tagGroup SexHallucinogenic Aphrodisiac Tranquil

Hallucinogenic Aphrodisiac Tranquil


Hallucinogenic Aphrodisiac Tranquillisers and the dream watching machine.

I swallowed the pills and the light faded from my eyes.

Oh what's happening... I'm paralysed, no, I'm just stuck,,, I think. I'm in a room, a warm, soft comfy room, I can see a fair bit, but can't move much. I'm on my back looking at the ceiling. Why can't I move much? I can move my hands and arms a bit.

I'm butt naked, in a room, semi paralysed and looking at the ceiling, I'm checking myself out, face still there, good, torso intact, good, legs still there, hang on, no hair around my groin. What's going on? My head is bald too. Fuck!

There's someone coming, she's butt naked too. Tall and athletic, great body, "hello hello", no answer. She's glistening with sweat, or oil. What's she doing? She's on all fours, crawling around me.

She crawls past my face, above me until her naked, bald cunt is in my face, my god, what's going on? Wow that's a nice quim, an inch or two from my face. I can feel her breath on my own genitals. She lowers her glistening vagina an inch, her shining smooth outer lips are just above my nose and her pink puckered arse hole is in sight, I can't resist it, I stick out my tongue and run it up and down first her outer lip on the left and then the right, I feel her sigh against my genitals, her soft pink inner lips are protruding, I lick the edges of them and they seem to open up, she's spreading her cheeks so I can see right into her wet cunt.

More people are in the room now, I can feel the odd movement as they seem to be moving around me. I stick my tongue right inside the wet hole on my face and taste her juices. My hands are moved gently by other people, my left hand is now cupping an oiled, bald warm scrotum, it feels quite firm, I guess he is erect, now my right hand is in contact with another wet and shaved cunt, she moves my fingers around her lips and clitoris and then slides her pussy down onto my finger. I've now moved my tongue to the girl on tops' little arse hole and am gently probing it, her anus relaxes to allow my tongue inside.

The scrotum in my left hand moves around and I get a feel of hard cock length and helmet before he moves around again, he moves my fingers, until his arse is touching the tip of one, and slides down onto it, the girl on my right hand is slowly riding the fingers, and is working another one of my fingers into her tight butt hole. I now have my tongue as far into the girls arse as possible, and have various fingers being ridden by a mans anus and a woman's cunt and arse, still no one had touched my genitals.

I felt more movement around me, of more bodies brushing against me.

I let my tongue slide out of the girls arse and watched as it slowly closed back to its puckered state, I lapped away at her clitoris and felt my legs being moved around gently.

An erect cock appeared above me and moved towards the gaping vagina I was licking the clitoris of, the oiled helmet rested against her hole two inches away from my tongue, then slowly entered, sliding inch by inch into her now dripping pussy and started to slowly fuck her, his smooth balls sliding on my face with each stroke. I moved my tongue up to where the two bodies met, my tongue touching both cunt and cock. Still no one had touched my genitals.

More movement. Something gently slid between my arse cheeks and stopped against my own arse, warm, firm with a softish end. I'd never had a cock in my arse before, but he didn't push, just nuzzled his helmet against my anus.

The two on my hands were still riding my fingers, she was grinding onto my fingers, two in each hole now, and I was using my thumb to wank her clit. He on my left was riding up and down, I could feel his prostrate g-spot.

My tongue was now riding just in and out of her cunt with each movement of his cock, and I took a few licks of his shaft and balls.

I felt the pressure increase slightly against my arse and wriggled against it, to relax the muscle. He sensed my movement and pressed slightly harder, I could feel my arse opening slowly. It wasn't painful, but felt too big and was an exquisite feeling, he stopped pushing to let my arse relax.

I carried on, alternating between licking cunt and cock, still no one had touched my genitals.

I wriggled harder against the cock at my arse, it started to enter me for real, at the same moment the cock fucking the woman on my face slipped out of her sopping cunt and straight into my mouth. A cock working into my arse, a cock soaked in love juice in my mouth, arses and cunts everywhere else.

The cock in my arse was completely inside me and I could feel his balls against my cheeks. The cock in my mouth was removed and re-entered the cunt on my face. I concentrated my tongue on her clitoris, to see if she would come.

The cock in my arse slowly slid completely out of me, only to re-enter, and gently fuck me.

The mans arse hole riding my out stretched finger started to tighten and twitch, he was coming and I felt his jism splash onto my arm. The cunt on my other hand ballooned slightly then tightened along with her arse, and started a series of contractions, she was coming too, as I worked my thumb on her clit.

The cock in the cunt on my face pulsated in orgasm, delivering his load inside her.

His cock softened slowly and slid out onto my face, I continued licking her clit until she came, her cunt opening and closing with her orgasm, pushing the contents of her vagina out, a mixture of their juices dripped down onto my face and into my mouth.

I felt the cock in my arse swell and twitch as he came in me, my whole body exploded into a massive orgasm and I passed out.

When I came around, I watched the dream over and over, on the dream watching machine.

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