Handsome Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Reining in my urge to plunge right in, I teased her labia before rolling my fingers over her clit. Her hips jerked as I pinched her bud between her lips.

"Oh, God," she moaned.

She paused in her stroking of my cock. I gave her clitoris a work over before sliding my finger into her slit. She was wet and hot. I turned my head towards Brittany and discovered that our lips were just inches apart. I held her eyes. Her face was suffused with lust and desire. I bent forward and our lips met.

The erotic energy surged as we kissed. My finger sank into Kassi as Brittany and I continued kissing. The juices began to pour from Kassi's cunt and onto my hand.

Kassi's tits pressed into my chest, the hard nipples digging into me. I wanted them more than Brittany's mouth, and abandoned her to seek out Kassi's turgid buds.

My finger kept up its rhythm, slowly sliding back and forth, spreading her moisture over her pussy. Her hips pressed up each time my finger slid down into her. I took her other nipple into my mouth, sucking her whole tit in while teasing her nipple with my tongue. I wanted to taste her; I wanted to make her cum then and there.

Glancing at Brittany, I saw a look of annoyance, but she quickly hid it and smiled, encouraging me to fuck Kassi by turning her hand in a circling motion as if to get on with it.

I knew Kassi was as ready as she'd ever be, but decided to eat her out first. I wanted her first fuck to be a memorable one and not a forgettable one. That was my ego acting up. But it wasn't such a bad idea.

And so I moved between Kassi's legs. They were akimbo with desire. Her eyes were heavy lidded, and her mouth hung open and she was panting with lust. She moaned as my tongue touched her pussy. I spread her open while lapping the length of her pussy. Her hips hunched against my mouth as my tongue laved her clitoris. I backed away until the tip of my tongue found her opening. I pushed my tongue into her and she squealed with nervous energy.

"Oh, that feels ... oh, Jesus!" she moaned, as I rubbed her clit with my thumb as my tongue invaded her.

I pulled back, watching her. Her eyes were closed and her body trembled from the sensations coursing through her. Her fingers were clutching spastically at the bed cover.

Bending forward again, my tongue replaced my thumb, teasing and tickling her blood-engorged clitoris. I slid one finger slowly into her pussy, deeper, back and forth, slowly, deeper, ever deeper, sawing in and out even as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth, massaging its base with my lips as my tongue swirled over and around it. I found her spot and curled my finger up into it.

She grunted, then squealed and began chanting, "Oh God, Oh God..."

I lashed her clitoris, sucking and licking voraciously as her juices poured from her, and her pussy clamped down around my finger. Her thighs closed on my head, her fingers dug into the top of my head as her body jerked and trembled. I stopped, knowing she was close, wanting it to be an explosive climax when it arrived.

Kassi slowly calmed down, and fell back against the bed, her legs splayed open.

Slowly, I pulled my finger from her depths. Her pussy was awash in her arousal, red and wet. Her breathing slowed. It was time for my cock to follow. I moved between her splayed legs, my cock finding her pussy. I rubbed over her, wetting my cock before my cock found her opening. Her eyes opened, lust lidded and filled with satiation.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, her hands coming to my sides. I lifted Kassi's knees, and prepared to shove my cock in her wet pussy, but Brittany stopped me.

"No, wait. I'm not ready."

I gave her a look signifying that I had no idea what she was talking about.

So, she showed me what she wanted by kneeling astride Kassi's face, and planting her cunt scant inches from the other's mouth.

I couldn't believe my ears when she told Kassi: "Now, I want you to do it just like the kiss. Nice and slow, and concentrate on the feelings."

I had to see this, and so I fought to control my own urges and contented myself with teasing the mouth of her cunt with my cock, going so far as to slide it up and down her labia as if I were fucking her.

Kassi moaned loudly, begging me, "Please fuck me. Oh, Jesus, let me have it."

Then Brittany lowered her cunt to Kassi's mouth, preventing Kassi the girl from talking ... to me anyway.

She was grinding herself against Kassi's face and moaning, "Lick me, Kassi! Suck my twat!"

At first, Kassi refused to open her mouth, but she seemed willing to let her face be used.

"I want to feel it too Kassi. Let me feel your lips," Brittany breathed.

Kassi was hesitant. But soon relented, and with her lips tightly closed, she kissed the petals of Brittany's sex.

Brittany said, "That's it baby. Kiss me some more!"

And then Brittany yelled at me, "What are you waiting for? Give it to her!"

That spurred me to act, and I slipped my dick into Kassi's wetness, met mild resistance from her hymen, which collapsed under my assault on the third thrust.

Kassi moaned. Whether from the pain of losing her virginity, or the taste of Brittany's cunt, I never found out.

I pushed on, spearing into her. There was a small spasm as my cock split her fully open. I paused. "You okay?"

Kassi nodded, there was a bit of pain in her face which was quickly replaced with new sensations, pleasurable ones. I pushed further in, amazed at how her pussy seemed to mold itself to my cock, squeezing it, massaging it.

It was exquisite torture as I moved deeper, although very slowly, waiting for her pussy to accept me into its depths. I kept at it until my cock was all the way in. She gave a little moan when I bottomed out, rubbing against her cervix.

"Oh God," she said. "You feel ... so big!"

I smiled; it's never bad to hear your cock called big, even if it is by a virgin.

I rotated my hips in a small circle, Kassi's eyes opened wide.

"Oh yes. Oh, yes, that feels so good."

"Don't forget about me, Kassi," Brittany crowed, and I felt Kassi respond, throwing her face against Brittany's gaping cunt.

Gradually, I fell into a rhythm that Kassi eventually picked up on. I soon found that she had grown more daring, and was tonguing and sucking on Brittany's crinkled lips. You never would have suspected it was her first time eating pussy.

"Oh baby, you are so good at licking my pussy!" Brittany cooed.

I later found out that it was also a first for Brittany as well, although she had wanted to try it with several other girls the past year or two. But her aggressive tendencies had frightened them off.

"Kassi, baby, find my clit ... yes! Now lick it!"

I felt Kassi's pussy tighten around my dick, and I moaned.

Evidently, Kassi was performing far better than expected, for when she took Brittany's clit between her teeth, Brittany lost it and gyrated wildly and knocked a picture askew with her flailing arm.

I began to fuck Kassi in earnest, even reaching down to tease her clit with my hand.

"That's it," Brittany called out, "Fuck that pussy, she loves it!"

Seconds later, Brittany crowed, "You like it, don't you, Kassi?"

"Yes," Kassi moaned after twisting her face away from Brittany's cunt.

"Don't stop-don't stop-whatever you do, don't stop," Brittany cried. She bucked wildly as her orgasm approached. From a distance I could hear Kassi gasping for breath.

"Fuck ... fuck ... I'm coming," Brittany grunted.

A few seconds later she weakly crawled away, leaving Kassi and me alone.

I heard her say, "I'm too sensitive there right now."

And moments later: "What are you waiting for? Fuck her."

Kassi moaned loudly as I bottomed out again, and then as I pulled almost all out, she gasped, and then screamed when I slammed all the way into her again.

I recalled something my Aunt Nicole had shown me, and made certain my pelvis bumped into her clit each time I surged into her.

Kassi's hips were rising to meet me with each thrust, and the slapping sound we made must have reverberated throughout the house.

Kassi reached her pinnacle, and started to cum. Her pussy sucked at my cock as if trying to milk the load out of my balls and into her snatch. In a flash, my own climax hit, and great gouts of cum poured out of me and into her steaming pussy, and then running out of her and down her ass to finally pool on the sheets we had managed to soak.

Having emptied my sacs, I stopped pumping, but remained buried inside Kassi. My breathing gradually slowed and my arms and legs trembled from the effort I'd put forth. I pulled Kassi with me, as I settled to her side, and gently caressed her flanks.

Kassi opened her eyes, half lidded with pleasure. Her hand stroked my chest. "Oh, God ... is it always like that?"

"Even when sex is bad, it's wonderful," I told her.

"No wonder people do it so much," she said.

I kissed her lightly. "You were wonderful."

"Mmm," she purred and buried her head under my chin.

"When you're rested, Kassi, we should start on Brittany."

"I made her cum ... didn't I?" she asked with a bemusement in her eyes that I hadn't seen before.

"You did, and now it will be my turn. But, tell me, did losing your cherry hurt?"

"I ... I'm not sure. I mean ... it must have, but there were too many things going on ... you know?"

"Yeah," I said, "I know." That said I moved to confront Brittany.

"C'mere," I growled, and frightened her somewhat. When I kissed her, her mouth was willing, but she placed her hands on my chest to keep me from mounting her.

Of course I didn't have that in mind at the time, and so I kissed her and waited until her tongue grew active.

The moment her pink tongue darted from her mouth to mine, Kassi attacked her breasts, mauling them with her hands and then closing down on each in turn, sucking, nipping and tweaking them until Brittany was moaning into my mouth at the sheer pleasure of our combined kisses and sucking.

Ending the kiss, I said, "Two mouths are always better than one, especially when used properly.

Both girls laughed raucously at my comment.

I kissed Brittany again, she was becoming quite a good kisser, and the only thing that caused me to break it off was Kassi's mouth closing down on my rapidly rising penis.

Playfully, I shoved Kassi away. She rolled right into the pool of semen that had soaked into the sheets and leapt up; startled by the cold feeling it produced on her bare flesh. Brittany and I laughed at her antics until I grew serious and told Brittany to spread her legs and get ready to lose her virginity.

She did so with a solemn expression on her face.

"Spread 'em wider, slut!" I said, trying to sound serious, but both girls laughed at me.

Brittany accommodated me, and lying with her head pointed at the headboard of the bed; she managed to place a heel at each side of the bed.

Kassi caught us both off guard, slapping her hand against Brittany's cunt.

"Give him a good fuck, you slut!" she teased.

"I will," Brittany promised, and I believed that she would.

We kissed and swapped spit until our kisses were getting a bit sloppy from our open mouthed tonguing as well as Brittany's urgency to get laid for the first time.

She was so wet that I sank right into her. I believe I ruptured her hymen with that first lunge, but I'll never know for sure.

As for Brittany, she felt no pain, only an intense pleasure as my dick rambled around every corner, every ripple, and every particle of her sweet, mushy flesh. It seemed that she was melting as I pierced her tightness. I closed my eyes, taking in the sensual feeling, knowing it couldn't last.

Brittany started moving on her own initiative, and it was indescribable, the urge to explode dominated my mind and I had to fight it off. Slowly, we mashed together, I listened to her soft moans as I rode her. Brittany's eyes were closed, and her tongue kept sliding in and out of her mouth. I grabbed her hips and told her that she had better hurry because I was about to cum.

"Go ahead," she grunted; slamming up to meet my thrust, "I'll get there eventually."

I came with a mighty grunt and last thrust.

Brittany gasped loudly as she felt the first spurt of hot semen explode from my throbbing dick. It was followed by five more gushing jets.

As I gradually settled, I found my cock to be almost raw and hyper-sensitive. I also felt Brittany's flesh quivering.

We shifted so that my dick, still mostly erect, remained inside her, and she could lean more on him. I felt her pussy walls clinching and relaxing around me. The smooth flesh of her pussy walls caressed my raw cock tip lovingly.

She giggled like a little girl, "I thought when you came it was going to shoot up my throat ... it was so hot and powerful."

I lay back, eyes closed, recalling the moment, trying to burn every detail in to my mind, it had been a great moment.

"Feel good?" I whispered to Brittany.

She made an agreeable noise.

I looked at Brittany and we shared a smile, and then she turned to Kassi and kissed her, slowly, and made it last until they were both squirming against each other.

"Going for a sixty-nine?" I said.

One of them answered me with a laconic, "Whatever."

And they kissed again. They were so slow and sensual about it that I got hard just watching it. It was as slow as smoke floating towards the ceiling. It went on for a long time. When they finally broke it off, Kassi turned to me, still with her eyes closed, and I moved my lips forward and gently pressed my lips to hers.

I made my lips hard enough to pick up her lower lip in mine. I pulled it gently a few times, and then rubbed it with light strokes of my tongue.

I turned my head a little and ran my tongue along her teeth. They opened, inviting me in, but I just kept running my tongue over her teeth. It was so gentle that I was getting lightheaded.

Brittany moved a little, sliding down and doing something that I didn't open my eyes to see. Her hand came up and stroked my hair at the nape of my neck. I opened my mouth and Kassi's tongue came into my mouth, teasing my teeth in a different way. She hooked her tongue on the back edge of my front teeth, and her mouth opened wider. She pulled my mouth closer with her tongue. Then it withdrew and I put mine in the rich, soft, wetness of her mouth.

Nothing existed in the universe but the softness of our tongues playing together. Then Kassi drew her breath in quickly, a sudden inhalation that indicated something had happened. Her mouth opened wider and her tongue became more frenzied. Without looking, I knew that Brittany was doing something to cause this.

The time for languidness had passed, and Kassi arched up against me. I could feel Brittany's hair on my right arm, and knew she was sucking on Kassi's right breast.

I moved up against her, working my arm out from under her and stoking Brittany's back at the same time. The kiss went on and on. The passion was building up in all of us.

We broke off the kiss when Kassi had to moan. She was stoking the back of Brittany's head, and digging the sensations that her best friend was creating. I slipped down and took her other breast into my mouth. Kassi made a mewing sound as we sucked and licked. The nipples Brittany and I had in our mouths were as stiff as my cock. Kassi was arching her back up off the bed and pulling us even closer.

Suddenly I was overcome by the need to feast between Kassi's thighs, and I lunged down between her legs, while Brittany eagerly swarmed up to get another kiss.

With both of us fastened onto Kassi's lips, we had her coming in about nothing flat.

She came so quickly that it startled me when the hot gush shot out of her pussy and right up my nose. I put my mouth over her cunt, and drank, and drank, and drank. Her legs were wide open, and I had my hand under her ass, holding her tightly to me as she gave a muffled moan around Brittany's mouth.

She was quivering and thrashing and moaning and I loved it. Then it was like she just arched up all tight and quivered and then fell back, all limp and gasping and spent.

Brittany and I were so turned on by what we'd just done to Kassi, that we just rolled right over her still gasping body, and I found myself sliding into Brittany's wet and open legs in a fast, no hands thrust that brought me hurtling into Brittany's warm wetness. Her hands grabbed my ass, and pulled me tight into her.

It was amazing how hot we had gotten doing Kassi. We made the beast with two backs so furiously that Brittany, who was half way off the bed when I'd first gotten inside of her, wound up sliding off the edge of the bed, and I went right with her. Going over the edge like that while coming. We were laughing and gasping on the floor.

Something had fallen off the dresser and crashed down behind it. Kassi peered down at us lying on the floor.

"Wow! If I'd have known sex was like this, I'd have gotten into it a lot sooner!"

We finally calmed down, and got up on the bed and snuggled up again.

"That was fun." She said. We chuckled and wrapped our arms around her. "Is it always like that?"

"No. Sometimes it's even better."

Kassi looked baffled.

"Let me demonstrate." I said.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

I climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor. She didn't want to slide down to where I was.

I smiled and said, "Get that pussy down here."

"Go on, do what he says," Brittany said, and that persuaded Kassi that it was all right.

Brittany stretched out on her stomach, and propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch what I was about to do to Kassi.

Kassi squirmed down to the foot of the bed. I moved up and kissed her right thigh, then her left. I kissed her pubic hair, a light, closed lipped kiss. Then I lapped up her furrow with my tongue, parting her pubic hairs with a slow lick.

I smiled up at her, and gave her a gentle kiss on one side of her pubic hair. Then I kissed the other side. She smiled back at me, and put her feet on either side of my shoulders.

"I knew you weren't going to hurt me," she whispered.

"Hurt you? Why on earth would I want to hurt you?"

"My father did," she said, apparently not realizing the words had escaped her mouth.

"I'm sorry about that, but I won't. And if he ever bothers you again please let me know. People like that should be stopped.

"You'd do that ... for me?"

"Of course I would. You're a sweet young thing, you're not meant to be abused."

I worked my way down her thighs, giving her little, nipping kisses to either side. It took her some time before she began to relax.

Then I started to eat her pussy as slowly as I could, for as long as I could.

Eventually, I put my hands over the top of her thighs and pulled her towards me so that the sides of my little fingers nestled in the brown pubic stripe just above her cunt. I brought my lips forward and kissed her softly on the side of the leg, a few inches from her tangle of hair. I applied light, wispy kisses to each of her thickened labia, and when she wiggled, I turned to her leg, moving my hand around and forcing it up, up to where I could put my tongue out and run it up to the back of her knee.

I was deliberately ignoring her cunt, content to explore the fold of her knee for the nerve endings lurking there, the nerve endings that ran up into her crotch. This was another of the teachings of Aunt Nicole.

A moan told me m that I had found the place I was looking for.

Kassi writhed on the bed, and I ducked forward, trailing my lips along the inner muscle to where her leg became ass, nipping lightly through her skin to outlining the tendon, enough to tell her that her nervous system was in good hands, to tell her that she was going to be giving me all that she had.

I turned my head and darted my tongue playfully along the cleft of her buttocks. I raised her up to, rolling her up like a ball, then the teasing with my tongue, trailing down one side, trailing past her anus, playing with just touching her sparse brown hairs, then moving back up to where she was full and bushy and ignoring that, still trailing along of the border where the hair meet the smooth skin of her body. A slow, sensual, teasing trail worked across the top of her pussy hairs, then nuzzled my chin against her, while she moved her ass, trying to get me down to business.

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