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Halloween Story


I don’t know how I let myself get talked into coming to this Halloween disco, my mate is hold up in a dark corner with some blokes hand inside her knickers and I am not showing any chance of being picked up tonight so I might as well head off home.

God I need a man bad I have not had any sex in months unless you can call my dildo a sex partner, I was just going out the door when I smelt it, I could feel a wet patch forming in between my legs only one thing could send such a surge of lust through my body! Leather!

Were the hell was it coming from as I turned I saw him a vision of pure sex long black hair a body to die for and dressed head to toe in shiny black leather, Looking into my eyes he said want a drink babe, Sitting at the bar I looked at his hands imaging them roaming over my body, could feel his mouth licking away the wetness between my legs,

I couldn’t hold back any longer, looking into his face I heard the words leave my lips take me home and fuck me now, without a word he took my hand and lead me out of the pub.

Soon we were stood in my bedroom I felt a short twinge of embarrassment when I noticed my dildo sat on my bedside cupboard but it soon passed as his mouth closed over mine,

His hands reaching behind me pulling down the zip on my dress it slowly slid down my body as his fingers unclipped my bra and his mouth found my breast his tongue licking at my nipple,

I pulled at his clothes till he was left in only those tight leather pants, my fingers pulling on the zip my hand seeking out the delights it held inside pushing down his pants his cock sprung out

A moment of panic as I took in the sight of it my god that’s is not a cock that is a deadly weapon it was enormous long and thick, I had never seen anything in my life like it and tonight it was all mine,

Our mouths locked together we fell on to the bed, I kissed his face and moved down kissing and licking his body as I went, pulling his nipple into my mouth gently biting it and teasing it with the tip of my tongue,

Letting my mouth and hands wonder down his body seeking out my goal I heard him groan as my tongue flicked lightly over his balls sucking them into my mouth running my tongue up his long thick shaft I could feel it pulsate as my mouth sought out the head running my tongue around the ridge under the head pushing it into the little hole in the end,

I could taste his juices leaking out, pulling it deep inside my mouth licking sucking biting teasing his body I heard him moan as his body shuddered tasted his hot thick cum deep in my throat,

I carried on licking and sucking every last drop out of him, pushing me on to my back he resumed his place at my breast biting at my nipples running his tongue backwards and forwards over them driving my body insane with lust,

I felt his mouth leave my breast and move slowly down my body kissing and licking as it went felt his hands pulling my knickers with him as he moved down my legs,

Pushing my legs apart he began his journey back licking and kissing all the way up the insides of my now very well spread legs, his hand exploring he pushed a finger inside moving it round and around in and out at the same time his tongue was lightly teasing my clit forcing my body against his finger I begged him to put more in

Instead he pulled it out and I felt the soft wetness of his tongue as it pushed its way inside me, burying his face into me he started sucking me into his mouth I could feel my love juices flooding out of me as I pushed my body into his mouth heard myself scream felt the tremors as an orgasm exploded inside me.

Moving up the bed he said can I tie you up, by now I was so eager to have his cock in me I would have agreed to anything so I let him tie my hands to the top of the bed pushing my legs apart he told me to bend my knees then tied each leg to the sides of the bed,

I was wide open and totally at his mercy kneeling over me he pushed his cock into my mouth forcing it in deep and just as I thought I would choke pulling it out he carried on fucking my mouth till he suddenly pulled away and shot his cum over my breasts,

He moved his head between my legs and began lapping at me pushing his tongue inside my cunt my fear of being at his mercy went as the lust took over, moving his head away he pushed a finger in then two soon I could feel all his fingers in me could hear the wetness as they pushed deep inside,

Leaning across he took my dildo flicking the switch it sprung into life he pushed it into my arse I heard myself scream as he fucked my arse with 10ins of hard plastic while his fingers where being pushed in and out my cunt,

Leaving the dildo buried in my arse he pulled his fingers out covering my mouth with his he rammed his enormous rock hard cock into my cunt slamming it home my insides felt like they were being ripped apart as the pain subsided I thought I would go crazy

The feeling of a enormous cock fucking me and the vibration from the dildo fucking my arse was unbelievable he carried on slamming his cock into me over and over till my whole body shook as orgasm after orgasm rushed through me felt his nails drawing blood as he clawed at my body while his body stiffened I felt load after load of hot sticky cum pumping into me,

Pulling his cock out he removed the dildo and untied me looking at him I could see that his cock had grown stiff again God this is not a man he is a animal he told me to turn over and get on all fours! I am right he is an animal now he wants it doggy style but I am not going to turn it down like I said it has been a long time since I had a fuck so I going to take all the cock he can give,

Kneeling behind me I felt him pushing that wonderful cock into me slamming it in over and over his massive balls hitting the backs of my legs as he rammed into my hot wet cunt his moans matching mine he feels the contractions in my cunt as an almighty explosion rips through me I feel his cock pulsating his cum pumping out to mix with mine,

Still he was not finished wrapping his arms around me and I feel his hard cock push into my arse sliding his cock in and out gathering speed he slam fucks my arse till I feel his body jerking as he pumps his load into me,

Suddenly the bedroom door opens and I scream as I see a group of men stood there putting his hand over my mouth he says don’t worry it just some friends of mine come to join in the fun pushing me back he ram’s his cock into my mouth to stop me screaming I can see the men removing their clothes two off them hold me down while others pull my legs apart the ones holding my arms lean over and suck at my breasts I can feel fingers being pushed into my cunt more being pushed into my arse he is still slowly fucking my mouth,

He pulls his cock out my mouth and it is replaced by a hand I am being pulled off the bed a man with a cock even bigger lays on the bed and I am forced on to him I feel his cock inside me as another man puts his cock in my mouth I am pushed forward and feel another cock probing at my arse then it is rammed into me two more men start sucking on my nipples hands all over groping me I feel a finger rubbing my clit

They are fucking my cunt my arse and my mouth slamming into me over and over the panting in the room growing louder and louder as they fucked and fucked me one after another the orgasms flooded my body as each man’s cum left his body someone else took his place,

I felt them all get off me and stand round the bed they looked like a pack of wolves they moved back and allowed him through he moved towards me and pushed his cock in my mouth they all stood round I could see that they were all masturbating as they watched him fucking my mouth his body stiffened he let out a howl as his cum hit the back of my throat I felt the cum of the others hitting my body

He moved down between my legs the others moved forward and took hold of my arms and legs holding them apart as his head moved down he stopped and looked at me my whole body froze the light of the full moon shining on them I could see the hair growing on their bodies he smiled at me and I could see the fangs forming

As his head moved down in between my legs I heard him say now I am going to eat you babe.

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