tagErotic HorrorHalloween - The Taker

Halloween - The Taker


The big Ford's engine rumbled sweetly, almost effortlessly pushing the SVU along at a needle-flick below the regulation 55. The air it was carving through was still hot; hot, dry and dusty - though it would be much colder, bitingly so, before this journey was done. But what air there was inside not only had a faint, acrid tang of something mixed with an odd body odour, but was even hotter.

The man; tall, well-built and craggily good-looking, hummed and chatted to himself - and to the vehicle, though from what he said it would have been difficult to sometimes know which was which.

'Well old friend, here we go again - that special trip. Let's hope that this year is as good as the last. That really was something, wasn't it! Truly a trip to remember!' he added with a deep throated chuckle.

Even as his eyes continued scanning the all but empty road before, after and all around him his mind was replaying some of the people and events that had made it so good. The images were as sharp, the voices as clear, and the sensation of the pleasures he'd felt were just as intense as they had been that previous Halloween.

The fact that on this one night of the year people of all ages seemed to set out to play the fool made his life so much easier - though occasionally he admitted the lack of challenge took a little of the edge off the overall excitement. But, he also admitted, that was more than adequately compensated for by the numbers who, on this particular night, seemed all too eager to make themselves available.

The first had been those two muddy blondes who had almost fallen over themselves to bet him that he couldn't fuck the pair of them to a standstill. The look of exhausted amazement on their faces a mere hour or so later proved he'd certainly done that - then of course he took them. Then there was that boy - although he'd protested that he was well over the minimum age limit, he doubted it, but what the hell, he was begging for it, so he gave it - then he took him too.

But the highlight had been that party, and even twelve months later - and after many, many other truly memorable events - he admitted that although it had meant coping with the viciousness of the cold night air, even allowing for that, it had been one well worth remembering.

He'd met the woman in a bar a short way down the street from the one in which he'd met the boy, just a bar he'd picked at random from the others in the area. Even when he'd first walked in from the cold his senses had prickled, alerting him that there was someone special there. Then, because the place was so crowded it had taken him a little longer than usual to find her, but once he had, he moved in. He felt quite sure that many men would have found her attractive; not too tall, neither too skinny nor fat, and with large, soft brown eyes that gleamed with a hint of unspoken promises. But it was the inner characteristics that he'd sensed; unlike the earlier three she had honestly, integrity and, in these times that all too rarely found human quality, pure unalloyed goodness.

Even he, no respecter of the usual niceties, had decided she was not a woman to be taken in dark corners or out the back, in the alley. He'd known she would be so much more cooperatively responsive when taken in more appropriate surroundings, and, he'd anticipated, the effect of the final outcome all the more satisfyingly remarkable. So, using every single tool in his considerable armoury of charms, and recalling the techniques he'd often needed to use in more distant times and places, he'd wooed her; gently, patiently, unobtrusively infiltrating her none too strong line of personal defences.

Some time later she'd mentioned the party, and the yearningly inviting look she gave him as she suggested he might like to go on there with her told him that he had already won her. So, although it meant braving the outside chill again, and without any thought as to what other goodies he might also find there, he'd accepted.

It was at least an hour before the witching time when they'd arrived at a large, clearly affluent house somewhere in a suburb crammed with a host of similar houses, many of which were also filled with noisy swarms of partygoers. Even as she'd led him through to meet the host and hostess he'd known there were many pairs of eyes turning to follow him - and again he'd felt his senses prickling, alerting him to which might prove to be vulnerable to his particular attributes.

But again he'd played the waiting game - waiting until, after a brief whispered conversation with the hostess, the woman had taken his hand; then, almost child-like, had tugged him along behind herself, and led him upstairs. Only there, and only after she had carefully locked the door behind them, had she come into his arms.

As he had with the blondes, but as he'd been unable to with the boy, he'd taken his time - enjoying all the varied delights her all too willing body was all too eager to offer him. And, if the intensity of her all too frequent cries of delight were any measure, retuning them with more than adequate interest.

Even before they had done anything but kiss he'd known she was ready for him, his keen sense of smell easily picking up the musky odour of her strong, virtually instantaneous arousal. But, taking perverse satisfaction from her gradually increasing frustration, he'd played her; resisting her attempts to remove either his or even her own clothing by continuing to kiss her while his hands remained busily caressing her. When he'd finally slid one up under her skirt, up her thighs, between them, and up to her crotch, she'd whimpered. He'd slid his fingers into her, pushing the wet, flimsy silk of her panties up with them - feeling her increasing excitement as her knees buckled beneath her and she'd writhed her pussy downwards. But when he'd felt her fingers frantically scrabbling with his trousers, he'd relented, taken the necessary time to strip her, then himself - as always, seeing the awed, and often absolutely disbelieving expression, on her face, when his cock sprang free.

He felt he'd treated that one more than fairly - fondling, nibbling and sucking almost every single inch of her, probing his extra long tongue into the deepest parts of her cunt, then, while his fingers played a rhythmic tattoo on her clitoris, doing the same thing with it up her arse. She'd loved it! So much so that at one point he'd grown a little concerned that her high-pitched shrieks of unbearable pleasure would be heard even over the still thumping beat from the music below.

But no-one had come to investigate, so they'd continued - his cock finally getting the reward for being so patient. Although slick from her frequent and innumerable orgasms, her pussy was snug, and, once embedded, gripped him tightly. So although she undoubtedly got more from their fucking than he had, it had been a good one, his fluids eventually spouting deep into the very furthest depths of her wildly thrashing body. Then of course he'd briefly seen her look of absolute amazement when he'd pulled his still rampantly rigid cock out, and heard her low sobbing moans when he flipped her over and immediately did her again - twice; up her arse, then up her cunt again.

And only then, only once she had flopped back, both physically and emotionally drained and exhausted - he took her, stuffing the hollowed-out shell of all that remained, in a conveniently nearby cupboard.

As always, the activity had been both refreshing and reinvigorating and when he'd returned downstairs he'd quickly looked around for some of the others - those whose awareness of his presence had initially set his senses prickling.

The dark, shy girl he'd seen off in one corner had been the first; but, as he'd learned to expect from humans, outward appearances are all too often used to hide surprises - and she had demonstrated that. Once upstairs, in the room he'd then considered his, she'd simply dropped to her knees, and without a single word, unzipped him, then sucked him - voraciously! And, for a human, she'd really been very good at it. Able to take all of even his cock, though she'd gagged a bit the first time he'd pushed it right the way in. But she'd somehow managed to accommodate it, lifting herself a little higher, opening her throat, then pumping and sucking him to what had been a really rather exceptional climax. Then he took her, making space beside what there was of the other woman for what was left of that second one.

When he'd made his way back down the stairs he'd seen the host and hostess at the foot of them, looking up at him - they were clearly waiting for him. For a moment he'd thought he might have to do something dramatic, which, as that would have meant then having to waste days in covering his tracks, he'd always disliked doing. But he'd been wrong - they were waiting for him, but not, as he'd first thought, with suspicion, but with lust!

Together they had made that night one he'd undoubtedly remember for quite some time - they'd been fit, practiced, vigorous, and physically, as he'd quickly found out, virtually interchangeable. In fact on more than one occasion he'd had to look down to check if he'd been fucking him or her.

It took him much longer to exhaust those two, but he did - then he took them, and although by then the space in the cupboard was starting to get rather cramped, he disposed of them too.

There'd been two, no three others before he'd finally made his exit - more than satisfied with his evening's work, but even so still very happy to get back into his much more comfortably heated vehicle.

'Yes -' he said to either himself or the vehicle - 'it really was a night to remember. Unless this one proves even better.' he added with the same deep-throated chuckle as he continued hurrying northwards.

Although he certainly never coped well with the chill of the climate he admitted the twisted complexity of the people he found up there made it almost bearable. The steamy heat further south was somewhat closer to his make-up's requirements but too many of the humans down there were actually far less satisfying - and even though spiritual certainty made a nice snack, as did that sheer 'goodness' he'd found in the woman from the bar - he needed the spicy bite of emotional perversity he found in the much more warped lives of most of those in the colder north.

And All Hallows Eve was of course the perfect time to find those; find them parading and displaying themselves, find them ready and waiting - like a banquet.

The horrors discovered in Wisteria Drive the previous year had brought in more than the usual investigators; someone who had need to know of their all but secret existence, had finally called-in what, even amongst that small inner circle, was known as the 'Nightmare Squad'.

To them the scene bore all the hallmarks of a creature that had long defied even their sophisticated methods of tracking - but this time they had been lucky. One resident of the street had been even more paranoid than the rest; his security system included not just alarms, but also cameras - one of which covered the street. By a long, careful process of slow elimination they had narrowed their search down to just one vehicle, a black SVU. Although by that time it was far too long gone they had been lucky a second time - someone had, for some fluky reason, decided to cross-check its description with those taken at the borders. And they found it, five days after the multiple murders - for lack of a better word - in Wisteria Drive, it had driven south, then headed clear across the border.

It took another team five frustratingly unrewarding months of field-work to find it, and only then because one of them was able to track a series of apparently totally unrelated peculiar accidents and total disappearances from villages scattered through several countries. But they found it, and not only found it but were even able to place a tracking device in it.

It was dark by the time the SVU reached the border approaches; the man glanced down, noting he'd need to refuel once he'd reached the other side, and decided that was also where he'd spend that night.

He began slowing down as the bank of immigration booths came into sight, using the still clear stretch of road as an opportunity to reach across and extract the papers he'd need from the glove-box. Having to some extent kept abreast of the country's anti-terrorism measures he had anticipated the strengthening of the crossing procedures so was not alarmed to see how slowly the vehicles ahead of him were being processed. He sat patiently, snug and warm in his over-heated interior, letting his mind anticipate just a few of the delights that might well be awaiting him over there - idly noting that most vehicles were being directed either to the left, or the right once allowed through the barrier.

Finally it was his turn, and ignoring the surprise on the face of the attendant as the blast of hot air hit him when the window wound down, the man sat waiting for his clearance. It was only then that he noticed how strange the road ahead appeared, the road immediately beyond the barrier. Although the road on his side, the south side was an absolute blaze of light, the road ahead was in what appeared to be total darkness, even his headlights seemed to be unable to penetrate more than a few yards. He could make out a ramp, but nothing more.

But just then the attendant passed his papers back to him. 'Thank you sir. Straight ahead, up the ramp, keep it slow until you see the markers, I'm afraid there's another check-point for you.'

He knew better than to draw unnecessary attention to himself so moved on, as he'd been told to, slowly, his SVU crawling hesitatingly up the ramp.

Once inside the purpose-built container the team slammed the heavy doors shut - sealing them, then flicked the switches that started the entire bank of refrigeration plants. Their scientists had assured them that even with the SUV's engine going flat-out the blast freezers' power would overwhelm it in an hour or so - and that was assuming it had a full tank of gas, which they'd thought it didn't have. But, even though one or two of them thought they heard a faint, but piercingly shrill scream long before that, they still kept the system running the entire night.

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