tagErotic CouplingsHalloween Mistake...

Halloween Mistake...


Our neighbor’s Halloween party last month was one that I shall never forget. The theme was dressing for a fairy tale, so my husband wore a furry wolf costume, and I wore a very provocative Red Riding Hood costume. It was made of red satin, with a full, flippy skirt that only went down to my mid-thigh, 4-inch red patent leather spike heels, and a red bodice that showed ample cleavage for my 34C breasts. I painted my nails blood red, wore red lipstick, and placed a red ribbon in my hair. To top it off, I pulled on a red satin cape, down to the hem of my skirt. My husband took one look at me and whistled. I pushed him off, for now!

We got to the party and it was in full swing. We mingled with other couples, noticing the different costumes, and we even saw a few couples with the same furry wolf costumes as my husband! We snacked a little, had a few drinks and danced a few numbers. My husband then excused himself to use the restroom, and I decided to take a breather. I sat down on a short stool, letting my cape fall down around me. It felt wonderful to have the smooth, silky fabric brush against my skin. I was getting tingly and excited, just wearing the costume. It also helped that I was drawing a large number of stares from the men, and some envious glances from the women! I had just sat down, when a hand reached around me, held out in front. I turned and looked, and the man attached to the hand asked me to dance. My husband was not back yet, so I thought it would be okay for one dance. The man was dressed as a vampire, and as we started to dance, the music turned into a slow song. He grasped my shoulder, and pulled me closer. As we drew closer, his cape enveloped me, and I felt his hands caress my rear end.

“Mmmmm…I like the way you feel,” he murmured in my ear. “I’ve been wanting to do this to you all night” he added. My hands were on his shoulders, and his hands continued to rove over my ass, at one point going under my skirt and directly onto my panties. I was getting turned on by all of this, and I was amazed to realize he was feeling me up in front of everyone, but nobody could see it because his cape concealed the front, and my cape concealed the back! I had to stop this, or I was going to let him finish me off, and I didn’t even know him!

As the song ended, I broke from his grasp, and found my husband in the hallway. I was so hot, I had only one thing on my mind…so I stuck my hand at his crotch and said, “Follow me, now!” We went upstairs, and found one of the upstairs bedrooms. I didn’t even turn on the light. I spun around and dropped to my knees. I had to have a cock, right now! I pulled open the slit in the front of my husband’s costume and pulled out his cock. He must have been ready for me, as he was already a good 6 inches and growing!

I took the head of his cock in my mouth, and sucked greedily. After only a few seconds, I felt that this wasn’t going to hack it, and I needed his cock in me. I stood up, and lifted my skirt, so I could drop my panties. After they were on the floor, I bent over, placing my hands on the bed, rubbing my ass against my husband’s cock. He lifted my cape and skirt onto my back, and I felt his prick penetrate me. My eyes rolled back in my head as his shaft entered me, slowly at first, then plunging all the way in! My pussy was so lubricated, I took him easily! His thrusting sent my mind wandering, lost in the rapture. I could feel the fur of his costume against my ass, and his hands holding onto my hips. It dawned on me that this could be fantasy beastiality, with Little Red Riding Hood getting raped by the Big Bad Wolf!

I felt his thrusts getting harder and faster, until he was lifting me off the ground. The increased tempo made the tingling feeling between my legs grow to fever pitch, until I shuddered violently, gasping as the waves of orgasm crashed over me! Almost immediately, my husband stiffened, and I felt him explode in me, releasing his tension in one big burst.

As he withdrew, I stood up and turned to kiss him. I pulled back his mask, and as I turned up my mouth to reach his, he stuck his tongue in my mouth. This alarmed me, as this was not how my husband kissed me! I broke away, and reached for a light switch. As I turned on the light, I saw an exact duplicate of my husband’s costume, but in it was not my husband! I’d screwed some black guy!!!

I burst out of the room, stunned, forgetting my panties! As I went down the hall, I heard my husband call my name. I turned to his call, and as he reached me, he kissed me lightly and groped my crotch.

“Wow,” he said, “are you ready to fill my fantasy!” as he felt my uncovered pussy. He grasped my hand, and led me back down the same hall I had just came from. He took me to the same room I was just in, now empty, and turned off the light. He laid me down on the bed, with my cape spread across the bed, and opened the slit in the front of his costume. I raised my knees, giving him easy access to my very wet hole.

“I’ve always wanted to rape Red Riding Hood,” he said. As he mounted me, all I could think about is how Red Riding Hood had raped the Big Bad Wolf…

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