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Halloween Party


As a freshman at a small rural college, being shy is not helpful in meeting people. I'm 19 years old, barely leave my dorm room, and am still a virgin. I suppose if people actually talked to me they would think that was funny. But to be honest, most people assume I am anyways.

I'm not that bad looking. My few female friends have said I'm pretty cute, but I never knew if they were being honest of not. Looking in the mirror I see a guy with light brown hair, green eyes, 190 pounds and six foot one. I love to play basketball, solo or with classmates, so I'm in pretty good shape. What I need is to break out of my shell and hit the ground running.

Since it was now Friday night, I was stuck in my usual routine of doing my laundry while everyone else was out partying or getting laid. Throwing the new Vince Flynn book on top of my clothes, I headed down 5 floors to the laundry room. It's a good thing my mom isn't here because I don't believe in washing whites and colors separate. I feed the machine and park myself at the far end of the room, facing the door. I also always do this, too. That way I'm out of the way, and I can watch my clothes.

Engrossed in the book, with Mitch Rapp just about to waste the bad guy, I see movement at the door. I glance up to see Emily. Emily is my vision of a goddess. She has perfect skin, a welcoming smile, and her hair looks as pure as the driven snow. I bet you thought I'd leave out her full description, huh? Her body is smoking hot. From the head down I see she is wearing a white party dress. The bra she is wearing is pushing up her small tits, giving me a wonderful hint of cleavage.

My eyes travel further down her body and I notice how tight her dress is. Her hourglass form is nicely showed off by this, and I see the bottom of her dress hugging her hips and to die for ass. She is carrying a flyer of some sort. She walks over to the bulletin board and unceremoniously thuds a push pin into her flyer. As she turns to leave, she looks my way and smiles.

"Hey John," she says as she floats out of the room. Frozen in complete shock, I just watch her duck out of sight. Thinking that what just happened wasn't real, I got up and went over to the bulletin board. There was the flyer she just put up. My next thought was "oh my God, she knows my name!" I went back to my seat, but Mitch Rapp would have to wait for me until he could smoke the bad guy. My machine didn't move from its place and kill me "Terminator" style, so this had to be another sign that in was in fact real.

After folding up my clothes and packing them in the basket, I stopped at the board again to read what she put up. It was an announcement that there would be a dorm-wide Halloween party tomorrow night in the big area on the first floor. Maybe this was my sign, the event that I could break out of my shell at. It didn't hurt that Emily most likely would be there. That her appearance also would mark the appearance of her star quarterback boyfriend doused some of my flame, though.

The next morning I woke up and couldn't roll over, if you know what I mean. I took the morning wood as another sign that I should go to the party. For sure I was interested in what she would dress up as. Maybe she'll come as a nudist. I can dream, can't I? Not even sure what to wear as a costume, I set off to the store anyways.

The small town I'm in has a kind of mom and pop dime store, so I headed that direction. Most of the costumes were pretty lame, but then I spotted what would work. Frankenstein. That way my face was covered so nobody would know it was me, and I could still be at the party. It would be like I was invisible to them. Going to the party this way felt to me the best way to break my shyness. I would be covered up, but I would still be there. It was a good first step.

When I got back to my room, I was shocked to see my roommate Drake there. He's almost always with his woman at her place. He saw the costume and was surprised that I would go. "Good for you, man, about time you got out of the room. There should be lots of chicks there, so good luck. I won't be here, so you can bring them back here."

I told him thanks, adding that the likelihood of me bringing something back was pretty small. "I'll do them in your bed so I don't have to wash my sheets" was my big macho comeback.

He thought that was hilarious and added "you never know, dude. I have a feeling about this. But hey, have a good time. I'm glad you're going. Bang one for me."

"Yeah, I'll do that. See you later," I said to his departing back. The party started at 9, so about ten after I made my appearance. The room was full of witches, cheerleaders both male and female, a few Harry Potter's, and lots of anonymous monster types. The best one had to be the guy with the Bill Clinton mask. Add to that the "will work for head" t-shirt and the drastically stuffed crotch, and we had our for sure winner of the night.

I saw a few people I recognized and went over to say hi. I grabbed a punch and checked out the party with Angie and Tyler. Angie was dressed as a sexy secretary. She had on a short skirt with thigh high stockings, and a button up white shirt with the top two unbuttoned. Her black bra just visible under the last button was worth a second look, too. Tyler had on a Zorro mask and cape, sans sword.

They both liked my costume but Angie didn't like that it covered my face. Damn, was she hitting on me? Ever the pessimist, I just replied "yeah, whatever. I probably look better this way." I felt bad immediately because I saw her hurt look from my comment. I apologized, took off my mask and gave her a hug. Me hugging a girl, where did that come from? When she grabbed my ass I figured she wasn't mad at me anymore.

Luckily she didn't feel Frankenstein growing outward. Little Frankenstein calmed down and sent the blood back to the brain that "Abby Normal" donated to me. I must admit now that my Frankenstein knowledge is intertwined with the comedic version too. The funny thing is that I wasn't embarrassed about getting an erection from her contact. I actually found it very arousing to be like that in a big crowd. My shyness was breaking all around me.

As Little F went down we talked about classes, our hometown friends, and our loser roommates. I actually like my roommate, but it was our joke to make fun of them. Some people were dancing, but we made our way to a table and sat down with our un-spiked punch. I could see most of the guys checking Angie out. You really couldn't blame them, she looked really hot. She's normally pretty conservative, so this was her wild night. I could see her liking the attention she garnered.

Getting brave, I asked if she wanted to dance with me. She blushed a little, but bounded out of her chair and grabbed my hand. She pulled me behind her, so I had a pleasant view of her ass jiggling under her skirt. She turned around to say something and caught me looking. "My my, is big old Frankenstein seeing anything he likes back there? Are you looking at my naughty secretary ass, Frankie?"

Figuring out soon that we were role-playing, I replied "Frankenstein like ass of secretary. Me like whole bunch….grrr."

Batting her eyes at me, she said "thank you, sir, maybe later I can reach those files for you that are on the bottom shelf. I know you like that, I've seen you look at me. I bet my short little skirt doesn't hide much when I do that. Maybe you'd like to see my innocent white panties, sir" as she lifted up the back of her skirt. I was shocked she did this.

Still in my role, I replied "Frankenstein like much. Secretary ass make Frankenstein feel funny. Me feel thing grow down there." To be over-obvious, I pointed to make my point. She giggled at my reaction to her flirting.

"Mr. Frankenstein, did your little virgin secretary to that to you? Do you have a boo-boo now? Should I kiss it for you?"

"Secretary, me not know kiss mean. Me need see that."

"Maybe later, John, let's just dance for now, k?"

Wow, we were getting pretty obvious there. Getting back to John and Angie we started moving to the music. I hadn't danced before, so basically just moved around like everyone else was doing. It took a few songs before both of us got the hang of it, and soon we were putting on quite the show. I still had my mask on, so nobody knew it was me who was freak dancing with her.

She put her arms around my shoulders and squirmed her way down my body, all the while moving herself side to side against me. This time there was no mistaking my erection as she ran her whole body over it. She focused her bright blue eyes on me and silently acknowledged that she felt it, then turned her back to me. I hugged her around the waist and started grinding myself into her.

Angie helped out by moving herself up and down against my pressure. My jeans did little to hide the fact that I had a raging hard on, and I didn't care. It was firmly in place between her ass cheeks as she rubbed against me. She bent all the way down with her ass still on my dick. Arching her back, she simulated thrusting against me, pushing her ass harder and with more enthusiasm, into my groin.

Holding herself against me, she moved her butt side to side. I felt the soft flesh of her butt cheek as it gave way to my hard cock. Then felt it as it fell firmly in her crack, and continuing on to the other ass cheek. Finding a boldness I didn't know existed, I reached down and grabbed onto her thighs. My hands explored her silky smooth skin until I felt fabric. She moved my hands around to her ass, and I soon had two handfuls of soft pliable ass.

Her dancing against me didn't stop, and she pressed her ass firmly into my hands. Having my hands under her skirt on the dance floor, in front of everyone, was such a thrill. She twisted herself free and faced me again. My hands were still out, and she next directed them to her belly. Both hands hurriedly checked out her offered midsection. I think Little F was doing most of the thinking now, and he soon had my hands going under her shirt. No resistance was given, so I proceeded northbound.

My hands soon discovered her ribcage. I could feel each rib as I ran my hands along her chest. Arriving at the same time, each hand felt the fabric of her bra. I fingered the edge for a short second before my hands climbed up the material and onto her tits. I softly held both in place, just getting a feel of her warmth and shape. She moved around against me so I would feel them more. I got the hint and started moving my hands around, going from holding to caressing to squeezing.

She hugged me again, so I took my hands out of the front and moved around to her back. I couldn't believe how smooth her back was. Plus, with the strap of her bra present, I was getting more excited by the minute. She was the first girl I had ever felt anything on. Well, anything more than a hug. I was also really getting into her feeling my hard on pressed against her. I had always figured that girls would be horrified to feel that, but she pressed continuously into it. She was clearly enjoying it too.

Finally a slow song came on. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me close. We moved together, slowly swaying side to side. Our bodies were firmly pressed together, with my erection against her thigh. She moved her hands down to my ass, so I mirrored what she did. I didn't go under her skirt this time, though. Mostly my hands just rested on her butt and we enjoyed this quiet moment.

The song ended and Angie excused herself, saying she had to visit the little girls room. I watched her walking away, checking out the ass I was just dry humping. I was really glad that I had decided to come to the party. A good time was being had by all, including me.

"What the hell are you doing dancing with that slut?!" I hear as someone spins me around. "Bill, what the fuck? Are you cheating on me with her?"

Bill? Than I see that it's Emily yelling at me. She must think I'm her boyfriend. As normal when I'm around her, I'm totally speechless. She sees this as whatever answers she was expecting, and starts yelling again. While she's yelling I notice that she is dressed as Cinderella. The girl, not the 80's band. Her hair is long and straight, and her dress is white with a poofy bottom. Some formal type dress, I was guessing. She had the tiara and everything.

"Don't you love me anymore? Is that why you were dancing with her? You don't find me attractive anymore, is that it? Are you going to answer me or just stand there looking like an ass?" I was still speechless, for the most part on purpose, and she continued. "If you've ever loved me, you'll follow me right now up to my room. If your answer is yes, than take my hand."

I took her hand and she led me from the room to the elevators. I still had no idea what she was planning as we got in and she pressed 4. We waited in silence as the floors chimed off one by one as we ascended. The ding for the 4th floor felt as though it was loud enough to pierce my soul. The doors weren't even all the way open as she dragged me out. We arrived at room 423 and stopped. Emily rummaged thru her purse for her key, then with a huff finally unlocked the door and banged it against the door stop.

"Sit on the bed, cheater. Am I not pretty enough for you? And from now on, when I talk to you tonight you are to answer with a nod yes, or shake your head no. Understand me?" Still clueless, I nod yes. "Good, back to the questions- am I pretty enough for you?" I nodded my head enthusiastically up and down, which was the right answer.

"You better say that. That was the correct answer. Question 2 is this: are you cheating on me?" I shake my head no.

"Good, two for two Bill. Next question. Do you still like my body?"

If I nodded any harder I think I would have broken my neck. I was still enthralled by what was happening and made no attempt to stop it. I started to raise my hand like I was going to say something, and she shouted at me to keep quiet.

"If you forget the rules, we'll just end 'us', and you can find someone else to have sex with. Do you still think my tits are nice?" she asked as she reached back and unzipped her dress. Seeing that I nodded yes, she reached up and grabbed hold of her straps and pulled her dress down to her waist. Her skin was so white it almost matched her bra. Her bra barely covered her breasts, with the cups coming up barely past her nipples.

My eyes were big as saucers, and my dick was following close behind. Here was the girl I fantasized about every night standing in front of me with her dress around her waist and in a bra. I almost came right there. Luckily, I didn't. She saw the bulge in my tight jeans and commented that that was the right reaction. Things were getting warm under the mask but I didn't dare remove that either.

"So, you're telling me thru that big hard cock right there that you still want me?" I nodded yes, of course. She went on, "good answer. You win the first treat of Halloween." With that, she reached behind and undid her bra, letting it drop. The bra hung up just long enough for me to see it slide off her nipples and down her belly. Her tits were amazing. They were probably a B cup, with two inch wide areolas surrounding her dark, erect nipple. They were very firm, and when she moved they jiggled ever so slightly.

I'd never seen live boobs before, so I drank in every detail. They were the same size and perfectly round. The areolas were barely visible against her skin. They were just a hint darker than her natural skin tone. I should have felt guilty about being here, but I didn't. Lust conquered over morality at this point. She grabbed a tit in each hand and cupped them, almost pointing them at me.

"You still like these, right? You always tell me how much you like them, but after seeing you dance with her I'm not so sure anymore. If you still want them, play with them and make my nipples ache."

With that, she came closer and I put my hands out to meet her. She took her hands from her tits and I replaced hers with mine. I never in a million years would have imagined them to be so soft. I cupped them while I ran my thumbs over her nipples.

"Wow," she said, "you must really be sorry. You are never this gentle with me. You finally listened to me that I don't like them roughed up. Massage around them, too."

I held one still, while letting the other roam around. I fingered her area in between her breasts, feeling the rise from one to the other. Continuing to investigate, I ran a finger down her chest, watching my finger go over her visible ribs. Putting my palm flat, I ran it over her belly and fingered her belly button. She grabbed my hands and took them off her, saying she had more questions.

"All right, I see you still like my tits. That's good, but I don't know how you feel about the rest of me." With that she slid her dress down, squirming her hips to and fro as she escaped from her dress. Now she was standing there in just her white thong underwear. She did a complete turn for me, and it was then that I saw that a thong didn't have any back to it. Her butt cheeks looked stunning. Now facing me again, I saw that the front of her thong left nothing to the imagination.

She ran a finger up her leg and ran it over one area. "Do you still like how it makes the little V here? I know you used to because you said you did. Something about the legs meeting my pussy, and that it looked erotic to you. Do you still like it, Bill?"

I nodded slow enough to not blur my vision at all. I didn't want to miss a millisecond. With that she turned around. I took in the whole view. How her hair flowed down over her bare back. How her back muscles stood out as she stood. How her naked body was only interrupted by a very small white string. Her butt was flawless, not a blemish at all. Just two firm white orbs staring at me. Her legs looked very fit, and if there was an ounce of fat on them I couldn't see it.

"You always loved seeing my ass in a thong. In fact, you bought me these at Victoria's Secret. If you still like my ass I want you to grab it and hold them. If you don't, then you can just get up and leave."

There was no way I was leaving, so both hands grabbed her butt. If I've ever felt anything smoother in my life, I couldn't tell you what it was. I had both thumbs by her crack while my fingers kneaded and massaged her tight ass. I squeezed a lot harder than I did with her tits, and I heard the quietest moan escape her lips. Being so close to her I was met by a smell I had never smelled before. I wasn't worried about finding the source, though.

She went on, "I'm glad to see you still like them. I admit that it is a nice butt. But, if you ever have cared for me at all, I want you to pull down my thong." She turned around to face me, and with a bravery I never knew was in me I grabbed each side of her thong and pulled them slowly down. It didn't take long for me to notice that she had no pubic hair. Next, I finally saw her pussy lips come into view. I paused there, with half her vagina showing, half hidden.

As they finally revealed all of her, I saw that her pussy was glistening with moisture. Free of her hips, her thong fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. She stood before me totally naked. I scanned her whole body into my memory. Her long hair, hard nipples, flat stomach, shaved pussy, and her long skinny legs. Traveling back up her legs, I stopped at her vagina. I studied the fold of her lips, knowing there was more underneath.

"Do you still like my pussy? I'm not sure, either, because you were dancing with that girl. Do you like hers better? Is that it? What did I ever do to make you go after her? Am I not tight enough for you? You always tell me how much you love my tight pussy." Pulling apart her lips, she said "do you still like this pussy? If you don't lick me right now, we are over. I mean it, Bill, I have to know."

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