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Halloween Party


"Come on we'll be late," I exclaimed.

"Just a couple more minutes," she responded.

I fumed a little. I hate being late. This was going to be the biggest party of the year. I love Halloween parties. I love getting dressed up in a costume. Even though you know half the people there, wearing a costume gives you a feeling of anonymity. You can get drunk, flirt with other women and watch other guys flirt with your wife. What could be more fun? This year I was superman. Susan was going dressed like a leopard.

He paced some more and then finally went upstairs to see how much longer she was going to be. She was just walking out of their bedroom when he got to the top of the stairs. "My God, you look sexy as hell," he said. And she did too. On top of her short brown hair she wore a pair of cat ears. She'd painted a cat nose with whiskers on her face. A short, tight leopard print dress encased her body, showing off her wonderful figure. Semi-sheer leopard print stockings covered legs ending in black high heels.

"How do I look?" She turned around. The dress even had a tail that curved up from under the back of the dress and made it look like it was attached to her butt.

"Fantastic! Susan that outfit is... WOW!" I felt little willy began to stir. "Maybe we should have a little quickie before we go?"

"Right, like I'm going to let you mess up my makeup after I spent all this time getting ready."

Downstairs Susan put on her long winter coat, hiding her stunning costume. I couldn't wait to show her off to all of my frat brothers at the party. I put on my ski parka and we went out to the garage. I pressed the garage door opener and a bitter wind swirled into the garage and bit through the blue tights I was wearing.

On the way there we chatted happily. I was reminding Susan who I expected to be at the party, bringing back her memories of them when she was at the sorority.

"Is Terrell, huh what's is last name? You know that football player going to be there?"

"Terrell Jackson? I don't know. He just got divorced so he might not show up."

"Why'd he get divorced?"

Terrell had been our star wide receiver our senior year at school. A handsome black man, he'd attracted women like flypaper. "I'm not sure. I heard rumors that he was sleeping around." Actually they weren't rumors. He was a successful salesman now and one of his girlfriends from Portland had called his home and his wife answered. The rest is history.

"Oh, huh. That's too bad."

"Well, he might show up anyhow." Susan didn't respond.

We arrived a Tim Brassard's house a half an hour late. Cars were parked up and down the street and we had to park a half a block away. By the time we got to the front door my legs were freezing.

Tim opened the door. "Craig, how's it hangin?" he shouted over the noise of the party. "Hey, I like your costume," he said looking at my blue tights; the rest of my costume being covered by my jacket. He turned to Susan, "What a cute nose. I'm Tim. I don't know if you remember me?"

"Of course Tim. How are you?" She'd already told me in the car that she didn't remember him, but I remembered how he'd salivated over her back in college.

"Great. Put your coats in the bedroom. It's down the hall to the left," he said pointing.

The party was in full swing and the beat of the bass from the speakers made it so everyone had to holler to be heard. Down the hall it was quieter and when Susan threw her coat on top of all of the others I took her in my arms and tried to kiss her. She pushed me away and rolled her eyes.

We returned to the party and several of my frat brothers turned and ogled Susan. I couldn't help but grin. Several of them had begun successful careers, but I had Susan.

Bill Saunders left his group and walked over. "Craig, how's it hangin? And this is, uh" he searched his memory, "Susan right?" She smiled and he walked up and gave her an inappropriate kiss. Then he took her hand and said, "Come on, let's get you something to drink."

I followed along, but in no time a group of guys had surrounded my wife and I couldn't get close to her. She looked over at me and smiled, rolling her eyes. I went off to find myself a beer. Another fifteen minutes passed by and I passed the time with a couple of wives who were temporarily separated from their husbands... Because they were over surrounding my wife and who should show up but Terrell Jackson. He looked as handsome and athletic as ever and on his arm was the most stunning red head I'd ever seen. He was dressed as a vampire and she was an angel with a short white dress, wings and a halo. The hubbub actually died down a little as everyone took in the new couple.

The party moved along merrily as everyone got drunk. I occasionally saw my wife, usually cornered by a different group of men, but I was happy. I'd actually managed to talk to Terrell's date. Her name was Helen. She was from London and had this wonderful accent. Apparently she was a flight attendant for British Airways and had met Terrell when he was in London on business. She was a very interesting person and once when I looked around I saw Susan and Terrell talking and laughing.

In time I lost track of Susan and frankly was very interested in talking to Helen. About an hour later Helen excused herself because she had to go visit the loo. Although disappointed I decided that I should try to find my wife. After much searching I couldn't find her with any of the party goers. Finally I went down the hallway toward the bedrooms. I saw a small group outside of the last bedroom at the end of the hall and so I wondered down that way.

A couple of the women were giggling with each other and when they saw me they turned and pulled on their boyfriend/husbands arms. The men were busy looking into the bedroom but when they turned and saw me they took their women and walked past me down the hall. Strangely they were all silent and didn't look at me as they walked past.

Curious I continued down the hall to the bedroom and looked in. There was Terrell. His back was to me and his pants were down around his ankles. His black cape flapped as he drove his pole into a woman. Then I saw a curved leopard's tail bouncing around on the other side of him as he thrust into her. The leopard stockings were down around her knees. She was leaning over the bed and he was fucking her from behind. Audible moans were coming from her each time he drove his black cock into her.

I stood their, dumbstruck, unable to move; unsure what to do.

Her vocalizations became louder as Terrell pounded it to her. I felt my face getting red. "Oh God yes, oh God," she moaned. I heard their flesh slapping together each time his abdomen hit her buttocks. "Oh Terrell, Jesus," she cried. I hate to admin it, but I felt a tingling in my groin. Watching Terrell fuck my wife was turning me on. I kept watching. Fortunately, no one else came down the hall.

"Oh God Terrell, oh God fuck me." I could tell that he wasn't about to stop. "Oooohh!" she moaned. "OOOOOOH YES OOOOH YES, OH GOD!" she cried out as she came. Her cries drove him to climax too as his body movement became a little more jerky. And then he drove his cock in as far as he could while he deposited his sperm in her pussy. His body jerked a few more times as he finished ejaculating and then they both stood still with his cock still inside her.

"Oh God that was good," I heard her say.

"Good, that was fantastic," he said in his deep voice. "I wanted to fuck you ever since we met in school."

"I wanted you to fuck me too," she admitted. "I remember that last frat party. I couldn't get near you. You were surrounded by other girls."

"Yeah, I remember it too. If Mary Lou had been wearing panties I probably would have tried to hook up with you."

Susan laughed. I didn't want to hear any more reminiscing so I turned and walked back down the hall. I wasn't sure how I felt, but one thing I did feel, it was my erection pushing against my pants. I went back to the noise of the party, got a beer and stood by the window. Not looking out, but at the reflection of the party on the inside.

After about fifteen minutes I watched the reflection as Susan approached me. I turned and looked at her; looking for some change. But, she just smiled.

"Hi honey," she said. "Ready to go?"

She looked radiant. "Why have you had enough fun for one night?" I noticed that her makeup was smudged.

I'm sure she didn't get my meaning because she took my arm and cuddled up against me. "I've had enough to drink and I don't feel like partying anymore. Let's go home."

There was no way we were going to find Tim to thank him for the party. Besides I wasn't sure I wanted to talk to anyone. We went back down the hallway to get our coats and toward the bedroom where I'd watched her getting fucked by Terrell. But the coats were in a closer bedroom and we retrieved them and left.

It was still freezing cold outside and when I got the car started I turned the heat up full blast.

Driving home I was quiet most of the way, as was Susan. Finally I asked, "Did you have a good time?"

"Oh yeah, but frat parties all seem the same." I couldn't help but wonder if that meant that she'd fucked someone at every one.

"It's hot in here," she complained. She turned the heat and fan down and opened her coat. I looked over at her graceful legs and saw the stupid leopard tail pressed against the side window. I laughed because I realized that Terrell had gotten a piece of that tail this evening.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Oh nothing," I answered and tempted to add, "Because I watched Terrell getting a piece of tail this evening," but I didn't. But I couldn't help but add, "I saw you and Terrell," I deliberately paused for a moment, "talking."

"Yeah, he's a fun guy. I saw you and his date too." "Yeah, but not fucking," I thought. "You two seemed to be having fun," she added. "But not as much fun as you and Terrell," I thought to myself.

I couldn't help myself; I reached over and put my hand between her legs. Her stockings were damp. She kind of shifted away, out of my reach, and so I put my hand back on the steering wheel. After a few moments I casually brought my fingers up to my nose. I could smell their sex.

After we got home, Susan hung up her coat. "Well it's time for bed," she yawned in an exaggerated manner. As I hung up my jacket I blocked her getting by. I took her in my arms and kissed her. Though she didn't push me away, she wasn't exactly enthusiastic either. I grasped her buttocks in my hands and kept kissing her. I could feel my erection pressing against her stomach.

Finally she pushed me back. "I'm kind of tired Craig."

"I want to make love to you," I said.

"Can't we wait until morning? I'm tired, hot and sweaty and need a shower."

"I like you the way you are." I turned her around and unzipped her dress. Kissing her neck I let my hands move over her breasts. She bent her head down and let me.

But when I slid the dress off of her shoulders and cupped her naked breasts she complained. "I really need a shower first."

I wanted her to lean against the door and let me fuck her in our hallway, but I had to get the silly superman outfit off. I unhooked the red cape and let it fall to the floor. Then I turned my back to her so she couldn't get by. "Unzip me please," I asked. She dutifully unzipped the top of my costume and I pealed off the top and stepped out of it. I turned around and pulled down the blue tights around my knees. My erection sprang free. I moved forward and kissed her while my hands pulled up her dress so I could pull down her leopard pantyhose.

She seemed resigned and said, "Let's go to bed."

"No." I said. "Turn around and lean against the door." She shook her head in exasperation, but turned around and leaned against the door. I lifted up her dress and moved the leopard tail out of the way. Moving next to her I bent my knees until I could slide my cock in. She was still wet from their earlier lovemaking and I went right in.

I fucked her slowly. My mind relived watching Terrell fuck her in almost the same position. After several minutes she let out a low, sexual moan. "Oooh," she moaned. I wondered if she was thinking back to earlier, when Terrell's black cock was inside of her.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Ooohh Craig, oh God."

Her moans became more steady and she began pushing her ass toward me as I thrust forward. I increased my pace.

"Oh, oh, ooooohhhh," she groaned. I felt myself reaching climax as well. Then she shrieked, "OH GOD, OH GOD! OOOOHHHH!" and we came at the same time. I couldn't believe how intense the sensation was as my cum traveled from my balls and out of my cock. I wanted it to last forever, but of course, it didn't. I was exhausted. It was the best sex we'd ever had.

We stood there, breathing hard for a minute and then she straightened up and turned her head to the side and we kissed. My cock slid out as we kissed and she turned around. Placing her hands on the sides of my face she kissed me again.

"That was wonderful," she said.

We moved apart and I looked down and saw cum (all mine?) drip from her pussy onto the crotch of her pantyhose which was still around her knees. "You're leaking," I said.

"Yes," she replied. She reached down and wiped her pussy with her fingers and then sensuously licked them with her tongue.

I laughed and knelt down and helped her pull her pantyhose off.

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