tagIncest/TabooHalloween Party Ch. 04

Halloween Party Ch. 04


Dad moved out of the house just before Christmas. It seems that he had gotten one of his girlfriends pregnant and they were going to move in together. Mom seemed a little more blue, but not terribly so.

She stopped coming up to my apartment to watch movies after the Thanksgiving kiss. For the most part, she stayed away from me and had a hard time looking me in the eyes when we did talk. I wasn't sure if this meant that she enjoyed it and was feeling guilty or if she just felt ashamed of herself. Grace came by the weekend before Christmas and they locked themselves in mom's room for the day.

I spent the first half of Christmas with mom and her sister and mother then I went to Amy's parents for dinner. I came home about midnight, the lights were on in the house so I stopped in to say goodnight. Mom was sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a blanket around her shoulders. I came around behind her chair, reached down and hugged her shoulders and kissed her head. I could see she was wearing a light, button up blouse with nothing underneath.

Sylvia held my arms tight to her, not letting me get away. "Did you have a nice Christmas with Amy?"

"It was nice. Ate too much." I kissed her head again.

"Thanks for joining my family today." She said and leaned her head against my arm.

"I'd spend all my time with you if I could." I hugged her harder.

"I appreciate that." Her right hand interlaced with my left hand. "I enjoy you so much."

I didn't know what to say. I leaned my head down, kissed her on the ear. "I love you."

"We're very close, aren't we." She said in a quiet voice.

"Yes. Very."

She cranked her head to see me better. "We have to be careful, not to damage our relationship."

I drew a breath certain that she would say she wanted me to move away from the house. "That's the last thing I want."

"Good." She sighed and released my arms. "So long as we understand one another."

I came around the chair and knelt on the floor in front of her. "I would do anything for you."

She took my hand in hers. "I know. And I would do anything for you."

I moved forward pressing my face into her breasts and hugged her hard. My chest was against her right leg, she moved it to allow me to get closer. Now I was between her legs on my knees before her. "Is everything okay?" I finally asked.

Sylvia ran her fingers through my hair. "I don't know." She sighed, "I'm just confused by everything. Things have been strange around here for awhile. I'm hoping they get better soon."

In her position, slouched down slightly in the chair, her crotch was against my chest. I could feel the warmth emanating from there. As I hugged her, my head on her lovely breasts, my cock grew hard. I raised up, so my crotch pressed against hers, I hugged her again and heard her sigh in my ear. I pulled back and looked at her. I wanted to kiss her. Her eyes moved from my eyes to my lips and back again. "Merry Christmas." I said, then leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. She didn't resist me, but she didn't open her mouth to mine either.

She smiled at me when we broke the kiss. "I hope you're not looking for another Christmas present."

"There's only one present I want." I replied, moved forward and kissed her again. This time, her mouth opened up to mine; the kiss was long and gentle. She put her hand on my chest as I started to grind my crotch into hers.

"Jason." She said breaking the kiss. "I appreciate your affection, I do, but it's not right."

"I can't help myself. You are so beautiful. And, we're good together." Words tumbled out of my mouth out of control. "I know you can't have more children." I looked her square in the eyes. "We don't have to worry about you getting pregnant."

Her face turned red with embarrassment. "That's not the point." She looked away from me. "It's just not proper."

I put my hand on her chin and turned her face to meet mine. "I want you and you want me -- I can tell." I pushed my cock harder into her crotch.

She put both of her hands on my chest holding me at bay. "I'm not going to fuck my own son. Okay? Your father has lived a total life of debauchery. He has fucked everything and everyone. He has no morals. If we were to do this -- If we were to allow it to happen, what would I be teaching you? You would think it's okay to go through life fucking everything you want. I want you to be better than him. Better than me."

I stared at her for a long time. Neither one of us said anything else. I finally stood up and nodded with tears in my eyes. "You haven't done anything wrong."

My mother stood from the chair and threw her arms around my shoulders. "I don't want to lose you, Jason. You're all I've got left. I couldn't stand to lose you."

I hugged her warmly. "You're not going to lose me."

She clung to me and started to cry. "I feel like I'm losing everything."

I pulled back then bent and picked her up in my arms. "You need rest." She was surprisingly light. I carried her up the stairs to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. She still clung to my neck when I laid her down.

"Stay with me, a little while."

I laid down next to her on the bed. Sylvia turned her face into my shoulder and continued to cry. I patted her the back and kept saying. "It's okay. I love you."

She fell asleep on my shoulder. I dozed off and when I woke, she was nearly naked next to me. At some point, Sylvia had gotten up and put on a night shirt that covered down to the tops of her thighs. I turned on the light next to the bed and looked at her lovely body. The night shirt was lifted up enough that I could see the gray hairs in her pubes, looking her over, I saw her breasts pushing against the material of the shirt. I looked at her face, ran my fingers lightly through her hair, I saw the laugh lines and her gray roots. For nearly being forty three and all the stress she had been through I thought she was so beautiful. If nothing else, I wanted to have this picture in my head.

Finally, I stripped out of my clothes down to my boxers and laid back down next to her. Feeling her skin so close to mine was heaven. My cock was hard, but I had made up my mind, I would not take her unless she was awake and fully alert and knew what was happening. It took me a long time, but finally, I fell asleep.

I awoke a half hour later to with her right leg over my leg, her bush pressing against my thigh. She pressed her body against my arm, cooing softly in my ear. I pushed the strands of hair from her face and kissed her cheek. She moaned sweetly as her arm went across my body and pulled me closer to her. My cock was pushing to get out of my shorts.

I turned by body towards her so my cock pressed against her thigh. Though I was tired, my mind was working to figure out how to wake her and turn the night into a real, live dream. Her leg moved again, hooking over my hip, now my cock pressed just above her pussy. I worried that if she pressed closer, I would just cum.

Her hand brushed at a stray hair in her mouth. I moved the hair aside and kissed her gently on the lips. "Oh." She said her voice wrought with sleep. My tongue lashed out gently against her lips and the corner of her mouth. I saw her face light up in a smile. Her hand went down to my hip as I pressed my groin closer to her.

I kissed her again, this time, she responded with a delayed kiss and a broader smile. Her hand slipped from my hip to my cock. Whether she was asleep or awake, I could not be certain, but her hand went from the outside of my shorts to the inside quickly. She grasped my cock, stroked it and moaned with pleasure.

"You like this?" She said dreamily.

"Yes." I whispered and kissed her neck, trying to turn her to her back.

"Maybe -- maybe I can help." She mumbled her eyes still not open.

My left hand cupped her breast and squeezed it gently. Her mouth opened and we kissed. Her hand started stroking my cock, very gently at first, then a little rougher. I continued to stroke her breast and gently pinch her nipple. We kissed some more, then her eyes opened, but did not seem to focus right away. She continued stroking my cock until she realized who's cock she was stroking.

Suddenly her eyes widened, her hand stopped moving, but stayed firmly on my cock. "Jason?" She still sounded sleepy.

I bit her bottom lip, "Don't stop." I whispered.

Without thinking she began to slowly stroke me again. I kissed her and pressed the palm of my hand onto her massive tit. She moaned into my mouth then, as if still waking up, she stopped and sat up on one elbow.

"Jason, how did this happen?" Still her hand was on my cock.

"We fell asleep."

She looked down at my cock sticking out of the boxers, her hand around the shaft. She gulped then shook her head, no. "Aren't we a pair." She let go of my dick, but I caught her hand.

"Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

Sylvia looked at me strangely as if perplexed by a problem. Finally, her hand went back down and she continued stroking me. Without a word, she looked me in the eyes, a deep hunger burned there, but she made no move to get closer.

I rolled to my back and let her continue. I watched her eyes as she looked down at my swollen member then back to my face. She pulled her hand off of me and spit on her palm, then started stroking me again. Unable to control myself, I reached out and touched her breast, dangling inside the night shirt.

"Does it feel good?" She asked, her voice a trembling whisper.

"So good." I moaned, feeling her nipple harden under my hand.

"You're trembling." She said.

I looked at her with my mouth open. "I'm very close."

"I know." She leaned in and kissed me as her hand moved faster and harder over my shaft.

As good as it felt, I held off from coming. I fought the urge, I wanted to make this last as long as possible. Then a thought occurred to me. "Damn." I groaned, "I - I don't know if I can cum like this."

"You're close." She whispered. "Your head is so big, so ready to explode. Let it go. It's okay." She stroked me faster.

I pushed my hips up, fighting the build up in my balls. I was straining to not cum. "I'm just -- I --" I stammered.

Sylvia closed her eyes and lowered her head down. "This will help." She said and put her mouth just over the head of my cock. The warmth of her breath, the flip of her tongue, the stroking of her hand was to much to bear. My hand went to the back of her head, pushing her down, her lips slid over the head and down the shaft. As she pulled back slowly, she moaned, then I was coming. Not only was I coming, I was coming in buckets.

Sylvia caught most of the initial blast in her mouth, but I don't think she was expecting so much. Her head jerked back and cum sprayed up into her hair, over her shoulder and onto my chest. I kept coming as Sylvia continued to stroke me, pulling every last ounce of fluid from my balls.

In the dim lighting, she rose from the bed and I could see the cum in her hair and on her chin, cheek and shoulder. "We need a towel." She left the room and came back after several minutes with a wet towel. She cleaned me up and I noticed that she had already cleaned her own face. Afterwords, she touched my bare chest with her hand. "What have we done, Jason?"

"It was wonderful and exciting."

"We can't do this." She sighed and laid down next to me. "Promise me, this won't happen again."

I remained silent.

"Okay." She finally said. "Go to sleep. And no hanky-panky with me while I'm asleep." She said with a serious tone.

I put my arm over her shoulder and spooned with her. "Thank you." I said softly into her hair. "I needed that."

She was quiet for a moment then finally said, "You came a lot."

"I was very excited."

"Yes." She held her breath for a moment. "I'm glad I could help." Her voice was little more than a whisper.

"I could help you." My hand slid down her shoulder to her hip.

Her hand went to mine and held it tight to her hip. "I know." She sighed. "We can't."

"I could lick you."

"Jason." She said quickly. "Stop."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too, Jason."

I pressed into her back. "Let me please you."

A shudder ran through her body. She swallowed hard. "Please, Jason. Stop."

I kissed her ear. "You pleased me. Why can't I please you?"

"Go to sleep."

I could hear anger rising in her voice. I had to tread carefully. "Did you like it?" I asked.

"Jason." Her voice was sharp. She drew a breath and let it out slowly. Finally she said. "Yes. I enjoyed it."

"It was, incredible for me. It's even better knowing you enjoyed it too."

Sylvia sat up on the bed throwing my hand from her hip. "Maybe you should go to your apartment."

I sat up next to her, my half-hard cock pitching a tent in my boxers. "I'm sorry, I just, I just want to please you."

"No." She hung her head.

I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me. "Lie back." I whispered in her ear. "Let me please you. You need it as much as I did. You'll enjoy it, I promise."

Sylvia stood up from the bed. "Dammit, Jason, stop!" She walked toward the balcony with her arms folded across her stomach. She turned back to me so she was in silhouette in the faint moonlight. "Don't make me regret what happened more than I already do. I enjoyed it. I haven't held a real cock in my hands in -- in years. But, you're my son and even though I'm attracted to you, even though I -- I --" She stopped herself. "Please." She said softly, attempting to regain control of herself. "I want you to stay with me tonight, but please, let's sleep. Hold me, but don't ask for anything more. Please."

I nodded, feeling her frustration. "Okay."

Sylvia stood in the moonlight, watching me. After a moment, I laid down. She came over to the bed and looked down at me. I couldn't see her face, but I felt that she was smiling at me. She reached out and stroked my hair. "I love you, Jason."

Sylvia laid down next to me and let me spoon her again. She sighed as my arm encircled her. My cock was hard and pressed against the crack of her ass. "Does this please you?"

"Yes." She said softly. "I need this."

"Goodnight." I whispered.

"It's going to be a good holiday season."

"Happy Christmas."

After several moments Sylvia said, "Hope you liked your present." She laughed lightly.

"Best present ever."

After a few minutes, I heard her breathing change and I knew she was asleep. I was tired, but my mind was racing. We were close. I felt that the time was coming. I just needed to be patient.

In the morning, Sylvia was gone and I was covered with a sheet. I got up and got dressed, went downstairs, but she was nowhere to be found. After making some breakfast I went back up to my apartment. I could not completely fathom how everything had happened. My head spun with a million thoughts. I was very close to my ultimate fantasy.

Sylvia remained out of the house for the entire day. When I saw her the next day she was happy and acted as if nothing had happened. She didn't mention it and made no attempt at physical contact with me. I sighed to myself, wondering how long this would last. I knew now that I was attractive to her and I was sure she wanted me to. I had to wait for the right moment.

New Years Eve Amy and I were invited to a costume party in the next town over. Amy had originally wanted to go as Mr. and Mrs. Dracula, but I didn't like that idea. I finally settled on the old Zorro costume again as I still had the cape and the mask and wouldn't require any make up. Amy came by early on the 31st with a box full of booze she had purchased to take to the party. She said she didn't want me to see her costume until I picked her up so she took off again and I spent the afternoon watching college football games.

About six, my mom came up the back stairs with an open bottle of champagne. She said that we had to have at least one glass together. The room was dimly lit, only the television on and a few candles burning. Sylvia was in a sexy black, backless gown, with a small black waist coat she had black heels and a strand of pearls on. She had her hair up and her make up included dark eyeliner, eye shadow and red lipstick. There was a party her sister was throwing for some charity and mom had agreed to go. From her demeanor, I guessed she had also had a few glasses of champagne before she came over.

She hugged me tight and started looking around the apartment for proper glasses to pour the champagne in. I was in my black jeans with a black t-shirt; without the cape and mask, it probably looked like I was just going as Johnny Cash or maybe a biker. She found two wine glasses that were covered in dust and rinsed them off then filled them both with the champagne.

Sylvia drank about half of hers down and smiled brightly, "This is the good stuff."

I hugged her again and kissed her cheek, next to her mouth. She blushed slightly and turned away from me moving toward the chair by the small kitchen table. She sat her glass down and moved the cape to another chair so she could sit down. Sylvia stopped and picked up the mask from the table. She froze staring down at it.

She turned back to me with the mask in hand. I was standing next to the bed watching her. She looked back at the cape, then back to me. "Where did this come from?" She asked.

"I've had it for awhile." I replied, looking at the floor.

Sylvia set the mask down and picked up her champagne glass. She drank, emptying her glass in two gulps. She steadied herself on the table and stared down at the mask still in her hand. She dropped the mask to the table and then slowly removed her coat, revealing the backless dress to me. She poured herself another glass of champagne. "Do you need more?" She said with her back still to me.

I finished my glass. "I need some."

Sylvia turned on her heels and walked toward me, the champagne bottle in one hand, the mask in the other. She stopped in front of me and looked up at me, her eyes were bright. She stared into my eyes for a moment then raised the bottle and filled my glass. "Happy New Year." She said and leaned in, raising up on her toes and kissed me on the mouth. The kiss was soft and quick, but there was something more behind it.

With my free hand, I reached around her waist and pulled her back. She put her hand on my chest, preventing me from crushing her to me. She looked into my eyes, searching. "Thanks for coming over." I said and kissed her. She melted into for an instant then stiffened and pulled back just as my tongue met hers.

She held the mask up and turned away from me. "You were at the Halloween party, weren't you?"


She went to the window that looked out toward the house. "You used to crawl over the roof and sneak into my bedroom when you were a child."

"I used to hide on that ledge between the upstairs porch and your balcony."

She walked back to the table and lifted her glass again. "To my son." She drank and set the glass down on the table. After a moment, she bent and picked up the cape in her free hand. "The kissing bandit?"

"Zorro." I said with a smile.

With cape and mask in hand, she walked toward me. As she approached, she moved to my left and walked a circle around me. Sylvia stopped as she came around to my right and held forth the mask. "Put it on."

I took the mask from her and looked her over. The front of the dress revealed more than just cleavage, as the bra pushed her breasts up high. I looked from her tits to the mask. I set my glass down on the nightstand and donned the mask, pulling it over my hair and eyes.

Sylvia walked back in front of me and turned slowly. She looked me over, her eyes pausing at the bulge in my pants before returning to my face. "It was you."

I nodded. "It was."

She stared at me with her mouth open, a blank look on her face. "All this time." She finally said, "I thought I had dreamed it."

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