tagNonHumanHalloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

bybarbarian queen 2©

Halloween scavenger hunt. I think my list was rigged. Most of it was simple, expected. Except the last item. An incubus. I had no more idea of how to call up an incubus than I did of nuclear physics. Or even if such a thing was possible, if an incubus even existed. I saw the smirk, quickly hidden on Bill's face. Petty revenge because I wasn't interested in him. I ignored him.

We set out to gather the items on our lists. I finally had everything except the incubus. I had one idea left to try. I went to the library and started searching through the catalog on occult arcana. I found a couple of possibilities and, surprisingly, both were in the open stacks. I had about half an hour before the library closed. I skimmed through the books. Not enough time to really check, so I checked them out. I sat in my car and looked closer at the books. One seemed to be more of a history or speculation. The other had a...recipe...I guess.

I checked my car for the odds and ends one usually has. I found a piece of string, a packet of salt, and an empty plastic box. Okay. I used the string to construct a ring inside the box. I sprinkled it with salt and recited the words. I was more than a little self conscious and a lot skeptical.

A sudden flash in the box made me jump. When the puff of smoke cleared, a small figure sat in the circle.


Oh, my! "I'm sorry," I said, "I had nothing larger." I looked down at him. A perfectly proportioned mannequin, well muscled, devastatingly handsome.

His red eyes glowed and he licked his lips. FEMALE, he purred softly, DO YOU WISH PLEASURE? His voice was very seductive.

Taking a deep breath, I explained to him about the scavenger hunt and the last item on my list. I promised to release him as soon as I could. He sighed. He seemed disappointed.

VERY WELL, he said. He looked up at me. HOW...DEMONIC...SHOULD I APPEAR?

The question puzzled me. "Very," I decided, not sure what he could do.

VERY WELL. Then he changed and the creature in the circle of string was now repellent and incredibly seductive at the same time.

"Perfect," I said, a little breathless. The fanged jaws gaped in a reptilian grin. I had only a few minutes to get back. I covered the box carefully and went in to display my finds. Bill's smirk was more evident. It vanished when I uncovered the box. Everyone crowded around to see the creature.


The men pulled their wives and girlfriends back. Bill looked cheated and angry. I continued to ignore him. The party soon broke up. I took the box with the little demon in it and went back to my car. I set it down on the hood and was reaching inside for the book to release the incubus as I had promised when I was grabbed and pushed against my car.

"Bitch!" snarled Bill. I kicked and struggled. He shoved the box off the car and stamped on it, crushing it.

"No!" I cried. I pulled away and went to my knees. The bits of plastic were scattered, the string laying among them. There was no trace of the small incubus. I was expecting to see his crushed body among the debris. Bill grabbed a handful of my hair. He jerked my head back as he fumbled at this belt with his other hand.

"You can start with sucking me off, bitch," he sneered.

NO. I was very still. The form that rose up behind Bill was over seven feet tall and massively muscled. Fire red eyes glowed and the fanged jaws gaped. RELEASE THE FEMALE. Bill let go of my hair and stumbled back. A hiss of amusement from the huge incubus. He gestured. Another appeared, obviously female. She asked a question. The incubus nodded. The succubus took Bill's hand and led him, unresisting, into the darkness. The incubus shimmered and was suddenly less demonic looking.

"I thought he'd killed you," I whispered. He knelt beside me and touched the shards of plastic.


I was trembling. His soft, seductive voice was hypnotizing me. "What now?" I whispered.

NOW YOU MUST KEEP ME. He stood up and helped me up. TAKE ME TO YOUR DWELLING.

I gestured at the car. We got in and I drove home. Once inside the house, I looked at him again. Even having seen him as a demon, he was attractive. And his penis was huge, even flaccid.


I was trembling again. I hadn't had anyone for a long time. Standing in the middle of the living room, I stripped. His penis surged erect. I touched it with my fingertips. Hot. Softness over steel. He stood very still as it explored him. Then I knelt before him and touched the tip with my tongue. He tasted of fire and passion. I licked the tip again. Then I kissed it, feeling the burning flesh against my lips. I licked and kissed the thick shaft. His testicles were very large and firm. I licked and sucked on them, savoring his unique, hot taste. I could feel his muscles tense as I again licked and kissed the shaft. There was a small drop of fluid at the tip. I licked it away and tried to take him in my mouth. I finally managed to enclose his glans in my mouth. My tongue teased it as I sucked.

A soft hiss of pleasure and he climaxed, spurting the fiery fluid into my throat. I swallowed quickly again and again. His climax lasted a long time and I managed to swallow all of his ejaculate. The taste aroused me. My nipples hardened and I felt the moisture between my thighs. I liked the tip again when his climax ended. His ruby eyes flowed with pleasure and promise.

He lifted me in his arms and carried me to my bed. He laid me down and kissed my throat. His lips made me quiver. I tried to hold him but he took my wrists and held my arms at my sides. His kisses went from my throat to my breasts. I arched up to him. The more he kissed and teased my nipples, the more I wanted. Each touch sent shivers of pleasure through my body. His attention to my breasts aroused me more. Then he kissed his way down my body, over my stomach to my clitoris. He gently licked and kissed it.

The pleasure was too much. My hips undulated under his lips and I climaxed. His mouth and tongue moved to my vagina, taking the flowing fluids, stimulating me more. He kissed my inner thigh. I was trembling, gasping, my vaginal muscles still contracting. He pushed the hot tip of his penis against me. He began to stretch me wider as the huge glans pushed into me. He was burning hot. He stretched me wider and wider. I moaned softly as he began to hurt. The glans finally pushed completely in me. I jerked and gasped. The huge, hot knob of flesh felt like a fist in me.

He paused until I caught my breath. He began pressing into me again. The huge shaft inched deeper and deeper. I had never been so full before. He hurt me, yet the pain sent shivers of pleasure through me. I felt him push against my cervix. His heat kept me aroused, but I was no longer sure I could take all of him. And I wanted to. He pushed deeper. The enormous penis seemed to expand to stretch me wider as it shortened to fit all the way in. I was moaning. His slow penetration was sweet torture and I was aroused beyond belief.

NOW I SHALL PLEASURE YOU, he whispered. He pulled back and then thrust forward, hard. I arched up to his thrust. The burning friction sent wave after wave of pleasure through me. Then he did it again. And again. I felt the pleasure building higher and higher. My orgasm ripped through me. I arched and convulsed, the huge hardness still pumping in me as the spasms intensified, peaked, and finally began to ease. The constant friction of his enormous penis moving in me kept me constantly quivering. The pleasure built again until my orgasm again burst. He thrust harder into me and I felt him swell and pulse as he climaxed with me. His fiery ejaculate pulsed deep into me. The fiery flood made me spasm harder until the convulsions were almost painful. His burning fluid filled me to overflowing. I was now limp and quivering. His body was heavy on me and I savored the feel of his hot flesh against me.


"Oh yes," I breathed. His huge penis pulsed in me, making me tremble. He again began thrusting into me, taking me to incredible pleasure that peaked in ecstasy. I writhed and convulsed in constant orgasm, the spasms intesifying with the fiery ejaculate he poured into me again and again. I was drunk with the pleasure of him, and I wanted him to continue and never stop. Eventually, he eased out of my spasming body. I think I slept, or maybe I was unconscious.

When I woke up, it was daylight. My body ached and felt so completely sated that I did not want to move. A soft touch on my breast. I sighed pleasure.

"I have never had such pleasure," I said softly. Another soft touch on my breast.

YOU ARE STRONG, FEMALE, he said softly, I DO NOT USUALLY HAVE AN ENTIRE NIGHT. He leaned down to kiss my breast. I arched up to his lips. AGAIN? he asked.

My answer was to reach for him. As he moved over me, his penis surged to its massive fullness. "Please," I whispered, trembling a little at what I was going to ask, "please, all of you at once." His ruby eyes flared. He pushed the hot tip against me. "Please," I whispered again. He plunged forward, forcing his entire massive erection completely into me in a single, savage thrust. I arched and screamed in pain even as I felt pleasure. He hissed in pleasure as I contracted around his thick, hard penis. He thrust again, hard and deep. I was writhing under him, wanting the sweet pain of him in me again and again. He took me again to intense, constant orgasm, pulsing his fiery seed deep into me again and again. It was late afternoon when he finally eased out of my convulsing body. I sighed and slept again. When I finally woke up, I was cradled in his arms and laying against his muscular chest.

FEMALE, he said softly.



I sighed. "We think of you as...evil...I guess. We are taught that to enjoy what we did is somehow wrong." I shrugged. "I could never quite believe that." He held me tighter. "I promised to set you free, to send you back," I said softly. "Is there any way I can keep my promise to you?"


"I'm sorry!"

DO NOT FRET, FEMALE. I LIKE GIVING YOU PLEASURE. He stroked my back lightly, making me quiver against him. YOU ENJOY IT SO. He sounded amused. I HAVE MANY WAYS TO SHOW YOU. He laid me back on the bed. And then he changed into the huge, fanged shape that frightened Bill. His huge penis was now ridged and knotted with muscle. I trembled a bit. The red eyes narrowed a bit. DO YOU FEAR?

"No," I whispered, "I...anticipate.

He hissed with laughter. GOOD. He lifted me up and held me over his monstrous penis. Then he lowered me on it. I moaned as he stretched me wider and wider, my weight slowly impaling me on him. Inch by rough inch, he slid into me. My back arched and I throbbed with orgasm. He held me still until the spasms eased. Then he began pushing me down, slowly, insistently until I was totally impaled. He stood up and the movement jolted him deeper. He held my hands behind my back and my legs hung down. His steely shaft supported my entire weight and filled me so much I thought I would split. He pulled on my arms just enough to force my hips tight against him. I moaned and orgasmed again, convulsing hard around the immense erection buried deep in me. He arched my back a bit more, causing my breasts to thrust upwards. He began licking them, grazing the sensitive nipples with his fangs.

I was writhing in his grip, impaled on his monstrous penis, pleasure rippling through me from my breasts and my incredibly filled vagina. I climaxed again. He didn't stop stimulating my breasts. The pleasure grew and grew and my orgasms went on and on. Suddenly, he jerked against me. His massive penis swelled even thicker as he climaxed, hissing in pleasure, pouring rivers of fiery ejaculate deep into me, filling me. He eased me off his rampant penis and laid my trembling body on the bed. Then he changed again. Huge, black feathered wings flared wide. He was now inhumanly beautiful. A fallen angel. He moved over me, poised to enter me. Then he plunged hard and deep, forcing his entire, massively huge penis into me in a single savage thrust. I arched and screamed. The exquisite pain and pleasure poured through me. He thrust hard and deep, again and again. I was writhing under him and then I convulsed in orgasm, thrashing with intense spasms fueled by the huge hard penis pounding deep in me. The spasms went on and on until he climaxed again, pouring his burning seed into me.

I was limp, quivering with the echoes with the intense orgasm. He changed again and eased out of me. Something shivered in the air next to us. The female, the succubus, appeared. She said something and held out her hand. The incubus reached out. She put shards of plastic and a piece of string in his hand. Then she disappeared.

"It's the focus, isn't it," I asked softly. He nodded. I touched the shards with a finger. "Perhaps I can put it back together," I whispered. His eyes flared briefly. I sighed. I had promised. I got up and found some glue. Carefully, bit by bit, I rebuilt the plastic box. The succubus had indeed found all of the pieces. When it was finished, I got the book out of the car. I found the part that released him. I still held the piece of string. I got some salt. "I will miss you," I whispered. I put the string in the box and sprinkled the salt. Suddenly, he was small again. I held out my hand. He stepped into my palm. I held my hand over the box. I felt a tiny kiss on the palm of my hand, then he dropped into the circle of string. I spoke the words that released him. A flash of light, a puff of smoke, and he was gone. "Goodbye," I whispered. I tore the pages from the book and burned them to ash. I crumbled the ash to fine powder and blew it into the wind. I crushed the box. Then I lay on my bed and wept.


WHY DOE SHE WEEP, BROTHER? Asked the succubus.





I finally slept and dreamed of glowing ruby eyes and intense, exquisite pleasure. I woke to a new week. I showered, trembling, missing his touch. I went to work, quiet, distracted. Bill came in looking drawn and haggard. He left me strictly alone, for which I was very grateful. I returned the books to the library and said nothing about the pages I destroyed. My life resumed its uneventful course. Sometimes I almost wished I had kept the pages, I missed his touch so much. November came and went. December. Winter solstice.

I found a small package on my desk, wrapped in fire red foil. I opened it. Inside was a large ruby pendant. I held it up to the light. It was almost like a window. I saw the incubus in the depths of the jewel. He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. I put it on. The jewel was warm against my breast. Somehow, he had sent this to me. I felt a little better, not so...alone.

That night, I fell asleep holding the gem close to my heart. The dreams were especially vivid that night. I awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, weeping. The hollow feeling of loss was almost overwhelming. I curled up in my bed clutching the glowing ruby and wept. A soft touch on my shoulder. I jumped, startled, and twisted away. I turned, wide eyed, tears on my cheeks.



He smiled and touched the ruby. A SPECIAL FOCUS, he said as he leaned over me. I held out my arms to him. He leapt on me and thrust hard into me.

"YES!" I screamed as he forced his massive penis completely into me. His thrusts were hard, fast, and deep. I was writhing under him, my orgasm convulsing around the huge, hard penis as he pulsed his fiery ejaculate into me. I was quivering, aroused. He eased out of me.


I smiled at him. "Yes," I replied softly. He took my wrists and tied them to the top corners of my bed. Then he tied my ankles. His ruby eyes blazed. He began touching me softly, teasing my breasts, down over my stomach to my clitoris. Back and forth, rubbing, stimulating. I was soon moaning and writhing. He was taking me to the edge of climax, and he held me there until I was begging for release.

AH, FEMALE, he said softly, NOT YET.

I groaned, trembling, aroused, wanting as he kept stimulating me. He alternated soft caresses with sharp bites to my nipples and pinches to my clitoris. He had me thrashing, moaning, aroused. When he finally moved over me, his penis had swelled beyond what I had accommodated before. He pushed the burning glans against me. He was going to hurt me, yet I wanted him. I raised my hips to him. He kept pushing until the huge knob of burning flesh had entered me. I was quivering, moaning, shivers of pain-laced pleasure running through me. Inch by inch, he pushed into me until he was completely in me. I thrashed and convulsed in orgasm, my body rigid with intense spasms that caressed the monstrous erection in me. He began thrusting hard and deep. My climax did not abate, it could not as he kept stimulating me to greater heights with his hard thrusts. His burning climax poured into me. Through the night, he thrust into me, pouring his fire deep into me again and again. He finally allowed my climax to ease as he slowly withdrew from me. I was shuddering with intense ecstasy as my orgasm finally faded. He released me and I sighed and slept. I awoke in his arms.


"Incubus," I said softly, "I would have you stay and take your pleasure of me, giving me pleasure, as long as I live."


"Oh, yes!" I said, holding him tight. He rolled over and thrust into me. I arched up to him. He happily thrust deep into me for hours as I orgasmed on and on.

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After four or five centuries, it may even learn her name. (These humans normally live such brief, ephemeral lives, it really isn’t worth the bother...)

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I love a good love story!

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