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Halloween Party


I am very lucky to have such a beautiful, sexy wife as Michelle. At 5'10", she gets noticed. Her body is what I call, sleek and sexy. My name is Josh and a little over 6' with a runner's physique. We have a great sex life. I definitely can't complain, but I often fantasize about taking things to another level. Another person, I mean. Believe me, I bring it up quite often when the dirty talk starts. Unfortunately, Michelle accuses me of wanting sex with another woman and I have to change the subject if I want sex!

Don't get me wrong, my wife spices things up in other ways. We had sex many times in public places where the possibility of getting caught was high and it was usually her idea. It really made Michelle wild. At my urging, she even flirted with guys when we went out. There is little doubt that she caused quite a few hard cocks! Usually, we wouldn't make it home before we had sex. We were caught more than once having sex in the car in a bar parking lot. Yet, something happened recently that turned everything sort of upside down.

It happened soon after we relocated to a new area. We took up a new friend's invitation for a Halloween party at someone else's house. At the last minute, he told us that he could not make it, but guaranteed it would be fun and that we should go. We were a little concerned about not knowing anyone, but then realized it might be much more fun that way.

Finally, the night came and we were both excited. I was certain I was in for some hot sex with Michelle, maybe even at the party somehow. Shortly after our arrival, we realized that the theme of this party was sexy and slutty and, fortunately, we were dressed for it. Michelle was dressed up in a sexy French maid's outfit that showed off her legs and boobs with an equally sexy mask. It was one of those Mardi Gras masks that covered most of the upper part of the face. I was in sort of a pimp outfit with a big hat and a mask that looked more like it was for the Lone Ranger.

With a smile and a wink, I whispered, "Go have fun and you are free to do anything you want!" There was a little emphasis on the anything.

Even with the mask, I could see that she rolled her eyes. However, I couldn't help but notice the huge grin spread across her face.

Occasionally, I would see Michelle and watch her a little. Guys would flirt with her and she shamelessly returned the same. I was thinking that maybe tonight was when my fantasy might get closer to becoming reality. Although she was right that I usually thought of the third person being a woman, the thought of watching her with another man also made me horny. It sounds crazy to some, but I do think about it. Of course, only with me there and only if it is purely sexual.

I stopped watching her and did some flirting myself. Damn, there were some hot girls, but my mind kept going back to my wife and what she might be doing.

After quite a bit of alcohol and losing track of time, I realized I hadn't seen my wife in a little while. Hot activities started up all around the house it seemed. I thought I saw some boobs and skin showing out on the patio. Guys were rubbing on girls as they danced and I even saw a girl with her hand down the tights of a guy dressed as Batman. Lucky guy was having a "hard" time hiding their fun. It had me wishing that I would find my wife doing something naughty like that. That would definitely be taking things to a new level.

I couldn't see her in the room, so I began to wander around the house. Looking into one room with its door slightly open, stopped me in my tracks. No, it was not my wife. Someone dressed as Frankenstein was fucking a busty girl dressed up like Snow White. His pants were pulled down just below his ass and her blouse was pulled down showing off her luscious tits. It was rather dark in the room, but it was clear enough to see his exposed bare ass bobbing up and down pile-driving Snow White!

I watched a minute or two, when I noticed my wife coming out of a bathroom. She stepped up next to me and saw what I was watching. She lightly punched me on the shoulder and giggled covering her mouth so they might not hear.

She pushed me all the way into the room. Old Frankie noticed us, but never broke his rhythm. I could tell that Michelle was turned on more than she had been in quite a while. She dropped to her knees and worked my pants down over my ass revealing my rock-hard cock. She grabbed it and started stroking. Her tongue teased the head. Slowly, she wrapped her lips around, engulfing the last couple of inches. The sight of her wearing a mask as she gave me a blow job in view of others was unbelievably erotic. The door was not wide open, but it was open enough to see us, if someone were looking.

Snow White finally noticed us and pointed us out to Frankie. He acted like he didn't know we were there, but I knew he did.

After a couple of minutes, Frankie got up from Snow White at her direction it appeared. It's no exaggeration when I say that he had a cock deserving of the Frankenstein image. I couldn't believe it, but it looked like it took a while for it to slip all the way out of Snow's pussy. I watched with fascination as he walked towards us, not really thinking about what he was doing other than getting a closer look.

Frankie stopped in front of my wife right next to me. Although she was initially startled, she was apparently mesmerized by the size of this guy's cock, because she did not take her eyes off it. He held the massive meat out towards her and stepped closer. I reached down with my fingers and pushed gently on her cheek towards his cock to let her know to go ahead.

He let go and its massive size caused it to swing down low despite still being somewhat hard. She hesitated for a few seconds. I was holding my breath, wondering if she would actually touch it. Slowly, she reached out her hand and gently wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft while lifting it up. My wife continued to stare in wonder. I could see the desire and lust in her eyes. My cock was rock hard!

Her fingers squeezed his meaty thickness. Her eyes next focused on his large, shaven balls hanging low between his legs. Reaching out with her other hand, my wife gently cupped his balls. She massaged his balls as she began to stroke the stranger's cock. It was getting harder as she stroked, pointing up as much as the massive size would allow.

My sexy wife pushed his cock back towards his belly, leaning forward to tenderly lick along his shaft. A moan escaped his lips. My mouth hung open, as I stroked my own rock-hard cock to the sight of her pleasuring another man.

Michelle pulled his cock down and used both hands to stroke his cock as it pointed towards her mouth. Snow had come up and knelt down behind Frankie. She reached under to play with his balls. Frankie groaned even louder with pleasure. That's when my hot wife put her lips around his monster. His cock head filled her mouth, but she did her best to push it in as far as possible.

After starting off slowly, my wife started to speed things up, frantically working on his cock with her mouth, tongue, lips and both hands. It was almost as if she was starving for his sperm.

Snow White moved around me and reached underneath to massage my balls as I stroked like crazy. Damn, it felt great!

Frankie was already primed from fucking Snow, because it didn't take very long for him to reach the point of no return. My wife evidently could sense he was close and used both her hands and lips at the same time for maximum effect. He arched his back and groaned with anticipation. My wife pulled her face back a little and stroked a little faster. She stuck out her tongue and intermittently licked under his cock head across his piss hole. I could see the pre-cum form a string between her tongue and his cock head. He grimaced and we could all tell he was going to cum.

My wife pulled away to watch and he didn't disappoint. His first shot of cum spattered against her forehead just above the mask and a rope of cum streaked over her mask. Quickly, she put her mouth over the head of his cock, holding it in her mouth. She stroked his shaft to pump out the remaining cum into her mouth. I would have liked to see him coat her face, but the spectacle of cum dripping off her mask onto her cheek as she drank down his cum directly from his cock was amazing.

I pumped my cock furiously watching my wife continue to work on Frankie's softening monster. Snow's hands worked like magic rubbing my balls! My cock felt hard as it's ever been and looking like it was going to explode. And explode it did when Snow White pushed her thumb into my ass! It was by far my most spectacular cumshot. I normally ooze cum, shooting a couple of inches at best, but not this time. My cum shot all the way over the top of Michelle's head, streaking two lines of cum in her hair before finishing up with another few shots on her face and mask. She never stopped working on Frankie's horse cock, though. His softened cock was still a monster compared to mine. I have to admit I was a little jealous of him, but amazingly turned on watching my wife.

Michelle let go of his cock and stood up. She turned to me and kissed me. I'm not sure if she meant it as sort of a punishment or not, but I passionately returned the kiss, relishing the nastiness of it all.

Snow White had lain down on the bed and Frankie was on his knees licking her pussy. While they were busy, I straightened myself and we both turned towards the door. The door was still partially open and people had been watching us. A few people clapped as we walked out of the room. My wife still had cum on her mask and hair. I don't know if she realized it was there or not, but I thought it was hot!

She must have been a little embarrassed. We tried not to be too obvious, but after a few minutes we made our way out of the house and to our car. Later that night we had some of the best sex we ever had. The sight of her sucking that huge cock kept flashing through my mind.

Unfortunately, since that hot night, Michelle tells me to shut up whenever I try to bring it up. I really want to take this to a new level, but I will have to bide my time for now.

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