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Halloween Party


We had been invited to a Halloween party that a friend of mine from high school was having, and I wracked my brain to come up with a costume that was unique. The only real requirement the invitation said was that full masks were to be worn. Well original me all I came up with was the mask from the movie Scream. My wife decided on a costume of a French whore and her mask was a full faced rubber mask of Janet Reno. Imagine Janet Reno as a French whore!

Anyway the party was in full swing b the time we got there and it was fun trying to guess who was who and booze was abundant and I was imbibing just as everyone else was and after a couple of hours of drinking, dancing and chatting with everybody I soon discovered that my wife was no where to be found.

I stumbled upstairs and found the bathroom and proceeded to tale a leak. After flushing and washing my hands I stumbled back into the hallway and heard a strange noise coming from behind one of the doors that I assumed was a bedroom. Thinking that someone was getting lucky and seeing how I am a closet voyeur I crept up to the door and turned the lever hoping the door was not locked.

Much to my elation the door opened and I peered in. Much to my surprise there was Janet Reno on her knees sucking a cock and I looked up and noticed the cock belonged to a man in a mask just like mine! Oh God, I thought my wife thinks that's me standing in front of her. I tried to compare our love weapons and really couldn't see much because most of it was lodged in my wife's throat.

Both of his hands were holding her head steady and he was thrusting rapidly in and out of her mouth. Now I suppose I should have been upset and kicked the shit out of this dude but I could also not ignore the woody I had from the site before me. I decided to slip all the way into the room and when I did the man looked my way and if I could have seen his eyes they would have probably shown surprise, especially when he saw that I was wearing the same costume he was and he probably realized that he was caught, but I just waved him to be quiet and scooted on my knees towards my wife.

As I got close to her I could smell her excitement and that further excited me. I reached my hand under her gown and grabbed her pussy from behind. She jumped from surprise but the man in front of her held her head tighter and continued thrusting away. My wife was trying to get away from his grasp and the hand that was now massaging the wet crotch of her panties.

I leaned up and stuck my tongue in her ear and whispered, "Go with it honey, you have fantasized about a three way, here is your chance." She seemed to relax and moaned. I pulled the back of her gown up and slipped my hand down the back of her panties and drug my middle finger between her legs and into the steaming cauldron of pussy juice that seemed to be flowing like a river from her cunt.

I haven't known her to be this wet in years. I normally eat her out to orgasm before intercourse so she will be wet enough to penetrate. But here she was flowing copiously all the way down to her asshole. I didn't know if her excitement stemmed from knowing her fantasy was to be realized or from her discovery that it wasn't me that was thrusting a fat cock down her throat, but no matter I was going to take full advantage.

I thrust two fingers in her hole and she screamed her excitement and her hips thrust back at me. I turned over on my back and stuck my head under her gown. I grabbed both of the hips and literally threw her down so her juicy pussy was sitting on my mouth. I slipped her panties aside and stuck my tongue as far as I could in her molten honey pot. She let out a moan and her humming caused a reaction cause I heard her other lover cry out, "Oh Jesus, baby you are a great cocksucker."

My wife had sat up enough so that I could lick her old man in the boat and I graciously liked and sucked her clit. And I could tell she was not far from exploding into a mind blowing orgasm and also by the way ole cocks man up there was gaining speed I knew he was close. It was then that I remembered that when we had on several occasions talked about a threesome my wife had told me that she would let me fuck her ass as she was being fucked in her pussy.

I'd be a fool to pass up a good ass fucking (Love Anal Sex) so I pushed her off my face and stood up. I told ole cocks man to lay on the floor. In no time he had his costume pulled up and his pants off. I told my wife to sit on his cock. She looked back at me and although I could not see her face I knew she realized what I intended. Was that a smile I detected? Hell I don't know but then she threw her leg over his hips and literally tore off her sopping panties and grabbed his cock and sank right down taking him in her cunt all the way home.

I knew that he was in for the ride of his life because my wife has the tightest pussy and when she squeezes her muscles it can be almost painful but yet do damn exciting. She wasn't going to wait on me and she would lift up until just the head of this cock was in her then she would wiggle her hips almost like when you try to keep a hoola hoop going and then she would slam back down taking his erect member to the hilt. I watched her taking his erection in and out for a few moments and absentmindedly stroked my cock.

When they were really into each other and were rapidly fucking each other I crouched behind her and lay my hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward. She slowed her movements and prepared for what was coming next. I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as I could. I put the tip of my cock to the little rosebud and was surprised that her pussy juice coated her butt hole! Great I won't need any extra lubrication, so I pushed until the head plopped in just past the sphincter and stopped waiting foe her to adjust.

We don't often have anal sex so it was a complete shock when she pushed back so hard I was buried all the way in her tight asshole. She then pushed back down do her pussy was filled with cock and she would repeat her movements against me. We soon found a good rhythm and the two of us really started plowing into my wife. There were no complaints from her because her moaning was getting louder with each thrust and she begged us to keep at it.

I for one was really enjoying butt fucking my wife and I could feel ole cocks man shaft between the thin membrane that separates holes and when she would squeeze him it would benefit me as well. I wanted this to last forever but O heard my wife egging us on and that she was so close to cumming. Well so was I and I wanted to cum in her poop chute and told her so. Ole cocks man must have had the same idea because his hips were banging into her hard enough I was having a hard time keeping a hold and not having my hard on slip out.

Just then my wife screamed and I felt the tale tell signs of her pussy muscles and I couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded into her ass with what seemed like a gallon of sperm and as my cock was slowing down I felt ole cocks man’s dick expanding into his own explosion. I withdrew from her tight ass and she rolled over and off his dick. He immediately stood up pulled up his pants muttered a thank you and was gone.

We laid there a few minutes and snuggled. My wife finally looked up at me and started to apologize foe her mistake but I just shushed her and kissed her.

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