Halo Ch. 05


He strummed the hard little nub between his fingers and thrust hard into her. She stiffened and then pushed back hard against him as wave after wave of shudders went through her.

Ren felt every ripple of her internal muscles as his own release continued to build and only when he was sure he had ensured her complete satisfaction did he release his iron willed control and join her in release. He was careful to ease Janey gently onto her stomach before he collapsed exhausted on the bed, still joined intimately.

Janey lay beneath Ren enjoying the sensation of his body pressing her into the mattress. She moved her hips experimentally and Ren groaned near her ear.

"You'll have to give me a few minutes if you still want more," he said huskily.

"I like the feel of you inside me, even this way," Janey said sleepily.

"This way?" Ren queried softly.

"Hmm. from behind," Janey said faintly and moved again.

Ren withdrew from her body and lay on his back. Janey rolled over so that she was cuddled up to his side with her head on his chest. The steady rhythm of his heart thudded beneath her ear and Janey yawned tiredly. A feeling of deep contentment flowed over her and she drifted off to sleep.

Ren lay in the dark listening to Janey's breathing. The soft warmth of her pressed against his side soothed the empty ache he had felt ever since he had seen her with her cop boyfriend the morning following the last time he had made love to her. It had been during the trial, he had been staying at a caravan park and she had turned up one night and they had ended up making love.

How long would it last this time? Ren asked himself. How long is she mine to love?

Janey murmured in her sleep and rolled away from his side; Ren rolled to face her and slipped an arm over her waist to pull her against his chest as he spooned against her back. He felt her tense in his hold, and he murmured soothingly near her ear and felt her relax in his hold.

Ren closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep comforted by the feel of Janey in his arms. When she turned in his arms later he rolled onto his back in his sleep allowing her to settle against him more comfortably.

Janey woke to the warmth of a body pressed against her back and the soft whisper of breath brushing against the side of her neck. She became aware of a large hand cupping one of her breasts and as she took a deep breath she became aware of the smell of Ren's aftershave.

Reluctantly she glanced over her shoulder. She could make out Ren behind her and she closed her eyes with a frown. Her eyes flew open as she realised that she was naked and that there appeared to be no clothes on Ren if the feel of his body pressed against her was anything to go by.

The events of the previous few hours came back to her and Janey lifted both hands to press against her eyes as memories flooded through her mind.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Janey muttered to herself.

She felt Ren behind her wake and knew by the movement of the bed that he had pushed himself up on his elbow to look at her.

"Blondie? You okay?" Ren asked softly.

Janey dimly remembered Adam's ring getting snagged in the bedclothes and she sat up abruptly and looked past Ren to see the ring sitting on the nightstand. She groaned deep in her throat as she lay back down and rolled away from Ren as she covered her face with her hands.

"What the hell have I done?" Janey muttered to herself so softly that Ren didn't hear her.

"Blondie?" Ren questioned softly as he leant over her.

Janey remained silent even when Ren repeated his question. She felt his hand come to rest on her stomach, pause then start to move in soothing circles.

Suddenly she found herself wishing that Ren would make love to her again so she wouldn't have to think about what had happened between them. If he were to make love to her she wouldn't be able to think, she'd just feel the exquisite pleasure his touch always bought.

"Shhh, it's okay," Ren murmured quietly thinking Janey had had some kind of nightmare.

He felt her move slightly under his touch and then she rolled towards him, her hands reaching for his shoulders as she pressed herself against him. When he felt her lips brush the side of his chin he turned his head towards her and kissed her lightly.

Janey opened her mouth beneath Ren's kiss and when he eased away from her she ran her hands down his chest, tracing the shape of his muscles as she went. She felt his breathing deepen as her hand traced the flat hard abdomen muscles of his stomach; she circled his navel and felt a shiver go through his body.

"Turn about is fair play," Janey said softly then lowered her lips to his chest. She felt the soft laugh vibrate through his chest as she began to trail kisses across his skin. She flicked her tongue across a hard male nipple then closed her lips over it and suckled gently. She heard Ren's sharp gasp and then his hand was rubbing the back of her neck and shoulders.

One of her hands found the thin trail of hair from his navel and followed it downwards until she felt the tip of his already rigid cock jerk against the edge of her hand. Softly she trailed her fingertips over his shaft, lightly tracing the ridges and veins along its length.

Janey lifted her head, took a deep breath and then disappeared beneath the blankets. She moved her hand back to the top of his hard shaft and her fingers found a trace of moisture that told her precum was starting to form at the slit on the head of his cock.

Working by feel she moved lower until she could replace her fingers with her lips and felt the responding jerk of Ren's body as she engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.

She took her time as she worked her tongue and lips around the head of his cock; she could taste the tang of their earlier passion on him. Gradually she worked her mouth further down the length of his cock then started to move her head up and down slowly.

As Janey worked her mouth up and down his cock she felt the empty ache that began to build between her thighs change to a throbbing need. She continued until her jaw began to hurt before withdrawing her mouth from his cock reluctantly.

Her breasts felt full and heavy and the nipples throbbed and tingled. She could feel wetness down the inside of her thighs and a pulsing within the wetness beneath the curls that covered her mound.

She felt Ren's hand settle between her shoulder blades and urge her back up his body.

"Come up here," Ren said huskily.

He drew Janey close as she stretched out beside him and gently rolled her onto her back; his mouth trailed down the side of her neck licking, kissing and sucking gently as it moved. He cupped one full breast in his hand and was rewarded by Janey's soft moan of pleasure as he brushed his thumb back and forth over her nipple.

Ren moved slowly leaving a trail of kisses and gentle nibbles down over her collarbone and upper chest. When he finally closed his mouth over one hard pebble of a nipple Janey gasped and shuddered against him. He ran his hand down her side over her ribs to her hip in slow steady caressing strokes as he suckled at her breast before turning his attention to the other.

Janey was nearly mindless with pleasure before Ren positioned himself between her thighs; he waited until her eyes focused on his before easing into her body with a gentle thrust.

He watched as pleasure flooded Janey's face and she smiled up at him with sexy invitation, he smiled in reply and began to move slowly.

Janey gasped and gave a soft little mewling sound of pleasure; she ran her hands across his shoulders loving the feel of his body beneath her fingers. When Ren moved and withdrew from her body she waited impatiently for him to kneel between her thighs; she allowed him to lift both her legs over his shoulders before easing back into her body and moving in long slow deep thrusts that had her grasping the bed sheets as intense pleasure filled her body.

"That okay? Not hurting you?" Ren asked as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

Janey groaned with pleasure and licked her lips. "It's wonderful," she replied her voice little more than a husky moan.

Ren allowed Janey's legs to slip off his shoulders as his pleasure began to build, the tingling and tightening in his balls warning of his impending release. He felt Janey shift her position slightly and then she was moving more demandingly; he lowered his head to kiss her and he felt her lips open beneath his as they both gasped and panted.

Janey felt something in her stomach tighten sharply and then pleasure flowed from where Ren moved deep within her body; she was unable to stop the cry of pleasure that rose to her lips as she felt Ren shudder and follow her over the edge to release.

When Ren was able to move once more he eased from Janey's body and rolled onto his side taking her with him, she murmured softly and snuggled into his body before giving a soft sigh as she fell into a deep sleep.

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