Halloween with Mom


"Oh, yes, but stay there, no more talking," she said.

Her voice suddenly made it through the filter of his excitement. It was familiar, too familiar. No, he must be mistaken. The air conditioning unit in this room was loud, he could faintly hear a TV from the next room. He had to be mistaken.

He kept it up. One hand slid up her side and started squeezing her breasts. She decided that he hadn't had much experience with women, but he was trying. Just then he found her nipple, and started rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

John slid a finger into her pussy, she was practically dripping. He quickly followed with two more. When she started moving around on his face. He let her, he couldn't breath, but had taken a good breath and was good for a while.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock, and just held it, gently squeezing now and again. Then she felt the rush coming. She let go, and pushed down on his face, she moved and pushed her clit over his nose.

She started grunting, again and again, and the come hit, hard, his fingers were magic, by accident or design he was hitting the right spot, and she tightened her thighs and pushed down on him harder and kept coming, and coming. Finally it was down to aftershocks, slowly getting further and further apart.

Her body had lurched with the first, and the next few, but gradually she relaxed. She noticed distantly that Flint was heaving and finally pushing on her with his free hand, and she lifted off him, and rolled away from him.

He was panting, and she put her hand back on his erection, it was a nice size, and she wanted him in her, and soon, but her throat was dry.

"Wow, that was intense," he said.

"Did I smother you?"

"It's OK," he said.

"Is it OK if I get a drink? I'm really thirsty," she said, as she rolled off the bed and padded over to the little fridge on the other side of the room.

She was suddenly nervous, the voice, was different, but she was sure it was someone she knew, she was excited, too excited, and she wanted more. Much more, she deserved it.

"Me too, save some for me," he said.

He was watching as she bent over the fridge in the darkened room, the light went on when the little door was opened and she put her face in it's glow as she reached for a bottle of water.

"They'll probably charge double what it would cost in a grocery store," she said, twisting off the cap as she straightened up and tilted her head back to pour the water down her throat.

John was silent, he was frantically feeling for his mask, it was his MOM! What was he going to do, he had just gone down on her, licked her pussy 'till she came! And she practically swallowed his cock, they were both naked, and his hard one wouldn't go away. Oh god, she was so hot, so very hot.

He found the mask, not that it mattered once she closed the door to the fridge. The curtains didn't quite meet in the center, and some light got through, and more came from under the door, but laying down in bed, surely she couldn't see him.

Mary walked back toward the bed, and handed Flint the water bottle.

"I've got some condoms, I hope you don't mind," she said, as she picked one out of the several on the nightstand.

"Mmmm OK," said Flint determined to keep his comments to a minimum.

She noticed that his voice was even lower, but it cracked half way through. She was sure she knew this young man, he must be one of John's friends. Something kept nagging at the back of her head. She put it down to the situation. He would certainly keep quiet about this little tryst, and she would remind him to. Later.

She had a stray thought about her son, just an image of a woman sitting on his face like she had just done with this young man. She felt a nagging sensation in her brain, as if her subconscious was trying to tell her something. She ignored it, she wanted that cock in her, she wanted another release, she was still horny, he thought she was hot, that was enough.

"I'm still excited, horny, and I'm going to get on top," Mary said.

She knelt on the bed, and John watched his mom put a condom on his erection. He watched her naked breasts, they were outlined by the dim light slipping through the gap in the curtains. He could see how large and erect the nipples were and loved the way they looked hanging down as she bent over him.

"Ohhhhh," he said as she straddled him and slid down onto his cock.

"Mmmmm, me too," she said.

She started to slide up and down on him, he matched her, thrusting as she came down, pushing downward into the bed as she went up. He looked up at her. His eyes were accustomed to the light, and it was easy, now that he knew who she was, to see that he was fucking his mom. He loved it. Suddenly it was OK, he loved her, and he was fucking her, she was so sexy.

He didn't know why he didn't say anything, he knew he should have, but she was just to sexy, naked except for the nylons, they felt good against his hips.

Mary loved this, it was like when she was first married, sex got to be great after the practice, and now she was doing it again. Just two dates where she had sex in all those years since her ex divorced her and married that bimbo. And it wasn't that good. This was great, she could feel another coming on, if only he could keep from coming.

John was at the edge, he knew he couldn't hold out much longer, but she was sort of grunting, and getting quicker, he thought she might be close again. He felt hot, almost sweating hot, he heard the air conditioning unit start up, it was under the window and glancing to his right, he saw the curtains start to ripple in the current from the a/c.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, stay with me baby, stay with me, yes, yes YES!!! OHHHHHH!" she gasped out.

John pushed upward, hard into her and let go, he pumped his cum into the condom, he felt her pussy clamp and release him. He finally let go of her nipples.

"Oh my god," she said, as she rolled off of him.

"I know," he said, forgetting to lower his voice.

Mary heard the difference in the voice, it nagged at her for a second, but the pounding in her ears and she aftershock that hit right then made her forget.

John got the condom off, and got out of bed, he carried it, keeping his back to her, as he headed for the bathroom. He closed the door before fumbling for the light. After he took care of business he wondered what to do. He had just fucked his mom, and she didn't know it. He couldn't tell her, ever, and he had to get out of her before she saw him.

Mary was drowsy, and got under the covers, she left the wet spot for him, she turned away and drifted to sleep. Her ex, and the few men she slept with before and after him, all had to pee after sex. She felt odd that she didn't. There were times she wondered if she should ask her friends or doctor so see if it was normal or not.

John turned the light off, he had taken a quick rinse off in the shower, he didn't know if she squirted or not, but his whole pubic area was damp, plus his butt had gotten sweaty. He knew his face smelled like her too, but left that alone he loved the scent.

He walked back to the bed, just coming from the light, it was hard to see, but when he found it, he just got in, even though something inside was screaming to run. But he had fucked her, no turning back, he wondered if they could do it again, at home, he knew that was an impossibility. Wasn't it?

John stood over the bed, he finally made out that she was on the far side of the bed, and probably turned away from him. What did that mean? Go away? Come and snuggle? He hesitated.

"I'm really sleepy, hope you don't mind, how about that snuggle you promised the other night?" she said in low, sleepy voice.

He slipped under the covers, the glow of the clock on the nightstand said that it was nearly midnight, and he was sleepy too, although the idea of snuggling with a naked woman was giving him a semi already.

He slid in next to her, she was wearing a cotton gown of some sort, and slid his right arm under her pillow, and his left went over her tummy. He let it slide up and down her side first, and found she had not panties on. His mom. No panties. Mary Walker, Phd, hot mom, milf, slept without panties.

He snugged his half semi into the crack of her ass, and put his head on the pillow. He felt her hand take his left hand, and snug it up under her breasts, and he cupped them.

"Mmmmm" she said.

As he drifted off to sleep, he tried to tell himself that he would wake early, before her, before it was light, and take his bag into the bathroom, dress, and get out of there before she woke up.


He suddenly woke up. The a/c was running, humming along, and she was holding his cock. Sucking his cock, he was on his back, and it felt good.

"Come on John, it's four AM and I'm horny, do me, do me doggy style baby." she moaned.

He felt her get on her hands and knees, he got up and knelt behind her. The cool air washed against his back, he felt goosebumps up and down his spine. The curtains rippled, he saw lights play across her back. Her short gown showed white in the ripples of light, it was bunched under her arms and around her neck. He watched as she sank to her elbows and arch her back.

"I've never done it this way," he said.

"You'll go deeper in me, just shut up and stick it in," she gasped.

He held his cock in his hand, pushed forward, and sank it in. John bent over and began to push in. And out. And in. And out. It felt good, she pushed back, and forward, in time with him.

Bracing himself with one hand on the bed, he leaned forward and cupped a dangling breast. It had been swaying and he stopped it, grasping all of it, he squished and then held a nipple, just the nipple and let the natural swaying motion pull it back and forth.

WAIT! What did she call me? Did she call me John?

"Um .. ah ... mom?" he whispered as he continued to fuck her. She continued to push back, her face seemed buried in the pillow.

She didn't say anything for seven thrusts, he counted.

"It's Vicky100 honey, while we're here, it's Vicky100." was the answer.

He didn't say anything. But he kept fucking and fucking and fucking.

He wondered if it would go back to normal, or they would continue to fuck. He told himself that if it went to normal and she ignored any hints for sex, he would try calling her Vicky100 some time. Or maybe they would set up dates from a chatroom.

He slammed into her. He worried, he didn't have a condom on, could she get pregnant? How would that work? The thought made him harder, and pushed down into her pounding.

"Oh god son, oh god, you fuck so well, I'm coming I'm coming, Ahhhhhhhh." he heard her whisper.

He barely heard her, and kept it up. He felt her jerking and her pussy was spasming. He kept pounding, why was he not cumming.

Suddenly he woke up. It was light outside, but he knew there were spotlights outside all night. He turned to the clock. Four in the morning. He was hard, the dream was sexy, and he nearly came in his sleep. He wondered if she really knew. He knew he wanted to fuck her doggy style. He crept out of bed, gathered up the costume, and her panties, and his back pack, he couldn't find the mustache, and worried about that.

"Mmmm, one more time stud, before you go?" she said quietly. It was definitely his mom.

He looked, the room was still dark and she was on her hands and knees, just like in the dream, he pinched his waist, no, not a dream, unless, it was a dream? He thought about the thieves, scumbags really, who stole stories from literotica, knowing that anyone who read his story on any site but lit, was reading a stolen story. He watched her butt wave side to side at him.

"Hurry stud, hurry, I'm dripping wet and need you, need you so bad," said Mary. She had never felt this way, so unrestrained, so dirty, so sexy.

John walked to the foot of the bed, and crawled up. She was the exact height, he touched her bottom, put a finger between the cheeks, and slid it down, he felt her anus, went further and felt her shiver and then his finger slid inside her.

"Ohhhh," she said.

With his other hand, he guided his cock into her. It wasn't like the dream, and he had to move it up and down her slit, and the tip got slippery, then he found the spot and pushed into her.

He was kneeling and fucking into his mom's pussy, and she didn't know it. He leaned forward and grasped a breast, then her nipple. He held it still as her boob moved as they fucked. He was still going slow, and started to speed up. He held on to her nipple.

Mary knelt under him, felt him pound into her, she loved it. She was starting to suspect who her lover was, and didn't want to admit to herself, if it was, well, did she want to end the on line relationship? Could they go back to a normal relationship. Should she tell him she knew. She should shut up. She should fuck.

He kept pounding, it felt good, really good, she could hear her wetness making squelching noises as his cock buried itself in her, then withdrew. Her hips were moving in counterpoint. She wanted to kiss him, kiss him while she fucked him. Next time would be missionary, or her on top. But this was good. She loved the sound of his hips slapping against her.

It hit her all at once, no warning, she lunged back.

"Hhhhhnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhaaaa," she cried out.

John came, came again, pumped into her, his cock buried deep, as deep as he could push. He let go of her nipple and straightened up. He held it in her as he softened. Then, just when he felt his cock softening, she squeezed and it pushed out, if was a feeling he knew he would come to love.

"Ahhh," he gasped.

She flopped down on her side, her knees drawn up, eyes closed.

"The best, you're the best," she said.

Mary was thinking about the future. When he graduated, she knew he was thinking about going to grad school at the University. She thought she would look into positions there, she knew the pay and benefits were much better. She loved what he did to her nipple when he was fucking her, but knew it would be sore, she would have to train him.

How was she going to tell him she knew?

He went into the bathroom. He could still smell his finger and he was sure his face also. He dressed and brushed his teeth. He put the panties at the bottom of his pack, it smelled of her. His costume went on top. He worried about the mustache, he'd have to leave it. He needed a way to try to let Viki100 down without hurting her feelings.

He shut off the light and opened the bathroom door, his mom/Vicky100, was laying in bed. He had his shoes in his hand and walked to the door. As he opened it, he noticed the bill on the floor, he picked it up.

"Leave honey, I'll take care of it," she said from the bed.

He didn't say anything, but in the light from the door he saw the name the room was reserved in, his mom. More confirmation.

He drove around for a while, then found a gas station and filled up before went home and showered. Laying in bed thinking about what had happened he didn't think he could fall asleep. The pre dawn light was there, he heard the birds singing, and then he was sleeping.

Mary got up later, her phone beeped her alarm and she got up and showered and put on her make up. While finding the scattered pieces of her costume, she couldn't find her panties, and suspected that her lover had taken them. But she did find the mustache.

She drove home in the early light. She had a lot of thinking to do. It was a big problem. Playing with a young man like that, at his age, could have an adverse effect on him. On the other hand, he fucked really well and she could really come to rely on that.

Well, she was sure he knew who she was, the gasp when she looked into the little fridge gave him away. She realized that her face must have been bathed in the light and easily recognized. She wondered why she carried on. Well she was horny, that was a big reason. But why did he?

She pulled into the garage, and walked into the house. It was quiet, and she took her shoes off before she went up the stairs. John's door was ajar, and she looked in, he was sound asleep, he face peaceful and quiet. Camping indeed!

An hour or two passed.

John woke up, went into the bathroom, and took care of morning routine. He finished and walked across the hall, and saw that his Mom's room was open, but she wasn't in. he went back into his room and got dressed for the day. He reached for his laptop, and on top of it was the mustache, on top of a piece of paper with a note on it.

- John, you forgot this -

He went white and had to sit down.

"Now what?"

Downstairs Mary cracked eggs into a bowl and scrambled them up with a fork. She was wearing the red robe, just the robe. She turned on the right front burner, furthest from the fridge, close to the coffee maker. She had a slight smile on her face as she poured the eggs into the pan.

She could hear her lover coming down the stairs, for breakfast.

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Story: wonderful, wonderful... Hope there’s a chapter two.
Grammar: ugh

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I see someone's been reading swallows and Amazons recently then

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I really like it. Very interesting. I wish something same happen with me.

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That was fun

and it worked out just as it should, including the surprise.

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