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Halloween Massage


"Coming up next, we speak to a doctor who says anyone can make another person open to suggestion just by massaging a certain area of their back."

That sounds interesting, I thought, even though I'm sure it is a load of crap. I would have changed the station long ago if it wasn't for the fact this was the only station I was receiving after my satellite radio decided to stop working. I was on my way home after completing some job training out of town and I was trying to get back as quickly as possible. It had been a couple of months since I saw Kelly, as we both had to leave home on business. I left about two weeks before Kelly got home and figured if there was any truth to what this guy was saying; it would be fun to give it a shot.

After the usual introductions and plugging of the book the doctor was trying to sell, they got down to business. The doctor was adamant about ensuring the room had the right feel to help the person receiving the massage and suggestions relax to be more receptive to both. He went on to say that the area that needed to be massaged to induce the power of suggestion should be saved for last. After dragging out the interview as long as possible, and after another commercial break, the doctor finally revealed the location; base of the neck, near the shoulder blades. He said it wasn't something that was easy, that the person giving the massage had to use just the right amount of pressure, with just their thumbs to get the best result.

They accepted a few phone calls from others listening and a couple of questions I was wondering about were asked. The first caller asked how long the receptive state would last. The doctor replied that when the time came to bring the person out, all that was needed was to return back to the massage and bring them back by telling them to wake up. Then, the question I'm sure everyone wanted answered, would they remember anything afterwards? The doctor ensured everyone listening that they would feel as if they had been sleeping and would not remember anything.

Just as the interview was finishing, my satellite radio came back on. "Hmmmm," I thought, "maybe it's a sign. Perhaps the satellite went out just to make sure I heard that."

A few weeks after I got home, things had gotten back to normal. The crazy amount of sex we always seemed to have after being apart for a lengthy amount of time had slowed up due to work and other commitments. One evening, while watching TV, Kelly tried her usual reverse psychology on me by telling me how great I'd feel if I gave her a massage. Since I wasn't drunk, I didn't fall for it.

"You have to give to get." I said. "So what is in it for me?"

"I guess you could tie me down to the bed using the restraint system," she suggested, "or I can slip into something sexy and let you slowly remove it before the massage."

I had to make a decision quick. I immediately thought about what the doctor had said about ensuring the person receiving the massage was relaxed. I figured having her tied up may not be as relaxing as letting her get comfortable on her own, so I decided to go with the sexy outfit.

"Let's go with the sexy outfit" I suggested.

"Anything in particular", she asked?

"No," I said, "the surprise will be worth the wait."

"OK, be back in a minute."

As I waited for Kelly to come back out, my mind was racing. How long do I go before making the move? If it works, what do I suggest she do? Do I take the chance of asking her to do something crazy that she would never consciously do? What if she remembered afterwards, or came out of the trance like state before I wanted her to? I decided that if it worked, I would bring out her inner porn star. I know she has some favorite scenes; maybe I could be the lucky guy while she played the part of Jenaveve Jolie or Carmen Luvana. There were so many thoughts running through my head, my nervous excitement was getting the best of me.

I didn't even notice when Kelly walked out of the bedroom towards me wearing a jade satin corset; black satin panties, black thigh high stockings, and the new black knee high stiletto boots she had just bought. I had waited years for her to find a pair we both liked and she looked awesome every time she wore them, no matter how much or how little she was wearing with them.

"You're next client is ready," she said softly, bringing me back out of my dream world.

As she walked towards me, I was mesmerized by how hot she looked. I must have been in my little dream world longer than I thought, as not only had she changed into her sexy outfit, but also had put on some makeup. The first thing that caught my eye was how the corset hugged her statuesque body, pushing up her 36B's while also smoothing out her curves.

As she came over, she did a slow turn and as she got half way around, she slowly bent over giving me a close up look of her black satin clad ass. I reached out and took my time moving my hands from the back of her knees up to rub both cheeks. It looked so good; I was tempted to take a bite out of it just like an apple. After the quick rubbing I gave both cheeks a good natured smack.

"No, no, no," Kelly playfully admonished as she spun around grabbing my hands. She moved to sit in my lap, which I happily allowed. As she looked into my eyes she quietly said, "I hope I didn't take too long getting ready and miss my appointment."

"Of course not, as soon as I knew you were on my appointment calendar, I cleared the rest of my day," I played along. "Now let me take a look at you."

Kelly stood up and I patiently looked over every inch of her body. Kelly was 5'6" but with the boots on she stood about 5'10" which was perfect as I'm 6 feet even. Everything she had on complimented something else. The jade corset went perfectly with her strawberry blonde hair, which she wore short, but not so short that I couldn't grab a handful when the opportunity presented itself. Obviously the black panties worked well with the thigh highs and boots but also with something else I hadn't noticed right away, which actually complemented everything, black lipstick. I don't know why, but black (and purple) lipstick is a huge turn on for me. It's not a color she would normally wear out in public, so it was special when she took the time to apply it at home.

"Wow, you get better and better looking every time you come in," I continued in my role, still deciding how to go about getting her hypnotized for lack of a better word.

"I was hoping you would like it Ty, as I have a confession to make. As you can tell, I don't have any pockets or anything to keep a wallet, so I don't have any money to pay you with. I was kind of hoping that you would give me a pass this one time".

"Kelly," I said pausing briefly while looking her over again for what seemed like the hundredth time, "if you come dressed like that to every appointment, I'll give you a massage whenever you want!"

"Well, let's get started then," she said just before giving me a passionate kiss with her black painted lips. "If the massage is good, maybe there will be more of those afterwards," she said slyly with a wink.

I stood up and took Kelly by the hand leading her into the bedroom for the massage. As we walked through the door, I saw that she had also prepared the room before coming out. She had pulled the covers down to the end of the bed and placed one of her favorite, soft comforters in their place. She also had candles placed around the room and had changed the light bulb in the lamp by the bed with a green bulb giving the room a pretty cool look.

I led Kelly to the bed and she sat down on the edge. I kneeled down in front of her and leaned in for another kiss which she passionately accepted. I reached down for her right leg and brought it up with her foot resting on my left shoulder. As much as I hated to do it, because she looks so sexy in them, I unzipped the boot kissing the now uncovered, stocking clad leg as I went. As I reached the end of the line, I gently pulled the boot off and kissed and nibbled each of her toes through the stocking before repeating the process again for the other leg which garnered a little heavy breathing from Kelly.

As I released her foot from my grasp and straightened up in my kneeling position, Kelly slipped her feet inside the black silk boxers I was wearing and slid them up and down my shaft a few times, getting an immediate reaction as there is nothing that feels better than stocking clad feet rubbing you the right way in my opinion.

"Calm down, we haven't even started the massage yet," Kelly said with a laugh.

"What did you expect?" I questioned. "You dress all sexy and then rub me like that; I figured you'd be disappointed if I didn't react that way".

"Just want to make sure he's still ready to go so I can "pay" you afterwards."

With her boots off, Kelly lay down on her back and I climb up on the bed, positioning myself at her feet. I slowly, tantalizingly rolled the stockings down each of her legs, one at a time, placing soft kisses as I went. As soon as they were off, Kelly rolled over so I could unhook the clasps of her corset. As the last clasp came undone, she raised herself up on her arms so I could pull it out from under her, as I grabbed it, I "accidently" rubbed up against her breasts, feeling her hard nipples against the back of my hand.

I told Kelly to get herself comfortable while I reached over for the lavender scented massage oil. As I did so, my mind started racing, how quickly do I go for it, how long, how will I know if it's working. I took a deep breath and poured the oil into my hands. I decided to take some time and work my way up to the area starting from the calves.

I worked my hands up the back of her legs, trying to ensure that every move I made was done with the right amount of pressure, nothing to hard that it hurt nor too soft to make her have to move or ask me to use more or less pressure. As I was working her inner thigh, the side of my hands rubbed up against her panties. The thin layer of fabric standing between me and her love box were wet and the thought of pulling them down right there and then and attacking her with my tongue quickly went through my mind. I placed my hands under the seams on each side of her panties, fighting the urge of ripping them off. After a deep breath, I gave both sweet cheeks a quick rub down before pulling my hands back out.

I reapplied lotion to my hands and started to work her lower back. I applied a bit more pressure here than I did on her legs. After working the lower back long enough, in my opinion, I started to walk up both sides of her spine with my thumbs, a move I knew she enjoyed very much, if not her favorite.

"How am I doing," I asked softly.

"Mmmmmmmm," just as softly was the only reply.

After working her shoulders and the base of her neck for a few minutes, I decided it was time to make my move. I placed my thumbs where the doctor said to and began making the small circles as described, putting slightly more pressure after a few seconds passed by. I finally reached the point where I felt it was now or never, so, with nervousness and an excitement I hadn't felt in a long time, I took a deep breath and tried to make her mine to control.

"Kelly," I called to her barely above a whisper, with no response. "Kelly," I called out again a little louder, "how are you feeling?"

Kelly let out a soft sigh of content along with a bit of a smile. I knew I had her right where I wanted her, now I couldn't let the excitement of the moment or my emotions get the better of me, I had to remain calm. I kept rubbing the spots with my thumbs and commenced with the fantasy I had developed.

"Kelly, when I am done with your massage, you are going to want to thank me in a very special way. To pay me (going back to the role play from earlier) you are going to believe that you are a porn star and we are filming a movie. You will want to film the greatest scene ever and follow the directions that I give you enthusiastically. When I tell you to wake, you will immediately ripped off my boxers and take my cock all the way into your mouth, giving me the best blow job ever. You will also grab your vibrator out of the drawer and pleasure yourself while doing so. I want to hear you enjoying everything. Do you understand?"

As I finished with the first set of instructions, Kelly rolled over on to her back, I could see her nipples were rock hard and all I could think was, Success!! I had done it, it really worked. I was quickly brought back to reality when Kelly spoke.

"Are you trying to hypnotize me or something?"

"Wh-wh-wha-what!" I stammered alarmingly.

"You just gave me instructions as if I was your hypnotized slave or something. I don't remember that being part of our little massage fantasy, so I have to believe that you were somehow trying to hypnotize me. Now tell me what the fuck you were trying to do because I know you wouldn't just come out and suggest something like that without discussing it with me beforehand."

What could I say? If I denied everything, I figured she get mad thinking that I expected her to do things like that for giving her a massage, thus preventing her for asking for any more, lessening my chances of seeing her dress up like that. On the other hand, if I told her the truth, she'd probably be furious at me for trying to hypnotize her.


I decided to tell her everything. I talked about the drive home, my satellite radio going out and then coming back on right after the show was over and how I had waited for just this opportunity, and now I was never going to get it again.

To my amazement, Kelly wasn't upset by the story, she was actually turned on.

"You want me to be a porn star huh?" she queried. As she finished her question she bolted up into a sitting position and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back quickly and a little painfully, while grabbing my semi flaccid cock under my boxers. "What kind of porn star is going to have sex with a guy who can't get it up?" With my head still pulled back, she planted a rough kiss on me with her black lips while stroking my manhood through the silk boxers. "This is how it's going to work. Since you tried to hypnotize me and make me do what you wanted, you are now going to do what I want. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I replied.

Kelly released both points of control she had on me and lay back down on the bed while I anxiously waited for her first order. She spread her legs apart slightly and motioned me to move to her feet. "Take off my panties and go down on me as if you hadn't had anything to eat for days." I immediately grabbed the sides of her panties to pull them down, when she ordered me to remove them with my mouth. I bit down on one side and pulled as far as they would initially go. I alternated sides until they were past her hips then bit down on the front. They were extremely wet with her juices and the taste had me anticipating taking her into my mouth. As I pulled her panties down her legs, she brought them together to make it easier for me to get them completely off. As I get them off, I turned myself around and dropped them onto the blanket box sitting at the end of the bed. As I turned around, Kelly wrapped her legs and feet around me to guide me towards my reward. I wanted to dive right in and attack her clit which, I figured, must be throbbing with anticipation by this point. Instead, I licked all the juices from her inner thighs, making sure I got everything before heading to the main course.

With as wet as Kelly was, I didn't think it would take too much to send her over the edge, and I was correct. As soon as I hit her love nub, her hands were on top of my head ensuring my tongue stayed in contact with it.

"Ahhh shit, YES! Yes, get it, don't be gentle" her orders came out in rapid succession. "Yessss! Oh yessss!" Kelly whined deliriously. "Keep going Ty, right there, yes! Right there! Don't stop! Please, don't stop!"

All of the sudden my head felt like it was in a vise. Kelly was getting close to an explosive orgasm and wanted to ensure I didn't move my head. I rotated licking heavily and aggressively with slight nibbling and pulling with my lips. Just as I thought my head was going to pop between Kelly's strong legs, I felt her lift her taught ass up off the bed just as I heard her cry out faintly, as I couldn't hear much with her legs covering my ears.

"Right there! Right there! Don't stop! Here I cum, here I CUMMMMmmmmm, Ahh, AHHHH Yes, YES!"

The explosion in my face came in torrents and tasted so sweet I tried my best to get it all. I was still licking up the remnants as they came out when I felt her legs loosened around my head. As soon as her legs hit the bed, I made my worst mistake. After a second to catch my breath, I moved my way up. Hovering over her as she was coming down from her high, my throbbing cock wanting to join in on the fun, I quickly made my way in her still wet opening.

"No, no, no," she said teasingly with a wag of her finger, "turn around and give him to me."

"Sweet," I thought, visions of a bj dancing in my head. I pulled out and turned around as instructed, my rock hard pole just below her chin. Kelly grabbed my shaft and I backed up a bit more to make it easier for her to get me in her mouth, mistake #2. She rubbed her hand up and down my shaft a couple times and boy did that feel good. With no warning she grabbed hold of it tightly and pulled down. "Ahhhh," I cried out, "That hurt".

"Good; you remember who's in charge tonight right? Did I tell you that you could put anything in me besides your tongue?"

"No," I said sheepishly.

"Then get back to it, and if you don't do a good job, you'll get more of this," she said pulling down on my shaft again, "and some of this," all of the sudden I felt the cat o' nine tails we keep in a drawer next to the bed hit me across the ass, causing me to jump a little which in turn, caused Kelly to inadvertently pull down on my manhood again. I swiftly got back into a rhythm with my tongue, but after a few moments my tongue was a bit tired so I took a quick breather which earned me a couple of whips. Thing was, Kelly's surprising turn into a bit of a dom was really turning me on, so I was taking breaks with a bit more frequency, earning me more whips. It didn't take Kelly long to figure out what was going on, and she was less than pleased that she had been tricked out of being in control.

"Grab my stockings and panties," she ordered as she released my dick from her grasp.

I moved down to the end of the bed and grabbed her panties which were still wet then jumped down from the bed to grab her stockings. I handed the items to her but she only took the panties.

"Put the stockings back on me," she said while raising her right leg up. Taking her panties, she began to wipe the area around her breasts, "How dare you drip on me, I didn't give you permission to do that," she admonished me in faux anger as I rolled the stocking up her leg. After rolling the stocking up the other leg, I was instructed to sit straight up on my knees and place my hands behind my back. Kelly got up and walked into the master bathroom quickly returning with the sash from one of her bathrobes which she used to tie my hands behind my back. I was then instructed to close my eyes as she moved around in front of me. As she came around the front she gave me another sensual kiss before telling me to open my mouth and keep it open. Before I knew what was going on, Kelly stuffed her wet panties into my mouth. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do or think. She had never done anything like this before.

"You think that's bad, wait 'til you see what I do next."

She laid herself back down on the bad in front of me, her feet resting against my thighs.

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