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Handcuffed Fantasy


Hi, my name's Nicola and this is the story of how I finally got my best friend to sleep with me. To begin with, let me explain some things:

First off, the guy I'm trying to get with has been in my life forever, since we were small kids. I've always felt this way about him, but it seems that the feeling wasn't mutual... His name is Doug and he's now 19 for starters, and does martial arts, meaning that he's very fit (in both senses(!)). Short spiky, jet black hair and short stubble give him a rugged sort of handsomeness. He thinks I'm joking when we flirt with each other but what I'd give for him just to say yes to me!!

On the other hand is me. I'm about average height and slim with long brown hair... but the one thing (or should I say two things)I feel are my best features are my breasts. A natural double C-cup and proud! I don't work out or nothing but I just seem to stay slim whatever I do!

Anyway, I've never had a boyfriend before... I don't know why it just never happened, but I'm not a virgin... somewhere along the line I just got hooked up on him.

Right here we go!

* * *

I had a perfect opportunity, my parents were out for the weekend (going to rekindle themselves or something) so I would finally decided to put my plan into action. I'd been working on this since I first started watching porn movies. Seeing how much the guys in those things liked being tossed off, I decided that if I could do that to Doug, then he'd feel like I do. The plan really started moving when I found some handcuffs in my parents room (not trying to think how they got there). I didn't really know how it was going to all work out as I phoned him arrange a "sleep-over", but after a little convincing he played into my hands.

Later that night Doug was round, we watched a DVD, ordered pizza the usual stuff you know. Getting really late he decided to head in, so I took this opportunity to start the wheels rolling. I made him a special drink before bed, orange (because he doesn't drink) with a special added bonus – a Viagra tablet! (Must be my Dad's I think but whatever, waste not want not!).

Perfect! I gave it a few minutes then followed him up.

Must have been about half an hour before I entered the guest room, where he just about sleeping, but I knew that the tablet would be starting to kick in. I gently peeled back the covers to reveal him lying there in just his boxers. Gently giggling to myself, anticipation started to kick in - I would have done the deed there and then but if he woke up he'd stop me, so I secured his hands together above his head onto the headboard with my trusty cuffs. As I rose his hands, his boner started to revel itself to me. Wanting him badly, I positioned myself so I sat on his hips just under his now throbbing member.

Obviously, my panting noises must of woke him up because suddenly I heard him say - "Nikki!?! What the Hell?". Laughing I told him to shush as I took off my shirt and threw it at his face, blindfolding him with it. As I tugged on his shorts, slowly revealing the first prise, I heard him protest again and again.

Finally I whipped out his penis and just stared at it for a minute. It flopped up onto his belly, ready for the fuck I've been waiting for!

Grasping it I began to lick the head of it savouring the saltly taste (whilst he moans and still protests). Cupping his balls I began to take in into my mouth slowly and deeply. Up and down I bobbed my head, enjoying his captivity far more than should have. Then faster and faster hearing him groan with pleasure I took that as my mark to un-blindfold him so he can see just whats going on here. He saw my tits and I know that he enjoyed that, as his eyes were glued to them throughout!

He squirmed and jostled, but I just regained my grip on him, thrusting him deep into my mouth. I felt his shaft going over my tongue and it felt really good! I realised how wet I was getting myself but that didn't slow me down. Faster and Faster I sucked and blowed, until his hips started to buck, fists clenching before he relished his salty load into me. He groaned so loudly, I couldn't believe it, this taste was so new and soo good! I had to have more!

Because of the pills, he still remained hard, glistening with cum and saliva. His eyes told me that that was enough, but I couldn't stop myself if I tried! I just grasped hold of his cock and pumped and pumped, first slow long strokes then moving to fast strokes pulling the skin back to revel his purple headed friend.

He groaned more and more with each length making me wetter and wetter. Without warning, he shot me in my face with a river of sperm, covering me! Greedily I licked it all up, tossing and tossing whilst he spasmed this way and that, losing all control! This happened again seconds afterwards as I pumped him he shot another load to my face. I giggled like a school girl, purring at his cumshot skill.

Finally, I had enough in my face, and pulled my skirt off. Doug still yells at me to stop now, but I could see how much he needed me! Slowly and sexily, I crawled back onto his body and worked my way up so that my vagina lips gently kissed his cock. I looked him straight in the eye, and mounted him.

We both groaned and moaned, as I heaved my body up and down. It hurt at first, but almost seconds later that was replaced by such a feeling. My wetness and his cum splattered cock made such a sound when we clashed again and again! Feeling his pride burst through me was unbelievable, making me go faster and panting like an animal! I caught sight of myself in the mirror, seeing my body bounce and my tits jiggling around like jelly, before turning back to Doug and egging him on.

I lost control and came all over the place, making him cum with such force, filling me up with his man juice, I gasped, unable to handle it, but forced myself to continue. My body started to ache as we moved in rhythm, me forcing him to jizz inside me again and again, it was so unbearable that I thought I was going to have a heart attack! As I slowed down, and dismounted him, he shot one final display at my ass, splattering his pattern all over my tight little cheeks. I would have continued forever, but his cock was red raw, and there was always tomorrow.

Exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep, so with my conquest over, I uncuffed him and crawled into my own bed.

In the morning I woke up with a start, to find Doug in my room, beside me on my bed. He smiled at me as I tried to get up, realising that my hands were cuffed now. Slowly caressing my boobs he said "Balls in my court now babe!"


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by ticklishsoles09/05/17

Love to be Made Your Prisoner

A great story. I wish that I was the object of your affection.

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