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James walked slowly down the street, wandering aimlessly among the shoppers as he stared blankly through the store windows. The first few flakes of winter snow had begun to fall from the cold, gray sky. The change of season came a few weeks early. James was caught unprepared. He shivered and thrust his hands into the pockets of his thin, fall windbreaker as he turned the corner and headed for the subway. There were just a few more blocks to go and he would soon be riding home.

James' attention was caught by a light in a shop window at the end of a dim alley. He had passed this way a hundred times but he never noticed it before. He stopped abruptly and peered down the alley. There was a sign in the window. It said, "Меха." James felt an irresistible urge to investigate. He walked down the alley and tried the door. The knob turned freely. The door was open.

A moment of indecision passed over him. James didn't know whether he should go inside or keep heading home but, almost as if something was controlling him, he went inside. He stood in the entry, shaking off the cold as the creaky door closed itself behind him. It took a few moments for James' eyes to adjust to the dim light but he soon got his bearings. It gradually dawned on him that he was standing in the entry of an opulent fur salon.

James turned to leave but, before he could turn the doorknob, a woman's voice called out from the back room. "Ah! Welcome," she said in a thick foreign accent. He spun around and saw, a tall, dark woman dressed in a long, black dress heading toward him. She was an older woman but she was strikingly beautiful. Her long, black hair flowed over her shoulders and her long, low cut dress clung tightly to her figure. "I am Tatiana," she said. "James," he replied with a sheepish voice.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't mean to intrude."

"Nonsense," replied Tatiana, "You come inside, get warm. Is cold outside."

The woman put a firm hand on James' shoulder and ushered him inside. "You like something to drink," she asked?

James tried to turn her down but, before he knew it, the woman thrust a tall glass into his hand. He raised the glass and sniffed. It smelled strong and sweet.

"Russian vodka," she said. "It will make strong man out of you," she said with a smile.

James tasted it. The vodka was strong but he liked it. "Very good," he said, taking another drink.

"What can I show you today," Tatiana asked?

"Umm, I don't know," James stammered.

"This is your first time to see a furrier. No," she asked?

James nodded. A feeling of embarrassment came over him. He took a long sip of vodka to hide his shame.

"Do not worry," said Tatiana. "I will show you furs."

The woman took the glass from James' hand and set it on the table then led him to the racks full of furs. She picked out several coats, one by one, and showed them to James. She looked at each coat, then at James as if she was carefully sizing him up.

James vision became a little blurry. The vodka he drank was taking effect. He stood there, silently, listening to Tatiana explain everything about fur. She talked about the type of fur, the color and how well each one matched his complexion and hair color but her words went in one ear and out the other. He could only stand there with a blank look on his face and nod while a sense of numbness creeped over his face. James' surroundings started getting fuzzy and it seemed like there were furs floating and dancing all around him. He could only hear an occasional word as Tatiana spoke. "Mink" and "Fox" and "Russian Sable" were the only phrases that he could make out.

James snapped back to reality as Tatiana tugged at his jacket. "Here, try this one," she commanded. He obediently took off his windbreaker and laid it across the arm of a chair. Tatiana moved behind him and, before James realized what was happening, she enveloped him in a large, floor-length fur coat. He let out an audible gasp as the fur wrapped around him. James ran his fingers through the warm, soft fur. Tatiana smiled, knowingly, as she moved in front of him and buttoned the coat shut. "You like," she asked? She ushered him toward the mirror so he could see himself surrounded on all sides by the soft, luxurious fur.

James felt warm and comfortable in the fur. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought about how good it made him look. He couldn't stop running his hands through the deep fur. He felt like he could easily get lost inside this furry cocoon. He closed his eyes and submitted to the effects of the alcohol, once again.

A soft sensation brushed over James' neck and the sides of his face. He opened his eyes in time to see a deep, furry hood envelop his head in soft, darkness. Tatiana smiled as she rubbed the fur over his face. James inhaled the sweet aroma of the fur. The musky scent filled his nostrils, slowly overcoming him with a hypnotic effect.

James was taken by a sense of panic as the circle of light at the end of the furry tunnel grew smaller and smaller. He felt for the buttons at the front of the coat, trying to unlock himself from this strange prison but he could not find them. The lapels seemed to have disappeared. "Relax," said Tatiana as she pulled the hood closed, over the front of James' face, plunging him into total darkness. He clutched for the opening but could not find it. Even the sleeves sealed themselves shut. James struggled to escape but, no matter where he looked or where he felt, fur surrounded him on all sides.

The musk of the fur was so strong that it was nearly choking him but it smelled so good that he breathed it deeply into his lungs. As he inhaled, a sense of calm, satisfaction descended over him. His body began to relax and his thoughts began to settle on the pleasure he was feeling all around him. He closed his eyes and inhaled more. He started to feel like he was floating in space, no longer constrained by his leather and fur strait jacket. There was no floor or ceiling. The walls and the furniture had disappeared. Gradually, the darkness gave way to a dim, smoky light. It was just bright enough to make out his surroundings. Everywhere he looked, in every direction, there was fur as far as the eye could see. James felt off balance, floating in furry space but, after a few minutes, he began to feel more comfortable.

James startled at the soft, female voice coming from the fur around him. He felt a tingle up the back of his neck as a hand reached out and touched him on the shoulder. "Hello, James," she said in a whsper.

"How do you know my name," James asked?

"You know your name so I know your name," she answered.

"What's your name," he asked?

She did not answer his question but simply said, "I am here for you."

Out of the darkness, came the form of a beautiful woman. She looked like the woman of his dreams. Her long, blonde hair flowed over her bare shoulders. Her soft eyes, looked directly into his as she smiled a hypnotic smile. Her perfectly proportioned body seemed to materialize from her furry surroundings as she walked toward him. She stood and displayed her naked body to James. He could barely believe his eyes. Her large, round breasts invited his eyes to look at them. The curve of her hips and round ass were just as pleasing to the eye. James felt the irresistible urge to touch her.

The woman seemed to read James' mind. She stepped toward him and pressed her body against his. Her arms wrapped around him. James closed his eyes as their lips met in a long, passionate kiss. His hands moved up and down her back, slowly sliding over her smooth, round buttocks. Her hands moved over is body as if she was reading his mind.

James felt a tingle up his spine as she whispered into his ear with soft breath, "Let me undress you."

"No," said James in a half hearted protest but, before he could say another word, his clothes suddenly disappeared!

Sensing his embarrassment, the woman released him from her embrace. She reached her arm out into empty space and gathered a handful of fur, seemingly out of thin air. She took James by the hand and slowly rubbed the fur up his arm, toward his shoulder.

"I know this is what you want," she said with a warm, seductive smile.

James let out an audible gasp as the fur touched his skin. He had never felt anything so wonderful before. He stood frozen, virtually paralyzed by the overwhelming sensation of pleasure.

The woman moved her hand up to his shoulder and caressed the back of his neck. Then, with another handful of fur, she wrapped her arms around James and pressed her body against him. She kissed him and ran both hands full of fur gently up and down his back. James felt the tension suddenly drain out of his body.

"Just relax," the woman whispered as her hands caressed James' ass.

The soft touch of fur on his skin made him instinctively tense his muscles. Another gasp escaped from his mouth as her furry hands made circles over his ass.

Without saying a word, she kneeled, down, in front of him. She looked up, keeping her gaze locked on his face, began to move her hands around James' hips toward the front of his body. She rubbed the sides of his legs and circled the fur upward, to his stomach.

The expression on the woman's face told James exactly what she was going to do next. His whole body shivered in anticipation.

"Close your eyes," she said. James' eyes drew shut, almost as if somebody was controlling him.

"Please," he whispered between strained breaths.

James felt soft sensations creeping up his inner thighs, barely caressing his balls. He became conscious of his growing erection as she teased him. The fur circled, closer and closer, like a wolf moving in for the kill.

"Please," he begged again!

Two hands full of fur swallowed his sack and began kneading his balls. James shivered in pleasure and with anticipation of the pleasure that was to come. He knew she was going to do it. He just didn't know exactly when.

A few hairs touched the base of his member, sending shocks of pleasure up his spine. He felt like his head was spinning from the sheer intensity of sensation. He let out involuntary cries of pleasure as fur swallowed him up. With a firm grip, she stroked his shaft with the fur.

James felt his dick growing harder than ever before. He opened his eyes and looked down at the woman as she moved the ball of fur over his shaft. It grew longer and longer with each stroke. He was amazed to see that his cock was more than twice its usual size!

The woman stood up and, again, wrapped her arms around James. She suddenly shifted her weight and leaned backward, pulling James off balance. He fell forward, landing on top of her in an enormous pile of fur. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close as their bodies sunk deeper and deeper into the fur.

James was in complete darkness with fur surrounding him on all sides. The woman began to move her arms, gently up and down his back, gently rubbing him with fur. He let out a long, deep sigh as the soft sensations flooded his senses.

"Relax," the woman said, softly. "Just relax."

James closed his eyes and let the tension drain out of his body. The more he relaxed, the more of his body was caressed by fur. He felt fur slide over his ass and down the back of his legs. He felt fur massaging his feet and hands and arms. Fur moved over his chest and stomach until his whole body was consumed by fur.

"I want you inside me," the woman said.

James pressed forward, slowly sliding his cock into her waiting pussy. He let out a gasp of pleasure as he felt the sensation of soft fur enveloping his dick. The woman gently moaned as he buried himself, deeper into the fur. He felt thousands of tiny lightning bolts of pleasure as every hair ticked the length of his shaft. His heart beat faster and his breathing became louder as the fur swallowed his enormous dick.

James instinctively began to stroke his dick in and out of the fur. The softness swirled him in pleasure as he moved faster and faster until he was fucking the fur at a furious pace. The first waves of climax overcame him. This was the best thing that he ever felt on his dick in his entire lifetime. He felt an overwhelming urge to come in the fur. The closer he came to orgasm, the more he felt the fur sucking every ounce of pleasure out of his dick. He grunted and groaned, almost screaming at the top of his lungs. He would explode, any moment, now.

A thin sliver of light appeared in James' vision, slowly growing to a blinding flash of light. The fur that surrounded him receded. The woman he was passionately fur fucking, just a moment ago, seemed to disappear before his eyes. He felt disoriented for several seconds. Gradually, he realized he was fully clothed, standing in the middle of the fur salon again.

James felt the fur hood sliding back from his head. Two hands swiftly unfastened the coat he was wearing and began to slip it off, over his shoulders. Tatiana stood before him and, with a sly look on her face, she said, "You like?"

James stood in stunned silence. He remained motionless for nearly a minute, saying nothing. "What the hell just happened," he asked?

"You are enjoying the fur. Yes?"

James could not figure out whether he was dreaming or whether these events really happened. Tatiana stood there and smiled, looking down at the bulge still throbbing in his pants. He felt embarrassed for her to see his raging hard on but he didn't dare say a word for fear Tatiana would think he was some kind of pervert.

Tatiana placed the fur coat back on its hanger and hung it up on a hook next to the sales desk near the front of the store. She ushered James to the desk and slid a paper across the table, in front of him.

James looked out the window. The flurries outside had turned into a full blown snow storm. He still had quite a distance to walk to get home but he knew that the fur coat would keep him warm.

"We have convenient payment plans," Tatiana said as she put the pen into his hand.

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