tagRomanceHalo Ch. 07

Halo Ch. 07


Hallo to all the people who have been following the story, sorry it has taken so long for me to post this chapter. Real life has intruded.

Janey smoothed her nightie down over her breasts and stomach nervously before putting on her dressing gown and doing up the buttons that were in a row down the front of the garment.

She had grabbed the nightie on impulse when she had returned to her Parents' place and now regretted the impulsive action. The way the silky material brushed against her overly sensitive nipples only kept her body in a state of semi arousal and thoughts of the night ahead did nothing to lessen her tension.

She opened the bathroom door and walked out towards the lounge room slowly; she felt Ren's eyes on her even before she looked his way to find him watching her with hooded eyes.

Janey glanced away from Ren, suddenly shy, and sat on the end of the lounge well away from him.

Ren merely smiled at Janey's shyness and lifted his arm to lay it along the back of the lounge. He glanced at Brad and 'Tanaya where they were sitting on the floor playing with Nicky who was rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Nicky looked up and spotted his mother; he crawled to the lounge and pulled himself up using the lounge as support before pulling at her legs and whimpering softly.

"Do you want to come up Nicky?" Janey asked as she reached for her son.

"Up Mummy," Nicky said softly as he snuggled into her body.

Janey cuddled her son to her; he turned his head and rubbed his face tiredly against her, pressing into her breasts. Janey grimaced at the pressure and frowned as she eased Nicky away from her slightly. Nicky closed his eyes and clutched at the familiar dressing gown; he was asleep within minutes and Janey continued to sit there looking down at her son.

"He asleep?" Brad asked softly as he got to his feet.

"Yeah," Janey acknowledged as she continued to watch her son's face.

Brad gently lifted Nicky from Janey's arms and carried him towards his bedroom. 'Tanaya got to her feet and followed him.

"You're very quiet," Ren said quietly. He had noticed that Janey had become more edgy and withdrawn as the evening wore on.

"I might sleep out here tonight," Janey said faintly.

"You can sleep in my room. I promise not to do anything you don't want, or I can sleep out here," Ren said softly.

"There's no need for you not to sleep in your bed. I can sleep out here," Janey said even more faintly.

"Come on. You can tell me what's wrong," Ren soothed gently.

Janey glanced at him uneasily from the side of her eye then looked away quickly. "I got my period," she whispered quietly.

"That's not a problem. It just means we have a good chance to cuddle up and talk," Ren told her.

Janey glanced at him startled before looking away hurriedly. Lately when she got her period Adam had became dark and brooding.

"I certainly do not want to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you dislike," Ren told her in soft soothing tones.

He moved closer to her until he could reach behind her then reached out with his hand and gently stroked his fingers down her upper arm.

He felt her flinch beneath his light touch then glance his way uneasily before looking away. As he continued to stroke her arm gently he noticed that she was visibly relaxing. Finally she shifted closer to him and leant into his embrace trustingly.

Ren leant closer and lowered his face towards her; Janey tilted her head back and closed her eyes as he brushed a light kiss against her lips. He rested his forehead against hers and struggled to keep his breathing steady as he remained there with his eyes closed and just enjoyed her closeness.

When Ren lifted his head Janey opened her eyes slowly and blushed before looking away shyly.

She allowed herself to be cuddled against his side and tucked her feet up under herself as she leant into his warmth; she felt surprisingly safe and at peace as she turned her attention back to the tv program.

After nearly half an hour Janey realised that neither Brad nor 'Tanaya had returned from putting Nicky to bed. She glanced around with a frown and sat up moving away from Ren's side slightly.

"Anything wrong?" Ren asked quietly.

"Where have Brad and 'Tanaya gone?" Janey asked puzzled.

"I think we'd find they've gone to bed," Ren said with a hint of a smile in his voice.

"Oh!" Janey said startled and glanced around before settling against his side once again.

"Bed sounds like a good idea actually," Ren said.

Janey glanced at him suddenly nervous once again; she licked her lips nervously before giving a slight nod. She knew that she could trust Ren and she had to admit to herself that she wanted to be held in his arms all night.

Ren gently eased Janey away from his side and got to his feet. He turned and faced her before holding out one hand in a silent invitation to help her stand up.

Janey swung her feet off the lounge and placed her hand in Ren's before standing up. His fingers wrapped around hers and she found herself drawn into his arms.

His lips were light and gentle against hers as he brushed soft easy kisses across her mouth, keeping things light and undemanding.

"Let me turn the tv off and we can go to bed," Ren murmured huskily against her lips.

Janey swallowed her soft moan of complaint as he released her and turned away. She swayed towards him slightly before collecting her wits and taking a step towards the hallway.

She was glad of the chance to get to the bedroom and get into bed before Ren entered the room. Wearing the nightie worried her in case Ren took it as an invitation to more than just sleeping in the same bed.

"Hot damn! I surely do hope you're going to wear that outfit again when I get the chance to take it off you," Ren growled huskily from the doorway.

Janey froze as she held the bedclothes up prior to getting into bed; she glanced across the bed at Ren nervously but he was already turning around to sit on the bed to take his boots off. Quickly she slipped into bed and stretched out on her side so she could watch him undress.

Ren was aware of Janey watching him as he stood up and faced the bed. He started unbuttoning his shirt and he caught a glimmer of her eye for just a fraction of a second as he shrugged out of the garment.

Janey felt the breathless anticipation build as she watched Ren shrug out of his shirt. Heat began to pool low in her stomach and her breasts suddenly felt full and heavy. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the hot rush of embarrassment fill her face and she was thankful for the darkness of the room.

Cool air slipped beneath the covers and Janey opened her eyes hastily as she realised that Ren was about to get in the bed. She waited until he had settled himself before scooting closer and reaching out towards him.

"Tired?" Ren asked softly and wrapped his arms around her before nuzzling against the side of her neck.

Janey felt her heartbeat speed up and her nipples pucker into hard little buds as his lips brushed her ear as he spoke. She gasped and arched into his body as his lips found the pulse at the base of her neck.

"I can't, I can't," Janey protested even as she began running her hands over his shoulders.

Some instinct told her that Ren would not get moody and cranky on such occasions as this. So with a soft sigh she stopped fighting her body and surrendered to the sensations Ren was arousing with his kisses and caressing.

Ren felt Janey relax and raised his head to look down into her face, "You okay Blondie?" he asked softly.

"I'm fine," Janey said and with a soft sigh she ran one hand down his chest.

Ren caught her straying hand before it went past his waist; gently he twined his fingers through hers and lifted her hand to kiss the inside of her wrist.

"Play with anything down there and I'll end up messing these sheets," Ren said ruefully before lowering his head to kiss her.

Janey moaned softly with pleasure as his lips covered hers, but when he kept the kiss light and didn't slip his tongue between her parted lips she moaned in frustration and wriggled against him.

Ren grinned against her lips as he felt her wriggle against him. He lifted his head breaking off the kiss with a regretful sigh as his body tightened painfully.

"It'll be easier for both of us to stop if we keep things light," Ren said gently.

It took a few moments for Janey to be able to make sense of his words but as she did she had to admit to herself he was right.

"I could give you a blow job," Janey said.

"There's no need to. I'll survive," Ren said softly as he settled comfortably on his side and pulled Janey against him.

Janey rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes for a moment. It wasn't that she didn't want to please him; it was just that she had a deeper desire to get to know Ren the person as much as Ren the lover.

"Have you got any family?" Janey asked quietly.

"None alive. My parents died in an accident when I was nearly seventeen. I lived with my Gran for six months but she wasn't well so Brad's parents offered me their spare room for as long as I needed it. I stayed with Brad, his parents and three sisters until I finished High School the following year," Ren said quietly.

"Brad's got sisters?" Janey asked surprised.

"Yeah. One older and two younger," Ren supplied the information quietly.

"And you haven't got any close family," Janey said quietly.

"Brad's like a brother to me - has been since the first day of kindergarten." Ren said evenly.

"And Matty and Brent are like cousins?" Janey hazarded a guess.

Ren thought about it for a moment and then gave a soft laugh, "Yeah, guess they are." He said quietly before asking, "So what are you going to call me? Gabe, Gabriel or keep calling me Ren?"

Janey was silent for a few moments as she considered the question. She wasn't that surprised to find that she was already thinking of him as Gabriel.

"Hmmm, probably be Gabriel. You have been my guardian angel, and don't let it go to your head!" Janey chastised with a faint laugh as she buried her face against his shoulder in sudden embarrassment.

"Don't worry, I won't. My thoughts about you have been far from pure right from the start," Ren said huskily.

Janey cast her mind back to the first time she had seen Ren. She remembered how he had told her that anytime she got tired of being with Hawk she was welcome to ride around on his bike with him. Knowing what she knew now she realised it had been a statement of his interest in her. At the time she had been struck by the green colour of his eyes and how they had looked kind. She hadn't been mistaken.

"Gabriel?" Janey said quietly.

"Hmmm," Ren responded loving the sound of his name on her lips.

"When my period is finished, and ... and we have sex again we ... we need to use condoms or something," Janey said faintly.

Ren felt as if his heart stopped beating for a second before restarting with a painful thump.

"You and the cop are trying for a baby aren't you," it came out sounding sad not an accusation.

"He wants a baby, a playmate for Nicky but I don't want another child yet. Not now. I got to sort this mess between us out." Janey said softly. The thought of Ren's child passed through her mind and a wave of tenderness washed over her as the image of a blonde baby with green eyes filled her mind.

"I got to get this right," Janey mumbled to herself unaware that Ren heard her.

Ren remained motionless where he lay with Janey in his arms. The possibility that Janey could end up with Adam and they could have a child burnt like acid in his stomach. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut against the tears that welled beneath his lids and prayed that he would have enough time with her to show her how much he loved her.

"Yeah, I'll use condoms. What we got is too precious to mess up," Ren said quietly.

* * * * *

Janey hesitated before getting out of her car and releasing Nicky from his child seat. She grabbed the over night bag that had his needs in it then headed for the front of her Parents' house. The front light was on and Janey had no trouble seeing to walk up the front steps.

Her parents were in the kitchen enjoying a late cup of coffee and her two brothers were watching the sports section of the news when she walked in.

"You're a bit late getting home aren't you?" Robbie asked critically as he glanced up.

James glanced at Robbie with a frown about to tell him off when Janey spoke, "I am an adult Robbie. I am over eighteen and able to stay out as long as I like," She told him firmly.

"What about Mum and Dad? They have been worrying about you, waiting for you to get home," Robbie retorted.

"I phoned them and let them know when I would be home," Janey said and glanced at the clock that sat on the tv set. "And sorry to disappoint you, but I am home a quarter of an hour earlier than I said I would be."

"Yeah, shut up Robbie," James said before turning his attention back to the tv.

"What I mean is Janey should be taking things steady with this Renford guy," Robbie said tightly.

"You mean Gabriel?" Janey asked as she set Nicky down on his feet and watched him head for his fold out foam lounge.

"Janey I know you know this guy from before, but how well do you know him? I'm not saying don't have anything to do with him just take it slow, take time to really get to know him before you get involved with him," Robbie said evenly.

"What your brother is saying makes good sense," Jim said from the doorway.

Janey glanced at her father and saw her mother beside him with a worried frown on her face.

"I'm getting the rest of my things out of the car," Janey snapped then headed back outside.

When Janey came back inside with the rest of the bags from the car Nicky was sitting on the lounge between her parents while they watched tv. She headed to her room to put her belongings away and returned to the lounge room after a short period of time.

"I guess it's time for Nicky's bath," Marina said.

"Brad gave him a bath just before tea. He looks after him as much as possible when they're together," Janey said and made herself comfortable in her favourite chair.

"James has said that Brad is all for taking responsibility for his child," Jim said quietly from where he sat.

"So when are we going to meet Nicky's father?" Robbie asked.

"Brad was at Nicky's Christening if you remember! He was one of the guys that you tried to keep from coming into the church!" Janey snapped angrily.

Nicky turned his attention to Janey and his bottom lip quivered as he picked up on her anger.

"It's alright Nicky," James soothed as he got to his feet and picked his nephew up.

Janey glanced at Nicky and forced her anger down, she walked over to pat him on the back and then stroke his hair back off his forehead.

"It's okay darling," Janey said softly, "your Daddy and his friends are good people aren't they."

She glanced towards her parents then at her brothers, "Once you get to know them you'll see I'm right," She told them levelly.

"I'll stand by what you said, but I don't know Gabe Renford," James said quietly.

Janey swallowed her frustration as she realised her brother was right. Her family didn't know Gabriel and therefore were concerned for her.

"So when did you break up with Adam?" Robbie asked.

Janey looked at her brother confused for a moment, and then she remembered she was engaged to Adam. She realised with some shock that she had not thought of Adam once since deciding that she wanted to keep seeing Ren and see where that took her.

Janey looked away from her brother as she felt the warm tide rise in her face. She automatically felt for the engagement ring she had been wearing on her hand only to find her finger bare. She remembered putting the ring in her purse when she talked to 'Tanaya the morning after sleeping with Ren.

"I'll do that next time I see him. It's not a thing I want to do over the phone," Janey said softly.

"Well if it was me on the receiving end I'd rather the woman broke up over the phone rather than two timed me with some other bloke until she got around to telling me," Robbie said bluntly.

"It's not like that!" Janey denied hotly.

"That's how it'll seem to Adam," Robbie told her.

"You're just pissed off because Adam is your mate!" Janey accused angrily.

Nicky started crying and Marina lifted the boy into her arms before getting to her feet and leaving the room. Janey glanced after her mother and son before turning her attention back to Robbie.

"Butt out Robbie! I don't need your interference!" Janey said tightly.

"First off Adam is my colleague, not my friend, and secondly, I only said what I have because I happen to care about you - my sister," Robbie said with narrowed eyes.

Janey glared at her brother for a few moments. "Don't you think you can tell me what to do or interfere with the way I choose to live my life!" she warned him before turning and stalking from the room.

She found her mother in her parent's room sitting in her rocking chair rocking Nicky and reading him a storybook, Janey smiled as she noticed that it was Humpty Dumpty – Nicky's favourite story.

" ...Couldn't put Humpty together again. So they had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and the yolk was on Humpty, ha, ha, ha," Marina said ending the story with Nicky's favourite joke.

Nicky laughed happily and clapped his hands, "Yolk on Hump'y!" he laughed.

"The argument finished?" Marina asked lightly.

"I wish Robbie would butt out and mind his own business," Janey said annoyed.

"Yolk on Hump'y!" Nicky turned to Janey with excitement.

"Oh wow! The joke was on Hump-Tee," Janey said wide eyed as she pronounced the name correctly.

"Hump Tee, cuppa tea!" Nicky giggled and turned back to the book his grandmother held.

"Robbie is only trying to look out for you. He still blames himself for not making the Missing Persons Unit believe that you had not run away," Marina said gently.

"Yeah. Well it's enough for me ALL of you kept looking for me," Janey said and turned away.

* * * * *

'Tanaya walked towards the front door wondering who could be calling this morning. Brad was at work and Ren had gone to the shop to pick up a few things she needed urgently. He had only left five or so minutes ago plus he had his own key so it couldn't be him.

'Tanaya opened the door and the welcoming smile died on her lips as she recognised Janey's brother, the cop, along with Brad and Ren's parole officer.

"Yes what can I do for you?" 'Tanaya asked coldly as she eyed the brother.

"Ms Redwolf?" The parole officer asked.

"Yes that's me," 'Tanaya confirmed.

"It's nothing bad Ms Redwolf, just some paperwork that needs to be completed if your partner and his friends want to be able to go to Nicholas' birthday party in two weeks," Robbie said quietly.

"I don't see how that has anything to do with either you or the parole officer here!" 'Tanaya snapped and went to shut the door.

Robbie moved quickly to put his foot in the way so she was unable to slam the door in their faces.

'Tanaya grunted softly with the effort to slam the door before looking down to see what was preventing the door from closing.

"AVO's were placed on all four men during the court case. These are still in effect and while Janey can bring Nicky here to see his father, the other three men are not supposed to be within three hundred metres of her nor are they to approach where she lives," Robbie said, he watched as what he had said sunk into 'Tanaya's understanding.

"You bastards!" 'Tanaya swore at them.

"Ms Redwolf we have the paperwork necessary to submit to a Judge and get these orders amended," the parole officer said quietly, "Mr Wilkinson here has informed me that his sister wants to invite all four men to her son's birthday party. The church situation was different, public area and all."

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