tagGroup SexHalloween Party: We Open Up

Halloween Party: We Open Up


I, Russ, am writing this but Bridget will be telling her tale soon too.

So we had taken the plunge into swinging but hadn't played in a while. We were focused on the hotel, getting it ready and making plans. Our sex life was great, and making plans for the hotel, designing rooms, planning areas for swaps, even shopping for linens were all arousing. So it seemed like we were playing with each other all the time. We never forgot that this was for us, us as a couple, and that our relationship was the center from which all good things came and that playing with others was part of the fun of being in love and being sexual. We worked with Max and Leslie but kept focused on business. No, not really, there was lots of flirting, working half naked, innuendo but we didn't go all out. I'm not sure why but it seemed to be an unspoken agreement. Maybe to get us all hot and bothered for the Halloween Party.

By the end of October we were ready. We had a wing of fifty rooms. There was a large open area with indoor gardens, soft large sofas and comfy large add-on sitting areas that would double as beds. A large hot tub, a wet bar to the side and a small square for dancing close were added. There was also a large dance area and four large rooms with one wall nothing but windows from top to bottom. We decorated those with soft track lighting, a large bed, and a toy box. We advertised on swinger websites. The grand opening was going to be the Halloween Party.

The rooms were all taken by October 1st.

We had fifty couples coming.

I wore a tuxedo and Bridget wore a dress with a zipped up slit on the side, a jacket, very high heels and red, silky panties. We had planned to keep the two sides separate but we had ended up closing the other half as we had few patrons because we hadn't advertised and, in fact, discouraged people from staying. We had code words placed on the swinger ads and anyone who didn't use them was told there were no rooms. So here we were with a sex hotel. Cool.

Max and Leslie were, of course, the first to come and they were in costume. Max was a pirate, with a patch over one eye and Leslie was an 18th century barmaid, with a low cut top and full skirt that was pulled up on one side to reveal her gartered stockings. She had a white cap on her blond curls and a little blush on her cheeks. Her milky breasts were almost spilling out of her top. Then the guests started to arrive, in all kinds of dress. They were all ages, but mostly over 40 as we were too and many knew Max and Leslie who were in their upper fifties. We wanted this to be a place for swingers our age to feel comfortable and not like they were the old people at the party. There were deep kisses, pats on Leslie's lovely bottom and flirty teasing all around as people came in. By ten p.m. most guests were settled. I went up to the front desk where Bridget had been signing people in. She looked up when a couple came in.

The man was tall and graying, and the woman was almost as tall, with long legs and wild red curly hair. He leaned into the desk and spoke quietly to Bridget. "I know you have a special party tonight. And I know you are sold out. We don't have reservations or tickets, but are wondering if you have a room available".

The tall redhead leaned close so I could see her cleavage. "We were hoping we could come."

I looked at the register; the room we were staying in was the only room available.

The man was flirting with Bridget, successfully I thought by the look in her eyes and the way she moved her legs to let her skirt ride up. "I am a friend of Max," he said to her. "And he has told us about what you are doing here, about your plans, and about you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you." Her face flushed as he looked at her intently.

I looked at the woman, she was watching them too, she smiled and I felt my pulse quicken. I smiled too and said, "This is quite an adventure. Max and Leslie have been an amazing help and support. So you need a room?"

"Yes. " She said. "We weren't sure we would be able to get here so we didn't make reservations. We came on a whim, hoping.... It was a six hour drive." She pouted and licked her lip.

She was very attractive and I felt a bulge growing so I said, "The only room left is our room with one king size bed. Of course we may not need it?" She looked at her man who was listening in, looking amused. I looked at my wife who nodded and winked. "I think we can share." She said. The couple laughed and she pulled out her wallet and waited quietly as I ran her card. I could see her partner's eyes running over Bridget's body.

Just then Max walked into the lobby. "Hey Charlie and Franklin....you made it," he said.

"Just barely." Charlie answered. "But here we are." She opened up her hands and did a quick twirl. She had on a royal blue evening gown that was slit all the way up her thigh showing a beautiful curve of ass cheek. Max hugged Franklin. They patted each other on the back and chatted as they walked together to the party.

As they disappeared into the elevator, Charlie turned back to me and winked one eye. Then Leslie came down the return elevator, her hair a little mussed. She said to Bridget. "Ok darling...time to jump in." She looked at her straight in the eye and said. "Get going up there and take a look. Remember your job is to make sure everyone is having fun and that 'no means no'. Russ and I will put up the closed sign and come up, right now, it's you and Max."

We had decided to start our hosting with a swap of our own to get the erotic tension started. So Leslie's Max and Bridget would host together and Leslie and I would be a pair. Though we hadn't played in a while, Bridget had sucked Max's cock, he had licked her pussy and had fucked her hard after I had fucked her and before Alex did. I think she was reminiscing about the fun times as the elevator rose up to the second floor.

This is Bridget now. When I left the office I was feeling a familiar tingle but I was focused on being a host. Most of all I wanted the party to be a good one with everyone happy, fulfilled and safe. As the elevator opened, I saw Max watching from the bar. He smiled and walked over to me. He was dressed in a tuxedo with tails. It was a long way from his every day construction guy wear. I was thinking how handsome he looked as he leaned down and kissed me fully on the mouth. It was warm and friendly and intimate.

"We are going to walk around," he directed. "And you are going to talk to the people who are not otherwise occupied." We circulated and I noticed that many people were already chatting. There were couples on the dance floor moving slowly. At least one couple was older, in their late 70's, looking still very hot- she in a slinky dress and he dressed in a kilt. They were locked in a deep kiss, his hands all over her bottom. Other couples were moving together, a man in his forties with a long ponytail had his arms locked around a woman who was caressing him slowly moving her bottom against the front of his pants. He had a sweet smile on his face, and her face was calm and studied as she leaned back against his chest, her head resting against his cheek.

Over on the sofas the night was starting to heat up. A couple was obviously stroking each other, he had his hands discretely up her skirt, and she was caressing the front of his pants.

Over in the secluded clothing optional hot tub area, eight people sat in one hot tub, with two couples in the other small one. The eight people were playing truth or dare. One naked, curvy woman had taken a dare and was touching the cocks of the four men, while their partners watched. One woman was playing with her partner's cock under the water while he kissed her neck.

I was a little unsure of when to talk or when to leave the couples alone, but Max seemed comfortable just walking through. People waved to me and I smiled back and said "Enjoy."

"We are." One man replied. Other couples talked about how much they enjoyed the party, the atmosphere...and many hugged or kissed me. At one point Max removed my jacket and unzipped my dress's slit. My other slit was getting very moist as well. Sex was in the air...not yet the smell, but soon it would, I could feel it.

After we had made the circuit twice, I had the chance to say hello to everyone. Some I remembered from check-ins, others were new to me. Everyone seemed to be somewhere between a little uncomfortable and having fun. Max and I chatted with the couples who seemed a little uncomfortable. I noticed Max kissed all the women on the cheek and I followed suit with the men. Sometimes I was kissed fully on my lips, occasionally I felt a hand on my bottom. It all gave me a kind of dizzying feeling.

After we talked to everyone, we walked a little quietly on our own, we bypassed the beds and I noticed they were still empty and as neat as when the maid (me) left them.

Russ and Leslie were over at the bar. Leslie's hand was hidden in my hubby's pants. Where were Charlie and Franklin? I looked at Max with a twinkle in my eye and with that he pulled me down and began to kiss me in earnest. My hand wandered to his pants and found, to my delight, that his cock was very hard. His hand ran up my dress and he removed my panties. Returning the favor, I freed his cock and played with it, noticing how it stood straight up. I mostly encouraged it, with light strokes while he slowly lifted up my skirt until my pussy was exposed. At that point I looked over and saw Charlie and Frank. They moved together like two lovers do, in a movement that held lust, and the synchronized timing of two people who were comfortable with each other. Max and I moved so we could watch. And watch I did as Frank caressed Charlie's breasts, pulling her dress down and baring her breasts. He began to kiss and nibble one, with his hand on the other until Max leaned over and began to nibble mine though my blouse. His hand stayed up my dress, moving into my moist pussy, swirling around the lips.

I looked around the room. The man with the long pony tail had his partner's dress pulled up and, holding her panties aside with one hand, was fingering her pussy with the other. She saw me watching, and it suddenly became really hot. So they liked to put on a show. It was my duty as hostess to give them what they wanted. I felt the liquid pour from my pussy and I was really close to coming, so I moved my hand to Max and moved his from my pussy, reluctantly, but we had work to do. The couple soon had many people watching, some asked to join in but they said no. I was learning how this worked. Each couple had their own agenda, voyeurism, exhibitionism, soft swap, double penetrations, whatever. It was our job to make it happen. I led Max over to Russ and Leslie. With Max's hand on my ass I took Russ's hand and we swapped back to our partners. Soon Russ and I were strolling around, ascertaining the scene and arranging mutual fantasies and experiences. I was a mistress of orgasms. It was even more fun than I imagined.

It's Russ again. I talked with Bridget as we walked around. "So what do you want to do tonight? "I asked

"Well, "she said. "I got a strong vibe from Franklin and when you offered to share our room I figured you had the same with Charlie. I've been hot for him since. You?"

"Sounds about right to me. You think they are up for it."

She smiled and said, "I know he is, I can tell when a man wants my body? "

"Hmmm," I said. "Let's talk to them. I wonder what they are into."

"I've been wondering too." She said with a grin.

We spent the night together as conductors of love and lust and there's not much better than those two together. At around 2 we went up to Charlie and Franklin and asked them to dance. As it happened the song that came on was a slow one and we danced close. Her hair smelled good and her soft curves felt sensual. Her hips moved right in time with mine. Bridget and Franklin had their hands on each other's asses so I know they were having fun. Soon the parry winded down. Couples had paired and tripled up. Some people were talking quietly in the afterglow. Some were in their rooms asleep. Time for us to retire.

We walked hand in hand to our room. After I closed the door Charlie and I watched transfixed as Franklin slowly undressed Bridget until she was completely naked. He laid her on the bed, her full soft breasts moving up and down as her breath quickened with desire. Franklin's hand moved her one leg to the side and her curly public hair glistened with her juices.

Bridget now. Franklin bent down to me and said, "Trust me."

I looked at Russ and then Franklin whispered. "Follow my lead, it will be fine." With that he slowly guided me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs, took off his tie and tied my right leg to the post. He then took off his belt and tied my left leg. It was a wide oversized bed so my legs were splayed. Russ couldn't get his eyes off of my pussy so I guess it looked pretty good. Franklin then knelt down and began to lick me. Charlie looked over at me and winked and closed her eyes and sighed as Russ and her made out and groped, fully clothed.

Franklin began to bite at my labia, varying from soft and gentle to a little hard. Two fingers slipped into my pussy and I began to buck. He sucked a little harder and then softly kissed at my clit.

He then opened his suitcase and removed and unwrapped a small vibrator and while keeping me in his eyes he began to move it all around my pussy. I moaned.

The smell of sex was so strong in the room. I saw Charlie and Russ, still in an embrace undress each other. Then Franklin left me alone, stood in front of me, removed his pants and began touching his hard cock. Then he climbed on top of me and fucked my breasts, moving up and down, again and again. I leaned down and licked the tip of his cock as he fucked.

This is Russ: Charlie and I were groping and kissing, very sensual and erotic. She tasted sweet and salty. When she turned to look at Bridget and Franklin she said, "He's into restraints and slow buildup. He'll play with her ass, rub his cock over her tits and mouth and neck and stomach but stay away from her clit until she so hot she can't think straight. Then finally he'll fuck her into a monster orgasm. It's a great ride, I've been on it many times." She winked.

"So," I said. "He's into exquisite torture. What are you into?"

"I like to watch." She said with a wink.

"Interesting," I said. "I like to be watched."

"Well," She said. "Here's what I want you to do. I want you to watch your wife and my husband while you play with yourself. I want to see you come but only when Bridget does."

I sat down on the red chair and watched. Franklin had his cock in Bridget's mouth brushing the tip around the end of her tongue. Her hips were rising and falling with more and more urgency. It was really hot. I'd seen sex films since I was a teenager and masturbated to them but here I was with my wife as the star and a beautiful woman watching me as I rubbed my cock. The buildup was exquisite. When it seemed like she couldn't take it anymore I looked over at Charlie who was looking at me with a dildo in her pussy. I turned back and saw Franklin slide his cock down Bridget's stomach until it landed at the entrance to her pussy. She was engorged and sloppy wet. When he slid his cock into her they both moaned. She squirmed under him and he rolled around her. When Bridget squinted her eyes and her lower lip dropped I knew she was about to come. Just as she bucked and moaned I came, a hard long cum that seemed to start at my toes. I didn't know if Franklin had come but when I looked over at Charlie she was twitching the end of her orgasm. I'm pretty sure she came with Franklin, probably all four of us came at the same time.

I got up and held Charlie. We looked deeply into each other's eyes and mouthed a silent 'Wow'. We looked over and Franklin was rolling off Bridget who was falling asleep. He rolled over to the right side of the bed and Charlie joined him. I snuggled with Bridget and fell asleep.

We woke up around noon the next morning. With four of us laying naked in bed it was a little awkward but mostly peaceful. Then Charlie said they had a long drive and had to go. They got up and got dressed. Watching Charlie put her panties on, then her bra and her dress was arousing. Sort of a reverse strip tease. Bridget and I snuggled for a while and then Bridget pulled the blanket around her and went to the bathroom. She was in there a long time. I thought about last night, with images dancing in my head I kept wondering about what was coming next. After a while Bridget came out of the bathroom. She was completely dry. Her hair was brushed and styled. She had on a thin string of pearls, otherwise my lovely wife was completely naked.

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