look inside I discover that it's a den, with a desk on one end, with a single chair facing the desk, a crackling fireplace, and another door leading to yet another room.

I'm starting to feel like I maybe wandered into the wrong house and my sense of fight or flight is about to kick in and the hair is standing up on the back of my neck...

When suddenly I hear a deep voice say, "Welcome to my home, James."

I look in the direction of the voice and realize that someone is seated behind the desk. I guess I didn't notice him when I came into the room.

Calming myself, I said, "Hello" "You must be Drake?"

"Yes", "I'm very glad you are able to make it this evening."

"Thank you... aah-a-am I early? I didn't see anyone else on my way

in." Looking around and still feeling like I should run.

"No, your timing is perfect, there are others here and we will join them in time. Please come sit and let's get to know each other first." He motions to the chair, smiling.

As I walked over to take a chair facing him, he stands up to greet me and I suddenly feel light headed, like the room is spinning a bit. I can feel his eyes on me, taking in my body as I walk toward him. Time seems to stand still. What is happening to me?

As I regain my balance, I notice he is dressed completely in black as well, his broad shoulders and thick arms covered by a black silk shirt open at the neck and chest to reveal his well-developed dark fur covered pecs. My eyes wander down his torso to his thin waist and I notice a large bulge extending below his crotch to his tree trunk legs...fuuck!

I quickly realize that I am staring and lingering too long on his body. As I look up into his eyes, I feel blush color my cheeks.

He too is wearing a mask, but I recognize those dark, intense eyes, looking back at me from behind the mask.

Shaking slightly, I extend my hand and say "vv-very nice to meet you Drake and tt-thank you for inviting me here this evening."

"Sit James, it is my pleasure."

As I sit down in the chair, I begin to feel light headed again.

I can feel his eyes on me.

He removes his mask and says, "Remove your mask James so I can see you more clearly."

I remove my mask and place it on the corner of the desk.

" You are very handsome. I've been looking forward to having you since I saw you at the club."

"Having me?" puzzled by his use of the word.

"Yes, since the moment we first met, I have been part of you; in your thoughts, and dreams. Before this night is over, you will be mine completely."

"H-hhuh? Wha..." Suddenly my heart is racing and I'm shaking my head trying to take in all he said. My head is fuzzy and all of my senses are heightened.

"Come here, James"

I hear his words, and in my mind I am trying to resist him, but I feel my body rise up and am walking toward him. It's like being inside a dream, I am completely under his spell, yet I can't help feeling like this is my destiny.

Then, I'm standing so close to him that I can feel his breath on me as he takes in my body. I am not able to resist him. He stands and looks directly into my eyes. He touches my face, caresses my cheek, and runs a finger along my lips. I can feel the warmth of his touch, like electricity flowing out of his fingertip and into me. I am not able to move but can feel everything.

He slowly moves his finger down my neck, to the top of my shirt and as he moves down the buttons come undone and my shirt falls open to his touch to reveal my smooth chest and defined chest and abs.

He tweaks my nipples with his fingers and my cock jumps in my pants.


He smiles, and does it again, another moan escapes my mouth and I feel my cock start to lengthen and leak.

Drake has me in a trance and I am unable to move, powerless; only his to explore as he continues down my body. I feel his hand slide across my abs to the top of my leather pants.

With only his touch, my pants come undone and fall to the floor. He traces my treasure trail with his finger and squeezes the now tight bulge of cock in my boxer briefs.

"Uuhhh," I moan, from the pleasure of his touch, as my briefs are suddenly ripped from my body revealing my trimmed pubes and smooth ball sack.

My cock is rock hard and all 7" are standing straight up and I can feel pre cum leaking out of the slit.

I am now completely naked except for my socks and shoes.

He is touching me now, my balls...cock, not stroking, just touching. But with every touch I feel that same electric energy surge flowing through me. All of my senses are heightened and I've never felt anything so powerful in my life.

I'm moaning almost uncontrollably now delirious from his touch and I'm fighting back the urge to cum that is rising up from his touch.

"James, you will not cum, but will remain on the edge until I allow you release. Is that clear?"

"y-yes sir." I groan.

The desire for release is intense and the feeling is flowing through my groin. But I am not able to touch myself, or even move. I hear his words and my body obeys him.

...time passes

I must have blacked out, because suddenly I awaken and I am in a different room.

I am completely naked and somehow suspended---

my arms outstretched above my head and my legs parted.

My cock is still hard and dripping and I can feel the electricity of desire flowing throughout my body and am on the edge of sexual release.

"Where am I?"

I look up and Drake is walking across the room toward me.

He is now completely naked. His body is massive and powerfully made. His sexy defined chest, covered in dark fur, a trail leading down to his groin. His heavy cock is at least 9 inches, thickly veined with full balls hanging below.

"You are where I want you to be and ready for my taking. You have come here of your own free will and now I will make you mine."

I am shaking and scared at this point but feel powerless to resist him.

"Ww-why me, Pp-please let me go and I won't say anything to anyone." Scared shit-less at this point.

"No, leaving is not an option for you, very shortly, my seed will be inside you and you will be mine. Your desire to be anywhere else will disappear and you will exist only for my pleasure."

"Every year on Halloween, I choose one young male specimen to claim and add to my collection. This year it is you."

"But..." and before the words could get out of my mouth, he pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around my body.

I responded to his touch, my arms and legs moved as he wanted them and I was unable to resist or move them on my own. The intense pleasure of being on the edge of orgasm continued to flow through my naked body.

His hands were all over me, pinching my nipples, biting them with his teeth, licking, sucking them. The pleasure was intense and I was moaning with pleasure at his every touch. His fingers found my butt and were moving up and down my crease, encircling my hole.

Then I felt his fingers, first one, two, and then three, inside me slowly stretching my hole.

I felt a little pain and pressure in the beginning but the warm pleasure was soon spreading and shooting up through me. I didn't know my ass could feel so much pleasure.

He looked into my eyes as he was exploring my passage with his fingers to gauge my reaction. I was lost in the pleasure of his touch.

When he hit my prostate, my eyes rolled back and I cried out in ecstasy. "Ohhhh! Uhhhhhhh!"

He covered my mouth with his and kissed me deeply as he removed his fingers from my hole and pulled me closer into his embrace. My legs and arms wrapped tightly around him. He replaced his fingers with the head of his rigid cock and slowly pushed into me as he thrust his tongue deep into my throat.

The heat emanating from his body and his big cock as he thrust into my hole was more than I could have imagined. I felt so full and every inch of my body was tingling from the sensations of our connection.

He continued to push his large, thick cock into my tight hole. It seemed like he plunged into me for hours, the pleasure flooded my body with every thrust and I remained right on the edge of release.

I had not felt such pleasure and passion until this moment. I let go and cried out,

"Oh fuuck, take my ass, fill me up and make me yours!"

He pistoned his rigid cock deep inside me and I could feel him reach release and felt his hot cum filling me. I suddenly felt faint, the room spinning again. My body absorbed his seed and was transformed for his craving.

"Take my daemon seed boy! Cum for me now!"

At the sound of his voice my cock exploded, shooting volumes of cum up between our hot sweaty bodies.

My cock continued to spasm as he took my mouth once again with his and kissed me deeply as we came down from our orgasms.

His cock remained solid inside my ass. I knew he was planning to take me once more. ---I wanted him again.

"You are mine now, body and soul forever." As if I could walk away...

"You will be forever young and live for my touch, my pleasure.

You will remain here with me, and join the other young men I have collected over the centuries on Halloween."

As he finished speaking, he placed a gold collar around my neck.

The collar was engraved with "Halloween 2014".

I knew at that moment that I was "His" and my cock jumped at the thought-

... craved it.

The End.

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