tagBDSMHalloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tricks and Treats


Halloween wedding anniversary leads to sexy trick and treat games.

Eight years ago Miranda and Mark were married on Halloween and, taking turns on their wedding anniversary, they used that day to give one another a trick and a treat. As a trick one year, Mark sold Miranda's beloved car. Even though the car was a real jalopy, she had grown to love her 9-year-old vehicle.

"Mark! Someone stole my car. It's gone," she said running outside to the driveway with him.

"Sorry, baby. No one stole your car. I sold it."

"You sold it? Why did you sell my car, Mark? I don't understand," she looked at him, as if he had just stabbed her in the heart.

"I had to sell it."

"Do we suddenly need money that desperately? I thought we were doing okay financially, she said looking at him, her big brown eyes welling up with tears, while rattling off her questions. "Did you lose your job? How am I supposed to get to work? I don't understand why you sold my car."

"Calm, down, Miranda. I'm sorry, but I had to sell your car," he said again, no doubt, to prolong her misery by reinforcing her angst.

"Why? Did we need the few dollars that you'd get for my old clunker of a car that badly?" She said bravely, but the tears started to rain down her pretty cheeks. "I loved my car, Mark. I've had it before we were married. It was the only thing that was all mine," she said looking at him with sad eyes, while wiping away her long, brown hair that the breeze blew in her face.

He opened his arms and gave her a big hug, while wiping the tears away from her face and kissing her forehead.

"I'm sorry baby, really I am, but there wasn't room in the garage for your old car and for your new car," he said smiling and pushing the garage door, remote control button to reveal her treat, a new automobile. "Happy anniversary, baby."

"Oh, Mark! Happy Anniversary, honey," she said throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss and a hug. "Asshole," she said pulling away from him and punching him in the shoulder with a laugh. "Boy, you got me this time. I was so upset that someone had stolen my car that I forgot all about our anniversary and our Halloween tricks and treats tradition," she said staring at her shiny new car. "Now that I see this new car, I realize how much I hated my old car," she said with a laugh.

As the anniversaries accumulated and the years went by, just as their love, emotional attachment, and dependency grew for one another, so didn't the tricks and treats grow more elaborate. To keep their sexual relationship stoked, the tricks and treats became more sexual in nature. Last year, it was Miranda's turn to give her husband a combination anniversary and Halloween trick and a treat, and she schemed the most elaborate one she ever had.

Mark confessed to her over pillow talk several years before that he had a fantasy of being humiliated in front of a group of women, something that she filed away in the deep recesses of her sexy mind. He fantasized being ordered to strip naked by a mean and forceful, albeit a sexy mistress. Then, while forced to dance naked, he imagined his sexy mistress paddling his ass, until it was red raw. It was just a fantasy, of course, something he confessed to her that one time over pillow talk years ago. It was a surprisingly weird and shocking fantasy, but they had a rule that, during pillow talk, they could say anything without fear of judgment, or humiliation, or without one using whatever said against the other later.

Remembering that Mark had a fantasy about being naked in a room full of women, Miranda invited six of her friends, her two sisters, and her mother to be part of Mark's trick and treat. After treating everyone to more than a few rounds of drinks, Miranda's guests were all more than agreeable to seeing Mark dancing naked and having some sexy fun with him. Seeing Mark's cock was nothing that some of her friends and sisters haven't seen already. Over the years, many of them had already seen Mark naked at a drunken pool party or two.

Further, watching Mark dance naked would be nothing that the women haven't seen at a CFNM show before, when Miranda and her two sisters took their mother to a CFNM show for her 60th birthday, last year. As the guest of honor, the stripper brought Miranda's inebriated mother, Gayle, up on stage, mounted her, pulled down her panties exposing her pussy and pulled up her bra exposing her tits. He licked her pussy and sucked her nipples, before inviting her to take his cock in her mouth, which she did. Unlike how she carried on with the male stripper, Miranda hoped her mother could control herself and behave more like a mother-in-law with her naked son-in-law than the birthday woman at a stripper's show.

"Well, here it is another anniversary Mark and it's my turn to give you a trick and a treat."

"I can't wait," he said rubbing his hands together. "Okay, what's the trick? Let's get that over with," he said, no doubt, excited by prospect of a trick being played on him, so that he could get to what he really wanted, his treat.

"Well, the trick is that you have to get naked and wear this blindfold," she said tying a blindfold over his eyes.

"Okay, this sounds more like a treat than a trick to me," he said with a perverted laugh. "I like anything where I must get naked," he said quickly striping off his clothes.

"Well, the treat is, if you accept me as your Mistress Miranda, after--"

"Mistress Miranda. Kinky. I like this already."

"Don't interrupt me, slave," she said slapping his ass with a paddle.

"Oh, baby, this is a nice trick, but this is too much like a treat to me," he said with a laugh.

"As your Mistress Miranda, after I'm done disciplining you, you can have me and you can do anything to me."


"Yes, seriously" she said, "but from now on you must call me Mistress Miranda," she said slapping his ass with the paddle again.

"Oh, baby. I mean, yes, Mistress Miranda."

"Now that you're naked and blindfolded, slave, you must--"

"Wait, Mistress Miranda," he said interrupting his mistress. "Seriously? After you're done disciplining me, I can do anything to you?"

"Yes, anything slave, but only after you have obeyed my every command and only if you stop interrupting me," she said paddling his ass again.

"Anal sex, Mistress Miranda?"

"Maybe," she said with a laugh and a giggle and giving his ass another wallop with the paddle.

"A blowjob, Mistress Miranda, where I cum in your mouth, while playing with your tits and you swallow?"

"Of course, slave. It wouldn't be deemed a proper blowjob without you cumming in my mouth and me swallowing, but before us having anal sex, if you don't mind," she said with a laugh.

"Oh, baby, I'm loving this Halloween anniversary trick, so much that I can't wait for the treat."

"I'm glad you are, honey, I mean, slave," she said with a giggle and giving him a kiss and his cock a squeeze. "As matter of fact, just to show you what you can expect from me later, I'm going to suck your cock now, until you're nice and hard. I need for you to have an erection for what I have planned for you next," said Mistress Miranda kneeling in front of her slave and sucking his cock.

She stroked his prick and cupped his balls, while sucking his cock. Mark reached his hand down and felt her breasts through her blouse and bra.

"I love your big tits, Miranda," he said fingering her nipples, until he could feel them respond and push back against her clothes, as they grew more erect.

"It's Mistress Miranda, slave," she said removing his cock from her mouth long enough to speak and long enough to paddle his ass, again. "Did you ask my permission to touch me?"

"Permission? No, sorry, Mistress Miranda. May I feel your breasts, Mistress Miranda, while you suck my cock?"

"Okay, slave, you have my permission to feel my breasts through my clothes and finger my nipples."

"Thank you, Mistress Miranda," he said with a laugh.

"Do you think this funny, slave? My rules are simple. I order you and you obey. Whenever you don't obey, I paddle your ass. There's nothing funny about me giving you instruction and permission," she said walloping his ass again with the paddle, this time harder. "This isn't a game, slave."

"Ow," said Mark rubbing his ass. "Gees, take it easy, Miranda, I mean, Mistress Miranda, please," he said holding back another laugh. "That last whack really hurt."

"Sorry, baby, I mean, slave," she said with a giggle.

Then, she took his cock in her mouth again, while cupping his balls with one hand and stroking him with her other hand.

"Oh, baby, I mean, Mistress Miranda, that feels so good. Suck it baby, suck my cock. Blow me, Mistress Miranda," he said putting a hand to the back of her head, while fucking her mouth.

Almost immediately, he had an erection and just when he had stiffened and was hard enough to penetrate her anally and, definitely, was nearly excited enough to cum, she stopped. Once he was sticking straight out and his excitement swelled, she pulled him from her mouth.

"There's one more thing, slave," she said giving him another laugh, a giggle, and a light paddle.


"You have to dance and you can't stop dancing, until the music stops. Also, until I command you to cover yourself, you must remain naked. You have to be my personal and private, naked, male Go-Go dancer."

"Okay, sure, Mistress Miranda. I can do that," said Mark. "I love being bossed around by you, when I'm naked," he said. "Is this the treat part of my trick and treat because this next part is just like the fantasy that I imagined having. It was a long time ago, but do you remember me telling you about my fantasy during pillow talk, Mistress Miranda? The only thing missing is a roomful of women," he said with a laugh.

"No, slave, I don't remember you telling me that this is your sexual fantasy. This is my sexual fantasy, slave," she said giggling.

Miranda led Mark to the family room downstairs, where her two sisters, her mother, and her six friends were sitting in a half circle facing him. With her husband so exposed to the nine women and his cock sticking straight out, everyone stared at his nakedness but were all as quiet as mice. No one wanted to ruin the moment of Mark's treat. Then, as soon as the music started playing Macho Man by the Village People, Mark started dancing.

"Macho, macho man I've got to be, a macho man Macho, macho man (yeah, yeah) I've got to be a macho."

With his cock bobbing, bouncing, and darting side to side, he was giving all the women in attendance quite the naked, dancing stripper show. Then, as soon as the music stopped, he stopped dancing.

"You can remove your blindfold now, Mark," she said. "Surprise!"

"Happy Anniversary! Happy Halloween," yelled all the women.

His first involuntary reaction, of course, was to cover his cock and he did with his hand briefly, but then he took it away to take a bow. As per Mistress Miranda's instruction, he stayed naked for the rest of the evening. With Miranda's drunken friends, sisters, and even her mother being free with their hands and mouths, patting Mark on the ass, tugging at his penis, stoking him, cupping his balls, and taking him in their mouths, as he walked by them and mingled with them, he had a constant erection.

Whenever his erection started to dwindle, someone stroked him or sucked him, while he felt their breasts, fingered their nipples through their clothes, and put a hand beneath their dress to feel their panty clad ass and/or pussy, while they French kissed him. By far this was the best trick and treat that Miranda had every played on him, he told her later that night over pillow talk. Had the party lasted longer, Miranda's friends, maybe even her sisters, and possibly even her mother may have had sex with her husband. Before things got out of hand, she ended Mark's treat prematurely, so that they could celebrate their anniversary in private with plenty of hot sex and even hotter pillow talk.

With the memory of the trick and treat that Miranda played on him last year, still fresh in his mind, this year, it was Mark's turn to play a sexy Halloween wedding anniversary trick and treat on his wife. After he had overheard her confide her secret fantasy to her sister over a few glasses of wine, Mark arranged for the perfect trick and treat. Not even revealed to him over pillow talk, Miranda harbored a secret fantasy of being stripped naked by two men, tied to the bed, and being forced to have hot sex with them. She even imagined them slapping her when she disobeyed, all while Mark watched. Just as she fulfilled his fantasy last year, he wanted to fulfill her fantasy this year.

"Honey," yelled Mark to his wife from the bottom of the stairs. "I have to go into work for a couple of hours."

"Work? But it's Sunday."

"I know but I need to have my project ready to show the big boss tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll only be a few hours."

"Okay, sweetie. Don't be late. It's our anniversary. It's Halloween," she said. "It's your turn to give me a sexy trick and a hot, surprise treat," she said, but he was already gone.

Any time he went into the office on the weekend, he was gone for hours. Sometimes the weekend was the only time he could do what he needed to do without interruption. She feared he'd be gone for hours, longer than he said he would. With her combination anniversary and Halloween potentially ruined, she feared that he wouldn't come home until very late. She was already sad that their tradition of celebrating their combination anniversary and Halloween would be forgotten with his responsibilities for his job.

She should have a problem. In this economy, at least he still had a job. So many others are in dire straits and they've been virtually untouched by the economic recession. At least for the next thirty years, with all the baby boomers becoming elderly, his job as a manager of home healthcare facilities was one of the very few businesses that had experienced an unprecedented spurt in growth over the past twenty years.

She heard him slam shut the front door, but she didn't hear him lock it. Because the hall floor was tiled in stone and with the high ceilings, the sound of him locking the door echoed loud enough through the reception hall that she could hear it, even when she was upstairs. It was typical of Mark to be so preoccupied with work that he'd forget about her safety and not remember to lock the front door. He's done that many times before.

Always the one checking to lock the door behind him, whenever they went out for the day or every time he left for work, she always had to run down and lock the front door. A pet peeve of hers, no matter how many times she scolded him about it, it didn't matter and was something she decided to endure. Forgetful and preoccupied with other things, usually with work and his job, he was forgetful about the mundane stuff, and that was just like him to forget to lock the front door.

Wasting energy, always, she walked around behind him turning off lights that he had left on, after leaving a room. With the whole house blazing with illumination and their electric bill always higher than it should be, it was nothing more than an annoying albeit endearing quality that he had and one of the reasons why she so loved him. Having heard the door slam, thinking that he went out the front door, and assuming that he forgot to lock it, she didn't know that he had doubled back in the house and crept upstairs, while she was still in the bathroom. As she walked downstairs to lock the front door, he hid himself in their bedroom closet in readiness for her trick and treat surprise.

Just out of the shower, she dried herself, put her hair up in a towel, slipped in her bathrobe and slippers, and hurried downstairs to lock the front door. Not that she was worried that someone would burst through the door in the few minutes time that Mark left and she made it downstairs to lock the front door, they lived in a safe neighborhood, still, one can never be too careful today. As soon as she reached the front door to lock it, two men in ski masks opened the front door and burst inside the house.

"Get out! Go away," she screamed running up the stairs. "I have a gun," she yelled.

"Get her," said one man to the other.

They knew that she didn't have a gun. They chased her up the stairs, caught her, and pulled her in the bedroom. With one man dragging her by the wrist, while she kicked, screamed, and tried to fight him off, she struggled to break free.

"Let me go. My husband will be home any minute," she said. "Let go of me."

"We've been watching you. We know your husband left for work. He'll be gone for hours," said one of the men pushing her back on the bed and holding her, while the other man tied her wrists and ankles to the bed.

Still struggling to break free, one man slapped her across her face, when she resisted their touches. Immediately, she stopped struggling and remained motionlessly, while allowing them to touch and feel her body through her bathrobe. Four hands felt her breasts, caressed her ass, and cupped her pussy through the thin material of her bathrobe.

"Stop! Don't! Don't you dare touch me," she protested, when they got more forceful and more invasive with their touches. "How dare you? Let me go," she said squirming and trying to free herself from her ties.

"We'll hurt you, lady, if you don't give us what we want. Just relax and cooperate and we'll show you a good time," said the man that slapped her across the face.

"You don't have to do this," she said. "Just take whatever you want and go. I won't even call the police to report the robbery. My jewelry box is on the dresser. Take it. You can have it all. I'm giving it to you as a gift."

"We don't want your jewelry, lady."

"You don't? What do you want, then?"

"We want you," said the man who slapped her ass.

He untied her bathrobe and paused to look at his partner in crime before looking up at her to watch the expression on her face, before splaying it open and exposing her naked body. Her face was flush. She looked afraid. She looked panicked. She looked excited.

Then, slowly, as if opening an expensive package at Christmas, he opened her bathrobe, first one side and then the other. She was naked. Full C cup breasts and a brown trimmed pussy, her nipples were already erect. Was she cold, sexually excited, or both that two, masked men were about to have their sexy way with her, a long time fantasy of hers.

Being so exposed to the two men and, with her wrists and ankles tied to the bed, suddenly, she was quiet. She was so afraid that she was shaking. Yet, it was obvious by her silence and in the way that she looked at the men looking at her, that she was sexually excited, too, at the same time.

How could she not be afraid? What else did they have in mind to do to her besides raping her? Would they kill her, too?

How could she not be excited? This was her sexual fantasy, after all. Two strange men striping her and forcing her to do whatever they wanted her to do and, if she dared disobey, they'd slap her.

She was already wet, so very wet and when a man touched her where only her husband had touched her before, her sexual excitement was obvious. She was ready to do whatever she needed to do to satisfy the men, so that they wouldn't hurt her. Her raw fear is what made her fantasy so sexual and so real. Not knowing what they were to do next is what made this as frightening, as it was sensually erotic and sexually forbidden.

"Please don't do this," she said feebly protesting, while ping ponging from fear to excitement. "I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt me, okay? Please," she said her voice cracking and with her on the verge of crying. "Really, you can do to me whatever it is you want. Just don't hurt me. I'll fuck you. I'll blow you. You can even cum in my mouth. Okay?"

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