This is my entry for the Halloween contest 2010. Thanks to to Jaz, the guild and Asylum for their continuous work and help and guidance. Enjoy the read, please comment and vote.

What made this Halloween so special to me?

Hmm, how do I start this? I want to tell you how important Halloween is to me. Let me tell you a bit about myself first. I'm a pure born vampire, meaning both my parents were vampires. We can sire other vampires, sadly their lust for blood is a lot greater than that of a pure vampire. Another difference between us is that I can walk in the sun without the searing heat having any effect on me. A sired vampire would crumble and turn to dust in a matter of minutes.

Another difference is that a pure vampire can hide his true nature, becoming undetectable to both sired and pure vampires. Only relatives can detect a pure vampire's presence while being cloaked like this. There aren't many of us left, so most choose to live excluded, far away from others. Me on the other hand, I like people, I like to talk, meet others, have a conversation. I can't live that way, it simply isn't me, I need and crave contact with others.

It wasn't needed, I was rich enough, old money and all that, but I preferred to live like a normal human being. I loved the sun, I loved the changing of the seasons. Seeing the snow disappear after winter, the trees and plants coming back to life. And who doesn't love summer. Especially when you lived near the beach. All those curvaceous beauties parading around, as if they were holding a contest as to who could wear the skimpiest bathing suit or bikini. Tell me again, as a man, you didn't love summer?

But then came the time I loved most. When fall came, the whole country started to get hyped about Halloween. So was I, but for a totally different reason than mankind. As I said before, a sired vampire needed blood often. A pure vampire, like myself, we didn't need much to sustain ourselves. The older we get, the longer we could go without feeding.

After dwelling on this earth for well over three thousand now, I was happy to have a good "meal" once a year. It never occurred to me at first, but each year I took my feeding closer to Halloween. The last few years I just went along and seized the moment. I came to love this day as it was the only day in the year I stopped hiding my true nature, letting out my hair, showing my fangs. Not a soul in sight that was scared of me, it was a perfect night.

However I did pick out my "meal" with extreme care, normally stalking it days in advance, making sure the person that would vanish that night would deserve to die anyways. I usually picked out someone who eluded the law in so many ways that I felt it justified that I chose that person to be my main course for the night. Only this year it turned out to be different. It was the year Halloween really became special, at least to me.

Every so often I had to move, being stuck at the same age made it a necessity to start over. At the start of this year, I had packed my belongings and moved across town. I had found a new job as a lawyer in a well renowned firm. When I went for my interview, I picked up the scent of another vampire, a sired one, but seeing as it was daylight I stored the information for later use. I knew I was safe enough, no one had ever broken my cloaking ability yet.

I got offered a job and slowly I found my place within the ranks. I made sure not to draw attention to myself too quickly, but I made sure the success rate of my completed cases was known. Once summer came along I was called upstairs. I got offered a promotion. Smiling when I left I once again proved that keeping a low profile and doing your job usually paid off in the end. I was now a junior partner, got myself a neat little office and the use of a secretary, though she worked for a few junior partners. Still it meant a lot of silly paperwork wouldn't land on my desk anymore.

September came and passed. At the start of October a buzz started going around at the firm. As it turned out, each year the boss held a Halloween party at his house and each year everyone was invited, from the mail delivery boy in the basement, to the executives residing on the top floor. It was one evening a year that it didn't matter and all came together at his place.

During the second week we all got our invitations. We were allowed to bring a date in case you were single, if not you could bring your partner. In my case I had neither. Even though I loved living amongst the humans like a human, in all these years I never took a lover or a wife. Don't get me wrong, I had my share of women, I loved their curves, their moans on the brink of ecstasy. But I never came across that one woman who could make my heart yield in surrender. Never had I felt the pull of my inner demon wanting his soul mate.

Until that one Halloween party at my boss' house, rather estate you could say. Not feeling much like "dressing up" I went as myself, just changed my clothes for an expensive tailored suit made to frame my tall muscled body. I dropped my fangs and with a shake of my head, my long hair was visible again. I know, I know, I said I'd only tell a bit about myself. I had long hair, I liked it that way, but I kept it concealed for work purposes.

Tonight I went looking as my true self, only I kept hiding my true nature. Glad I did, because the second I set foot on the terrain I could sense a multitude of other vampires, all sired ones. I didn't panic, but I hoped they wouldn't look too closely at me. While passing a few I retracted my fangs, knowing at full length they would just show. I didn't want to give them cause to check me closer as I handed over my personal invitation at the big entrance hall.

I was welcomed and swiftly made my way towards some co-workers. Reassured I was safe enough, I dropped my fangs, completing my "dress up" again. I got complimented on the "realistic" look of my fangs and they were curious where I got the "wig" with such long hair. I could only grin inwardly at their gawking. I looked around the room, a grin on my face seeing all the different costumes. And just as they said, everybody mingled. I actually saw the mail delivery boy talking to one of the executives, who in return was laughing loudly at, what I assumed was, a funny joke the young man had just told him.

As you remember, I said I took my feeding on Halloween, so I hadn't set out to stay long, but just make an appearance and then leave after an hour or three and search for my own meal. But then it happened, my demon awoke. He urged me to turn around. What I saw then almost literally took my breath away.

In the doorway stood the most beautiful young woman I ever laid eyes on. She was tall, almost as tall as me. Slender but curvaceous at all the right spots. Dressed completely in black, the thin fabric hugged her curves and showed lots of cleavage. When she stepped into the room I saw her dress had a split, exposing her leg up to her thigh. Many men in the room enjoyed the view and something inside of me got angry at their ogling. As she turned a little bit I saw that the curls that bounced vividly upon her shoulders which actually went way past her delicious bum.

She had a predatory look in her eyes as she scanned the room. Then her eyes found mine and I was lost. Totally and utterly lost. Mesmerized, I kept staring at her bright green eyes until she broke the contact and disappeared into the crowd. There was something about her that called out to me.

Quickly I scanned the room again, I wanted to find her again, get closer. After a bit of looking I found her at the other side of the room, surrounded by several men of the company. I looked at her intently, not hiding my interest at all.

Her eyes found mine again and I saw a small twitch at the corner of her mouth, as if she was holding back a smile. Then it was me that moved between the masses. Something inside me began to wake up, something I never felt before.

Looking sideways I noticed she was slowly following me around now, that predatory look back into her eyes. I liked the game she was playing and I was happy to go along. My mind was already made up that I would have her some way or another. If she wanted to play cat and mouse first who was I to not let her have that little bit of fun?

Whether she realized it or not, I slowly led her to a less crowed part of the room, made myself ready to work my own little vampire magic on her. I stopped and turned around, locked on to her eyes as she walked straight to me. Only when she stood right in front of me did I realize what she was. She was a vampire, a sired one. Yet my demon wanted her. He wanted to drink her blood, give her his and keep her with him for eternity.

The craving inside of me intensified and my demon wanted to be let loose. I realized now what had awoken in me. My demon had sensed his counterpart. I couldn't argue with my demon, I agreed.

Normally a pure vampire and a sired one didn't get together that often. There weren't many that listened to their demon if the vampire their demon desired and wanted was a sired one. They believed it would taint their blood, little did they know. But I knew, knew that it wouldn't taint a pure vampire's blood, it would make it stronger, make it feel refreshed.

The few that had listened to their demon, and had bonded with their "sired" mate, still thanked me to this day. It were those that made us "pure" vampires stronger. That's how it was meant to be, that's how I made it to be. That's why I agreed with my demon.

Still fixated on her eyes I heard her speak.

"Think you are up for some fun, my little pet?" she spoke with a husky voice.

That was when it dawned on me that she hadn't recognized her own demon's pull to me for what it really was. She thought I'd be her next meal and she was convinced she had me in a semi-hypnotized state and I would do anything she "suggested". I grinned inwardly, I was going to let her believe that for a little while. Something told me she knew her way around this place and would get us to a safe place to be 'alone'.

I felt my groin stirring when she softly cupped my face and trailed her hand down to my shoulder and arm until she braided her fingers through mine and guided me through the masses. Walking behind her, I took in her luscious curves, the sway of her hips, the hint of a strawberry aroma that hung around her like a blanket. It were all those little things that had me aching with lust and desire.

Once we reached the first floor, she silently guided me towards an abandoned room. She held the door for me and once I had entered, locked it behind us. It was a smart move, I admit. Now I didn't have to do it myself. Turning around she faced me again, I could see the little red sparkles in her eyes, indicating her demon was close and her need was strong. Just a shame she didn't realize what it really was her demon wanted.

"Undress," she "ordered" me, at least she thought she did.

Willingly I started to undo my clothing. I didn't care where everything landed, I even had to reign in myself or I would have ripped my own clothing. I was that eager to make her mine. And then there I stood naked in front of her. Her tongue licked her lips in appreciation of the view I gave her. Her eyes traveled down my torso and when she looked at my groin, my hard cock standing up proudly, her eyes widened and she took in a sharp breath.

I had to hold back a chuckle, it was a familiar reaction. I was a tall man and I was built accordingly, even my dick was long and thick and right now it stood proudly between the soft black curls covering my groin.

"My, oh my, I've seem to have picked out the right man to be my pet tonight," she softly said as she walked up to me. I let her have the lead in things, I didn't want to reveal myself yet.

I felt her hands covering my pecks, traveling down over my taut stomach. One hand grabbed my cock, her other hand sneaked lower and cupped my balls. I felt my dick twitch at her gentle touch. I couldn't help myself and dug my hands in the hair at the back of her head and gently pushed her down. Lost in her own lust, she went down on her knees, her eyes now fixed at my throbbing manhood that proudly stood up in front of her.

Grabbing the base of my cock she lowered her head and sucked on the tip. I moaned at the initial contact of her wet lips on my hard flesh. She licked, sucked and twirled her tongue around me. I could smell she was getting aroused by giving me a blow job. It was getting harder, pun intended, just standing there. I wanted to roam over her body, explore each curve, I wanted to kiss her perky breasts and I wanted to lick her sweet juices, but most of all I wanted to bury myself inside of her and fuck her brains out. And when she fell apart I wanted to make her mine, but I had to be patient, at least for a little while longer.

She must have read my thoughts, because she got up, unzipped the side of her dress and with a little twist of her gracious shoulder it fell down and pooled around her high heeled feet. She stood there in a strapless bra and a tiny piece of fabric that I assumed should resemble a thong. It was so tiny she might as well have left it behind.

She walked backwards until her back hit the wall, then she crooked her finger and motioned me to come to her. Still letting her have the upper hand, I walked closer and stopped in front of her, our bodies barely touching. Her hands traveled around my neck and pulled me down.

Our lips melted together in a searing kiss. It was like putting oil onto the fire.

"Fuck me, my pet, fuck me now," she ordered me to 'obey'.

My hand picked up a leg and held it close to my thigh, while my other hand traveled between her legs, feeling how ready she really was. And ready she was. I couldn't help but bring my hand back up and lick her sweet essence off of my fingers.

I picked up her other leg and she wrapped them around my waist. I could feel my dick rubbing against her wet folds and all I wanted to do right then and there, was plunge into her in one fast move, spearing her on my flesh and burying myself deeply. Her tiny hand slipped in between us, grabbed my cock and lined it up to her wet opening. She lowered herself, my tip disappearing between her soft pussy lips. The feeling that washed over me was pure bliss.

Grabbing her waist I held her still as I plunged in, doing what I so longed to do. Her inner walls were contracting around my dick and it felt like coming home. I pulled back out, leaving my tip inside and pushed back in. I repeated this at an agonizing slow pace, drowning myself in this luxurious feeling of her warm folds.

I felt her need building as she started to grab my back and I felt her nails growing into the thin sharp claws our kind usually hid. She broke my skin but only a few drops of blood escaped before I healed up instantly. I felt my own need for release growing and I stepped up my pace, really starting to fuck her. One arm I kept around her waist, my other hand trapped her shoulder, immobilizing her and making sure I kept filling her pussy with thrust after thrust.

I felt her licking my neck, a vampire's way of numbing the place they were going to bite, a sign she was nearing her orgasm. I wanted our bonding to be complete so I slammed into her until I felt my balls tingling with that need to be set loose. That's when her inner walls contracted around me, the moan she tried to stifle, clear evidence of her orgasm washing over her. That was when I felt her fangs sinking into my neck. I loved the bite my mate was giving me. I felt my own pending orgasm getting closer and it was then I talked to her for the first time that evening.

"Next time when you want to have fun, my pet," I said softly, using her own endearment against her, "listen more carefully to your demon. She knows best."

And then I bit her as well, completing the vampire bonding. I felt my semen spurting out of me, coating her insides. I knew she couldn't get pregnant yet. She would need a few more feedings of my blood to become fertile again. But that was something I would explain to her much later.

The second I had bitten her, she realized what had just happened, but overwhelmed and overpowered by her current state of mind, she wasn't able to let go of me. Nor was I ready to let go of her. Both our demons wanted their fill of blood and they wouldn't stop until they were content.

A few minutes later I let her loose and gently licked over the puncture wounds my fangs had left behind. I didn't will them to heal completely, I wanted her marked as a mated vampire. I felt her release me as well. She pushed against me frantically. She didn't know what was happening. That was when I briefly dropped my cloaking spell, for her to pick up my presence. Her eyes widened in fear now. Before she could alert anyone I covered her lips with mine and made sure I cloaked myself again. Now that we were bonded she'd be one of the few always able to sense me.

She pushed against my chest again. Slowly I moved back a little. There was less fear in her eyes now.

"Who are you?" she asked. "How is it possible for you to enter my father's house and stay undetected?" she added to her first question.

It seemed I had a lot more explaining to do than I thought. She said her father's house, which meant I'd just bonded with my boss' 'daughter', at least that was who she appeared to be to the human world. Sired vampires did have the tendency to take on human 'roles' as to being able to fit in more. The world knew her as Esmee LaFleur.

LaFleur was not a common name in my world and I had to admit that I'd slipped up here. I didn't make the connection back then, when I first applied for this job. I knew LaFleur was the name of one of the major partners in the firm. It made more sense now that I had picked up the trail of another vampire all those months ago. They were one of the leading covens today. If Esmee "pretended" to be his daughter, I was pretty sure she was the second in command.

Smiling inwardly I was convinced my demon had chosen a fine mate.

"Which one do you want answered first?" I asked her.

"How can you stay undetected in this house? There are many vampires here," she returned the question.

"That is a simple answer. I'm a pure vampire," I replied and waited for her to realize that fact.

"No way! This can't be. All pure vampires have families, they wouldn't stoop so low as to mingle with us sired vampires. There's got to be more. How were you able to come to this Halloween party? It's by invitation only, named invitation even," she questioned me again.

"I was invited, I work at the firm. I'm one of the junior partners," I answered.

"I still don't know who you are. I think I have the right to know, don't you?" she spat out at me. I knew she was getting impatient with my true, but elusive answers.

"At the firm they know me as Rafe McDormett, but in the vampire community I'm known as Raphael," I revealed to her my true name.

It was a name that only one vampire used, me, but was never used by all the others out of respect to me.

She paled when it dawned on her who I really was. I couldn't help a little smile from tugging at my lips. It was clear she was going back over everything that had happened between us, her realization of what we did and who exactly she did it with. Her complexion went back to normal and I saw a grin forming on her face. She lifted her head a little and captured my lips in a sweet, all devouring kiss of acceptance.

You see, I'm Raphael, the first pure born vampire. By a twist of fate, till this day I still don't know why, my mother was able to conceive, namely me. My parents had many more children after me. Each started their own pure vampire bloodline. But I'm the one that had made vampires as they are today. I am, well was, the only single pure vampire left, until this Halloween night.

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