tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHalloween with Movie Stars Ch. 02

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Sometimes things are better than they seem...

Tim was having a difficult time telling Pete what he knew, "Yeah...that guy is in the drama club. He lives in the room next door to me. Sorry man, tried to tell you."

Pete glanced at Tim completely shocked, embarrassed. He couldn't believe he didn't figure it out. Fuck!

Pete couldn't very well tell Tim about his roommate now. He would totally freak. What Tim didn't know wouldn't hurt him. There was nothing to be gained by telling him now.

Tim tried to lesson the pain, "But he did look smoking hot. Anyone could have made that mistake." Pete did not respond. They walked the rest of the way to the dorms in silence.

Dana was not there when Pete arrived. He wasn't sure what he would say to him. He was petty pissed. He had had his doubts about him once he learned he was a drama major. But now, after this...

Tim had really boasted about his roommate's incredible cock sucking skills. On and on he went. Pete wondered how Tim would feel if he knew truth? Probably a lot like him when he found out Marilyn was a guy!

Several days passed since the party and no sign of Dana. Pete wondered if he was afraid to come home. He had been pretty pissed in the beginning, but now he had a few days to cool off.

It wasn't until Thursday when they finally bumped into each other. Pete walked in from class just as Dana was leaving his room. There was a quick glance of recognition followed by sudden terror in Dana's eyes. He wasn't sure if he should lock himself in his room or dash out the door.

Pete saw the horror in his eyes and felt bad, "Hey man...its ok. Relax. We're still roommates you know."

"I'm sorry man. I had no idea that was your friend," Dana said humbly.

"Yeah...I know."

"So...you OK?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, I guess so. But listen, Tim has no idea. I'd like to keep it that way. There's no reason for both of us to feel like a fool," Pete said. "So... who was Marilyn?"

"That was Jon. He's in my drama club," Dana said.

"What possessed you guys to do such a thing?" Pete asked.

"It's not like we were trying to make you feel bad. It's not like that at all. If things had gone the way we planned, you guys would never have known the truth about us. We just wanted to suck some cock. We figured with it being Halloween and all, we could dress up like chicks and it would make it easier to find someone. When we heard about the Hollywood party it sounded perfect."

"So...you're gay?" Pete asked even though the answer seemed obvious.

"No. I'm not gay. I have a girlfriend. We met in the drama club too. There are some really hot chicks in drama club! They all want to be big stars ..." He returned to the original question, "I just like to suck cock. I guess technically that makes me bisexual."

"And Jon?" Pete asked rather amazed by his answer.

"Well...as you know...he likes to suck cock too. But he would technically fall under the bisexual label too... that makes a difference."

Pete found himself going through various loops of logic trying to determine what it all meant. It was all so confusing. In his world you either liked girls or you liked girls, there really weren't any other choices.

"You...wanted to suck cock?" he asked still trying to put it together.

Dana could see he was confused by it all. It's not like he didn't understand that. There was certainly a time when it confused him too. He had to give Pete points for at least listening and not beating the crap out of him. "Uh...maybe I should get us a beer."

Dana retrieved two beers, handed one to Pete and sat on the couch. They had been roommates for three months, but never really sat down and talked before. They ran in different circles.

"I know all this sounds pretty strange to you. I had no idea this would happen, believe me," Dana said taking a sip. "I don't know how much of this you want to hear. So feel free to tell me to shut up at any time." He took another sip.

"It started in high school when I got this part in the senior play. I enjoy acting. There was another guy in the play and we...got to know each other pretty well...if you know what I mean."

Pete took a gulp of beer listening.

"We both had girlfriends...but one night after rehearsal we had a few drinks and...are you ok with this? Should I continue?"

"Yeah well...given the circumstances I think I have earned the right to hear the story," Pete said sharply.

Dana certainly couldn't argue with that. "Well...like I said, we had a few drinks, got pretty horny...one thing led to another. We both admitted that we had been curious from time to time, but never had the guts to actually try it."

"Try what?" Pete said.

"You know...sucking cock." Dana took another sip of his beer trying to decide if he should go further or leave it there. It looked like Pete was handling everything pretty good so far.

"So we did it. We sucked each other's cock. He sucked mine and I sucked his." Dana waited for some indication of how Pete was doing. He seemed ok. At least he didn't appear angry. Then he caught a glimpse of his crotch. If he wasn't mistaken, it looked like Pete might be on his way to a woody. So he pressed on.

"And the thing that freaked us out...was how much we liked it. He liked it and so did I. After that we did it whenever we got the chance. But then the play ended and we graduated and that was that."

"You liked it?" Pete asked hesitantly.

"Oh yeah," Dana smiled. "I guess it was one of the reasons I decided to be a drama major...besides the fact that I like to act. I figured if I found someone in the school play that liked doing it, my chances were pretty good I would find someone in the drama club at college. That's where I met Jon...you know, Marilyn."

"Wow. I think I need another beer," Pete said starting to get up.

"No, no...I'll get it," Dana said reaching over for Pete's empty. Yes, Pete was definitely getting a woody. Dana fetched another beer, handed one to Pete and sank back down on the couch.

"Jon is really cool. I know that might be hard for you to grasp given the way you guys met and all. I don't blame you. I mean, it is pretty weird when you think about it. The original plan was to get dressed up, ham it up big time, suck some serious cock and disappear. I never dreamed I would be sitting down actually talking about the whole thing with anyone but Jon." Dana rolled his eyes and took a big sip of beer.

"I met Jon in the drama club. It didn't take long to realize he was exactly like me. We became friends almost immediately. We went drinking one night and started talking. We were talking about dick in five minutes! I know that sounds awful, but you have no idea how difficult it is when you love to suck cock and yet you're not gay. The gay guys get pissed off when you talk about pussy. They keep saying you are just denying your true feelings. But I love pussy! Those are my true feelings. But I love sucking cock too! I know this is all too weird for you. I should probably just shut up."

Pete discreetly nudged his erection giving it more room to grow, "No...I get it...I think."

"Well...Jon and I got together after that. We would spend hours and hours slobbering on each others cock. He would tell me exactly what he liked best and I would drive him crazy doing it," Dana smiled thinking back. Pete could hardly believe what he was hearing.

"Then we would switch. I'd spread out; let him devour my cock giving him directions on just what to do. It was fucking great!"

Listening to Dana had Pete hard as shit. He remembered the fabulous things Marilyn, well Jon, had done to his cock. It really was the best blowjob he had ever had and he had had quite a few. His throbbing erection had not gone unnoticed by Dana.

"So...I hope I haven't said too much. I know this is all new to you. I had no idea Tim was your buddy." Dana paused for a moment. "But he has a really nice cock...and I'm not going to lie...I loved sucking it." He paused again. "I would do it again in a heart beat."

Dana searched Pete's face for some sort of reaction. "Jon said you really got off the other night when he sucked your cock. He told me you came buckets!"

Pete's face turned beet red. That had to mean Dana knew how Jon kissed him afterwards, fed him all that cum. "Yeah well...I had no idea it was a dude!" he said defensively.

"Jon sucks a pretty mean cock..." he said with a sly grin. He downed the rest of his beer, "But I'm better."

Pete shot him a quick look of disbelief.

"Anyway..." Dana said getting to his feet. "I'm headed over to Lisa's. I hope this doesn't make things weird between us. I would understand if it does. I never dreamed it would turn out this way, you have to believe that. And I will be the last one to say anything to anyone about what happened."

And with that Dana walked out the door.

Pete sat there on the couch dumbfounded. He could hardly believe what he had just heard. The one thing he knew for sure was that he was horny as hell. His cock was literally throbbing in his pants.

He gave it a good hard squeeze. It felt so damn good he yanked his pants down, wrapped his fingers around the base and started pumping. He thought about how good those ruby red lips felt wrapped around his cock, the way that tongue licked his balls.

"Arrrrrgggghhhh," he grunted as the first ribbon cut loose flying into the air. "Yeah...." he pumped furiously cupping his balls with his other hand. He pumped and squeezed, rolled his balls back and forth drenching everything in sight with cum.

He leaned back against the couch with a grin, "Whewwwwww." He opened his eyes; saw what a mess he had made. He thought about that night with her, how she had made him cum so hard, how she made him taste it. He put his fingers in his mouth.

Pete went to classes the next day. Although it was Friday, we really didn't feel up to going out. It had been a weird week. First there was the party, which had been great and then not so good and now he wasn't sure what it was. He was still thinking about what Dana said the night before.

He hadn't talked to Tim since the party. He began to wonder if maybe their friendship had been damaged by Dana and Jon's little trick. In any event, he decided he would buy a six pack, plop himself down on the couch, watch a movie and stay in for the evening.

He walked into the dorm with his six pack, put it in the frig and changed into his favorite sweat pants. He was cruising through the guide to see what was on TV when Dana came home. Pete felt a sudden tension. He wasn't sure why. Clearly he knew way more about his roommate now than ever before.

"Hey man, how's it going?" Dana asked.

"Good. Just having a beer," Pete said trying to sound casual, but it came out slightly guarded. He cursed himself for it. "There's one in the frig if you like," he said making a bigger effort trying to sound relaxed.

Dana picked up on it. He worried this might happen. The last thing he wanted was to make things weird between them. They had the rest of the semester together whether they liked it or not.

"Got plans for the evening?" Dana asked pulling a beer from the frig.

"Nah, you're seeing it. I thought I would stay in, have a few beers, maybe watch a movie."

Dana tapped his beer against Pete's beer in a bit of a toast, "Nothing wrong with that."

"So how was Lisa?" Pete asked trying to make conversation. He wondered if she knew her boyfriend dressed up like a chick so he could suck dick.

"Great," Dana said with a wink. "That is one kinky chick."

Wow. That drama club must be one big orgy. Hell it was probably her dress Dana was wearing the other night. "So you got plans for the evening?" Pete asked.

"Yep. I got a hot date. Thanks for the beer," he said holding it up before disappearing into his room.

Holy shit! His freaking roommate was getting more action than he was. Fuck, maybe he should consider changing majors to acting. He finished his beer and got another. He thought about calling Tim, but then decided against it. He was pretty sure Tim would totally freak out if he ever learned it was Dana who gave him that great blowjob he had bragged about so much. He was not looking forward to that day.

He cruised through the channels, but there was very little on. Then Julia Robert's flashed on the screen. She was naked in the bathtub singing with headphones. Man she looked hot in that bathtub.

He heard Dana's door open behind him, felt slightly embarrassed to be caught watching a chick flick. He was about to get another beer when one magically appeared from over his shoulder.

He smiled as he reached up for it, "Thanks dude." That's when he noticed the perfectly polished fingernails holding the beer he was grabbing.

Angelina waltzed around the couch holding a bottle of tequila. She had her head tilted back slightly, giving him that bad girl look. Her eyes were dark and sexy, nice full eyelashes, soft layers of earth tones on her eyelids underneath perfectly shaped eyebrows. She wore three shades of lipstick that made her lips look full and luscious. Her long hair was in a delicate twist that cascaded down one shoulder and over her breast.

She was wearing a hot little black dress that looked sexy as hell. It was just a bit too short to hide the lace tops of her fishnet stockings. She put the bottle down in front of Pete, walked over to the dorm door and locked it. She walked to the kitchen swaying that ass like a million dollar hooker. She grabbed two shot glasses, walked back over to the couch, sat down. Her dress was short; her legs were spread out like a guy, which made it even shorter.

Pete stared at those stocking tops, the black satin panties peeking out at him from underneath that dress. He felt his cock stiffen as she opened that bottle and filled the shot glasses. He couldn't believe it was Dana. He looked just like Angelina Jolie. He had that look down, that sexy little pout of hers. She handed him a shot glass and they downed them.

She ran her tongue over those painted lips in a very suggestive manner, "How am I doing so far?" she asked in a hushed whisper.

The tequila burned all the way down and almost neutralized the shock of seeing her, well him, dressed in that sexy black dress. She was stunning. And the way she was sitting, her legs spread like that, those panties peeking out... sexy as hell. No chick would ever sit that way. It was fucking hot!

She saw his erection tenting his sweat pants. "Let's have another..." she said in this really sexy voice. She poured two more shots, gave him a look that had sex written all over it and they downed them.

She gave him this sexy grin, this bad-girl-on-a-mission look, and said, "Don't mind me. Just enjoy your movie...I'll find something to keep me occupied." She leaned over his lap, took the top of his sweat pants and pulled them down revealing the tip of his erection.

He watched as she ran her tongue gently around the head of his cock," Oh...my...god."

Those nice soft lips rolled down his shaft, then lingered back up. She teased his slit with the tip of her tongue in a nice, slow caress.

She plunged down his length, got to the root, sucked hard, before easing back up to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip, tracing its shape, taking her time to enjoy the feel of his smooth warm flesh.

She noticed a bit of ooze leaking from the tip. She tightened her perfectly polished fingernails around the base of his shaft, pulled up his length causing a big wad to appear. She leaned in slowly, gathered it on her tongue. She gave him that sexy look, ran her tongue along her lips coating them with his cum, finishing with a sexy little grunt as if she had just orgasmed. She felt his cock jerk between her fingers in response.

"Oh wow." He was completely mesmerized by the thin glaze of cum covering her lips.

She ran the tip of his cock along her lips nice and slow before taking a good inch or two past her lips, flicked her tongue up his slit, slobbered over those sensitive nerves.

His eyes were glued to her lips, her eyes, his cock.

It was clear that she really did love to suck cock. The way her lips moved along his flesh, her natural instincts as to what felt good, and what felt great. One moment she was soft and intimate, the next she was firm and deliberate.

She straightened up letting his sweat pants fall back into place. Of course his throbbing cock danced obscenely underneath. She grabbed the bottle, poured two more shots.

She handed one to him, "I love your cock." They tipped glasses, drank them down. She reached for his sweat pants once again, held the tops, "Do you mind?"

It took him a second to stop staring at her cum glazed lips and process what she had just asked. Then it clicked. He rose up and she pulled his sweat pants off and let them fall on the floor.

All he had left were his white socks. His poor cock was dancing and weaving about with a mind of its own. It steadily oozed cum that rolled down the shaft.

She wanted to get the taste of cum in his mouth, keep it there all night. She worked her finger up from the base gathering a healthy dose on the tip, painted his lips with a liberal amount as if applying lipstick. She pushed the rest into his mouth; waited to feel his tongue scoop it up, swallow.

He was spellbound, completely captivated, stunned.

She spread herself out on the couch, got in a more comfortable position hovering over his crotch. She watched his poor aching cock swaying back and forth dying for attention. She teased it with her tongue, planting little butterfly kisses, administering sweet torture driving his libido higher and higher. Then suddenly she opened her mouth, took several inches past those nice, warm lips, sucked firmly.

"Oh wow." He flung his head back against the couch, stared at the ceiling. Fuck! If he wasn't careful, he was going to explode and ruin everything.

She pushed down further, his pubic hair brushing against her lips. She didn't like that at all. There would be time to take care of that later. She sucked hard, eased up his shaft, kissed the tip in a sign of pure devotion.

She knew he was on the verge, knew exactly how exquisite that feeling was, knowing that any second everything could spiral out of control providing that most rewarding thrill.

She eased her fingers around the base of his shaft, squeezed hard choking off his impending orgasm. She held it tight, waited until his breathing returned to normal, his muscles lost their tension.

Pete was beside himself. There was a fine sheen of sweat across his brow. No one, but no one, had ever done such things to him. He had experienced a orgasm, but she had prevented his ejaculation. As a result, his cock was still throbbing hard, harder than hard, but the imminent need for release was gone. His libido was super charged like never before.

She licked her lips, glanced up at him, "Had you worried...didn't I?" With supreme confidence, she eased a little more cum on her finger and fed it to him. "I haven't even begun to suck this cock..." She felt his tongue swipe it off and swallow.


Those soft lips descended once again, all the way down...once again. Pete closed his eyes; let the wonderful sensations flow through his body.

He felt her cup his balls, pull them up higher. She ran her tongue sensually over one, then the other. She gently sucked one partially between her lips, bathed it soothingly with her tongue. She let it slip from her lips, teased the other before giving it the same treatment.

Pete lost track of time...and everything else. He was helplessly under her control.

She dominated his cock, his balls, his libido, his thoughts, feelings, dreams. She kept his mouth refreshed with liberal amounts of warm, thick cum that constantly oozed from his tip. She took him to the edge, squeezed him off, waited, only to slowly work him back into a frenzy where she would squeeze him off again. The only break she took was to occasionally slam another shooter with him. It was like she had reached into his soul, captured it, held it for ransom with those nice, soft lips.

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