tagRomanceHalo Ch. 08

Halo Ch. 08


Hallo to all,

Just a quick note to explain a term in this chapter for those who have not come across it before, Smoko. A term often used to describe morning and/or afternoon tea break as smokers use it as a smoke break, hence the term Smoko.



The ring of her mobile phone interrupted Janey and she frowned as she glanced at it. Seeing the familiar number but not being able to place it, she shook her hands dry and reached for the phone.

"Hallo. Janey speaking," she said as she looked at the potatoes she was supposed to be peeling for tea.

"Hi Janey. How are you and Nicky doing?" The deep voice was instantly familiar and Janey frowned for a moment before placing the voice.

"Brad!" Janey glanced around the kitchen nervously; she knew he wasn't allowed to contact her. "Is something wrong? You're not supposed to call me remember!"

"Your brother the cop, he took it on himself to get some changes made to certain AVO's." Brad said sounding very pleased, " Now I can ring in reference to Nicky. So how is Nicky?"

"Nicky's fine, he's good. Give me a moment, I'm going to go find my brother and kick his butt for not telling me about this!" Janey said and headed through the house looking for Robby.

Janey found her brother in his bedroom with their mother checking the tape on his ribs, which had been injured the previous week at work.

"Robbie! You should have told me what you were doing with Brad's AVO!" Janey exclaimed as she walked into the room.

Robbie looked towards the door startled, a slow smile grew on his face and he shrugged lightly.

"Janey, hey Janey!" Brad called in her ear.

"Yeah what?" Janey asked with a slight frown as he distracted her.

"Your brother hasn't only made things better for me but has made things a lot more comfortable for Ren, Matty and Brent as well," Brad said calmly.

"Robbie!" Janey yelled at her brother in happy exasperation forgetting to take the phone away from her face and treating Brad to a loud yell in his ear. Realising immediately what she had done she held the phone out from her face and grimaced at it before putting it to the side of her face once more.

"Err, sorry Brad," Janey said ruefully.

Brad chuckled even though her yell had been quite loud in his ear, "Please try not to do it again."

"Okay. So what are you and 'Tanaya doing?" Janey asked as she walked away from her brother's room. She realised there was no use in trying to talk to Robbie while she was on the phone to Brad as she would probably only end up yelling in Brad's ear again.

"At the moment we are sitting back celebrating," Brad said with a smile in his voice.

"Would it be okay if Nicky and I came over to visit?" Janey asked.

"That would be great. Where is Nicky by the way?" Brad asked.

"Nicky is outside helping his Aunty Caro water the garden. Translated he is trying to catch the water as it comes out of the hose," Janey said with a laugh.

"That's my boy," Brad laughed in admiration.

"I'll just get our things together and come on over right away if that's okay," Janey said.

"If you want, you can stay the night. I'd love to have Nicky," Brad said quietly.

"Okay then. But if he wakes up in the middle of the night you're getting up to check on him," Janey laughed softly knowing Brad would welcome the chance to have Nicky sleep over.

"It's a deal," Brad said laughing.

With a few more words they ended the conversation and Janey headed outside to find her sister and Nicky. She found them near the veggie garden. Caro was showing Nicky the butterflies that had found one of the many flowering bushes.

"Hi, how is it going?" Janey asked as she walked up.

"Nicky are you going to tell Mummy what we found?" Caro asked the little boy.

Nicky turned his head towards his mother - his eyes were wide with wonder. "Fufferf'y! Fufferf'y!" Nicky said softly in awe.

"Have you found some butterflies?" Janey asked gently.

Nicky nodded his head vigorously before turning his attention back to the butterflies.

"Who want's to see Daddy?" Janey asked.

Nicky turned towards his mother eagerly and lifted his arms up to her.

"Is Adam back? I thought he said he'd be away from a few weeks," Caro said as she watched Janey pick up Nicky.

"Dadam! Dadam!" Nicky chanted excitedly.

"Nicky, Daddy, not Dadam. Daddy," Janey said slowly. She watched as her son frowned for a few seconds then let out a delighted cry.

"Daddaddaddad," Nicky began calling excitedly.

Caro shook her head but knew better than to say anything more. Janey had already made it very clear to her that Nicky would continue to see his father who Caro believed was a no-hoper thug.

* * * * *

Brad was waiting on the front veranda when Janey drove up; she smiled as she saw the excitement on his face.

"G'day!" Brad said as he came around to her side of the vehicle.

"G'day yourself. You look mighty pleased with yourself," Janey said with a wide smile.

"Being able to ring and check on Nicky makes a huge difference. I don't feel like I'm in his life on sufferance any more," Brad said as he lifted Nicky from his car seat.

"Dadam! Dadam! Dadam!" Nicky called loudly.

Brad glanced at Janey with a frown; she gave him a grimace of apology and shrugged.

"My sister inadvertently said the 'other' word and Nicky got the wrong idea," Janey said sounding none to pleased.

"Hey Nicky," Brad said as Nicky focused on his face.

Nicky immediately launched into an animated and excited chatter as he grasped Brad's face in his little hands.

"Oh you're here already!" 'Tanaya said as she walked out of the house and out to the car.

"Yeah. Nicky had not gotten hold of the hose for once this afternoon," Janey said as she got both her overnight bag and Nicky's from the car.

'Tanaya noticed the way Janey kept trying to glance around unobtrusively and smiled.

"Ren's out in the garage with Brent and Matty, they're doing an oil change on the 4wd," 'Tanaya told her.

"Oh. Okay," Janey said trying to sound casual.

"Let's get inside. It's starting to get cool." 'Tanaya said as she reached for Nicky.

Brad glanced at Janey to see how she was reacting to 'Tanaya holding Nicky but she was busy juggling overnight bags and Brad reached to help her.

"So exactly what are the changes Robbie had made to your AVO?" Janey asked as she followed Brad towards the house.

Brad quickly and clearly outlined the changes Robbie had suggested and the judge had agreed to. He also outlined the changes to the orders for Matty, Brent and Ren.

"Looks like Robbie has done something helpful for once," Janey said happily.

"Your brother a bit of a problem usually?" 'Tanaya asked curiously.

Janey glanced at 'Tanaya and noticed the way Nicky was cuddling into the other woman's body and laying his head on her shoulder.

"You got your 'Nay have you Nicky?" Janey asked with a smile.

"Naynay," Nicky said fondly as he wrapped his little arms around 'Tanaya's neck.

"Can I cuddle too?" Brad asked as he stepped close. He put his arms around both 'Tanaya and Nicky but when he went to rest his head against 'Tanaya's Nicky frowned and pushed at his father.

"No! No! My Nay!" Nicky exclaimed and burst into tears.

"Hey Nicky, it's alright little Buddy," Brad tried to soothe his son but Nicky would have none of it and clung to 'Tanaya as he sobbed loudly.

"Nicky's just tired Daddy," Janey said with a rueful smile but made no attempt to take him from 'Tanaya.

"Why don't you go see how they're going out with the vehicle and Janey and I will see if we can get some food into this little fellow before he falls asleep," 'Tanaya said calmly as she patted Nicky's back gently.

"Okay," Brad said nodding somewhat stunned by his son's behaviour and headed out towards the backdoor.

'Tanaya carried Nicky into the kitchen and glanced around helplessly for a few moments.

"The vegetables are cooked and ready to serve. And there's some savoury mince keeping warm in the oven," 'Tanaya said and collected a plastic plate out of the cupboard with one hand.

Janey checked the food on the stove and when 'Tanaya handed her the plate she dished up a small amount of food for Nicky.

"I can dish up more if he eats it all," Janey said as she carried the plate to where 'Tanaya had seated herself and was trying to get Nicky to sit in her lap.

Nicky sat on 'Tanaya's lap and allowed her to feed him. Half way through his food he turned his head away and buried his face against her chest.

"He's not going to eat anymore," Janey said watching her son.

"Has he eaten enough?" 'Tanaya worried as she put the spoon down and wiped his face with the face cloth Janey got from the rail by the sink and dampened with water before handing it to her.

"It'll have to do 'cause he'll be asleep in a few minutes," Janey said as she watched Nicky bury his face against 'Tanaya's neck and cuddle against her.

Several moments later a soft snore came from the vicinity of 'Tanaya's neck and she looked at Janey startled.

Janey sat down in a chair and let out a soft sigh, "If you wait a few minutes to put him in the cot he won't wake up," Janey said quietly.

"There's fresh coffee in the percolator if you want a cup," 'Tanaya said softly.

"I'm right thanks," Janey said with a half smile.

Janey turned her head and listened as footsteps came into the house from the backyard. Some instinct told her it wasn't Ren and she turned her head to look towards the door.

"We got the oil change done. Ren and Brad are checking the spare tire before they come inside," Matty said as he paused in the doorway. He grinned at Janey and then looked at Nicky where he was asleep against 'Tanaya. "Oh, Nicky's asleep," Matty said sounding disappointed.

"Go wash up in the bathroom and make sure you get all that grease off before you wipe your hands on my towels," 'Tanaya warned as she glanced at his greasy hands and forearms.

Janey watched as Matty hurried off to do as 'Tanaya had told him and then she glanced at 'Tanaya. "How do you make them do as you tell them?" Janey asked amused.

"Matty is easy. If he doesn't do as he's told I don't cook him his slices for smoko," 'Tanaya said with a smile.

"So for Matty it's true the way to his heart is through his stomach," Janey said with a soft laugh.

"Brent, Ren and Brad are old and wise enough to listen when I tell them to do something," 'Tanaya said as she carefully got to her feet without jostling Nicky.

"I hope you're not filling Janey's head with nonsense," Brad said lightly from the doorway. He sent Janey a good-natured grin before turning his attention back to 'Tanaya.

"You know Janey, Brad just might not be smart enough to listen to me after all," 'Tanaya said lightly with a wink at Janey.

"Behave yourself woman," Brad said as he walked over to drop an affectionate kiss on her cheek and then look down at his son where he nestled against her neck and shoulder.

"Let's put this little guy to bed," 'Tanaya said with a smile at Brad.

"I had been hoping to have some time with him tonight but if he's tired, then he's tired," Brad said a touch sadly.

"There's a good chance he will wake up just as you want to go to bed when he goes to sleep this early," Janey said dryly.

"Sounds like the voice of experience talking," Ren said from the doorway.

Janey glanced his way and blushed when she noticed the way he was eyeing her body.

"Finished already?" 'Tanaya asked as she eased past him on her way to the bedroom.

Brad followed 'Tanaya from the room leaving Ren and Janey alone.

"Hey, how you going?" Ren asked as he walked over to where Janey sat.

"Great, and how are you?" Janey asked with a shy smile.

"Real good. Surprised as hell by what your brother did but good," Ren said then lent down to brush his lips over hers lightly.

Janey groaned faintly at the soft contact and opened her lips in silent invitation. She felt his tongue lightly trace her bottom lip before sneaking between her lips to gently sweep across the tip of her tongue before slipping deeper to taste the recesses of her mouth.

Ren broke off the kiss and lifted his head slowly; he looked down at Janey's face and watched as she opened her eyes reluctantly. He smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose before straightening up.

"Are you staying the night or going back to your parents' place?" Ren asked softly.

"Staying. And we ... we can..." Janey broke off what she was saying in embarrassment as she heard footsteps approaching the doorway.

"I should have know that was why you were in so all fired of a hurry to get inside," Brent said as he halted in the doorway. "Hi Janey."

"Hi Brent," Janey said with a slight smile before glancing up into Ren's face and looking away with a slightly embarrassed smile as he met her look with a smile.

"Brad and 'Tanaya got the ankle biter have they?" Brent asked smoothly.

"Where's Nicky gone?" Matty asked as he appeared in the doorway beside Brent.

"Nicky fell asleep after eating," Janey said with a faint grimace.

"And Brad gets to look after him if he wakes in the middle of the night," Ren said with a grin as he heard Brad and 'Tanaya walking towards the kitchen.

Brent and Matty moved into the kitchen heading for the coffee pot as they heard the others approaching.

"Not taking my name in vain are you?" 'Tanaya asked as she walked into the kitchen ahead of Brad.

"He's just volunteered you and Brad for babysitting duties if the ankle biter wakes up in the middle of the night," Brent said with a grin. "Guess he has plans of his own,"

"Ankle biter? Nicky isn't an ankle biter! He'll be a knee capper," Brad said with a laugh.

"Nicky will be the perfect little gentleman thank you!" Janey said tightly.

"That's right, we wont let you guys turn him into a thug," 'Tanaya said with a grin.

"Just as long as you pair don't turn him into a wimp or a Mummy's boy," Brad pretended to growl against 'Tanaya's neck.

"We can teach him to play footy," Ren said as he glanced at Janey.

"Robbie and James are already teaching him to do that. James' first present for him was a football," Janey said dryly.

"Good value," Brad said approvingly.

"When are we going to eat?" Matty asked.

"Everything is ready to put on the table so everyone make sure they've washed their hands," 'Tanaya ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," Brad growled and slapped 'Tanaya lightly on the arse before heading for the door.

"You'd want to leave," 'Tanaya said pretending to be annoyed.

Brent and Ren headed for the bathroom as well leaving 'Tanaya, Janey and Matty in the kitchen.

"Set the table would you Matty," 'Tanaya said as she walked to the stove and began to check the various saucepans on the stovetop.

Janey quickly cleared away the remains of Nicky's meal and watched as Matty set the table with ease.

"Can you pass the salt and pepper and sauces from the sideboard Janey?" Matty asked as he glanced her way.

"Sure thing," Janey said with a smile and reached for the condiments.

'Tanaya was dishing out the last of the food when the three men returned. Plates were handed out to everyone and they all sat down at the table and turned their attention to their food.

* * * * *

Janey sat cuddled up to Ren's side as they watched tv along with Brad, 'Tanaya, Matty and Brent. The meal they had shared had had a celebratory air and everyone was hanging around loath to bring the celebrations to an end.

"We having a b-b-q this weekend?" Matty asked as he glanced towards Brad and 'Tanaya.

"I'm heading off to Sydney first thing in the morning," Ren said with a quick glance at Janey.

"And I'm going too. I haven't been there for a few years and I want to catch up with some people I know," 'Tanaya said brightly.

"When will you get back?" Janey asked Ren softly.

"I'll be in Sydney for a week not counting the day to drive down there and a day to drive back," Ren said, " so we'll be back next Thursday evening,"

"You won't be here this weekend?" Janey asked disappointed.

Ren pressed a quick kiss to her lips before raising his head to watch her face as he answered, "No I won't be here, will you miss me?"

"Of course I'll miss you!" Janey exclaimed and buried her face against his chest.

"You'll still bring Nicky to visit me won't you?" Brad asked as he glanced at Janey and Ren.

"Yeah, Nicky enjoys his visits," Janey said with a faint frown.

"Good," Brad nodded, "With 'Tanaya gone for over a week I'll be climbing the walls,"

"Who'll cook my cakes for work?" Matty asked with a worried frown.

"Trust you to worry about your stomach," Brent said with a laugh.

"I've done up an extra batch of cooking for you guys and put it in the deep freezer," 'Tanaya said as she settled herself comfortably on Brad's lap. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his head down for a long kiss, when he finally lifted his head he reached up above his head to turn the room's light out.

Ren lowered his head and nuzzled against Janey's cheek. She turned her head and his lips brushed against hers several times before he opened his mouth slightly and covered her lips with his.

Janey opened her mouth as his tongue traced the seam of her lips, she felt him shift slightly and he gathered her into his arms more snugly as he tasted her mouth delicately. A soft sigh of pleasure left her lips as Ren took his time kissing her gently.

Janey blinked dazedly when Ren lifted his head and turned his attention back to the tv show. She licked her lips and looked at the screen without being aware of what was happening in the program.

Ren watched the show for a few moments before turning his head to kiss Janey once again. He felt her lips part eagerly beneath his and he had to force himself not to lift her onto his lap.

"Want to go to the bedroom?" Ren asked softly as he nuzzled just below her ear.

"Yes," Janey's reply was a breathless whisper.

Ren got to his feet and held a hand out to Janey. She didn't hesitate as she placed one hand in his and let him help her to her feet. He kept hold of her hand as he led her towards the hallway.

"I thought you said you wanted to watch this program," Brad said as they walked past the chair he sat in with 'Tanaya on his lap.

"I bet you weren't exactly watching it either," Ren said with a hint of a laugh in his voice.

Brad grunted softly but made no further remark as Janey followed Ren up the hallway to his room. She stopped just inside the room and watched as he closed the door behind them.

"Do you want the light on or off?" Ren asked softly as he paused with his hand on the light switch.

"Can you turn the bedside lamp on low?" Janey asked as she glanced towards where the bed stood. The lamp sat on a small bedside unit on the side she usually slept on when they were in the bed together.

Janey stood still in the dark room as she listened to Ren move to the bedside; there was a faint click and a soft light broke the darkness. She glanced at Ren's dark form beside the bed but with the light behind him she couldn't make out his expression.

"Shall we?" Ren asked when Janey was motionless for several long moments.

Janey nodded and moved close to him. She slid her hands up his chest and across the top of his shoulders. He lowered his head and their lips met as she stood on tiptoe; he kissed her deeply as he gathered her in his arms.

Ren groaned against Janey's mouth as he felt her press her body against his. He was already painfully aroused and the soft press of her breasts against his chest only served to send another rush of blood to his groin.

"How about we take this to the bed?" Ren asked huskily as he pulled his lips from hers.

Janey gasped for breath as she tried to make sense of what he had just said. She didn't resist when he gently urged her towards the bed and hurriedly turned around to crawl onto the bed when she felt the mattress press against the back of her legs.

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