tagLoving WivesHalloween Party Reunion

Halloween Party Reunion

byDG Hear©

It was a dark and stormy night. Not really, I just wanted to start a story saying that. I'm Joe Friday, no relation to Jack Webb on the old series 'Dragnet', although I am a detective.

I arrived home one evening and my wife Megan told me we received an invitation to my college reunion. They were going to make it a Halloween theme with everyone in costume. I wasn't exactly happy to hear this.

Megan had met very few of my college friends. It wasn't a part of my life I wanted to share with her. We met shortly after I graduated from college and entered the police academy. She worked at the local grocery store as a cashier and I was struck with her being quite naïve and seeming so innocent. She was so different from the college girls I'd been with.

I began going to her checkout line every time I entered the store. She was so cute and I loved to tease her. I would make up stories about finding dead bodies and she would believe everything I told her. Then I would tell her the truth and she would laugh and hit me. I asked her out on a date and she agreed to go out with me. She told me she would feel safe with a cop. After a year of dating, I asked her to marry me. Before she said yes, she asked me if I was joking, because it wasn't funny if I was.

"No joke Megan. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you." She said yes and we've been happily married ever since. We now have two kids, Amy, who is four and Joe Jr. who is two. We call him Joey.


I need to explain a bit about my high school and college days. In school I was an athlete and a very good one. There was no sport I couldn't play. I ended up getting a scholarship to play rugby at an Ivy league school. I could never have afforded to go there without the scholarship.

I was a really horny bastard in my younger days. I'd fuck any girl/woman that moved if she was willing. My moral compass definitely wasn't the best. My rugby mates were almost as bad as I was. One in particular, Dean, was even worse. Most of my teammates came from money. They all had nice cars and wads of money that they often used to buy their way out of trouble. I was considered the quiet one. Since I was one of the best players on the team, I was befriended by the wealthy players. Not having money was not a problem because Dean always offered to pay for me. He told me my shyness brought on the girls.

There are two forms of Rugby. A maximum of 15 players can play rugby union at any one time whereas rugby league permits 13 players. We were part of the rugby league and were a close knit group of guys. As I mentioned, most were horny bastards just like me.

We had a lot of toadies; women who followed us most anywhere. The funny thing is these were really good looking women who just wanted to have fun while in college. When we had our parties, dozens of women would come. If I was to be honest, I would have to say that I had sex with dozens of fine looking women.

Some of my rugby buddies ended up marrying some of our wild followers, knowing that they had been fucked by a lot of us. I'd been in twosomes, threesomes and moresomes with these people. It was a pretty powerful feeling to fuck a woman in front of her man.

Dean, our captain and self named leader, married Anna who was a beautiful woman. She did modeling on the side while in college and she liked showing off her body. I must have had sex with her a half dozen times with just us and another half dozen times with Dean joining.

By the time I graduated, I grew out of the need to share women. Most of my rugby teammates graduated and went into different professions. Many went into their family businesses. As for me, I went on to the police academy and did my best to leave my reckless past behind me.

Now and then I would come across one of my old friends. It was a bit difficult looking at some of their wives knowing I had had sex with them. I do believe many of them put their past behind them also. I know when I talked to a few of the wives they told me they went to college to have a good time and to find a rich husband. I guess they reached their goal.

A few times I ran into a couple while I was with Megan and the guys kidded her about me being the shy guy whom the ladies loved. I don't think she really caught on, thinking they all joked like I did. I know a couple of the guys said they wished she would have joined our parties during our college days. I know Megan felt flattered. The last thing I would ever do is share Megan. She was the best thing that ever happened to me.


Megan is a real cutie. She looks great and is friendly to everyone. She's just a shorty at five feet and somewhere over a hundred and ten pounds. She looks much younger than her thirty years. She's a natural blue eyed blond that always seems genuinely happy and she rarely argues. In addition, she's a great mother and just an all around happy person.

We have a great marriage and two great kids. We do things as a family all of the time. Being a cop I know how bad it is out there and will do anything to protect my family. Megan's mother watches the kids while Megan works part time.

I wish I would have caught the invitation to the party. I would have ripped it up and thrown it away. These weren't the kind of friends I wanted my wife to be around. Hopefully more of them changed. Since we didn't go out much as a couple, Megan was really excited to go to this reunion Halloween party.

Dean and Anna set up the venue in an old funeral parlor. They hired a DJ to play music from our time and catered in the food. It was mostly finger foods, but there was every kind of finger food you could think of all done in a Halloween theme. They had a bring your own booze stipulation since there wasn't a bar.

Dean asked for a meeting with about six of the couples to explain and get more ideas for the party. He explained the venue and about the costumes and all about the party itself. I couldn't make it to the meeting but Megan went to it without me. I wasn't happy about that but she said it was nice meeting some of my old friends.

The party was a month away and Megan was all excited. She began talking with Anna on the phone about costumes and other things. I wasn't happy about hanging with people from my horny days but what could I do without telling her about my past. I just had to hope that Anna wouldn't say anything. After this party we didn't have to see these people again.

One day Megan came home and said her car broke down, again. It hadn't been very dependable for the last few months. She said she was tired of constantly getting it repaired and wanted another vehicle. I explained to her that we didn't have the money for a decent down payment to put on another vehicle. She told me that Anna had a friend that owned a used car lot and had a used Nissan for sale. She had already looked at it and thought it would be perfect for her.

"Megan, we don't have the money for another car right now. We can get the old one fixed and maybe get one when I get my bonus at the end of the year."

"Joe, all I need is a six hundred dollars down along with my old car and I can make payments of two hundred a month for three years."

"That's not the point. We don't have six hundred dollars to spare right now. The holidays are coming up and money is tight. As I said, maybe after the first of the year when I get my bonus. I'm sorry Honey, we just don't have the down payment."

"If I can get the down payment, can I get the car? It's really the car I'm looking for."

I could tell she was pissed and wasn't going to stop talking about this car. She really wanted this vehicle so I said, "Sure, if you can get the down payment and you will have to make the payments out of your salary since mine is used for the rest of the bills." I honestly thought she would forget about the car for now. She was pretty level headed when it came to expenses.

She kissed me and thanked me a half dozen times. A few days later she had her new car, at least new to her. She was one happy woman. I had to wonder where she got the down payment. She told me she asked for an advance at work and her boss gave it to her and I had no reason not to believe her.

I was beginning to get a little worried that Megan was being influenced by Anna. She said they talked on the phone about the party every few days. I didn't want Megan to get close to Dean or Anna. I really didn't trust them.

One evening Megan wanted to talk about our costumes for the party. I loved her dearly and if she wanted something I did my best to please her. She said that Anna loaned her a nurse outfit for the party and that it was a bit short and rather tight but she thought she would wear it with a pair of white shorts.

She tried it on for me and I have to say she looked sexy as hell. She bent over just a little and I could see her tight little ass. I wanted to take her right there in the living room. She told me later, after she put the kids to bed.

Later when we fucked I told her to keep the nurse outfit on and took her from behind. She looked so hot that I didn't last very long. I think she had a orgasm but I wasn't sure. I told her that she better wear shorts under it or she better find another costume.

Later in bed I was still horny and went down on her. She was horny and wet as I fucked her hard again. It took me a while to come and I felt her have an orgasm that time. I was truly lucky to have such a sexy and sweet wife.

She asked me what I was going to wear to the party and I told her I wasn't sure. I actually thought of going in my police uniform. I didn't wear it much since I made detective. She didn't think much of the idea but it would be an easy costume. I told her I was scheduled to work the day of the party and might be a bit late.

The day before the party I saw Anna at the market. I stopped by to pick up some booze for the party before I headed home and she looked as sexy as ever. She asked me if I liked Megan's car and I said it was nice. She told me that she asked Dean to give her the six hundred dollars for the down payment and he was happy to do so. I tried to not act surprised but I knew I would have to ask Megan why she borrowed the money and then lied to me about where she got it.

Anna asked me if we could get together again. She said she knew Dean wouldn't mind since he had his eye on Megan. They had become swingers even after they got married.

"No, it's not going to happen. I will admit you were the best I was with during college but I'm married to Megan now and I really love her and will be faithful to her."

Anna reached over, squeezed my crotch, smiled at me and told me it was my loss and she would see me at the party. It bothered me that Megan got the money from Dean. It sounded like it was a gift, not a loan and I knew that he didn't give women money without a benefit of some kind. It was the first time since we got married that I was worried whether my wife had been unfaithful. I decided I needed to talk to her when I got home, even if I had to tell her the truth about Dean and Anna.

It was already getting dark when I got home. Megan left me a note saying the kids were at her mothers and she had gone to show her costume to Anna. I didn't figure it was true seeing I had just talked with Anna and she never mentioned meeting Megan. I remembered that Anna had told me that Dean was at the funeral home to finish setting up for the party.

I headed over to the funeral home and spotted Megan's car in the parking lot. My worst fears were coming true. Megan was alone with Dean. I wasn't sure if I should rush in or wait to see what was going on.

I went through a rear entrance and around to the main room where the party was going to take place. Just before entering the room, I saw Megan in her nurse costume but she couldn't see me. I waited, wanting to see what would happen between Megan and Dean.

"Where's Anna? I was going to show her my costume," asked Megan.

"She's not here, it's just me and you, Darling. I asked Anna call you." He gave a snarly laugh. "I need a favor for the money I gave you. Damn! You look sexy in that tight outfit. Come here and let me have a feel."

"No! You said if I gave you a blowjob that was all you would ask of me."

"I changed my mind. Besides, Joe fucked Anna a number of times and you only have to give it up once. Now get your little tight ass over her or I'll tell Joe how you sucked me off and even licked my balls for six hundred dollars."

I couldn't believe what I heard. My sweet little wife did that for Dean, all for a car. I watched her as she went over to him. "Do you promise this will be the last time I will have to have any kind of sex with you? If you tell Joe, I promise you I will kill you if he doesn't."

Dean laughed. "Sure I promise, but I might grab your ass a couple of times tomorrow when Joe isn't looking. Now bend over that couch so I can fuck that tight pussy of yours."

I stood frozen. My sweet little wife was going to let Dean fuck her. Now I had to wonder if this was the only time she fucked around on me. I was literally dumbstruck. My mind raced; do I run out there and beat the shit out of Dean? What do I do about Megan? She isn't an innocent party either. I decided to let it play out and deal with it later.

She bent over the couch and Dean pulled down her little white panties. He began to fuck her bareback and she just let it happen. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was moving her ass.

"Promise me that this will be the last time. I love Joe and he'd kill us both if he ever found out I had sex with you. I wish Anna and her friends would never have told me about fucking Joe. I should have asked him if it was true."

"Believe me Baby, he did more than just fuck her. We took her together. I guess he never told you what a pussy hound he was. By the way, I'll decide whether or not we fuck again." He laughed as he came hard in her. "I love your tight pussy. Joe's one lucky son of a bitch."

She was half crying as she pulled up her panties with his cum running down her leg. "Please, I'll give you the money back. I won't do this with you again. I don't know how I can face Joe after doing this."

"I don't want the damn money, Honey," he said as he pulled her to him and kissed her roughly, pulling her into his crotch with his cock still hanging out. He slid his hand down her panties and squeezed her pussy. "Nice and wet. You really liked it, didn't you."

She pushed him back as he laughed. I knew she liked sex but I didn't like seeing her with another man. She always came rather easily. It was one of the things I liked about her. She was easy to please.

I watched her leave out the front door and I stepped into the room. He was pulling up his pants when he saw me. "You'll never touch her again, Dean. You crossed the line with her. She is not only my wife but my life."

He looked surprised to see me. "What the hell are you doing here? Look, you fucked my wife a dozen times and I got head once and fucked her once. What's the big fucking deal?"

"You gave me your wife by choice and weren't married at the time. I can't let you get away with it."

"She was willing and you know it. You should have given her the money for the car," he laughed at me again.

"You'll never touch her again," I yelled at him. I picked up a sickle off one of his Halloween displays and swung it into his gut. I then hit him hard across the face knocking him down. He wasn't laughing now.

I opened up the casket he had against the wall and put his body in it. I rolled him on his back and as he said, "No, please don't do this, I'm sorry!" I cut his throat so he would bleed to death while in the casket.

Now I had to clean up the mess. First I wiped my prints off the sickle and plunged it into his crotch. I closed the casket and put a note written in blood saying, "Do not open till midnight or you will pay a similar fate." I looked around and the place was completely set up for the party. Anna was usually the one in charge but would probably wonder where Dean was. I had to figure out something.

While looking around I found a video recorder that was still running. He had taken a video while fucking my wife and he had another disk there dated a week before entitled Megan. I had to wonder if it was Megan giving him a blowjob.

I took the two tapes and slipped a blank disk back in the machine. I took his costume as well. It was a football jersey with pads and a helmet. The helmet was covered with a full head mask of a dog and even a little speaker in it that changed the wearer's voice. I could use this to my advantage.

I locked the doors and put the stuff in my car. I called Megan and told her I was on my way home. She said she had stopped to see her mom and she and the kids were pulling in the driveway. She sounded calmer than I would have expected.

When I arrived home a half hour later she had the kids in bed and had gotten rid of the note that said she was with Anna. She was coming out of the shower when I walked in.

"How was your day?" I asked her.

"Pretty normal. After work I did a little shopping and went to mom's for awhile. Nothing out of the ordinary."

She had had her chance to tell me the truth. If she would have told me without having to ask her, we might have been able to work things out. Now I knew I could never trust her again.

"Megan, I have to work a little later tomorrow so I will be coming to the party a little late unless you don't want to go without me."

"I promised your friends we'd be there. How late are you going to be?"

"Probably a couple of hours. Do you want me to pick you up here or meet you at the party."

She thought for a minute and said she would meet me at the party. I told her I was just going to wear my police uniform and a mask of Joe Friday from Dragnet. She had no idea who I was talking about.

She said she was tired and would see me the next day and headed to bed. I honestly couldn't sleep with her that night. I decided to sleep in the den which doubled as my office. I put the first video in and it was of her thanking Dean for the money. He told her it was time to earn it and to get on her knees. She knew what he wanted.

She looked a bit shocked but obeyed, unzipped his pants, took out his cock and started sucking on it. He held her head and kept saying, "Suck that cock you little whore. I knew you wanted it."

He dropped his pants and told her to lick his balls, especially the underside. She did as she was told. He came hard and she gagged and had to pull it out of her mouth.

When she stood up he told her to hold on. He wanted to feel her pussy. She objected but he undid her jeans and slid his hand down the front of them. "Damn, Baby, nice and wet. I like a little hair on my pussy too. Yours is just right. Your husband must like fucking that wet hot pussy."

He pulled his fingers out of her pants and made her suck two of them. "That's your juices Baby. You must like sucking my cock." He laughed as she quickly pulled up her pants and left, taking the money with her.

I put in the second tape and it began shortly before I arrived. She asked about Anna and he said she would be right there. So, she did go to see Anna. He showed her around the party room and put his hand on her ass.

"Please don't do that," she asked. "I can't be with you again. I'm happily married to Joe." He squeezed her ass again and she pulled away. "Where's Anna? I was going to show her my costume," asked Megan.

"She's not here, it's just me and you, Darling. It was me that had Anna call you." He gave a snarly laugh. "I need a favor for the money I gave you. Damn! You look sexy in that tight outfit. Come here and let me have a feel."

This was where I came in. I fast forwarded to where she left and erased everything that would incriminate me. For now I stashed the tapes wondering if and when I could use them.

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