tagBDSMHanako's Punishment

Hanako's Punishment


*Note: None of the characters who appear in this story (or any other, for that matter) are under the age of 18.*

Hanako knelt on the floor of the sports closet, nervously awaiting punishment. In the year she had been assigned to the third-year prefect, Chiaki, she had never seen her so livid. As a freshman at the Academy, it was Hanako's responsibility to serve Chiaki anyway she deemed fit, and to constantly anticipate and fulfill her needs. Though only a two years older than the freshman girl, Chiaki had already proven herself a thorough and enthusiastic disciplinarian, and Hanako rarely went to bed without suffering some new and (inevitably painful) humiliation at her hands.

Hanako gulped as she tried to recall exactly what she might have done to deserve punishment this time. She was usually diligent in both her studies and the chores Chiaki set her every morning, and tried her best to please her and her fellow Prefects. The relationship between a prefect and her charge at the Academy stemmed from an ancient and storied tradition, and almost always forged a lifelong and intimate bond between the two. Yet even after six months of daily striving to please her mistress, Chiaki still managed to find fault in almost everything she did- and had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ways to make that displeasure known.

The door opened with a bang.

"There's my disobedient little fresher," Chiaki began with a wicked smile.

As usual, Hanako was mesmerized by the beauty of the prefect standing before her. The older girl seemed made for the academy uniform, and her flat stomach and full breasts strained the seams of her blouse. Though a full head shorter than Hanako, Chiaki had the body of a mature woman, and flaunted it with the shortest skirts and tightest tops the strict rules of the academy would allow.

Chiaki flipped her silky black hair (Hanako brushed it every evening before bed as part of her duties) back from her forehead, and narrowed her almond-shaped eyes at her charge.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out you took them?"

Hanako gulped in fear. She couldn't mean...

"My red panties, you lying little whore. You told me they got lost in the laundry- but Yuki-chan spilled everything to Prefect Hani this morning after she got caught with them during Inspection."

Of course, Hanako thought miserably. The panties.

As freshers, Hanako and her classmates were strictly forbidden from wearing anything but the uniform cotton white panties provided by the academy. Older girls and prefects were generally given far more leeway in their choice of dress, a fact Chiaki took full advantage of. Her drawers were overflowing with the finest silk underwear and lingerie money could buy, and Hanako had learned every piece over many months of individually hand washing and folding them to Chiaki's exacting specifications.

Yet a few weeks ago, Hanako and her best friend Yuki, free from supervision in the laundry room, had begun jokingly slipping on their Prefects frilly undergarments, and striking erotic (and increasingly silly) poses for each other. Astonished at how good the feel of silk felt on their already punishment-reddened buttocks, Hanako and Yuki had resolved to take turns wearing one of Chiaki's thongs under their pajamas at night, an idea which had struck them both as hilariously naughty at the time. They'd been washing and passing them off to each other in secret, convinced Chiaki would never notice a single item amidst her wealth of clothes and possessions. Somehow, it didn't seem so funny now...

Despite her current predicament, Hanako couldn't help feeling a pang of remorse for Yuki. The prefect she served, Hani, had an even fiercer reputation than Chiaki, and Hanako had spent many a night rubbing lotion on her friend's red and welted buttocks. Chiaki and Hani had been close friends since their own fresher year, had even become prefects together at the same time, and Hanako couldn't imagine the Yuki's humorless and strict mistress treating the theft of her friend's things lightly. And knowing her, there was no use denying the theft, as she'd experienced firsthand some of Hani's methods for extracting information from a reluctant fresher...

Chiaki's voice snapped her out of her reverie.

"Strip, you little thief. Hani's had all day to work on your little friend, but I just found out from her a few minutes ago."

Hanako sprang to her feet and hastened to comply, knowing from long experience that to dawdle or prevaricate would make her coming punishment infinitely worse. She quickly shed her blouse and slipped out of her plaid skirt and socks, but couldn't help her hands from shaking as she placed them behind her neck in the time honored position of freshers all over the academy. She stood shivering in front of her prefect, eyes lowered and already filling with tears.

"I said strip, Hanako-chan." Chiaki quickly crossed the space between them and dealt her a sharp smack on the thigh with the flat of her hand.

Hanako looked up in dismay. Though Chiaki often bared her buttocks for punishment in the privacy of their shared dorm, saw her naked while she served her in the shared baths, and certainly during other, more pleasurable moments together- it was rare for her to be punished completely nude.

"But, Chiaki-san..." Hanako began tearfully. The prefect grabbed her by the ear and pulled her over to a chair in the corner. Quickly seating herself, she pulled her charge over her knee and began spanking her furiously. Hanako could already feel her buttocks turning red beneath the onslaught of slaps. She could only clasp her hands to her neck, bite her lip, and pray Chiaki would be satisfied with making her beg her for forgiveness.

She was nowhere near that lucky. After a full five minutes of fierce hand spanking, during which Hanako's feet drummed uselessly against the floor of the sports closet as she wriggled in Chiaki's grasp, the punishment stopped suddenly. Chiaki roughly shoved Hanako of her lap and sat glowering at her through slitted eyes.

"Stand up, you little bitch. I'm nowhere near done with you. And as I recall, I told you to strip."

Cheeks burning, Hanako complied, unhooking her bra and letting her full breasts spill free. She had grown in the past year, and was the envy of every girl in the fresher common room. At this moment, she was painfully aware that her breasts were now slightly larger than Chiaki's, as she had been punished for far lesser sins in their time together.

Hanako risked a look at Chiaki's face, and was surprised to see her plump lips moist and parted, with the tip of her tongue barely visible at the edge of her mouth. A look of something almost like arousal crossed Chiaki's lovely face, and for a brief instant, Hanako hoped for a reprieve. If I could only touch her, let her now how sorry I am, maybe she'll forget all about making me pay for what I did...

Whatever hopes Hanako had held onto were swiftly shattered, as Chiaki reached out and roughly ripped her thin cotton panties off her thighs, exposing her sex. Deftly batting aside Hanako's shielding hands, she plunged her fingers into her vagina, coming out wet with the evidence of Hanako's desire. Hanko gasped at the sudden intrusion, and bit her lip, tears spilling down her burning cheeks.

Chiaki smirked in triumph. "It's not enough you steal my panties and share them with your fresher friend, but you actually get turned on being punished for it? I'm going to go extra hard on you tonight, little one. Up on tiptoe, and bend over the horse."

In a dusty corner of the sports closet sat an old sawhorse, long ago stored and forgotten by all but the prefects and their freshers. It was a favorite place of punishment, as a recalcitrant girl could be bent over it and sharply corrected by her mistress, without fear of interruption or disturbance. Hanako was no stranger to it, and knew her previous sessions with Chiaki would pale in comparison to the pain to come. Hanako crossed to it, still painfully aware of her nudity as she pressed her flat belly to the faded leather of the saw horse, worn smooth by generations of Academy girls. She gasped as her bare flesh made contact with the cold surface, and desperately thrust herself up on the balls of her feet. Some thoughtful prefect had years ago attached two thick handles to a chain at the base of the horse, and it was these Hanako grasped, though it stretched her even farther on her toes.

Chiaki smiled in anticipation. The sight of Hanako's bare buttocks, perfectly positioned for what was to come filled her with a heady awareness of her complete and total dominance over the girl in her care. She allowed herself a few moments to fully enjoy the view afforded to her. The Prefect's Lounge had been abuzz with malicious gossip and recrimination on Assignments Day, months ago, as almost everyone cursed the good luck that had landed Chiaki with by far the most beautiful of the fresher girls. Hanako had a lush, voluptuous figure, full breasts, and an ass the prefects and teachers never tired of punishing. She also possessed a submissive streak that made her a joy to chastise, as strict discipline only seemed to awaken her erotic inclinations. The joy of making her scream and cry over her knee was one Chiaki had learned to cherish, and she often (though she would never admit to anyone outside her close circle of fellow Prefects) punished her for the simple thrill of watching her perfect body writhe in equal parts pleasure and pain. Denying her further pleasure had become a large part of their routine, and Chiaki greatly looked forward to the torments she was already planning for her hapless slave.

Chiaki stepped forward and ran her hand over the younger girl's bottom, making her wince. The marks of the her hand spanking stood out bright red against Hanako's pale skin, and she still bore the welts from a paddling Chiaki had given her only this morning for spilling some juice on the carpet of their rooms.

"Please forgive me, Chiaki-san! We were going to return them, and you had so many already it didn't seem you'd miss one pair-"

Hanako gasped as Chiaki grasped her long hair and pulled her head back painfully, so they were eye to eye. Chiaki ran her other hand over the front of the saw horse and seized one of Hanako's small pink nipples, pinching it cruelly between her two fingers.

"Forgive you? When you've only just begun to suffer for what you took? Your friend Yuki is already spending the night being teased in the Nurse's Room, and I have half a mind to send you there to join her after we're done here. As it is, you're going to spend the night chained, and I might even decide to whip those big boobs of yours before bed, brat."

Hanako began to sob. For previous infractions (and when Chiaki was feeling especially vindictive) she had forced the younger girl to spend the night standing up, with her arms securely handcuffed to a specially designed hook set into the ceiling of their shared rooms. Nude and crying, she had spent many a sore and uncomfortable night watching the prefect sleep softly on her large featherbed as she nursed a throbbing and reddened backside, unable even to rub it to alleviate the pain. For occasions when she cried too loud (and disturbed the sleep of her mistress), Chiaki kept a slim leather thong in her nightstand. The memory of the fiery lines of pain across her breasts, backside, and belly left by her last run-in with her prefect's temper made her cry out in remembered agony.

Chiaki smirked. Releasing her hold on Hanako's hair, she crossed to the far corner of the room and retrieved the school bag she had carried in. Unzipping it, she fished out a thick leather belt, doubled it over, and smacked it against her hand. This had the desired effect on Hanako, who wriggled desperately on the horse, trying in vain to see the instrument of her punishment.

She would find out soon enough.

Chiaki diligently took up her position right behind Hanako's naked bottom, and brought the belt down with a sharp SMACK. The resultant yelp was all she needed to know how sore the fresher girl was. This would be enjoyable.

The prefect wasted no time, and began to beat her in earnest, at first alternating between her two cheeks, but soon hitting her with the full length of the strap across both buttocks. The silence of the room was shattered by the sharp crack of leather on flesh, and the piteous cries of Hanako as she thrashed against the horse, trying in vain to evade the torrent of blows raining down on her. Her vision blurred with tears, and she could hear nothing but her own ragged breathing and the furious onslaught of punishment. Her bottom felt white-hot, and she could feel (despite her pain and abject humiliation) the juices of her own desire running down the inside of her thigh.

Hanako cried out in renewed agony as the edge of the belt caught her shaven pussy lips, sending a shock of sensation coursing through her. She tried desperately to stand with her feet closer together, but Chiaki saw and quickly forced her legs apart, though it forced her to place most of her weight on the handles at the base of the horse.

The belt fell with fresh vigor, and special attention to Hanako's exposed pussy lips. Her screams took on a new, frantic tone, as every blow to her sex seemed to reverberate throughout her body. Despite this new, intense pain, Hanako felt her pussy throbbing with sensation, and prayed Chiaki wouldn't notice anymore than she already had.

If she did notice, the older gave no sign of it, as she simply attacked her charge's buttocks with fresh vigor.

"Are you sorry yet?" Chiaki rasped without stopping the blows, greatly enjoying the sight of the fresh welts she was laying across Hanako's hapless bottom.

The younger girl nodded vigorously, crying out as a particularly hard stroke found her pubis once again.

"Pleeeease, Chiaki-san," gasped Hanako, desperate to be free of the onslaught of pain. "Forgive me, I promise...owwwww...it won't happen again!"

Chiaki stopped abruptly, brushing her hair back from her eyes with the back of her hand. She surveyed her handiwork with pride. Hanako's bottom was a bright red, and thoroughly welted. The fresher girl lay limp and trembling against the saw horse, desperately wishing for her ordeal to be over.

"You're not sorry, Hanako-chan," Chiaki began maliciously. "But you will be by the time I'm done with you."

Stooping, Chiaki gathered up Hanako's discarded clothes and shoved them into her own school bag, along with the belt. Ignoring the younger girl's cries of protest, she slung the bag over her shoulder and opened the door. Chiaki paused at the door:

"Maybe spending the rest of the afternoon without clothes will remind you never to steal mine, little one."

Chiaki stepped outside, then turned on her heel to confront the miserably sobbing Hanako.

"Oh, I almost forgot- Prefect Hani is expecting you in the Common Room at third bell tonight- don't you dare keep her waiting."

Smiling in triumph, Chiaki swept out of the room, with the sounds of Hanako crying with renewed anguish echoing in her ears. She would be in the Common Room tonight as well, and she knew exactly the kind of night her fellow prefect was planning for her naughty little panty thief.

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