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Hand in the Bush


Mistress Tanya stalked angrily around her slave, the pretty young blonde that had been reduced to a quivering mass of fear before her. She had been stripped of her true name, and called merely Pussy, ever since she had been accepted by her well-tanned, raven-haired Mistress. At the moment, Pussy was suspended from the ceiling by a long chain, which was clipped to a pair of handcuffs. The tension of the chain was adjusted so that Pussy was up on her tiptoes, her eyes wide with fright, her mouth stuffed with a large ball gag. Mistress Tanya stroked Pussy's lithe body with her whip as she walked around her, speaking.

"You have so much to learn here, pretty Pussy. You will, under my guidance, learn that you have limits that you have never tested before. I will push you to those limits, and beyond, to true pleasure. Tell me, by a nod or shake of your head, have you ever had children?" Mistress Tanya asked, and Pussy could only shake her head in the negative.

"It's a wonderful thing, the female body. This tiny, tight chamber..." Mistress Tanya said, slipping two fingers into Pussy's freshly shaven vagina, "can actually expand to let a child pass through it! Isn't that miraculous?" After the briefest of pauses, Pussy nodded her agreement.

"You seemed hesitant. Maybe you don't believe that your own little pussy could be stretched so wide?" Mistress Tanya asked, a wicked smile forming on her face that made Pussy's blood run cold already. "I guess I shall simply have to endeavor to disprove your doubts."

Pussy shook her head almost violently, her hair flailing as her mind conjured gruesome images of the ways in which her Mistress might decide to stretch her. Obscenely thick dildos, perhaps a speculum, or perhaps something so crude as a beer bottle. Mistress Tanya simply laughed at her helpless slave's fearful trembling.

"Oh, don't worry, pretty Pussy. I won't do anything that won't heal. That much, I promise you." Without warning, a third finger slid into the captive girl's hot tunnel, and Mistress Tanya began a firm pistoning motion, stirring and churning her slave's love juices by hand. Pussy stretched and slumped in turns as the waves of pleasure throbbed through her restrained and stretched body. Her nipples stood out stiffly, and seemed very sensitive to the least breeze that slipped through the room. Her clit was hard, and simply screaming for some attention. The fact that this need was denied only made Pussy squirm more, trying to rub her clit against her Mistress' hand from one angle or another. Mistress Tanya responded by slapping Pussy's ass with her free hand.

"You stay still. I know what you're trying for, and you'll get it if and when I decide, am I clear?" Mistress Tanya fumed, staring daggers at the trembling girl. Pussy nodded, eyes low. Mistress Tanya smirked, and twisted her fingers inside the wet, clutching tunnel, forcing them away from each other, so that they began to stretch the limits of Pussy's sopping channel. After a few twisting thrusts in and out, Mistress Tanya withdrew her fingers. Just as Pussy began to relax, taking a deep breath of relief through her nose, Mistress Tanya drew her fingertips and thumb together into a shape like a bird's beak, and lowered the hand from Pussy's now-wide, disbelieving eyes down to her belly, and lower. Pussy screamed behind her ball gag, but the only sound to escape was a pitiful mewling. Mistress Tanya gripped Pussy's hip with her free hand for use as an anchor, and began the slow, relentless insertion of her bunched fingers.

Pussy arched her back and clenched her fists hard, nails biting her palms. This was awful. It reminded her of the first time she'd ever had sex, and how huge her boyfriend's cock had felt, but this was magnified ten times what that experience had been. Mistress Tanya pushed on stubbornly, and her thumb disappeared even further into the girl's now gaping vagina. Pussy rolled her head limply, moans and cries struggling against her cruel gag.

"Almost there, my pretty one. Be strong for me, and you may be spared punishment later tonight. I may actually leave you in peace." Mistress Tanya cooed in a comforting voice. Meanwhile her hand thrust deeper, and Pussy felt her whole pubic area, all the muscles of her cunny and the organs around it, shift. A new scream beat its' way up her throat as she was filled and stretched wider than she had ever thought possible. Looking down, Mistress Tanya saw that her whole hand was now firmly entrenched inside her blonde slave's pussy, the base of her thumb close to Pussy's clit. Smiling devilishly, Mistress Tanya slowly curled her fingers inside Pussy, ignoring her muffled cries and frantic squirming motions. Nothing she could do could stop this now. It was far too late.

Soon, her fingers had curled into a fist, which she very slowly began to work in and out of her pretty slave. The base of her thumb rubbed at Pussy's clit, sending waves of pleasure mingling with the agony of her incredible stretching. The rhythm grew almost tolerable after a minute or so, and Pussy found herself moving her hips in time with her Mistress' ministrations in spite of her initial horror. Then the pace sped up.

Mistress Tanya's free hand was tight on Pussy's hip, nails biting at the soft flesh of her flank as she reamed Pussy out with a new vigor. Pussy's muffled moans and cries were rhythmic now as well, so Mistress Tanya knew what had to happen. She angled the base of her thumb to press harder against Pussy's engorged clit, making her stiffen as a huge wave that she couldn't begin to describe loomed over her. It wouldn't be fair to call it an orgasm. That would be like calling a Chateau Lafitte a mere table wine, or a Mercedes just another car. As Mistress Tanya pumped Pussy mercilessly, the wave descended, and exploded all over her. Pussy's body jerked and arched, and her moans behind the gag turned into fevered cries. Tears gathered in her eyes, then streaked down her flushed cheeks, as she convulsed in a shattering climax. As she came down, Mistress Tanya slowed her pace again. As the last tremors subsided in Pussy's body, the fist was slowly uncurled and then gently removed, a fraction of an inch at a time. Pussy's vagina gaped like a wide, hungry mouth now, the muscles still deprived of the strength they would need to shift back to their normal dimensions.

Mistress Tanya brought her slick hand up to her own mouth and licked Pussy's love juices off of one of her own fingers before trailing the juice around Pussy's lips as well. The scent of her own passion made Pussy's shoulders flutter with shame. That had been so immense, such a forbidden, carnal thing, and she had enjoyed it. She had reached the great goddess of all orgasms in that state, stuck like a pig on her Mistress' fist. Mistress Tanya saw the flush of Pussy's face, which had not lessened, and quickly removed the gag. Pussy drew in great breaths of air, her eyes rolling in their sockets. She blinked as her wind returned, then looked up, eyes focusing on her Mistress' face. Then she burst into helpless tears.

"Ohhh, there there..." Mistress Tanya cooed soothingly, taking her slave in her arms and kissing her face lovingly. They stood like that for a long while, and eventually the sobs turned to dry sniffles. Pussy was soon unfastened from her bondage, and allowed to lie at her Mistress' feet on the thick shag carpet. The simple pleasure of its' plush softness was heavenly to her, and she curled up around her Mistress' ankles like a cat. When Mistress Tanya saw that her slave was asleep, she just smiled. After what she had just endured, she didn't have the soullessness in her to punish her for succumbing to exhaustion. Well, at least not that night.


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