tagRomanceHands on Training Ch. 03

Hands on Training Ch. 03


When they spoke on Sunday, Dave and Kayla both agreed it would be beneficial if they kept their intentions towards one another on the down low, until the academy was over in a few weeks. They figured that they didn't need the extra ribbing they would get from their peers. Plus, they already had enough to deal with on their own with Kayla's issues; they didn't need anyone else's input or opinions about their situation. They also figured that since the academy pretty much left them wiped each night, they would only see each other on the weekends until they were done. They had put so much time and effort in the past few months; they didn't need any distractions when it was time to be serious.

But, this didn't mean they weren't going to tease each other as much as humanly possible. On Monday morning, as they were doing laps, Dave ran up next to Kayla and whispered "I never thought I'd have a girlfriend who was a virgin when I was 27."

Kayla looked at him cross. "What are you talking about?"


"Um, okay crack baby, didn't we discuss this all weekend, I'm not."

"Well, technically you are. At least in my eyes. I'm of the opinion that it doesn't count. Not like doesn't count in the sense of what you've been through doesn't matter, but given the situation and circumstance of events, it didn't count towards your first time."

"And how do you figure this?" she queried.

"Well, because you were forced, and you didn't want to, so it doesn't count. But, when we sleep together, it'll count, because you'll be begging for it," he winked as he sped up, leaving Kayla behind to contemplate the intensity and sensuality behind his words.

That started a week long game of who could drive who nuts. When they'd do stretches in the morning, Kayla would stand in front of Dave so he had a perfect view of her ass. There were intentional brushes up against each other, gentle squeezes, and quick stolen pecks, all in an attempt to keep their budding relationship hush hush. Then at night, there were intense phone conversations that oozed sexual flirtation, as well as deep discussion. Kayla got to know Dave better in that week than she had known any man. She was also beginning to allow herself to have feelings for him. And again, this was new to her as well. She'd become deeply attracted to him. But, as much as she was trying to be open with him, she didn't know if she could take their relationship to the next step-actual physical intimacy.


Friday night rolled around, and another week of the academy was down. They went out to dinner to an Italian place on Friday night, and made it an early evening, both tired from being up since the early morning. Kayla fell asleep in Dave's lap, and he gently picked her up to carry her to bed. He placed her down and pulled the covers up over her. When he kissed her forehead goodnight, she woke briefly, grabbing his hand to pull him down on the bed with her. Dave snuggled up close behind her and they slept together, much the same as they had the previous weekend.

When she woke Saturday morning, Dave was gone from the bed, and the house was filled with the smell of coffee and bacon. She breathed it in deeply and her stomach growled its approval. She paused at the entrance to the kitchen, watching Dave cook in just his jeans. He lean, muscled back was facing her and she long to touch him, to feel the ridges of his physique. She walked up to him and ran her fingertips down his back, encircling his waist, and placing a light kiss between his shoulder blades.

"Well Good Morning," her said, looking back at her, his hair a little tousled as it was starting to grow back in a bit longer. He placed his right hand over hers that were entwined at his waist and asked, "Sleep well?"

"Yea and it must have taken a lot out of me cuz I'm starving now."

"Well sit down my dear. Breakfast is almost ready," he kissed her lightly on her hairline and returned to his cooking.

After they ate, Kayla offered to clean up. Dave eagerly took her up on it, for as much as he loved to cook, he hated to clean up. He placed his hands on her shoulders as she was washing the dishes and turned her around so she faced him. H moved his hands up from her shoulders to cup her face and gave her a lingering, passionate kiss. Kayla's head dropped back, her eyes closed, and she wound her soapy hands into Dave's hair. Dave pushed her back against the counter, and tangled his hands in her hair, pulling her deeper into him. She moaned into his mouth, as he continued kissing her till they were both left breathless. When he pulled away, her kissed the tip of her nose, told her he had errands to run, and that he'd be back later. He left Kayla weak-kneed, holding onto the counter for support, and more aroused than she probably ever had been.

Kayla spent the day cleaning up, but her mind was clouded by that kiss. She loved the feel of the heat of his mouth and tongue on hers, and shuddered when she wondered how it would feel on other parts of her body. She took a long, hot shower after she finished cleaning up, and decided to paint her toenails. She selected a dark red, and had just sat down on the couch when Dave knocked on the door. She was happy he was back, but saddened that her girly moment was interrupted. She gave him a quick kiss when he walked in and returned to the couch.

"Whatcha doin?" he asked.

"Well, I was going to paint my toenails, but then you rang the doorbell, so now I'm sitting here, talking to you," she said smiling.

He saw the bottle of red polish on the table, and picked it up. "Gimme your feet," he said.

"Why, are you gonna draw on me with that stuff?"

"If you don't stop being a smartass, then yeah. Now, gimme your feet."

Kayla stretched her legs out across his lap, and settled comfortably in the corner of the couch. She watched him as he started on her right big toe, and slowly and carefully worked his way across her foot. When he finished the first one, he slowly blew a stream of air across her toes to expedite the drying process, and tease her. She pulled her foot back.

"Stay still or you're gonna mess it up."

"Well it tickles." She smiled and get out a giggle, thinking about how this macho soon to be cop was sitting on her couch, practically giving her a pedicure.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked.

"You, you're just not at all what I expected you'd be." Kayla tilted her head into the couch cushion and smiled. "I mean I don't have a lot of experience with guys. I really don't know that many well at all, but I just never expected you to be like this."

He picked up her left foot and began working on it. "And how did you expect me to be?" he asked curiously.

"I don't know, more macho I guess. Not as sensitive and caring as you are. You're sincere and real, and I like it, but I just never expected it. Maybe it's not just that I didn't expect it from you, but I guess I didn't think any man could be like you are."

"Awww, and to think there for a second I thought I was special," he said as he began to blow on the other foot.

She jerked up again, startled by the gentle tickling. "Shut up, you know what I mean. I didn't say you weren't special. You are...I guess that I just never thought anyone would make me feel that way too," Kayla said, baring her soul to him, no longer able to look him in the eyes.

"Hey look at me," he pleaded. When she did, he told her something she probably needed to here for a long time. "You are amazing. You deserve the best that life has to offer and all the happiness you can handle. You've been allowing your past to dictate your life for too long, and as hard as it is to do, you need to let go of the pain and allow yourself to feel again, because if you don't, you're gonna miss out on a lot of great experiences."

Kayla looked back at him with tears in her eyes. Not tears of sadness, but those of realization. He was right about her past, she needed to move on, and this man genuinely cared about her. She reached her hand out to him and he clasped it, giving it a gentle squeeze. She used his grasp to pull herself up and crawled across the couch to him, straddling his lap when she reached him. She wound her hands tightly around his neck and leaned into him so that their foreheads were touching. "Thank you," she whispered, her eyes closed, trying to keep the tears in. He cupped her face in his. "No matter what happens between us, I'll always be here for you," he submitted. Kayla just nodded before she leaned forward and kissed him.

There was a sense of urgency in the kiss on her end, like she needed this kiss to survive. She controlled the kiss, the situation, her life, and she was suddenly in a position she had not been in in a very long time. She felt empowered and embraced the feeling with open arms. Kayla entwined her fingers in his hair, pulling him into her closer. Dave moaned and wrapped his arms around her back, stroking her up and down, enfolding her and her breasts into his chest.

When Kayla was breathless, she broke the kiss and they both were panting heavy. She gently assailed his left ear, alternating between nibbling on his lobe and teasing him with her tongue. Dave felt his cock straining against his jeans as she relentlessly assaulted him, but he didn't care. He was glad to be her guinea pig as she gained her confidence back, but was struggling to keep control, because he just wanted to throw her down on the couch and ravish her. He knew he couldn't though. She trusted him and he didn't want to scare her even a bit, and upset any progress she was making.

Kayla's hands slid down to the buttons on his shirt as she began to undo them to his waist. They locked eyes as she did this, and he saw a need there he hadn't seen before. Still, he knew he had to calm himself down and not push things with her too far along too quickly. She left his shirt tucked in his pants, just hanging open, his muscular pecs and abs exposed. Kayla then placed her fingertips on his chest and gingerly ran her fingernails down his chest and stomach, causing his muscles to contract underneath her touch. She left her palms on his stomach and lowered her head to his chest, placing gentle kisses on his flesh.

Dave just watched her, loving the feel of her warm mouth on his body. He gave her thighs a hungry squeeze through her jeans, then slid his hands around to cup her ass, gently kneading her ass and hips. She rose up and pressed her chest into his, and then whispered in his ear, "I wanna feel you."

Kayla sat back, looking into Dave's eyes. She reached down for the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head. Her breasts were diminutive, but she wasn't flat chested, probably a small B-cup, so she didn't need to wear a bra if she didn't want to. Today had been one of those days. Dave sat back, drinking in her beauty. Her nipples had peaked from the sudden chill in the air. Dave ran his hands up her bare back, feeling the contrast of her soft skin against his hardened palms and fingertips. He pulled her into him and whispered, "You are so beautiful."

When her nipples pressed into Dave's chest, Kayla let out a quiet sigh and closed her eyes, radiating in the luxurious feelings that were flowing through her nerve endings. Dave held her against him for a long time, both of them content to just feel one another. He languorously stroked her back, holding her to him. He kissed her temple, and then made his way down her jawline. Using his left hand, he pushed her hair back off her neck and began nuzzling her ear, leisurely making his way down her throat, to her shoulder. He grazed her shoulder with his teeth, not hard enough to leave a mark, just enough to make her gasp.

Kayla pulled back and narrowed her lust filled eyes at him, while Dave just smirked. She thought for a moment, tilting her head to the other side, before grabbing both of Dave's hands and placing them over her breasts, clutching his hands as he did so to her breasts. The motion elicited a soft moan from Kayla's lips, as she tossed her head back, the new sensations flooding her being.

Dave slowly rubbed his palms across the hardened nubs. Kayla's breathing hitched and she bit her lower lip. He leaned forward and placed soft kisses on her collarbone. Slowly he trailed his tongue down towards her breasts, stopping to gaze up to view her reaction. Kayla's eyes were shut tight, lost in her own feelings of passion. Dave reached the tip of his tongue out to tease her nipples. Kayla jumped and let out a loud gasp. Dave pulled back again for a second, smiling, then he returned to his assault. He started by making slow circles with his tongue on her nipples and areolas. Then, he used his whole tongue to take lazy swipes across her, alternating back and forth so that neither breast was neglected.

Kayla's heart was pounding, her breathing erratic, as her chest rose and fell heavily. The tension was building in her gut as she yielded low moans and whimpers. She finally couldn't take anymore and cried out, the surge of pleasure ripping through her core. Kayla threw her head forward on Dave's shoulder and clung to his arms, trying with all her might to keep herself from falling over.

Dave was shocked by her sudden eruption and quietly asked, "Did you just cum?" Kayla remained silent for a moment as she was still trying to regulate her breathing. "Kayla?" he asked again, now growing concerned by her lack of response.

She tentatively replied, "I-I think so."

"You think so?" He inquired. "Was that your first orgasm?"

"Yes," she said, embarrassed.

"How can that be, don't you masturbate?"

Kayla's head shot up off his shoulder, her face flushed, mouth agape, "I can't believe you just asked me that. Th-That's personal."

"It's not a big deal. It's a natural thing. I do it. Don't you?"

Flushing even more, not sure if it was from her own embarrassment or his admission, she rose from his lap. "No, I don't," she mumbled as she picked up her shirt off the floor and walked to her bedroom.

Dave jumped off the couch to catch up with her. "Seriously? You don't?"

Kayla turned around in the doorway to her bedroom. "No, I told you I don't. I haven't since before the rape. I told you I couldn't feel anything, so there was no point," her embarrassment was now mixing with irritation.

"Ok, don't get mad. I-I guess I didn't realize that when you said you couldn't feel anything, you really meant ANYTHING. I thought you were still able to y-you know," Dave stepped towards her and reached out his hand to her. She accepted and he pulled her into him. He held her for a few moments, giving her an extra squeeze before he let her go.

"C'mon, let's go to bed," he said as he pulled her into her room. He looked down at her feet, and saw a smudge on one of her freshly painted toenails He was gonna tease her about it, but just smiled and let it be. It was a small price to pay for what had just transpired back on her couch.

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