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Halloween Treat


I enjoy writing these stories, both for your entertainment and mine. I do like feedback, so if you have the time, if you liked my story or if it got you hot, I would appreciate a short comment or maybe a vote.


My son, Richard, was the spitting image of me according to almost everyone that ever met the two of us. We named him after me, and just about everybody commented on how we could be identical twins. I was so flattered that people compared me to my handsome son. It was definitely a boost for my ego. Even though I was 36 years old compared to his just turning 18, my body was very toned from years in the gym and strikingly similar to his.

We had the same face, the same green eyes, the same pitch black hair and the same body physique. He copied my hair style as a child and as he grew older the resemblance just strengthened.

As he entered adulthood, he seemed to mimic my mannerisms even closer. People said we walked and talked like each other. People said we even stood the same way. When people looked at our family photos, they sometimes even asked which one was me and which one was him.

If I had a quarter for every time I heard the expressions, "a chip of the old block" or "my spitting image", I would be a rich man.

Richard was a model son, he played starting forward for his high school basketball team and was an honor student. He didn't drink alcohol, do drugs and thought cigarettes smokers were stupid. Scholastically, he was just perfect, academically excelling and well liked by his peers. My wife, Rachel, and I couldn't have been happier.

I was 6 foot even and 185 pounds and on many occasions he borrowed some of my "dressier" clothes for his teen functions. We weren't wealthy, but we tried to indulge my son as much as possible. His "going off to college" reward was a new car.

Richard dated a beauty, her name was Cindy and she was a total "hot body". Petite but stacked was a good description of her body. At 5 foot 2 inches tall, she couldn't have weighed much over 100 pounds, but she had the firmest and biggest tits you could imagine on that tiny frame. I'm going to guess she was about a 36C cup from my estimates. They just didn't seem to fit her tiny body, but God they looked good on her.

Her ass also seemed obscenely large for her tiny frame and miniscule waist. I knew from seeing her occasionally in her bikini bottoms, that her tight ass was muscular, firm and rode high on her legs. It almost seemed to protrude straight out and up when she wore her tight blue jeans.

Cindy had a demure almost angelic face. Having large brown doe like eyes, a sculpted nose that flares at the nostrils, wearing her straight brown luxurious hair parted in the middle with bangs that always hung in her eyes, she looked so desirable with her perfectly straight white teeth. Her skin always seemed to have a year around tan, probably from spending hours at the beach with my son.

I once caught a glimpse of her completely naked. Actually it was much more than a glimpse. Summer was ending, and Richard and Cindy had just returned from the beach. Richard was in the front yard washing his car when I drove up, and I swear, I didn't know Cindy was there. As I entered the guest bathroom, I accidentally walked in on her. With her back to me, I was momentarily stunned, that I had walked in on someone.

She immediately didn't notice me, because her back was to me, as I stood in the bathroom doorway. I stared and marveled at that nude wet sexy body that I knew my son enjoyed at his leisure. Her ass was majestic, so firm and so muscular, so tight and so smooth. I completely froze, just starring at the tan lines and her perfect ass for what seemed like an eternity, until she finally acknowledged my presence.

"Gosh Mr. Dillon, I didn't even hear you come in," she exclaimed, seemingly completely un-annoyed and casually glancing over her shoulder at me like it was a natural event to be nude in front of me.

As she boldly turned and faced me, showing no shame in her body, I found I couldn't move. My feet were riveted to the floor and I was in a daze. While she just stared into my eyes both daringly and demurely, she never flinched or made an attempt to cover up. I was frozen in my tracks as I lowered my eyes from her stare and drank in her sexy hot body. My cock immediately stirred in my pants as I stood mesmerized.

Her breasts were intoxicating. Unbelievably huge and firm, they seemed magically suspended instead of just hanging there. They were perfectly symmetrical, like identical twins, as they proudly stood on display. Her dark hard rubbery eraser like nipples just jutted out and upwards almost begging to be pinched or tweaked.

Still unfazed by my presence, she made no attempt to cover up as my eyes traveled down to her tiny petite waist. It was so taut and firm, all the baby fat was gone. A small silver belly button ring, of a red devil with a pitchfork, which I had never seen before dangled brightly against her tanned, toned flat stomach. My cock swelled and pressed against the leg of my slacks, becoming obvious to her as I groaned aloud.

As I lowered my eyes to her pussy, I noticed the most perfectly manicured little tuft of hair that was expertly groomed into the shape of a heart. So perfect, so sexy, so desirable, I just stared in awe.

I found my hand instinctively adjusting my hard cock without realizing what I was doing before I heard her giggle and bring me back to reality. Looking back into her eyes, I suddenly felt awkward for the first time. Cindy didn't seem mad or even embarrassed, instead she seemed almost unfazed and I would swear her eyes almost twinkled at me.

"Oh God Cindy, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were in here, excuse me," I finally managed to blurt out.

I retreated quickly and shut the door. My face was suddenly flushed and my head was swimming as I tried to compose myself. My cock was pounding as I stumbled down the hallway towards my bedroom and away from this young girl. I was so ashamed of myself for my behavior, finally realizing how long I had stopped and starred at her.

My wife was gone and with my son in the front yard washing his car, I scrambled down the hall, locked the bedroom door and yanked my throbbing cock out. I couldn't remember my cock ever being so hard while I gripped it.

I imagined her starring at me, directly into my eyes, while I masturbated. I imagined her sexy perfect body and those sexy tan lines while I stroked my cock furiously. Those heavy firm pendulous breasts, that flat, smooth, tight, tiny tummy, that hard muscular ass and that little wisp of hair trimmed into a heart dominated my thoughts.

Within moments I spurted a monstrous heavy load of cum against the wall. Jet after jet of seed sprayed from my cock as my legs buckled and I groaned through an intense orgasm. Cindy's eyes dominated my fantasy as I imagined her gaze locked into my eyes. Just as quickly as I had started, I stuffed my still semi hard, but softening cock back into my trousers. Wiping my cum up with a tissue, I tried to recompose myself.

I heard the bathroom door open and almost sensed the presence of someone standing quietly outside my locked bedroom door. Maybe it was my imagination, because I was paranoid, but I would have sworn someone was standing outside my door. Too scared to open it, a few moments later, I then heard the front door shut. Looking out the bedroom blinds, I saw Cindy join Richard in the front yard.

Cindy was now dressed in a pair of white shorts that really accentuated her tight firm ass and looked great with her tan. She had on a pink tube top that seemed to be so stretched to the limit, so much that the stitches could barely contain those spectacular breasts without bursting. Barefoot and squeaky clean, I saw the little belly ring and my cock started rising again in my pants.

I couldn't help myself from spying on her. Peeking through the partial cracks in the blinds of my bedroom, I scrutinized her barely clothed body and fantasized about her being naked again. My cock grew to full attention again as I hauled it out and stroked it again.

While Cindy talked to Richard, I swear she kept looking at my bedroom blinds. It was almost as if she knew I was watching from behind the partially closed blinds. I knew she couldn't see in my bedroom, but she was definitely looking at my blinds while Richard finished washing his car.

She stared directly at my blinds and I stared directly into her eyes while I stroked my hard cock. While Richard busied himself with finishing his car, Cindy took her index finger and slowly inserted into her mouth. My son's back was turned to her and he was oblivious to what she was doing. Her wet lips closed over her finger for a second and I just imagined it was my cock.

I wasn't imaging this in front of me though. Not standing more than 20 feet from my window, Cindy put on a little show for me while I stroked my cock. She pushed her finger into the last knuckle for a second and then withdrew it over her pouty full lips. As I stood hidden behind my blinds, obscured from her view, she stared directly at my blinds. While I stroked my hard cock, Cindy toyed with me. While Richard was busy washing his tires and not paying attention to her, she got bolder.

Cindy slipped her hand up and inside her tube top, holding and caressing her firm breast and pinching her nipple while standing in broad daylight in my front yard. She unbuttoned the top button of her shorts and raked those long fingernails over her flat tummy while I felt the cum boiling in my balls. I couldn't stand it anymore, again for the second time in 5 minutes, I blew my load while watching this sexy vixen.

Just then, Richard straightened up, not having a clue what was happening, wrapped up the hose and motioned for Cindy to get in the car. As he sat down and started the car, Cindy walked around the back and blew a kiss in my direction. I know I didn't imagine this, I've relived this moment a hundred times in my head and I'm sure she had put on a show for me.

As they drove off, Richard completely unaware of anything, Cindy starred at my window blinds until they disappeared. I sat down on my bed and tried to digest what had just happened.

Over the next couple of months, as usual, I saw a lot of Cindy. The weather was turning cooler as we had entered October. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that confirmed my belief that she had put on a show for me. I was sorry to see her skimpy summer clothing was replaced by less revealing clothing, but I could vividly imagine what she looked like underneath them.

She was cordial, she was sweet and spoke to me when the opportunity arose, nothing unusual or different from before our little incident. In my imagination, when she touched me for any reason, I read more into it than there probably was. Sometimes it seemed like, when she touched me, it lasted longer and was maybe more intimate than before. I'm sure it was just wishful thinking on my part.

Sometimes though, I would catch her looking at me, or she would catch me looking at her and I swear, I would see that twinkle in her eyes again. I won't lie, I did fantasize about her a lot. Cindy was definitely the center of my fantasies. When I had sex with my wife, I imagined it was Cindy. When I masturbated, I fantasized about Cindy's hot body or the show she put on for me.

Halloween was coming next week and Richard was planning on taking Cindy to a big party. He was going to dress up as Darth Vader from Star Wars, with the full mask and the long flowing robes. Cindy was going to dress up as Princess Leia in that sexy metal bikini. If you've ever seen the show, then you know just how little and sexy the outfit really was.

When Richard told me and his mother what they were wearing as costumes, I may have groaned audibly. I know my cock stirred imagining her in that skimpy outfit. Cindy would look so fucking good in that. Even Rachel commented that it might be a little cold for that tiny costume, but that Cindy certainly does have the body for it.

Rachel and I were going to a friends costume party that night. She was going to leave about 6:00 PM to help her friend decorate and I was going to meet her at the party around 10:00 PM, after I finished giving out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters.

Richard and Cindy were going to their own party around 11:00 PM, so he volunteered to help me give out candy. About 5:00 PM that night, Rachel asked if Richard would mind helping her out with the decorations at her friend's house instead. The plan now was for me to give out the candy by myself and meet up with Rachel as scheduled. Richard would now come home around 9:00 or 10:00 and hook up with Cindy later.

I asked Richard if he would mind if I wore his costume to give out candy and he told me to help myself. I had my own costume of President Bush, but I thought the neighborhood kids would get a bigger kick out of Darth Vader.

About 6:00 PM, I put on the costume and was surprised that it even had an electronic voice box, so that when you spoke into it, it would distort your voice to sound like an ominous Darth Vader. Rachel and Richard got a big kick out of me walking around the house in the costume before they left. It was a very nice costume and distorted my voice beyond recognition.

After they left to do the decorations, the kids started ringing the door bell. It was fun, I enjoyed scaring the kids and giving out candy. Our neighborhood was pretty busy until around 8:00 PM and then it pretty much ended. I turned off the porch lights and sat down on the couch to rest for a minute.

When the phone rang, I answered it with my Darth Vader voice box in place.

"Hello," was all I said.

It was Cindy and she laughed hysterically before she responded.

"Richard, that sounds so real, I swear you sound just like him in the movie. Wait until you see my Princess Leia outfit, you're going to flip. It is so sexy", she replied.

I don't know why I did this, but I decided to roll with it for just a second and see what happens.

"Yes Cindy, I know you will look very hot," was my abbreviated response.

"Have you're parents gone to their party yet?", she asked in a strange tone.

I should have stopped this right there, but as my cock stirred thinking of her dressed in her tiny Princess Leia outfit, I couldn't help myself. Before I realized what I was doing, the words just came out.

"Yes, I'm all alone and I want you," I told her.

"Richard, this little costume has me so horny, it's so revealing it makes me wet thinking about wearing it out. If you're alone, do you want me to come over now and we can play some?" she replied again in that strange tone.

My cock had now popped a tent in my costume gown and my thick 8 inches was as hard as a rock. I thought for a second about stopping this now, before it was too late, but my "little head" out reasoned me.

"Come to me, I want you now," was all I said.

I hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom. Quickly I freshened up and put on some scented powder and cologne around my cock. I wondered if I could pull this off or even if I should try to pull this off. Just then the doorbell rang.

I dimmed the lights and opened the door to see Cindy standing there in a coat. When she saw me she just giggled and came inside.

As she entered and shut the door, she quickly said, "Look at this little outfit, I could barely squeeze my titties into it."

Cindy floored me when she lowered her coat off her torso, still keeping her lower body covered. I have never seen a sexier vision in my life before. The little metal bikini top barely contained her spectacular tits at all. The nipples were covered, but the top, sides and bottom exposed her firm breasts completely. The chain hanging from the neck collar made her look like some kind of gorgeous, expensive, high priced, submissive teen hooker.

Her bosoms were not contained at all in the metal bikini top, she was literally spilling out on all sides. The little bicep, ankle and wrist bracelets dangled on her soft brown skin. I swear she looked like a model from a sex domination website.

"Do I look sexy enough to you?" she pleaded.

"Yes, show me everything now," I commanded through the Darth Vader voice box.

The room was dimmed, but when she threw the coat on the couch my cock sprang out to full attention under my costume robe. My 8 hard inches was like a piece of steel from seeing her dressed so scantily and alone with me. This was my last chance to turn back, but I just couldn't.

When Cindy removed the coat and threw it on the couch, I shuddered. Her legs were bare except for the little bikini bottom and the silky cloth that hung to the floor between her legs like a veil. The sides of her legs were exquisite, especially in the laced high heel shoes and gold chains hanging around her lower body.

"Do I really look sexy, I feel so exposed," she pleaded for reassurance.

"You are beautiful, I want you, I need you now," I answered.

In the dim light of the room, my son's girlfriend knelt before me and opened my robe. My cock stood forward at it's proudest moment ever. As Cindy knelt in front of me, I stared at this teen beauty. Her back arched , her shoulders bared, almost her entire body exposed as she placed those full pouty lips onto the tip of my dripping cock.

"Well, I guess you do approve of my outfit," she giggled.

My cock was drooling from the tip as she slowly and lovingly enveloped the head in her sexy south. Those beautiful perfect pearly white teeth gleamed in the dim light as this young girl made my fantasy come true. All my fantasizing was becoming reality. I thought to myself what a lucky bastard my son was.

"Jesus Richard, you're cock is totally huge tonight. I swear it looks 2 inches longer and much thicker and harder than usual," Cindy giggled again.

Opening her mouth wide, Cindy slobbered on the tip, swirling her tongue over the head of my cock. Using no hands at all, she gobbled my pulsing knob into her mouth and slurped loudly, pleasing me solely with her mouth. I reached down and put my hands under her chin while caressing her soft skin and stroking her cheeks.

Cindy moaned and seemed lost in her endeavor, as her own lust overtook her emotions. Laboring over my cock had her in a trancelike state of arousal. She closed her eyes to concentrate while she pushed me to the back of her throat.

I was wobbling, I needed to sit, so I leaned back into the couch and had her scoot over between my knees. I wanted to see her sexy body and prompted her into a lower kneeling position between my legs. With her head bent over into my lap, I started forcing more cock into her throat. I went deeper until I felt the resistance of the beginning of her throat. Letting her get accustomed to my cock, I just stroked her throat under her chin with one hand while I gently guided her deeper with my other hand behind her neck.

Cindy gagged as I began to touch her tonsils. She sputtered and choked on my entry to her throat. Desperately trying to please me, she let me guide her deeper onto my cock.

Still using the electronic box to disguise my voice, I told her, "Remove your top, I want to play with your titties."

Cindy obeyed me without question and those full firm young titties spilled out as she unclasped her top. Never removing her mouth off my cock, I felt those huge breasts brushing against my legs as she swayed up and down on my cock. They felt so full and warm, so soft and firm. As she struggled to get the tip of my cock into her throat, I held each of her breasts in the palms of my hands.

She obviously loved my attention to her breasts and moaned loudly as I softly squeezed and caressed them. Taking each nipple between my thumbs and index fingers, I pinched softly, eliciting groans from deep within her throat as I tweaked those hard rubbery nipples.

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