You wake up naked, your body glistening with sweat, spread eagle your wrists handcuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling.... your ankles to the pegs in the floor.

You are all alone in a small room no other sounds other than your breathing. Little light is given off from the scones on the walls. You notice a large wood ornamental carved door across from you & then hear soft footsteps coming your way.

Slowly the door opens and as it opens you start to get hard...To your surprise a female you've never seen before cautiously enters... carrying a tray with an assortment of toys while balancing a bottle of champagne in a ice filled crystal bucket ..

She does not look at you or talk; drifting slowly until she is in front of you... she gently sets the tray on the floor between your balls...kneeling down she picks up a bottle of oil and pours a few drops into her palm rubbing them together. You smell the sharp scent of cinnamon...Your Mac stands at attention, not knowing what is going to happen, but you say not a word, just waiting to see what she will do.

Gracefully she stands up and you notice all she is wearing is a white gauzy see-thru shift. Your eyes glance from her feet up her body until finally you are looking into her eyes. She is now staring back knowledge in her look. She inches closer reaching out placing a palm on your chest, then the other & starts to rub the oil onto your nipples. You feel a warm sensation; she stops and gently blows on you. Now you feel the heat from the oil. A naughty smile comes over her face and pouring a little more of the oil into her palm she now reaches for your balls, gently massaging it into your skin, warmth & a tingly sensation radiates off your nuts but it feels good. You are rock hard now!!

She mixes another oil into her hand and gently smears it all over you...circling...not missing a single spot...your skin feels intensely sensitive the hairs on your body feel electrified. Suddenly from a distance you both hear someone coming, each glancing at the door as it again slowly opens........

Then I walk in. I am wearing thigh high red leather stiletto boots, a red bustier and frilly red panties...In my hand is a light weight whip that I start to gently roll across my palm as I look at the both of you. The silence is deafening..

You are surprised it is me & roughly whisper Dammmnnnn.....

All of us smile, the game is on I read it in your eyes!! Are you ready Baby I ask?? "Word" is all you mumble, looking from me to the other wondering why I have brought her into this game. I read your thought... without a word you understand "for your enjoyment"..

I walk towards you dangling the whip off my hip, gently slapping my thigh. Circling you... loving your hard body & big dick. Suddenly the whip slashes across your ass, you jerk in bondage, I again raise it this time coming down across your chest, your skin feels on fire but you realize it is not from the whip but from the oil!!??

I ask our friend to tie the long red silk scarf over your eyes so you will not know who is doing what. She does as I say; now you will only feel. You cannot touch, see or taste, again the whip slashes across the back of your legs & across your shoulders.

Hearing the ice... suddenly you feel coldness on your heated nipples, melting the ice cube it's running down your chest. Not knowing who is doing what has you ready to burst. You feel a warm hand run across your ass kneading then slipping a finger between your indentation, at the same time in front you feel cold wet lips on the head of your dick, then a warm hand cupping your balls, a cold hand on your thigh, warm breasts press against your back, the weight of a body pressing onto you causes you to rock forward as if trying to get the other to take more of your dick into her mouth, she obliges!! The ice cube in her mouth along with your dick is a turn on... greedily she sucks & swirls.

You hear something being picked up off the tray, now a soft feather runs between your crack still having your dick sucked you take a deep breath, slowly roughly moaning...She has eased up on your dick for the girls do not want you to cum yet. Hands are everywhere on your body, rubbing, pinching, next you feel being bitten and again a good whack across your ass.

Now a different mouth on your dick, a different hand on your ass, someone is licking up & down your spine & someone is licking your dick the same long wet stroke. You feel your ass cheeks being spread, your balls gently sucked into a mouth, hands running up & down your legs then up pinching your nipples...

You roll your head with the intensity & feel a wet tongue lick the side of your mouth, turning more you get a full hard on kiss, an eager tongue slips between your teeth lapping the inside of your mouth. Your tongue is getting sucked, your dick is getting sucked & now you feel a slippery finger enter your ass.

Having your prostate stroked you increase in length & width!! Once again.... you are getting sucked as she takes you, a finger slides in and as she eases off the finger eases out. Chills are running up & down your body as the sweat drips off your forehead.. We both feel you are about to let loose. The silk scarf falls from your eyes just as you explode!! Your holler echoes off the walls. Opening your eyes you see it is not your women who has your cum dripping out of her mouth, you still squirting onto her chest.

The finger easing out of your ass is your women's & that makes you cum more; kneeling in front of you I lick it all off. While she loosens your bondage you slowly slip to the floor.

Gently we untie you massaging your body. I am at your head and she at your feet, pouring more oil into our hands we stroke your backside then gently roll you over and massage your front. We are amazed as your Mac starts to get hard. We touch, kiss & lick you all over; using a feather we lightly run that across your body around your dick & balls.

I lean over your head kissing you upside down, she is slowing moving her body over you like a silky snake, slithering over you until you feel her guide you inside her cunt. She is sitting backwards the angle is different and that turns you on. Her hands on your thighs for leverage rolling her hips; I turn around & straddle you, my pussy in your face. My smell intoxicates you!!

You reach up with your fingertips moving my lips aside...swirling your tongue on my engorged clit, coiling your tongue inside me at times; I pull back so you can see my wetness. Roughly you reach up with one hand to pinch & roll my nipple, making me come back down on your tongue. Your other hand reaches down to stroke her asshole, entering her with your finger.

You give us the same treatment that we just gave you!!. Lapping on me, stroking it in her with your Mac & finger both of us moaning, our thighs quivering ready to burst but your goal is to have all of us climax at once. I know this is what you want... so I say out loud when you are ready tell us.. This makes her moan louder. She grinds down harder on you...which makes you rougher on my clit pinching my nipple harder bringing me closer...In turn this brings you closer until all at once, you feel her muscles tighten, her ass less tight for you are still stroking her hole, my clit quivering and all at once we all let loose, each milking the other, feeling such intensity that you raise your dick up hard in her cunt while I cram my pussy onto your face and she slamming her ass onto you. The juices are flowing, relaxing, muscles slowing contracting we ease off each other spent...

We all roll over to catch our breath, and start to laugh with the intensity of what just happened. Sitting up I lean over kiss you & say I love you.. She leans over and opens the bottle of champagne, pouring us each a glass. Sipping, you look at each of us, mirroring my thoughts you want to watch the two of us next!! I laugh again, kissing your lips reaching out for her.

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