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Halloween Treats


"Doctor Wolffenstep!" Cuddles complained, "Just handing out candy is no fun!"

The illustrious mad scientist and dark sorcerer sympathized with his pet and occasional familiar, who currently wore a mostly human form thanks to the successful test run of his Enanthropomorphosizer Mark III earlier in the day. Nonetheless, he had to stay firm. He gave her a scolding frown, or at least as close to it as he could manage while she was giving him a lovingly enthusiastic cock sucking. They were waiting in the library, adjacent to the foyer for the next batch of trick-or-treaters,. His initial plan had been to study the test readings on the Enanthropomorphosizer while she handed out candy, but Cuddles, always randy whenever he gave her human form, found a more pleasant way to pass the time between visitors.

He cleared his throat and tried to be stern. "Now, young lady... er, kitty... you need to remember that for the last hundred years we of the monstrous, mystical and otherworldly persuasions have abided by the Salem Convention, which clearly states in Article Three that we will allow the young mortals to enjoy their Halloween festivities in peace."

He couldn't help but admire his handiwork. Perhaps he needed to add a reasonability circuit into the machine, since her 30G-cup bosom seemed a tad overboard, and despite long since achieving feline adulthood she looked barely sixteen, but this was mad science after all, so he generally tried to leave reasonability out of the mix. At least this time she came out almost completely human. The only failures were the cat ears, tail and somewhat pointy teeth. The teeth had their drawbacks, he was discovering, but she only nipped occasionally as her supple lips glided with sensuous skill over his hardness.

The perimeter alarm went off again, indicating another group headed up the walk.

"But it's not like I want to harm any of them!" she sulked after she slipped off his cock and grabbed the candy bowl. "I just want to play with them!"

He picked up a sheaf of readouts to cover himself if a wayward child got inside. "Most of our visitors tonight are far under age for the sort of play you have in mind. I guess you don't have a sense for that with humans. Try to think of them as kittens only a few months old."

"I know that! I'm talking about the big ones!" she insisted, having stopped to argue, but at that moment the chimes resounded through the halls of Wolffenstep Manor. She scampered to the door to take care of them. A second crowd apparently delayed her retreat, but she finally made it back to resume her eager suckling. Her desire for sex with others didn't diminish at all her passion for her master. Whether he used a black magic spell or his latest convert-beast-to-human invention on her, his loving pet always eagerly made love to him when human. She simply wished to have sex with just about every desirable human she encountered as well.

He always assured her he was seeking a way to permanently change her to human, her longtime desire, but even he worried about setting her loose on the world. He was usually able to put that concern aside though. No proper mad scientist balks at the negative effects of his inventions.

After he leaned back and enjoyed caressing her a bit, he lectured, "The big ones, as you call them, are responsible for the safety of the little ones, so you mustn't sidetrack them. This night belongs to the children, dear. Just hand out their treats like a good kitty."

"Where's my treat?" she whined, switching to her hands so speaking didn't interrupt her play. "I'm doing all this work!"

He looked at her in speculation, and decided to let himself be persuaded a little. He always had been a sucker for a pretty face, even one of his own creation. "Hm. Well, pick one out. Just one, above legal age. The convention doesn't restrict us from the adults, after all. Don't do anything; just tell me. I'll make the arrangements."

She brightened up after that. In fact, once she finally swallowed his load many interrupted lovings later, she hovered at the door, watching with excitement for a good candidate to come along. Unfortunately for her, it was one dumpy housewife or beer-gutted dad after another for quite a while. Eventually though, he heard her hiss, "Doctor! The next group! This is the one!"

He observed on the monitor. The chimes rang out again, and Cuddles threw open the door to a chorus of "Trick or Treat!" at various dissonant pitches. A wolf man, a vampire, an Obama and two princesses, all under four feet tall, stood in front of a slightly harried looking teenage girl in a witch's hat. The doctor shook his head. The prospect stood a serious chance of being underage, which his cat wouldn't have the human sense to know. However, he went ahead and began the Identification spell. He'd mostly given up on sorcery, having switched to mad science many years ago, but once in a while that old black magic came in handy.

Cuddles certainly had good taste. Her choice possessed a far more slender figure than her own, with just barely enough curvature to avoid the description 'willowy', but her face was comely with bright green eyes and a delicate nose, and her lovely blond hair cascaded down to the middle of her back. Probably a bit over five and a half feet tall, he guessed. She had a future as a model if she so wished.

"Nyaa!! What a scaaaryy bunch you are!" Cuddles oozed to the children as she handed out their treats. They seemed delighted with her 'costume', a black minidress to match her black hair, tail and ears. The teenager gave her a smirking nod with arched eyebrows. "Not bad at all. They look real!"

"Thank you! Bye-Bye! Nyaa!" Cuddles called out with a wave as they departed, then shut the door and scampered back into the library with excitement in her eyes. "Well, Doctor?"

He held up the one-fingered signal to wait, almost certain he would be disappointing her. The spell whispered its results to him a few seconds later.

Samantha Reed. Eighteen years, one month, two weeks, three days old. 1724 Curtis Court.

With relief he beamed at her. "You're in luck, Cuddles. She's just barely old enough. I have to wait for her to bring her young charges home first, then we shall summon her here."

Cuddles bounced up and down clapping her hands. The pleasant effect this had on his libido brought another issue to mind.

"Hm. I may have to come up with something for me, as well," he mused. "I'll hardly be unaffected by the goings-on, after all."

His familiar looked disappointed. "I'm still not good enough for you, Doctor? Even this time?"

"That's not the problem, dear, and frankly we'll be playing too, before the Enanthropomorphosization wears off. This treat is supposed to be for you. You shouldn't have to share her with the same old fart you're always with, right?"

She grinned at him over her shoulder as she returned to the door for the next herd of visitors. When she came back, they began again, this time with her hopping on to straddle his lap during the gaps between visitors. Thankfully the interruptions were becoming less frequent.

Much later that evening, after the underage goblins and ghosts and Hillaries had long since vanished and the evening became the deep of the night, and just as he finished demonstrating his expert knowledge of cunnilingus for her, Cuddles scampered to the foyer to greet her last visitor for the night. Samantha stood in the doorway clad in pink Hello Kitty pajamas, looking chilly and confused, perhaps because she didn't know why she had come, perhaps because Cuddles answered the door stark naked, or perhaps because she yanked it open before Samantha could ring.

"Hi, Sammy!" Cuddles sing-songed, wrapping the girl up in a warm nude spaztackleglomp out on the front porch. "Come in, come in!"

He finished wiping his face with a handkerchief as his familiar practically carried the girl into the receiving room, (across the foyer from the library) where he sat waiting. Cuddles seated her in the Victorian love seat directly across the Louis XVI cocktail table from him, then began drawing cups of tea, an action that would probably have looked more elegant were she not naked and covered in a thin coat of sweat. The tea tray sat amidst of an assortment of his more portable scientific instruments. He tucked the handkerchief and leaned forward to turn on one of the devices.

"How good of you to drop by, Miss Reed. Cuddles has been anxiously awaiting your arrival, as you may have noticed."

Samantha looked around and down at her self as she said, "Well, I'm... really not sure why I'm here... in my... pajamas." She accepted a cup from Cuddles

"Ah, that would be the work of my summoning spell, you see. In my younger days I was a traveling magician and black sorcerer. The former made the perfect cover for the latter. I called myself 'Lupio the Magnificent!' You may call me Doctor Wolffenstep, though. Just 'Doctor' is fine as well."

Cuddles gave him his cup over as he spoke, then picked up an object like a black tiara from the table.

"Summoning spell? You think I'm going to believe I came because of a magic..." Samantha cut off and frowned as the tiara went onto her head. Cuddles stepped back and smiled.

He checked his instruments. "Doesn't really matter what you believe, I'm afraid. My darling Cuddles wanted a treat tonight, and she selected you. As you may note, you no longer have any volition. You may continue sipping your tea if you like."

Looking bewildered and scared, Samantha took another sip of tea. After a similar sip, the doctor set his cup down and picked up something that looked like a large radio-control unit with vacuum tubes sticking out of it in random directions.

"The problem with mind control is, it just doesn't make for good sex. Oh, that's what Cuddles wants from you, by the way, not anything dire. So, we need to resolve that issue first. That's why I designed this device, my Personality Detection and Correction system. Ah, I should explain. I switched to mad science after my stage act stopped paying the bills. All that lovely Federal research money, you see."

After twiddling a bit, he shook his head. "Dear, dear, you have a dreadfully low overall libido, your straight potential is at best mediocre, and you possess almost no fetish potential at all in any category... hm, not likely to be attracted to anyone but a handsome med school or law school student with good financial prospects, are you? My dear, do any of your friends ever describe you as boring? Oh, you may talk now."

"Yes," she answered promptly, then looked surprised at herself for having answered the question truthfully.

"Don't be alarmed; truth-telling is one of the device's functions. Yes, frankly, your personality is probably quite dull and predictable. Well, we're about to fix that for you. And no, we are not planning to rape you. I can see your fear readings are running off the scale right now. Let me assure you, you will do nothing against your will tonight, you will enjoy yourself and you will have absolutely no regrets about it in the morning." He smiled warmly at her, hoping he didn't look too maniacal. It was an occupational hazard, after all. "We're simply going to give you a personality more inclined to enjoying life."

"You're going to let me go home?" She still looked quietly terrified. The PDC had given her all the proof she needed of her utter helplessness.

"Well, of course! This is merely a friendly little tryst we're having, my dear. At least it will be once I improve you a bit. Let's see, we have to do this carefully, so you don't go psychotic on us. Overall libido is a composite; so I can't just turn it up, I have to adjust its components instead. I could jack up your straight potential to the maximum and it would only help a little. To get a truly sexier you, we have to create a kinkier, more interesting you. How about we start here..." He tapped a few keys and Samantha drew in a startled breath.

"That tingled, doesn't it? How do you feel?"

"I'm... I guess I'm not as scared... are you sure this isn't going to harm me?" Samantha probably didn't realize that she had just reached into her pajama top and was now massaging her breast rather erotically.

"Not at all," he assured her. "All I did was push your autoerotic potential to its absolute maximum. Now, for the benefit of Cuddles, we will do the same to your homosexual potential. There, I've pegged that at maximum as well. Now we need to throw in a couple more kinks. A wider range of possibilities gives you more things to get horny about, you see. We shall give you a BDSM thing. We'll give as much as we can of both Dom and sub. You can only go so high on one before it takes away from the other, but a girl with a nice balanced dose of both can be loads of fun.

"Now, some really racy stuff... we'll max out your exhibitionism and public sex kinks, throw in a thing for making love in the great outdoors ... and, could you describe your family to me, dear?"

Samantha had become a little more turned on with each adjustment. With a slightly breathy voice, she stated, "My parents are divorced. Dad is single, Mom has remarried a couple times. I've got an older brother and sister and my little half-brother, half-sister and step-siblings. The younger ones were the kids I brought here."

"Okay, for the safety of the little ones, I shall push your pedo potential down to the bottom, because I'm maxing out your incest potential. You should now have things for Dad, Mom, Step-Dad and both your older siblings. Your younger sibs will be safe until they grow up. And for my sake, you will have a hearty appreciation for mature lovers. That'll fit well with your new parental complexes.

"Now, we shall see how far we can push up your Straight potential before your libido gets dangerous. Right about... there. You are as far across the border into sex maniac territory as you can go and still control yourself. You will from now on thoroughly enjoy your sex life."

Samantha leaned back in her chair with her hips squirming, panting as if she were already having sex. Cuddles retrieved the cup before she spilled tea on the antique furniture.

"Feeling pretty good now, are we?" the Doctor inquired with a chuckle.

She squeezed her legs together and pumped her hips, her eyes closing, and gasped, "Yeah..."

"Well, Samantha, I did all that for Cuddles and me, although you will enjoy it as well. To show my good will, I will now do a couple things that are for your benefit alone. You will need a ton of self-control from now on to be acceptable in polite company, so I'm maxing that out. And, I'll jack up your intellect... that's to assist the self-control, but you should find other handy uses for it."

She shuddered a little bit and tilted her head upright, a bit more focused once more. He spread his hands, setting down the control. "Now I'd like to take you off the PDC system so you can come with us down to the lab, but while I still have the truth-telling function, please tell me, if we promise we're only planning to have lots of fun, safe, consensual sex with you, will you stay here voluntarily after we take it off?"

Naturally, he'd waited to ask such a question until after he'd sent her sexual characteristics through the roof. She nodded with a self-indulgent smile, "Yes."

"All right. We promise. You are our favored guest from now on whenever you visit us and neither I nor Cuddles nor anyone else under my authority or on my property will harm you. We will just have sex with you for as long as you can enjoy it. Cuddles?"

"I promise, too," his familiar said, then removed the tiara and set it back on the table. Samantha immediately began unbuttoning her pajamas.

He held up an finger. "Not yet, dear! To the lab, first!"

With only the bottom-most button left, Samantha stood with him and they went to the staircase down into the basement. She walked beside him with her breasts enticingly close to exposure as he explained, "You see, I can do some body modifications for you as well. Anything about yourself you would like to improve, my dear? Be careful not to make it too obvious."

Her eyes flicked toward the buxom cat girl then down at her own bosom. He chuckled. "That's an easy one, but we have to be careful or you will have trouble explaining why you suddenly grew. We can do it in small steps if you want to come back for several follow up treatments. Expect more sex each time if we do it that way, of course."

Not long later, a nude Samantha gazed happily down at her slightly enhanced and remodeled breasts. He'd also permanently removed all hair from the neck down and tweaked her nose just slightly.

He noted Cuddles rummaging around in the back and called, "Cuddles dear, don't you want to play with your treat now?"

"We'll use this first!" she declared, pushing out the Clonerator Mark II.

He sighed. "No, kitty, we won't. It's a failure remember? Everything after the first two clones suffers debilitating mental breakdowns. I'll never have my Clone Schwarzenegger Army, I'm afraid. They showed such promise, too. The first one has already taken over an entire state..."

"Only one!" Cuddles insisted. "Make one more Samantha. You said you wanted something too, right?"

"Oh, I see! Yes, an excellent idea!" He coaxed a confused Samantha onto the Original tray as Cuddles selected 'One Copy' and hit the 'Start' button. In an instant, confused Samanthas gaped at each other from the Original and Copy trays.

"You are identical except for the serial number." He lifted the new Samantha's left arm up to show the '2' in her armpit. After he let go, she and the original stepped off their trays and went to look at each other more closely, still stunned. The original raised her arm and discovered she now had a '1' in the same spot. They inspected each other in amazement for a considerable time, comparing limbs and other parts.

"But... what do I do after tonight?" asked the copy after she accepted what she was. "We can't both go home!"

"Mm," he nodded, putting his hand to his chin. Then he decided to treat it the same as any other annoying detail that got in his way; he dismissed it. "Oh, it'll work out. We can probably just brainwash your parents to believe they gave your twin sister up for adoption at birth, and you two ran into each other tonight by accident."

Vaguely reassured, the two Samanthas resumed their mutual inspection. In very short order, they shifted from astonishment to excitement, and began demonstrating how well the PDC had worked-- at least with respect to homosexuality, incest and exhibitionism-- by locking lips with each other in a heated French kiss.

"Want to watch, or break them up so you can have your treat??" he asked Cuddles as he took a seat on a lab stool. She grinned with her tongue sticking out slightly and knelt down next to his stool to watch. The twins showed no apparent notice of either their audience or the cold basement floor they sank down upon; their ardor heated them enough to not care. At first they simply sat together, amorous lips and tongues working at a fever pace with each other in perfect synchronization as hands explored each others' breasts and tweaked and pressed each others nipples exactly the way they liked it. They took little time to escalate.

They soon reclined upon the floor sucking each others' nipples, their panting growing louder and lustier. Their hips working in identical rhythm as they fingered themselves, then slipped their free hands upward along each others' tummies to reach each others' pussies, fingers intertwining and working together for pleasure. Covered in sweat and moaning in unison, they continued this for several minutes, until they decided, apparently at the exact same moment, to kiss their ways from breast to thighs and begin using tongues and lips as well as fingers. In what Doctor Wolffenstep considered a relatively short time for women, the twins increased both the volume and tempo of their passions , surmounting these finally in a rocking moaning explosion of simultaneous joy.

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