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Halloween Mistake


This is another contribution from one of my readers. I enjoy hearing from my followers and working with them to get their experiences in print so that we might all enjoy. This one is from Martie and it has inspired me to write the story and one day to try it for myself. Young, naïve, and exciting is how Martie described her life at the time of this experience.

Life was good. Martie was six years into her marriage to Dan and life was good. Dan was doing very well with his company that manufactured plastic parts for mobile devices and Martie was making good money as an on-line travel agent specializing in Florida and Caribbean vacations. No children meant the money was great and although neither Dan nor Martie were originally from Denver, they liked the city. They had a plan. Ten years of hard work and fun together and then they would look to start a family and hopefully move back to the southeast to be near their extended families.

"Make a million and then make babies." Dan often said when they talked about their future.

Martie liked the plan and was doing her part as a breadwinner and a supporting wife. She and Dan maintained a great sex life and most importantly they loved each other. They had met their senior year in college and had fallen in love immediately. Dan asked her to marry him soon after graduation and Martie did not hesitate. They rarely had disagreements and the only issue that sometime plagued their marriage was Dan's regret that Martie had been with several other men before she met him. Dan did not blame Martie but he was bothered by the fact that she had slept with several other guys including a couple of his college acquaintances. He knew it was a double standard because Martie knew girls that he had bedded, but it still bothered him. They had talked about it on a few occasions and Dan assured Martie that he did not blame her but it bummed him out anyway. For her part, Martie knew that Dan was probably unfaithful at some level during his many trips especially those to the Far East. She knew the scuttlebutt from other company wives and a couple of high profile divorces confirmed at least some of the men in Dan's company were enjoying their time away from home. Dan admitted to going to bars but he said that he always kept his hands to himself. Martie accepted his explanation and preferred not to know anymore.

Dan and Martie's social life in Denver was active. They both participated in a social club that involved both sports and social events. Martie was an excellent athlete and could have played college soccer and Dan was a standout baseball player in high school. Regularly they played in their league games and would join the players at local bars after the events. With no kids in the picture, they were free to enjoy their time with no real responsibilities back home. Both Martie and Dan liked to drink and they rarely missed an event. For the big parties like New Years Eve, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th and Halloween, Martie and Dan would hire a driver and typically shut the place down. They were well known and popular and were as comfortable in a small gathering as a big soiree. They loved the big events because people watching was one of their favorite activities. Adding lots of alcohol to a big group of young and attractive people never failed to create great stories and fun gossip for weeks to come. Halloween of 2003, the tables turned.

It was Dan's idea. The "I Dream of Genie" costume was a long held fantasy of his. He wanted to see Martie strutting around in a genie outfit and he wanted to see the other guys' reaction to his wife on semi-display. Martie offered token resistance until Dan brought home the costumes the day before the party. Dan's Air Force uniform was conservative and nice looking. The genie costume was pornographic. Martie was 5'4" tall and weighed a strong 130 lbs. She had wonderfully muscular thighs, feminine but strong, and her ass was round and sweet. She had the look of a former gymnast and had full C-cup breasts. Her skin was naturally tanned and her thick black hair flowed back in natural waves. "I can't wear this!" Martie howled with laughter while modeling for Dan. She was naked except for the very thin sheer material covering her lower body and breasts.

"Oh come on, be a sport." Dan teased back knowing that Martie would get arrested if she went out in public.

"Let me try on a few combinations of undergarments." Martie replied. "Get me a glass of wine and I will see if we can make this work."

Martie and Dan shared a bottle of wine as Martie tried on the genie costume with different combinations of undergarments. Dan refused to entertain the idea of Martie wearing shorts under the costume claiming it would lose its sexiness. Martie refused to wear a thong because she was not going to give all the guys a full view of her ass no matter how drunk she got. They settled on a modest but sexy pair of white, bikini cut panties and matching bra. Martie was initially worried because she felt her privates, especially her dark bush, were still somewhat visible but Dan convinced her that the evening lighting would conceal it. And after a few glasses of wine, Dan knew that Martie was enjoying his attention and that tomorrow she would enjoy showing off for a larger audience. At the time, he felt it was all innocent fun. Martie made a show of complying with her "master's" request and their modeling adventure turned into a superb sex for the young professionals.

"Here you go." Dan said as he handed Martie a brimming margarita on the rocks. Dan knew that Martie and tequila were a wonderful combination and he was eager to quiet any lingering costume inhibitions.

"Make sure you keep your lecherous friends off me." Martie replied teasingly while taking the glass. "I still think I am revealing a little too much."

"Your kindly Master and Air Force officer will make sure you are protected my dear. It's me you have to worry about since you are duty bound to obey me. That is what should scare you." Dan teased back. Martie was excited about the party and she was certain she knew how things would evolve over the course of the evening. This would be another in a long line of parties that would start with a few drinks at home, move to the big party for loud music, dancing, and a few shots, followed by an after-party at someone's house, and then home for some uninhibited, drunk sex with Dan. If they got drunk enough they would engage in heavy foreplay while they were being driven home.

A pitcher of margaritas shared at home and on the way had Martie and Dan well buzzed as they entered the hotel ballroom. The place was already near capacity as the younger crowd arrived early to make sure they got their money's worth at the open bar. Martie felt the electricity in the air as so many of the costumes were sexy themed. She could feel the eyes on her but she was very comfortable because her costume, while risqué, was conservative compared to some of the young ladies who were dressed as tramps or employing body paint for cover. Dan's eyes were bugging out of his head.

"Looks like last year's Halloween party was just the appetizer for this." Dan yelled into Martie's ear.

"I feel overdressed." Martie shot back with a grin. "Don't get any ideas with all these young ladies running around Danny boy."

Martie spotted several of their friends hanging near one of the back bars and they quickly joined them. Jokes were thrown around about being the senior citizens and occupying AARP corner and truth be told, this group was older and more entrenched than the vast majority of recent college graduates attending this event. Shots were passed with the pleasantries as Dan and Martie's group went through their drinking ritual that always led to dancing. Martie received several compliments on her costume and made it through a round of hugs with some of Dan's more "hands-on" friends without incident. She was fully aware that she was practically standing in front of them in just her bra and panties but she didn't care. Almost all of these friends had seen her many times in a bikini and she and Dan had a reputation for pushing the limits. This was just part of it.

Dancing started early as most of their social group hit the floor together. Martie was aware the lights of the dance floor put her on full display but she enjoyed the attention and felt incredibly sexy. Dan dirty danced with her through the full set and when they came off the floor Martie's perspiration glistened against her beautiful skin. Dan led the charge with several tequila shots and Martie matched him. She knew she would have to back off eventually but she was having too much fun to turn down a drink. In a night that would be full of unexpected twists, the first occurred when Dan turned Martie down as she pulled him toward the dance floor. Dan was engaged in a football conversation which was nothing unusual. Martie joined a few of their friends on the floor for a group dance. The dancing was always physical at these parties so Martie did not think anything when she felt hands on her hips and was not surprised to see Dan's friend Jake standing behind her simulating a spanking. It was all in good fun. She did not stop him as his hands slid around the front of her and moved from her thighs to her neck. Martie was well aware that Jake had felt her up but it was all part of the dance. She was genuinely appreciative when he told her she was the hottest woman at the party and he laughed with her when she told him it was a shame that she already had a Master.

More shots followed the dancing and Martie drank a little water to be safe. Dan plowed on and dismissed Martie's warnings that he was getting too drunk. Martie dragged Dan back to the dance floor and now, late in the party, it was more of a free for all than a structured dance. Martie cared little that Dan danced with her and several of the women in their group, usually in the same song, and Dan enjoyed seeing Martie getting plenty of attention from other men. Her costume had become even more revealing as she perspired and her dark nipples and the faint outline of her trimmed pussy were visible as the sheer fabric stuck to her bra and panties. Jake was one of many guys that managed a turn with Martie and he was definitely the most aggressive. At one point, Dan was dancing behind Martie while Jake was in front of her. Jake's knee road up between Martie's legs as they danced and Dan's hands moved over her chest. Martie loved it and clutched at both of them even though she knew it was going nowhere.

As they left the floor for the last time, Martie giggled a whispered in Dan's ear, "Jake can't keep his hands off of me. I think he likes me."

"Every guy in this place wants to put their hands on you." Dan slurred. "But only one of us gets that pleasure."

Martie and Dan gave several other couples a ride to the after-party which was only a few minutes away. It was long enough for the tequila to get passed around again and Martie knew this was going to be one of the biggest drunks of her and Dan's life. Dan was showing no signs of slowing down. The after-party was held in the finished basement of a friend's home. They had a disco ball in the basement and a pool, and a hot tub in the back yard. Behind the pool was a large pool house with a pool table. Dan and Martie went straight to the dance floor as the party kicked off and within a few minutes a group including Jake showed up on the dance floor and the bottle of tequila was passed around one more time. Martie barely drank any as the men took turns taking swigs.

As the dancing continued Martie became aware that she was outnumbered. There were at most three or four women dancing and at least a dozen men. Martie felt secure with Dan beside her but she was surprised he was not objecting to the manner in which she was being manhandled by several of the men. Hands were everywhere and she was constantly feeling the palms and fingers of strangers all over her body. She was enjoying it but she was surprised that Dan was letting it go on. Martie moved off the dance floor and dragged Dan with her.

"We need to sober up before this gets out of hand." Martie said to Dan. "You are too drunk and your little genie is getting attention from every guy on the dance floor."

"Relax, relax." Dan slurred over and over. "We are all just having fun."

Martie took Dan upstairs and made him drink a glass of water and go out back to get some fresh air. Her plan was defeated when Dan spotted his buddies playing pool. He rushed in a stream of trash talk about how he was going to beat anyone willing to play him. The party was now completely out of hand and Martie made a mental note to give up on keeping Dan under control. She left the pool house as Dan was downing another shot of some sort of brown liquor. She avoided a few catcalls from the men in the hot tub and made her way back down to the basement where the music was still thumping. Her plan was to give Dan another hour and then make him take her home. Trying to get him to leave any earlier would be futile.

Jake motioned her on to the dance floor as soon as she entered the basement. The basement was steamy from all the dancing and the disco ball threw light all over the room. An L-shaped couch surrounded the dance area on two sides and two couples dressed as super heroes were lounging across them with drinks in hand. Martie danced with Jake on the crowded floor and almost immediately she felt unfamiliar hands finding her body. This time Jake stopped the groping by positioning himself between Martie and the drunks pawing at her. At one point Jake pushed one drunk man on the couch.

"Thanks!" Martie yelled into his ear. "I am glad one man in here is willing to protect my honor."

"I am not being honorable." Jake yelled back with a laugh. "But I'm not sharing my genie with a bunch of other drunks."

Martie laughed as well as Jake pulled her close and ran his hands down her back. Jake was dressed for the part. His 1970s disco costume looked authentic. His cream colored pants were high in the waist and were tight down to his knees where they opened up into bell bottoms and his light blue nylon shirt was unbuttoned to his navel revealing a nice smooth chest. Jake was nearly a foot taller than Martie and his frame was lean but strong. He reminded her of a basketball player she had dated in college. In her drunkenness she allowed Jake to completely control her on the dance floor and Jake did not disappoint. Martie was amazed at how well Jake danced and she did her best to match him. His hands were on her but in a good way and she did not protest in the least when he brought their bodies together. She was aware that they were both soaked in perspiration and that her outfit was clinging to her bra and panties. Martie was enjoying herself and did not feel threatened by Jake because he and Dan were friends. At a break in the music, Jake pulled her over to the make shift bar set up on a card table and she agreed to do another shot. Jake poured two big ones and she offered only token protest before she gulped it down.

"Where is your date?" Martie asked with a smile. "She is going to get jealous if you keep dancing with me."

"I'm not worried. She's in San Diego on business." Jake responded. "Laura goes there every week for work."

Martie knew she had met Laura at some point but she could not remember her. It made her feel better that Jake had a girlfriend. A slower song began and Jake pulled Martie back on to the dance floor. One of the other dancers turned the disco ball light off and the room plunged into near total darkness. Martie knew she was too drunk to be slow dancing with someone other than Dan but she decided not to stop him. She liked the way his hands were roaming over the bare skin on her back and she let them slide down over her ass and pull her hips toward his. For the first time she could feel that he was aroused and she knew it was time to stop things. Martie broke from Jake even though part of her wanted to continue the dance.

"I have to go Jake." Martie said as she looked up at him teasingly. "You are a dangerous man."

Jake held her hands firmly. "One kiss and I will let you go."

"Forget it." Martie said but she was secretly pleased that he had asked her.

She actually thought about it but there were others in the room and even though a kiss was harmless, it might be misconstrued by others.

Martie left him in the basement and made her way to the pool house. She found Dan completely hammered and her attempts to get him to leave were met with loud and derisive protests. Dan was as drunk as Martie had ever seen him and he had a small scrape above his eye from hitting his head during a wrestling match with a buddy. Martie told him she was leaving but she knew he did not even comprehend what she was saying. Martie returned to the basement. She was not sure why but she wanted to tell Jake that she was leaving. She explained to Jake that Dan was too drunk to leave and that she was going home. Dan asked her to stay for one more dance and against her better judgment she agreed. Martie even took the shot Jake handed her on the way to the dance floor. She was pleased the music was pumping again and she enjoyed watching Jake move. In her inebriated condition she felt no guilt at all as she allowed him to grind against her crotch. Martie knew that if this was Dan it would lead to a night of incredible love making but tonight it was going to be a cheap thrill with a very nice looking substitute. Martie let Jake put his hands all over her and even let her hands roam over him. Without warning Jake turned and led Martie out of the basement and up the stairs.

"Where are we going?" Martie asked.

"I am going to call you a cab." Jake responded and proceeded to make the call.

"It's going to be an hour before he gets here." Jake said. "And I am going with you because you will not make it home dressed like that."

Martie looked down in the kitchen light and realized she was soaked with perspiration and her bra and panties looked like she had taken a dip in the pool.

"Come with me." Dan said as he led Martie up the stairs and into the guest bedroom of the unfamiliar house.

Martie followed him with a mixture of curiosity and innocence. She did not think that Jake would try anything and she was drunk enough not to worry. Jake led her into the bathroom and turned on only the light for the shower. Martie watched as he grabbed a towel and moved toward her. She reached out to take it from him but Jake pushed her hands away.

"I am going to dry you off myself." He said. "But first I am going to kiss you."

Jake leaned down and brought Martie's chin up to his. He kissed her and Martie kissed him back. In her mind, she still considered this harmless. She justified it as a reward for the good deeds Jake was doing and perhaps even a little shot at Dan for his boorish behavior. Martie was very drunk and she was rationalizing. Jake broke the kiss and brought the towel up to Martie's shoulders and began to dry her. He moved the towel gingerly across her back and wrapped it around her upper body and began to run it over her breasts. Martie liked the feeling of Jake kneading her breasts and she could feel his breath on her neck. Martie did not move and Jake knelt down and began to towel off her legs. Martie knew where he was going and she promised herself she would stop him. Jake moved the towel up her legs and brought it over her ass. Again he reached around her and Martie knew she should stop him. She remained silent as his hands worked the towel over her mound. Martie felt the pleasure emanating from between her legs and she was powerless to stop Jake as he stepped in front of her and kissed her again. This time she responded by pressing her body against his and she felt his hard on pressed against her stomach. Martie knew she had to stop him.

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