tagErotic HorrorHalloween Pt. 02

Halloween Pt. 02


The screaming and thumping ripped through the silence of the empty house. It was truly a terrifying sound. A sound that was so loud and agonised, it was like all of Hell had broken loose and was trying to get to the nearest soul. Hordes of horny demons and damned spirits were all after Mavis. They pounded and slammed, howling and roaring to get to her. The Devil himself wanted to shake the very foundations of the house in the with evil and single goal of a quick snack on Mavis' pretty pussy.

Mavis' heart pounded. It wanted to break out of her chest. Each bellowing slam drove through her core as the thumping got harder and more frantic. Mavis was in a frenzy of fear and confusion. Was the black thing real? Was it playing with her?

She bolted barefoot and bare legged down her staircase, covered in sweat and in a hectic haze of running away from the Hell hounds, and running toward them. Her barely covered breasts bounced up and down under her loose dress fabric, sometimes even popping out completely, as she plummeted down each step. She was trapped in her own mind, desperately trying to escape what this black demon was doing to her.

Three quarters of the way down she tripped over her feet and rolled down the remainder of the steps, but luckily she grabbed the banister and was able to control the fall. She was straight up again like a shot, just as she realised that the howling terror was pounding at her front door. Trying to get in. No, it was going to get in.

Mavis had no idea what was on the other side. Was it the black thing? It could have been something worse, after all, she was sure that the entity was real, so who was she to deny that something else probably existed too. Something worse? Mavis wondered fearfully as she slowly moved toward her front door, wide eyed, and with her lungs heaving for air. Her bare upper chest rose and dropped as she inhaled and exhaled in short, jagged and whimpering breaths. Her hands and bare legs trembled.

The moonlight exploded in through her window and cast long white streams across her face and upper chest as she staggered to the door. Sweat openly dripped from her chin and brow, stinging her eyes. She felt cold beads of sweat running down her back and in her naked crack.

She flinched every time the door rattled with a violent thump, rippling through the house while accompanied by demonic howling. A black figure was behind the mottled glass that was seated in the door frame, violently striking the door and roaring, screaming to be let in. It was calling her name and demanding to be allowed to get at her. The voice sent waves of disorienting fear through her every time it malevolently barked her name. Though the thing was barely visible through the glass pattern, Mavis could easily see the violent, jagged movements of its body language.

Mavis held her trembling hand out, a cold sweat saturated her shaking body, making her soaked white dress cling to her breasts. Her lightly tinted pink nipples were faintly visible and poking through the sheer, wet fabric. Erect in the fear and the unexpected, boiling arousal within her. Her jaw was open so wide she could have tripped over it, her eyes were almost breaking out of their sockets and her brow furrowed in horror. She was drenched in a sweaty fear. She absently turned the handle and timidly pulled the door open, letting out faint and strained whimpers as she slammed her dark and tearful eyes shut. The howling and thumping continued savagely as the door moved and when it was fully open Mavis could hear nothing.

Nothing other than the screaming of her novelty Halloween doorbell and the aggressive howling of whatever it was that waited behind her shut eyes. Her body jerked in horror and crippling arousal as she knew that she had nowhere left to run, now that she had opened the door for the beast. Now that she had invited it in. Now that she had allowed it to take her body.

The grisley howling and gagging, the wretching and screaming gradually fell into a roaring laughter. Mavis' whole body had disintegrated into a quivering pile of dust, having drawn into herself, her shoulders were up by her ears and her free arm was clenched in a fist beside her face, she was bent over at the waist in absolute fear. Standing nearly half as tall as she actually was, her shaking knees and trembling bare legs were bent and barely strong enough to hold her up. She felt a line of unnatural arousal drip down the inside of her quivering thigh.

The demon rushed her and grappled her body in its arms, lifting her screaming, limp husk up, her red painted toes scraping on her porch. It shook her roughly in the air and she quaked with a sudden, unwanted orgasm at being brutally roughed around. The gurgling, evil laughter was mixed with roars and the distant sounds of her novelty Halloween doorbell. Mavis was breathless and screaming in horror and pleasure as the orgasm subsided. Her body was heaving and jerking before she was roughly slammed to her knees.

The laughter started to sound different, it wasn't evil anymore, it was a laugh of glee. Of mocking in fact, no not even that, more like jesting. It was delighted, and the tone of it was familiar. The screaming door bell had stopped. Mavis' pussy was on fire and she could barely manage but she slowly wrenched her eyes open with more effort than should have been necessary. A wave of confusion dominated her fear.

Doubled over in front of her was the figure of a laughing, snorting woman staggering with whatever hilarity had over taken her. Her legs were wide as she hunched over Mavis with her hips right over Mavis' face. She had a massive, grotesque pumpkin for a head. The woman was dinging the novelty doorbell that Mavis had gotten for Halloween which let out a series of screams after a long, gothic "ding dong".

"Oh my absolute fucking God, you should see your face, Mavy!" Came the roaring and snorting laughter of Lucy through the huge carved out pumpkin that covered her head and slightly muffled her voice.

Mavis looked at Lucy in dubious scrutiny, and she was regaining her composure and realising what had just happened.

"Jesus Christ Lucy! You scared me!" Mavis stumbled to her feet and thumped Lucy in the arm. She scolded Lucy with venomous eyes, but her face turned into a playful smirk that she tried to hide.

"Trick or Treat you little virgin!" Lucy joked and lifted the pumpkin off her shoulders revealing her red and grinning face. "Isn't that the point? God that thing is heavy" she added, squatting down and setting the pumpkin down on Mavis' porch. Her legs were spread wide.

It was then that Mavis really saw what Lucy was wearing. Or wasn't wearing, for that matter. Lucy straightened right up vertically from the squatting position. Quite effortlessly and in a very sexy manner, Mavis couldn't help but noticing. Lucy set a pair of large, fluffy, brown cat ears on her head. Mavis gawked at her. Her eyes on her body.

Lucy was barely dressed. If that was an accurate means of describing it. Mavis drank her up as she looked the literally naked woman up and down. She had never seen Lucy like this. She liked Lucy like this. She wanted her. Mavis silently held back the unconventional lust she felt for Lucy. She tried to ignore the burning down below.

Lucy stood just taller than Mavis, looking down at her with a smirk. She and had a fit, slim body and she was regularly found in the gym, squatting and being sexy. Her dark, brown hair had been cut short and spiked into a sharp mess like one of those anime girls, with red highlights on the tips of some points.

Her usually green eyes were covered with yellow cat eye lenses. She had a red circle painted around each that faded into a black shadow which loomed under her brow and bled onto her cheek bones. Up her left temple was a series of sparkles, dots and stars that framed her brow and cheek. Her nose had a ring in it and was painted with a feline nose, and her lips where black with lines of painted blood coming from the corners to drip down her neck, like a sultry beast that had just fed.

Mavis' eyes trailed down Lucy's neck which had a leather black choker with spikes around it and a length of thin metal chain hanging down, between her obviously visible breasts, to her knees. Lucy's entire upper body would have been naked if it weren't for the thin, skin tight, black and totally see through fishnet top she had on. The sleeves went all the way down to where her fingers came together. Her fingers were tipped with black nail polish.

Mavis could see that Lucy's breasts were hanging fee and uncovered, as the fishnet top was cut to simply cover her arms, upper back and shoulders, and tie off at her upper chest. Pink nipples dotted Lucy's almost perfect skin. Blank only for some brown beauty spots scattered around her upper body and around her full, perfect and round breasts. A small, simple, black tattoo of a bird flew on her upper chest just below her left collar bone.

Lucy's beautiful breasts were just bigger than Mavis' ones. Lucy's flat, lean but softly padded and bare abdomen had another scattering of beauty spots. A short black chain that had little black bats on it hung from her navel, which was framed and decorated by more sparkles, dots and stars. They were littered across the right side of her abdomen.

Mavis shivered with desire and want at seeing that Lucy wore an obscenely revealing skirt, extremely low down her pelvis, the belt buckle was just on the area that should have had pubic hair. The "v" of her surprisingly awesome and toned lower abdomen absolutely plunged down and most likely ended right under the belt, and was framed on either side with two identical, diagonal, beautiful tattoos of what looked like tribal patterns. The skirt was dangerously close to revealing what lay beneath. Mavis wondered what underwear Lucy was wearing.

The skirt, if it could be called a skirt, had black lines and red squares like a flanel shirt and ended where her thighs began. Just enough to cover her privates, a fact which Mavis had to fight to be drawn from. Mavis assumed that Lucy must have been wearing at least a thong. Something bushy hung behind Lucy's legs. Probably part of the belt?

Lucy's thighs were bare until half way down, which was incidentally where the black fishnet stockings started and covered the rest of her white, delicious looking legs. A pair of face meltingly smokin' black Stilettos finished the image.

Mavis looked back up at Lucy's face which was still smirking and watching her eyes.

"You ok there Mavy, you don't want to fuck me do you?" Lucy sniggered, pretending to be nervous.

"What? No! God, Lucy what are you wearing?" Mavis, who was nervous, frowned and gently shoved Lucy as she battled the image of what Lucy was wearing out of her head, and what it made her want. She had never wanted Lucy like this. She was once again insatiably horny and dripping down her legs.

"Don't you like it?" Lucy acted hurt, putting on a pouty face that broke into a smile, all while wiggling her hips and squeezing her tits together with her arms. "Because my man don't look at me the way you lookin' at me, girl!" She licked her lips and blew Mavis a kiss before being grabbed by the arm and yanked forward into the house and out of public.

"Come in Lucy for fff- Pete's sake, there are Trick or Treaters out!" Lucy struggled at the door so she could grind against the door frame.

"Yeah, and men too!" Lucy called to a group of dressed up men across the street before Mavis took better hold of her arm and yanked her harder through the doorway into the living room. Before Mavis closed the door, a laughing Lucy stopped it with her free hand and walked back out, leaving Mavis with her eyes closed, her face in the air and letting out a long sigh.

Mavis put her hand on her forehead in irritated haste as Lucy bent over to pick up a big black gear bag that must have been hiding beside the door. Her ass was right in front of Mavis and the soft cheek pressed up against her hand as Lucy gathered her things. Mavis sheepishly kept her hand there, pretending not to notice, too nervous to try and cop a feel of something, but wanting to touch Lucy's pussy so much. Her hand was so close. Instead she went to rub a warm cheek.

Lucy stood back up quickly and gave Mavis a big smile and cheered in a loud voice.

"Can't forget the toys, now can we Mavy-Wavy." The big, bushy grey and black tail that hung from just inside the "skirt" waggled as Lucy moved past Mavis. Who at this point, wasn't surprised to see Lucy's bare ass cheeks sticking out under the skirt. So nice, perfect, firm, round and well worked out. Mavis wanted to just squeeze one. She wanted to lick one. She wanted to gnaw on one as she penetrated the sweet pussy with her fingers.

Toys? Her mind went to a certain place but she shrugged it off. Obviously not, right? Mavis closed the front door but caught a black figure in the corner of her eye just outside as the door shut and she heard Lucy give a dark, menacing chuckle behind her. Mavis turned to see the barrel of a gun right beside her temple. She shrieked as Lucy pulled back the slider that had "Glock" written on it and pointed it at Mavis' face.

"Lucy what the fuck?!" Mavis slammed her back up against the door. A new jolt of fear rattled through her at seeing the black thing just then, and now this. Lucy glared at Mavis and simply pulled the trigger.

Squirt. There was no bang. Just a lukewarm squirt which splashed Mavis' forehead just over her lace mask, right in the middle of her brow. The liquid dribbled and smelled.

"Aaww. Lighten up babe, it's just a water gun!" Lucy squirted it again at Mavis and then turned it into her own mouth. "Filled with vodka." She added with a cheeky grin before shooting herself in the mouth.

Mavis wasn't impressed.

"Oh come on Mavy it's Halloween! The most wonderful time of the year! You are supposed to get scared! Be happy it isn't jizz on your forehead!" Lucy jumped around, clapping her hands and tossed the water gun back into her toy bag. She then went for the door handle. "Unless you want me to call those guys over for some fun!"

Mavis grabbed Lucy's hand and held it between them, placing her other hand over it.

"No! No need! I'm sorry Luce, it's just been a long day and I think I'm losing my mind-" She was interrupted by Lucy who actually leaned in and licked the vodka off of her face, holding Mavis' mask aside with her fingers as her sloppy and overly intimate tongue sloshed over the frowning forehead.

Mavis' hands moved up Lucy's body and pushed her off, pushing against the beautiful breasts and feeling them crush under her hands. Mavis began laughing as Lucy dropped down on all fours, ruffing and running around Mavis like a dog, despite being dressed as a cat. She panted, sticking her tongue out and waggled her ass. Holding her hands up to her chin like paws.

"I'm actually a bit of a tipsy little doggy! Like my tail?" She smacked her own ass cheek before Mavis could answer and cracked the silence with the sound of it. Lucy let out a comical, shitty shriek and waggled more. She then squatted up and started humping Mavis' lower leg, grabbing onto her thigh and panting with a hilarious expression. Her hands moved slowly up and Mavis could have sworn that Lucy felt the slick and silky juices running down the inside of her thigh.

"Sit!" Mavis half ordered, half laughed, pointing a finger and pretending to scowl. Urgently trying to stop Lucy from fake moaning loudly as she went on bumping her pubic bone off Mavis' bare leg.

Lucy quickly sat in front of Mavis, her hands up again like paws, panting and smiling, waiting for another order. "Good girl," Mavis, who wanted to lift her witches dress up and have her pet lick her, instead patted the head of her new fwend, which made Lucy jump in delight again at Mavis. Lucy began licking Mavis' fingers and sucked on one, swirling her tongue around it and taking it all the way with a sultry look and eye brow raise. Mavis felt the warmth down low increase but pulled her hand away with a disgusted smile. Lucy must have smelled Mavis' arousal, because she began sniffing around Mavis' skirt and privates, and jammed her face into the gap between Mavis' legs covered in the dress. She was once again grinding on Mavis, and Mavis could feel a light, warm, sticky wetness rubbing on her lower leg.

"Whoa ok doggy!" Mavis jumped at the feeling and pushed Lucy's head aside, who let out a sexy yelp and crawled around behind Mavis, again sniffing. Mavis just turned and watched in glee, half tempted to try and allow the situation to become more freaky. This woman was older than her and she was uncontrollable! Lucy stopped, twitched her head as if perking her ears up and then sniffed up Mavis' legs, her head pushing her skirt up, her hands moving up too. They found her ass cheeks and squeezed them. They then pulled them apart.

Mavis felt the opening of her depths and the pulling open of her anus, Lucy's snuffling face moving up closer as she squeezed and pulled, getting a good grip. Lucy's face nearly went completely under Mavis' dress as Mavis felt the wet warmth of a tongue on the inside of her thigh, accompanied by feavered moaning, practically licking at the juices.

Before she could make more precise contact, she was stopped by her sober, aroused, moaning and pantyless friend. Mavis jumped and squirmed to get free, but that didn't stop the boystrous doggy from smacking Mavis' ass through the dress. All Mavis wanted to do was sit her ass back and let the tongue find her pretty, pantyless pussy. She didn't want Lucy to find out that she was pantyless though!

"Ok doggy, you've been drinking eh? Lets get you to the sofa and turn something on". Turn something else on. Mavis moved off after taking hold of Lucy's neck chain and pulled the crawling doggy along.

"Now what do you mean by that?" Lucy joked with a sultry grin as she rose and picked her toy bag up off the floor and strutted past Mavis into the living room.

"Can't forget the toys, they're important. Of course I have had a drink! Or five. It's Halloween and time for some fun" she smiled, looking over her shoulder at Mavis, winking and blowing a kiss. Mavis simply shook her head, smiled and followed, as Lucy smacked her own ass cheek again. Mavis barely noticed a dark shadow on the wall move after Lucy, before she moved. Mavis had to resist letting her hand touch Lucy's ass cheek again. What would it matter though? Lucy got to get a taste of Mavis!

Candles illuminated the darkness around them, set up beside the sofa on each side. The white, liquid wax dripped and dribbled down the long, thick shafts, and the orange flames were spurting up and raging at their tips. After Mavis got Lucy somewhat under control, the both of them sat with glasses of wine in front of the fire and Lucy admired the Halloween party that Mavis had prepared as they chatted a while.

Mavis had her sofa pulled up to the wide screen that hung over the fire pit and positioned a table in front of the sofa. There was a display of snacks, from chips and dipping sauce to deep fried chicken nuggets. From bowls full of broken up chocolate bars to pizzas. Decorations hung all over and the fire was ablaze. This was the perfect night in, with the sexual tension of a church full of porn stars all on the edge and ready to cum, squirt and blow their loads.

Mavis watched Lucy pick up some chips and bury them into the chilli dip. Mavis ate a chunk of chocolate that she also dipped into the chilli.

"Lucy, why in the name of God are you naked?" Mavis asked, smiling at the stupidity of the situation and the fact that she had just had to ask that. Still trying to suppress the urge to just touch her bare friend. To violently finger the fuck out of her naked work colleague. She wondered if Lucy knew, or if Lucy wanted her to. She played at the idea before hearing Lucy answer, fighting the urge to touch herself.

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