tagIllustratedHalloween Sexy Nurse Oblivious

Halloween Sexy Nurse Oblivious


We had known each other for a few years, the nude beach, the swinger clubs, as well as a few parties. They knew we didn't really swap much or anything like that but we soon became fast friends. It was clear from the start John wanted Chrissy, my wife is perfect, blonde big tits, long legs, while his wife Diane was overweight and not very attractive. John wasn't a bad looking guy at all in-fact Chrissy was attracted to him enough to where A swap could have been possible if it weren't for Diane. They were great people her laugh was hearty and he had a heart of gold and they had been married over 30 years. Diane was more active in the lifestyle then john she was very bisexual and had a thing for BBC. It was amazing that she could get so many men and women to be with her and John could not. Diane would have also done Chrissy in a minute if she could who wouldn't. Even though Chrissy is only situationally bisexual she would have no interest in Diane.

At the nude beach or at swinger parties John could get a little aggressive with Chrissy but I didn't mind, she didn't mind in fact she barely noticed. She loved to flirt but didn't realize the power and sexuality her flirting caused. John would grab at her ass or tits here or there but being a public beach you could easily get arrested. If we were at a bar he would be more aggressive, grinding her, or sliding his hand up her skirt, being polite she never stopped him, but he always stopped himself. Diane didn't mind she was doing so serious flirting of her own, and by serious she was always hooking up. Our favorite swinger club, a BYOB above a strip club with on premises sex, was closed indefinitely so we didn't see them as offer as we would like. They were nice people, didn't expect anything and we enjoyed each other's company.

Chrissy and I love to attend hotel takeovers because it was an entire hotel of likeminded people. You could dress as sleazy as you want, or even just be naked. Sex was acceptable in just about every area, but the main rules was you need consent from anyone you want to fuck, no pictures , and men are never supposed to be alone, they wanted couples only . We had a lot of fun at a few, but it was missing the element of a companionship without expectations. No matter what people say when you approach a couple if they are hanging with you they are expecting something. As you could expect with Chrissy oozing sexuality everyone was our friend. We were so excited to see John and Diane were attending the Halloween takeover.

We ran into them in the lobby as they were checking in and we decided to go to dinner together across the street. John seemed a little drunk which was unusual because he was the type that you could never tell he was even buzzed. He was all over Chrissy as usual, she looked hot as usual but in this environment she

was just smoking hot in a revealing short dress with plenty of cleavage. John's hands were roaming but somehow this time was different, especially because Diane looked a little upset about it. We went to a quick dinner and noticed John had ordered 2 drinks from the start and was really trying you pushing drinks on us. The conversation was always sexual and Chrissy was always the focus of the commentary, but it was all very normal for us.

The main part of the early festivities were about to start and of you didn't get there early you were standing.

Chrissy was dressed as a sexy nurse and man did she look good, and me as a doctor we both looked hot. That being said Chrissy was to fawn over. She has the short zipper down nurse outfit a, very sexy red lace bra, white stockings and white go boots. With the zipper down to bra level her huge 36 DD tits were on display, with the bra really earning its keep. We couldn't walk ten feet without being stopped by couples, but everyone was always polite. We got a table in the far corner it was packed and John asked us to save them seats. I was feeling very light headed for some reason, I'm not a huge drinker but this was a different feeling, but the night was young. John and Diane finally came, bearing 4 drinks, and Diane the same so 8 drinks total. It was strange but I don't ever remember Diane drinking before. John was really drunk by now and Diane was back in her high spirits. He flipped me a fifty and asked me to get more drinks before the line got long, which was a good idea. It was so packed you can barely move, see or hear anything. I looked back before I left and noticed John and Diane sat one either side of Chrissy instead of together. What I didn't notice, was Diane slipping something into our drinks.

As soon as I left john was all over Chrissy, kissing her neck a little, sliding his hand up her uniform all the way to her pussy. He kept playfully zipping her zipper all the way down and back and there was no alarm on Chrissy's part John was being John and Chrissy was pretty drunk herself. At some point Chrissy found the will to stop him thinking he was disrespecting Diane. She looked over to Diane with a look of I'm sorry, and can you help me stop him. Everyone was so preoccupied by now and after all it was a swinger party so it seemed all normal. Diane broke off the conversation she was having and leaned in toward Chrissy but to her surprise she slid her hand up the other leg, and kissing her neck. Chrissy was really feeling no pain by now so the longer she let it go on the longer the horny couple felt they had license to maul Chrissy's body. John was all up in Chrissy's pussy over the G-string, and Diane was working her tits and I was nowhere to be found. But still Chrissy was kind of out if it and never stopped them. Finally John pulled his fingers out of her pussy and took a sniff and a taste. That was it for him, he had to have her and Diane was more than willing to help.

I must have been drugged or something because I woke up in our room some hours later Chrissy nowhere in sight. I looked around and called out for her, but I just passed out again. I was not concerned because she was with trusted friends, she was fine. Boy was I ever wrong, the combination of Chrissy and her hot sexy body as a hot sexy nurse, the alcohol, and a little jealousy to add Chrissy was far from fine. In fact she was being held against her will by our so called friends but blissfully unaware at the time. We didn't ever ask their room number, so we did not know where they were, or that they actually had a suite.

Chrissy was wondering where I was, so John and Diane decided to help her look for me, so they said. They walked around downstairs, by the pool, the common area and all along they knew I wasn't there. Knowing that Chrissy was getting woozier by the minutes they marched upstairs. They were on their way to our room to look for me there but stopped at John and Diane suite first on the guise that Diane left her cell phone there. Once in the room Chrissy did not see the cameras set up. They were tiny and placed all around the rooms. As Diane fumbled around pretending to look for her cell phone john sat next to Chrissy on the bed and started his slow assault on her body again. First a friendly hug and small talk of how they missed her, he started up her leg and so forth, all the time Chrissy was just talking as though nothing was going on. Once there was sufficient video of Chrissy's compliance Diane came over and she started to kiss her on the neck, and fondled her tits all in an attempt of trying to turn Chrissy on so they can have a consensual threesome. Diane was indeed getting a little tired of John fawning over Chrissy. The combination of that, and the guilt that john never gets any and she does, Diane devised this plan. Diane knew I wasn't attracted to her, she figured if she got Chrissy alone with them, and a little drunk John could work his magic hands, and she would be so horny it would happen. So they continued their assault getting bolder, John started unzipping the front of her uniform as Diane took off her own top. When Chrissy didn't stop that, Diane pulled Chrissy's huge tits out of that lacy bra, and slowly nibbled on them.

Chrissy on her own placed her hands on Diane's tits and started to fondle them more in an attempt to just see what the felt like. For Diane this was the perfect situation because in her mind it was further proof that this was consensual on Chrissy's part. As john was slowly starting pulling down Chrissy's G string Chrissy finally protested because I wasn't there. Never missing a beat Diane kept the assault up on Chrissy's tits but john stopped to tell Chrissy I was having threesome of my own, and this was his idea to finally loosen you up. Even though it wasn't true John didn't care, he wanted Chrissy from the first time he laid eyes on her and he was going to finally have her one way or another. So John slowly started to slide the g string down a little further until it was down at her ankles. Chrissy did not stop him nor did she stop Diane when she unhooked her bra and took it off completely. Now all she had on was the unzipped uniform and her white boots with her g string at her ankles. What Chrissy didn't know at the time was John and Diane had spiked our drinks with a drug called Versed. The drug Versed is used mostly in the operating room as a sedative and hypnotic. It basically made you feel woozy, but takes away all memory. People can feel pain and even move during surgery I see that because I work in the operating room. However after surgery they have no memory of moving or waking up or feeling that pain. For John and Diane, there use of the drug for their purpose was more sinister. They didn't want Chrissy to remember any of what happened to her tonight. They were going to use her for their pleasure. John planned on fucking all three holes at least once, and Diane planned on having her pussy and ass licked and getting a taste herself of Chrissy's juicy pussy. For good measure, for their future pleasure as well as a safety net, they filmed the entire thing. This way Chrissy cannot cry rape, and definite wouldn't tell me. They also figured they may be able to use this to have more sex with Chrissy in the future but as for now here they were.

Diane decided before hand it was better to get the oral action in case Chrissy passed out. Diane removed her pants and hiked up her skirt as john was working Chrissy's pussy and kissing her neck. Chrissy was clearly enjoying it the attention and her body was responding normally to the stimulation. Without the Versed in her system, I'm sure she would have left by now. John used this moment to slowly guide Chrissy's face toward Diane pussy. Chrissy pushed back a little but John was now slightly fingering her pussy, and Diane took over assuring her they would both like it. John was a master at getting girls to squirt he used to brag and believed him. So when he started working Chrissy's pussy full tilt and starting hitting her g spot, Chrissy responded but licking and sucking Diane's pussy at a feverish rate.

Considering the situation, it didn't take long for Diane to explode all over Chrissy's face. Chrissy was in ecstasy of her own, but when Diane came on her face she came slightly back to reality. Diane quickly jumper into action kissing her neck, lips and fondling her tits Chrissy's body went back to her blissful state with her orgasm building. John knew if he made her explode like all the other women he had before, he would have great measure of leverage over Chrissy. That thought barely crossed his mind when Chrissy bucked a few times and shot a load of her own cum all over John's hand. Diane went back to lovingly caressing Chrissy's body as John released he monster hard on from his costume. Chrissy saw it and figured what he wanted but she wasn't planning on cheating on me.

That's when Diane guided her to her knees as john stood over her, reminded her what I was doing, and for good measure made Chrissy feel she owed John for the fantastic orgasm she just had. All of that information was hard to process for Chrissy, however that, and the effects of the drugs Chrissy willingly took johns cock in her hand and started stoking it. Once she did that John gave a little sigh and Diane was in the background pumping her fist. There was no turning back now for Chrissy and they didn't even need force to do it. Chrissy had seen johns cock many times at the beach, but never stiff and about to explode. It was thinner then she liked and a bit small for a man well over six feet so she had no trouble taking the shaft down all the way to his balls. Not realizing she was the star of their sick porno she wanted to make John crazy with lust every time he saw her from now on. Diane was in the back of Chrissy rubbing her tits, pinching her nipples and encouraging her to perform, and perform she did. Once she got into it she was a machine, taking him deep, licking his balls, his shaft and grabbing his ass. She cradled his balls while she was licking the tip of his cock in a circular manner. John was about to explode and Diane knew it, so she grabbed Chrissy by the head and guided her mouth over his cock and with johns thrusts quickening, he exploded down her throat. From past experiences the woman usually pulls away but Chrissy kept sucking until he was dry as a bone. John lifted Chrissy up as Diane was mauling her mouth with her lounge, but Chrissy didn't like that.

Diane stopped as John laid Chrissy on the bed and gently spread her legs. He played with her pussy as Diane put a blindfold on her. Chrissy was resistant but Diane was insistence and Chrissy pussy was already starting to respond. Something about the loss of sight seemed to heighten women's sexual gratification. However Diane and Johns real reason for putting it on was so Diane, and not jack can lick Chrissy to orgasm. Diane was a true bisexual so she knew her ways around a woman's pussy and it showed on Chrissy's face. Diane was slow, then fast, hard then soft, she blew hot air and it was driving Chrissy crazy. Also it was driving john crazy to watch his wife licking my wife into climax. Chrissy was not bisexual at all, but was hot as hell and Diane wanted to prove her wrong.

As Chrissy's orgasm started to build john positioned himself on top of Chrissy and started to fuck her tits. Chrissy soon realized even in her drug induced stupor that it was Diane who was licking her not john. She took off the blindfold and to her horror she was right, but in the heat of the moment she didn't care, it felt good and she wasn't going to stop her. Just like expected Chrissy bucked a few times again and creamed all over Diane's face, but Diane didn't stop. Chrissy always needed time to recover but with john pounding her tits and Diane's talent she started to feel good again. Sensing her victory but not taking the time to relish in it, Diane and john changed places. Before Chrissy knew it John was fucking her pussy and Diane was on top of her doing something and Chrissy decided to go with it.

All the time the cameras were rolling capturing everything from many different angles. John and the medication were filling Chrissy with pleasure she hadn't noticed that Diane had actually positioned her pussy on Chrissy's face and when she asked her to lick Diane cleverly slid down so her ass was being licked not her pussy. Chrissy tried to buck her off but Diane was way too heavy and John was fucking her sense less. So once again Chrissy just went with it and rimmed her ass. Diane as I said earlier had a way with the ladies so she started working Chrissy's now sensitive nipples and with johns pounding, and her need to get Diane off her face, Chrissy started licking Diane in frenzy. Diane now left Chrissy's tits and started rubbing her own clit hard and fast, and John was trying to hold out until Diane came.

What a scene my sexy wife being fucked on her back and licking a woman's ass. It's been said it only happens in the movies (porn movies) Diane was rubbing feverishly, John pumping away and Chrissy licking as hard and deep as she could. First Diane exploded in a puddle on Chrissy's face, Chrissy bucked again and when John exploded into her pussy she started bucking like a bronco and expelled her third orgasm. Since they all finished at the same time, it was up to Diane to keep the momentum going. As Chrissy lie on the bed covered in Diane's juices, Johns and her own cum and sweat, Diane came over with a box of toys. Chrissy had enough and tried to get up and gain control of the situation but just as it started, both john and Diane slowly assaulted Chrissy's body. She was going nowhere because there was one last hole to conquer and John needed little time to recover. Diane gently stoked her hair messages her tits, and slowly went down to her pussy and for the minute that calmed her down. I'm sure the Viagra helped but I know how sexy my wife is I can understand how John was rock hard in a minute.

Diane helped Chrissy up on all fours, lubed up one of her ass toys and handed it to John. Chrissy responded when Diane started to lick her ass and I'm sure at the time she thought Diane was just returning the favor from before , and expected johns cock in her mouth again . It felt good, so there was little protest from Chrissy when jack put the vibrator on her hole and solely plunged it in. Diane was fondling Chrissy's hanging tits as she rubbed her own tits in Chrissy's face hoping she would lick them. Chrissy could see the progression of ass toys next to john. Realizing it was getting late john skipped the next dildo and slowly slipped his cock in Chrissy's ass with a pop and a buck from Chrissy that was it. She tried to fight it but it was too late. Now Diane stuck her tits in Chrissy's face and told her to lick as she pinched Chrissy's nipples really hard now, the game had changed it was getting rough. John felt something he didn't expect, as Chrissy was actually fucking him back hard and fast deeper and deeper until he exploded into her loins .John started to slow down but Chrissy kept fucking so John had no choice but to keep pumping her ass. So I picture this is my mind; My sexy blonde wife getting fucked in the ass by one of my friends, wildly responding to the pinching of her nipples and biting and mauling Diane's tits with her mouth and tongue. As the pleasure was building in Chrissy, John was getting tired, Diane slipped away and Chrissy in her ecstasy barely noticed. Then in a split second they switched places simultaneously john shoved a gag in Chrissy mouth and Diane shoved her finger in Chrissy's ass and then

, One of her biggest black strap on dongs into Chrissy's ass. Chrissy screamed into her gag at the immediate pain, but she once again surprised everyone but fucking Diane back. Then one last pump and Chrissy exploded in orgasm and her body was wildly convulsing as though she was electrocuted. Chrissy loved to get fucked in the ass. I could only imagine John thinking, what a dream girl she was and how lucky I was

Chrissy was spent all over just laid there covered in everyone's juices especially her own. The reason Diane shoved her finger in Chrissy's ass before the strap on was to insert one more dose of Versed. Diane helped Chrissy get dressed back into her costume without cleaning her up. John and Diane took Chrissy and guided her toward her room, a few people walked passed but everyone just kept to themselves. They opened door to our hotel room with chrissys key,

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