tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHalloween with Movie Stars Ch. 05

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 05


The last week had been like no other for Pete. Tim had been right, Pete really loved being taken. And doing it all in front of that mirror, watching everything...kinky!

There was no shortage of kink these days. Tim showered him with tons of panties. He wore them every day. Tim was right about that too. There was no such thing as bad panties. He loved the way they felt, but especially when he became aroused. There was nothing better than having an erection while wearing panties. He loved it.

Of course he was getting plenty of cock too. That was a given. He stopped over at Tim's almost every day after school and rode that thick monster of his. He couldn't seem to get enough of that thing. They were having fun experimenting with different positions. Pete thought it was great having a friend, who understood everything, wasn't hung up about it and enjoyed sex as much as he did.

"Marilyn and I were thinking that it would be nice if you boys took us on a date," Dana said. They were both sitting on the couch. Dana was naked, hard. Pete was wearing silk polka dot panties sucking his cock and massaging his balls.

Dana always referred to Jon as Marilyn even when he wasn't dressed up. Pete wasn't sure why exactly, but noticed that Jon always referred to Dana as Angelina as well. Maybe it was a drama thing or maybe it was just part of the little game they played together. Whatever the reason, it stuck. He found himself using 'Angelina' and 'Marilyn' too.

Pete slowly pulled off Angelina's cock, "You want to go on a double date?"

Angelina gave him a slow grin, pushed his head back down on her cock, "Yes." Pete resumed his leisurely assault. "We thought it would be nice to go somewhere nice. Don't worry. We will be the kind of dates that put out," she giggled.

The idea was discussed amongst the four of them and they decided on Alfredo's for dinner, a very nice Italian restaurant, followed by some dancing at the club not far from campus.

That Saturday finally rolled around and all four met at Pete and Angelina's in the afternoon to get ready. Angelina walked over to the door, glanced at the boys and locked it. The boys grinned at each other and immediately stripped down to their panties.

Pete was wearing that pink satin thong with the ruffles that Tim liked so much. He really did look good in them with his stunning six pack and prominent bulge. Tim was wearing ruffles too, although his were bikini style with a huge three inch satin bow sitting right there in front with satin ribbons that draped down to his balls.

Angelina had Pete fetch another stool and bring it in next to hers in front of the makeup mirror. Marilyn and Angelina took their place, unfolded their makeup kits. They glanced at the boys in the mirror, then at each other. Things had turned out just as they had planned.

Angelina looked at Pete in the mirror, "Why don't you get the tequila and four shot glasses." Pete shot Tim a quick grin and headed off to the kitchen.

He sat the bottle down between the makeup kits along with the shot glasses. Angelina gave him a look. Certainly he didn't expect her to pour. Pete filled the glasses and handed them out. The girls tipped their glasses together and the boys did the same with theirs.

"Here's to a night none of us will ever forget!" All four smiled at that one and drank them down.

The girls sat on their stools and studied themselves in the mirror. They'd done this a hundred times, but this time promised to be more fun than all the other times put together. The boys stood next to them, dutifully waiting.

"First things first," Marilyn said. "Boys, fetch the wigs." All of their stuff was laid out on the bed.

Angelina interrupted, "Pardon me, but you did say first things first, right?"

Marilyn recognized that tone of voice. It always meant sex. "My bad..." she smiled.

The girls turned outward on their stools, spread their legs. The boys, having been presented with cock, descended to their knees, found clean shaven cocks sitting nicely atop clean shaven balls at the top of clean shaven legs.

Pete scooped up Angelina's soft flesh between his lips and nursed it to full hardness as Tim did the same for Marilyn. The boys gave them a nice, easy suck, nothing too vigorous.

The girls turned back to their mirrors, their erections now visible at the bottom of the reflection. The boys rose to their feet, took their position next to them. Both had gotten hard simply from sucking cock. Tim's cock was much thicker than Pete's, hence the bikini style panties. Pete looked perfectly delicious in that cute little thong.

"Now...the wigs," Marilyn smiled. The boys retrieved the wigs and handed them to the girls. Angelina slipped into her long, dark locks while Marilyn became a platinum blonde. The boys watched as both girls tugged and adjusted until everything was perfectly in place without the slightest hint of anything but what you would expect.

"And now the bras," Angelina said. There were two on the bed. Pete retrieved the black one for Angelina and Tim the white one for Marilyn. The boys stepped back over to the makeup table, found the girls with out stretched arms ready to receive.

Even though it was perfectly clear who was who and what was what, the boys still found it extremely sexual sliding those bras up their arms and into place.

"And now those boxes..." The boys did as they were asked and were amazed by their contents. Each box contained a set of breasts. Being from the drama department, they were perfectly formed with nipples just where they should be.

The boys watched as the girls carefully slipped their breasts into the specially sown pockets of their bras that held them in place. The bras were slightly see-through giving a hint and a tease while obscuring the true nature of its content. Of course Angelina's was a bit larger than Marilyn's.

The boys could only stare as the girls became girls. Pete looked at Tim amazed. He loved the way the nipples protruded just enough to add realism. No wonder they had been fooled so completely. He was looking right at them and couldn't make out the difference.

The girls loved the look on the boy's faces. That look was certainly part of the thrill of dressing up.

Angelina turned to Pete thrusting her chest slightly forward, "Be a dear and hand me that sexy...silk...garter belt?" Pete's eyes were zeroed in on her breasts. They looked totally real and she wasn't even wearing a blouse.

Pete brought the black garter belt over to Angelina, fell to his knees and draped it around her waist. The straps looked so wicked dangling down caressing her thighs. He reached around to hook it and felt the slightest pressure being applied to his head. His lips naturally opened and took her warm, sturdy flesh between them.

He traced his tongue around everything slowly enjoying it just as much as that first time. He loved feeling her between his lips, spent hours and hours doing it. He detected just a hint of cum and knew that Angelina was starting to really get aroused.

She pulled his head up, looked him in the eye with that lustful grin of hers, "Now the stockings darling..."

Pete rose to his feet and headed to the bed, his erection teased by his satin thong with each step. He couldn't resist a quick rub as he retrieved the black silk stockings with the sexy lace tops.

Angelina loved the way his cute ruffles hugged his hard, rugged form, the way the light danced upon the satin. She had him sit at her feet as she began the show.

It was something she and Marilyn had practiced a thousand times. They both knew the erotic thrill of watching those stockings slide up that leg, get attached to that cute little strap with the little bow on the end. Pete had the added bonus of watching her cock dance and sway revealing her enjoyment from performing the act. She loved that look in his eyes, that burning lust, that need. She would keep him right there...all evening long.

She turned back towards the mirror, reached over for his hand, guided it between her legs. Pete eased his fingers around the base as he had so many times before, felt her jerk. He was beginning to realize just how much she enjoyed this transformation.

There was a grunt, followed by a muffled groan. They both glanced over to find Tim sitting on the edge of the makeup table, panties pulled down, thick cock buried between Marilyn's lips. She found Tim's thickness wonderful. It was a delightful challenge in the beginning, but she saw it as an opportunity to explore new techniques. Now she handled it with the greatest of ease, mastered that thickness and made it her own.

Angelina jerked between Pete's fingers as she watched those lips slide down Tim's wonderful shaft. Pete cupped her balls with his other hand, adding a gentle massage as his cock twitched within his thong. They both had enjoyed that thickness more times than they could count.

Marilyn took Tim to the edge of a mind numbing orgasm and squeezed him off before he could ejaculate. She held him tight until the urge had passed. Finally she released him, pulled his panties back into place, patted that obscene bulge. She owned that cock of his.

Angelina had Pete pour another round as the room filled with the smell of sex. They downed them sharing a knowing glance between them. The night had scarcely begun and yet everyone was so revved up.

The girls returned to their mirror. The boys took their place, sitting on their knees to their side administering a slow, easy caress as the girls pondered which shade of what would be applied next.

Angelina went with shades of purple, layering down getting darker and darker making her eyes stand out. She loved the smoky, slutty look of the vixen. Why dress up if you were not going to play your favorite role?

Marilyn stayed light and fresh, almost virginal. She loved playing against type. She knew exactly how to draw them in with that innocent look only to turn nasty, giving off that fallen Bambi thing that every man identified with, longed for.

The boys watched from their vantage point, curious faces just visible at the bottom of the mirror's reflection.

Pete watched as Angelina applied a satiny smooth layer of lipstick, then outlined those lips with a slightly different color making them seem bigger, fuller. She ran her tongue along the finished product in the most seductive fashion knowing Pete would be watching.

Now that her lips were finished, the transformation was complete. All that remained was the illusion. With that devilish look of hers, she guided Pete's cute little ass to the center of her makeup table.

He knew that look. His cock throbbed and jerked underneath the satin.

Angelina approached a cock much like a sculptor approached a lump of clay. She used her intuition along with her vast skill to produce the most erotic experience possible. Those perfectly polished fingers peeled that satin thong down revealing his perfectly shaped, perfectly hard member.

She started at the bottom of his shaft, just above his balls, swirled that tongue delicately up his length only to slowly capture his tip between those beautifully painted lips. Pete watched those lips as they went right back down to where they started, this time with him inside.

Pete knew she had been at it much longer than he, but hoped that one day he might enter her league and at least get close to delivering something as incredible as she did so effortlessly.

Angelina eased back off with a smile. There oozing from Pete's tip was a big dollop of cum. She took it on the end of her finger, applied it to Pete's lips. She loved that puppy dog look in his eyes. "Heels," she purred.

Pete pulled himself out of the trace long enough to retrieve the black stiletto heels with the highly suggestive ankle strap. She offered her foot, watched as he slipped it on, secured it in place.

Pete watched as she rose atop those stilettos, gave him that bad girl look of hers, "Panties..."

He retrieved the black lace panties that matched her bra. He watched as she deftly stepped into them, pulled them up just below her erection. "The things I do for you..." she said unzipping a hidden compartment and slipping her cock within. She pulled them up the rest of the way, not the slightest bulge anywhere.

That was another facet of dressing up. It was sweet torture knowing that she was off limits, no matter what she did, until the end of the evening. She had no choice but to shift her focus to the next available cock, which is what started everything in the first place.

Pete watched as she walked over to the bed in those wicked heels, grabbed the slinky little blob of material and stepped through it. Being nothing more than a tube of spandex, she pulled it up to her tummy. She took the top part, pulled it just over her breasts. Then she took the bottom part and pulled it down as far as it would go, which barely covered her stocking tops. It was sexual, suggestive, delicious.

Pete glanced at Tim wondering if he caught that last little bit, but noticed Marilyn. She was already dressed in a sleek, satin number that was elegant, classy. It fit her body perfectly presenting her curves in a most desirable way. She complimented the look with bracelets on each wrist matching her long, drooping earrings. She was smoking hot.

The girls instructed the boys to put on their gabardine slacks followed by nice dress shirts. They looked classy, elegant, handsome. No one would ever guess they were both wearing ruffles underneath.

The restaurant was stylish, chic. The boys noticed how every man in the place stole a glimpse of the girls. Some lingered long enough to be caught by their wives, girlfriends. Angelina and Marilyn craved it, drank it in without letting on.

They held chairs for the girls, watched as they descended doing a poor job of managing their incredibly short hemlines. They realized it was all part of the game as they noticed eyes from across the restaurant suddenly avert.

The waiter appeared. With practiced ease, his eyes dipped just at the right moment as he took their drink order. He was more than surprised when everyone ordered shots of tequila. He noticed each lady had a hand sneaking off into her dates lap underneath the white table linen.

Pete and Tim maintained their composure as the girls did their best to tease their ever present hardness. Both girls were straining against their secret pouches, having sprung to life from their more than successful entrance.

Marilyn noticed the waiter returning with a tray of shots. She caught his eyes earlier, was aware of his attraction. She leaned into Tim, gave a casually giggle as she teased the bottom of his ear with her tongue.

The waiter found it difficult to get past his jealousy as he served the shots. He didn't know who these guys were, or what they had done, to score such luscious babes. He could only imagine the things that would happen later that evening.

Angelina swooned against Pete's shoulder, stared starry eyed at him, "What would you like me to have baby?" Her tone was more than suggestive. Pete quickly realized they were in for the performance of a lifetime.

He decided to share in the fun, "Let's see...what would I like to give you..."

Angelina gave him that devilish grin of hers while suddenly squeezing his cock. His body stiffened just enough to make it obvious to everyone, including the waiter, what had just taken place. With that bad girl look of hers she said, "I'll take as much as I can get..."

The waiter did his best to remain passive, uninterested, but his imagination was going wild. He pictured himself giving her everything he had and then some. He took their order and disappeared.

"You have such a thick fucking cock," Marilyn whispered just loud enough for Pete and Angelina to hear. Tim smiled. She glanced at Pete, "Tim tells me you have found new ways to enjoy it." Pete grinned. "Do you like it when my boyfriend fucks that cute little ass of yours?"

Angelina squeezed Pete's cock again, "Yes...I hear you have become a real cock whore."

"Let's just say...I am enjoying a rich variety of erotic situations...that have recently become known to me," he grinned.

"Mmm," Angelina smiled. "Nicely put." She eased her hand down to his balls, gently cupped them, rolled them back and forth. "I can't wait for you to show me some of the things you've learned..." She felt Pete's cock jerk between her fingers.

"Our waiter is quite taken with you," Marilyn smiled.

Angelina grinned. "I've noticed. I can't decide if I'll have him suck Pete, as a condition for having me...or if I'll have Pete suck him...just to blow his mind." She looked at Pete, "I know you would love to suck his cock..." She felt his cock jerk again.

The thought had not occurred to him until that very moment. He was quite happy with the three cocks available to him, more than happy really. In the hours he had spent with his lips stretched gloriously around warm, hard flesh, he never once thought of doing it to someone else.

They took their shot glasses, tipped the four together and downed them.

Their actions were being discreetly observed by the other male patrons. They knew what happens after a night of tequila shots.

Angelina leaned in and whispered, "My cock is so fucking hard from playing with these cute little ruffles of yours..." She reached up, turned his face to hers, met his lips. She knew such public display of affection was out of place in such a nice atmosphere, but vixens didn't play by the rules.

All through dinner Pete stole glimpses of the waiter's crotch every time he came to the table. Angelina planted that thought and now he couldn't shake it. He looked at the guy's face trying to judge what caliber blowjobs he'd received in the past. Of course there was no way of knowing, but Pete bet anyone at the table could top his best.

The original plan was to go dancing, but it was too early for dancing. Everyone was incredibly horny and had dessert in mind.

Angelina leaned over to Pete's ear. In that sexy, suggestive tone of hers she asked, "Do you want to suck that waiter's cock?" Tim and Marilyn looked at Pete, waited for his answer.

"I'd rather suck yours..." he said.

"Right answer," she grinned. "Pay the check," she said squeezing his erection, "It's time to go."

Angelina had Pete's cock out all the way home. He could barely drive. He pleaded with her to stick it back in his pants once they got in the parking lot, but she wanted him to walk to their room fully exposed. Finally he prevailed and they made it to the room without being arrested.

All four of them made it inside the room and Angelina locked the door behind them. She looked at Tim, "Shots would be in order." Tim turned for the kitchen.

She walked Pete to the middle of the room, placed her hands on his shoulders, urged him down. She was not about to wait another minute. Her cock had throbbed between her legs all evening.

Pete couldn't keep the grin from his face as he sank to his knees. He took the hem of her slinky little dress, peeled it up revealing her smooth panties. He knew she had to be hard as hell.

He pulled those panties down a little, looked for the opening to the secret pouch. He found it, pulled it open and freed her throbbing erection. She stared down at him with that bad girl look of hers, "SUCK!"

He easily slipped his lips over her hardness, immediately got a taste of her as she dripped on his tongue. He felt her hands grab the back of his head. Suddenly she was thrusting her hips back and forth literally fucking his mouth.

"Take that cock...you little tease..." she smiled. "Do that thing with your tongue," she commanded. Pete knew exactly what she was talking about. He traced her tip with his tongue, just the way she liked it.

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