tagFirst TimeHandsome Ch. 13

Handsome Ch. 13

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 13


Nothing unusual happened over the next couple months. The cooler weather arrived, negating any further pool parties. However, rumors persisted that there would be a super party at someone's home — time and place to follow. Everyone was waiting for the announcement. In the meantime, wonder of wonders, I got my own car, a Mustang and I used it to wing around town, and that takes me to Lynn.

Lynn wasn't exactly a pretty girl, her eyes were kind of far apart, and her nose was too small while her mouth was rather wide. She had cut her hair short, and it made her ears look like they were sticking out. But her breasts were better than average and counted for a lot.

She told me the second time we went out that she had thought ... seriously thought that she was invisible, as no boys even looked at her. I knew this was her imagination talking, since I'd met her when I saw her walking along the avenue, and pulled over to ask if she wanted to go for a ride.

"Hey," I called out. She turned to see who had called out to her and stopped in her tracks to gawk at me.

"Want to go for a ride?"

"W-what," she stammered.

"C'mon, hop in. We'll ride around for a while. My name's Aubrey," I said and smiled.

"Y-yes ... I know who you are."

"What's your name?"

"Lynn," she said. "My name is Lynn."

"What year are you in?"

"Um, I'm a senior, like I'm in my second semester. I transferred over from Overhill Academy High. It's an aall girl's school."

"I nodded in understanding, hopped out of the car, and went around to the passenger side and opened the door for her.

Lynn got in and sat stiffly, keeping her eyes straight ahead.

'A virgin, ' I told myself, 'she has to be a virgin.'

"If you're not in a rush," I said, restarting the engine, "we could go for a ride to the park."

"Yeah okay," she answered, looking like she wished she'd worn something sexier to school that day.

I thought Lynn was too nervous and self-conscious to try anything, not even a kiss. So we drove around through the park and other parts of town for an hour or so, and then I asked her where she lived, and took her home.

I was about to write Lynn off, when on getting out of the car she leaned in the passenger window, and gave me her phone number.

"Call me?" she said so shyly that I found her irresistible.

"I will ... tonight. Will you answer?"

"Oh ... sure," she replied, and laughed inanely.


The next afternoon in the park after kissing her several times she confessed that before I called she had stripped off her clothing and stood nude in front of her bedroom mirror.

I asked her if she had followed that by masturbating, and discovered that I had embarrassed her to the point that she was unable to respond. So I kissed her some more, and after she began to respond, I asked her again about masturbating. She nodded her head affirmatively, and I told her that I had jerked off thinking of her and her breasts.

"You did?" she declared, amazed that anyone would do that thinking of her.

"Of course, you have great breasts," I said, reaching out to brush a hand across her nipples.


"Sorry," I said, and she seemed to relax.

""Let me see them," I said, persisting in my efforts at seduction.

"No. I'm not that kind of girl."

"What kind of girl is that?"

"You know ... the easy lay."

"I never thought of you as an easy lay," I said. "But you are showing a lot of skin, you know?" I was referring to the cleavage available today that hadn't been there the day before.

"You noticed!" she said, obviously pleased at my observation.

"Of course I noticed. That's why I asked if I could see them."

"Yes, well ... that's nice of you to notice, but I ... can't let you see them."

"Why not?"

"Because, nice girls don't do that."

"But they do. At least if asked nicely. Didn't I ask nicely?"

Thoroughly confused, Lynn said, "I don't think so."

"Oh, have you asked any of them?"

"No, but..."

I put my arm around her shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Her heart was fluttering wildly.

"I'm about to kiss you. You don't object to that do you?"

"Um, no ... I..."

I kissed her and she melted in my arms. I licked her lower lip and felt her shudder.

I counted to three and sent my tongue into her mouth. Lynn moaned and pressed her breasts into my chest.

When the kiss ended, I told her that she was a great kisser.


"Oh, yes. You're a very exciting kisser. I could kiss you all day."

"Oh..." She closed her eyes and moved in expecting another kiss.

When I didn't kiss her immediately, her eyes opened and she asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I said and kissed her. Her tongue entered my mouth and began an exploratory expedition. Knowing she was lost in the kiss, I settled a hand on one of her breasts and gave it a light squeeze.

She moaned appreciatively.

I rubbed her nipple through the bra and felt it rise, as she moaned again.

I sent my other hand under her skirt and caressed her upper thigh. Lynn kept the kiss going, but reached down and removed my hand from her leg ... but placed it on her other breast!

We continued kissing, even began swapping spit, while I opened each button of her blouse in turn, exposing her bra. Lynn moaned again, it sounded as if she wanted me to suck on her nipples and so I raised the bra over her breasts revealing them to my eyes for the first time. They were lovely, full-sized, with long-tipped nipples waiting to be played with.

I got to play with them, rubbing and pinching them for a couple minutes before Lynn got nervous and broke the kiss. She covered her breasts with the bra and then began buttoning her blouse.

"I ... I better get home," she stammered nervously.

I didn't argue with her. I felt that I should give her some time alone to think things over and see how our next "date" went.

I dropped her off at her door, gave her a quick kiss and told her, "Thanks, I had a great time."

"Me too," Lynn said. "I really enjoyed myself ... except for..."

"Oh, you enjoyed that too," I said.

She couldn't look me in the eye, but replied, "I guess I did at that. Night, Aubrey."

"Night, Lynn. I'll call you later."

"Oh, good," she said quickly. She gave me a lingering look, said, "Night then," and bounded into her house.


When I called her late that night it was after I'd left Heather, who had given me a marvelous blowjob, and I was thoroughly sated.

"Hi," Lynn said on answering.

"Hi to you and those lovely boobs of yours," I answered.

"Oh, you're fresh. I should hang up right now."

"But you won't," I said, my smile evident to her over the phone.

"You were really, really nasty this afternoon," Lynn complained.

"No I wasn't."

'"Were too!"

"I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't wanted me too," I told her firmly, broaching no argument from her.

Sensing my mood, Lynn said, "You sound different."

"I got a marvelous blowjob after I let you off," I told her, just to shock her, and got the reaction I'd hoped for.

"You were with someone else after seeing me?"

"Yes, and she took me in her mouth and sucked me off."

"You ... you're horrid!"

"I'm telling the truth."

"I ... I know..." she said and I knew she was crying.

"It could have been you," I told her.

"I ... I don't do that..."

"That's not quite true. You haven't done it ... yet."

Her crying was audible over the phone as she said, "I've ... never done it."

"Yet," I said.

"I ... I wouldn't know how."

"I'm a good teacher," I said.

There was a long silence on the line.

Then I said, "Didn't you like it when I touched you?"

"Yes," she replied in a little girl's voice.

"Want me to do it again?"

"Yes..." again the tiny voice.

"Want me to rub between your legs?"

"Mmmm," she sighed.

"Put your hand there right now," I told her.

I heard a rustling sound, as if she were moving around on her bed.


"Imagine me sucking on those lovely boobs, and rubbing you between the legs."


"Getting wet?"


"How wet?"


"Is this a bad time to talk?" I asked, wondering if either of her parents might wander into her room.


"Because I wouldn't want to have one of your parents pop into the room, you know, and find you..."

"They won't," she said quickly, revealing an impatience to get on with the game we were playing, wanting me to take her further.

"So, what are you wearing?"

"Just a T-shirt."

"And nothing else?"

She giggled. "Panties."

"Take them off."


"Yes, please take them off."

"They're off."

"Sniff them."

She giggled again, but I heard her exaggerated sniff.

"You're silly," she said and giggled.

"Rub your pussy."


"You heard me."

"Mmmm...'Kay," she murmured softly, and I knew she was jilling herself for me.

"Do you want to hear what I did after dropping you off?"

There was a prolonged silence on the line, and then in a voice that was almost shrill, Lynn said, "Yeah..."

"All the details?"

"Oh ... yeah..."

"You might get excited ... do you want me to excite you?"

Her response sounded like it was coming from further away, "Mmmm..."

"You'll get wet."


"It was an old girlfriend. No name, sorry. But she answered my call on the first ring and ten minutes later we were in the backseat kissing and grabbing each other."


"She was very horny, and took me out ... you know what I mean?"

"Mmmmm, cock ... she took out your cock."

"That's right!" I said surprised that she would respond that way.

"Are you fingering yourself?"


"Are you getting close?"

"Mmmm, uh-huh."

"She slid down so that her face was at the level of my crotch and kissed it. I was rock hard. You know how big I get?"

Her response was a plaintive cry. "No..."

"Well, I get big. You can imagine how big it is, can't you?"

"Oh ... yes..."

"Her mouth closed down over the head of my cock. Her lips were sealed tight around it, and it felt heavenly."


"Then she began to suck."


"What? What happened?"


"You're cumming?"

She didn't answer me.




"Are you all right?"

"Uh-huh ... fine ... I just ... got myself off, that's all."

"Lynn, tomorrow I'm going to be the one gets you off."


"Yeah. We'll do it missionary style, and you'll feel me on top of you. You'll spread your legs and I'll have you so wet that my big cock will just ease on into you. No pain, and all that good gain, Mmmm, sound good to you?"


"We'll be like animals in heat; all over the back seat. Maybe even on the floor of the car."

"Oh, Gawd!"

"And I'll cum and cum, and you'll cum and cum. I'll bellow like a bull, and you'll lose your mind and scream and moan and tell me how much you love me.

"You do love me, don't you?"

"Oh ... yeah."

"Oh, yeah, what?"

"I love you, Aubrey!" she half-sobbed, half-whimpered.

"And you'll tell me how much you love fucking me."

"Mmmm ... I ... think..."

"What was that?"

"Cumming again ... haven't really stopped cumming. Never ... thought it ... could be like this."



"Tomorrow ... don't wear any underwear."


"No bra. No panties."


"I've got to end the call. My mother's due to pop in on me," I said, although it wasn't true. I had Lynn where I wanted her and didn't want her thinking up an excuse to put off tomorrows backseat adventure.

"See how many more times you can make yourself cum. Sweet dreams, Lynn."

"Night, Aubrey ... I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Until tomorrow."

I hung up, knowing she would remain on the line all night if I stayed with her.

I thought about how many times she would get off after we'd talked. Maybe she'd tell me. Maybe not. But at any rate, tomorrow should be interesting.


A funny thing happened to Lynn before we met the following day. I guess it was her hormones or something, because, well, she was a virgin, had little to no experience in making out, and well ... I'll try to tell it the way she told it to me later that night.


Lynn was at home with a girl named Jenny-Mae Chandler; they were doing each other's nails.

Lynn paused. "You have a brother?"

"Yeah, I thought you knew."

Lynn shook her head. "How old is he?"

"He's nineteen. He plays basketball."

"Is he cute?"

Jenny-Mae shrugged. "He's my brother. Cute, I don't know, but hung, yes."

Lynn gave her a quizzical look. "He's hung? What does that mean?"

"It means he has a big dick," Jenny-Mae giggled.

Lynn blushed and looked away. Jenny-Mae watched her face.

"Your nails are done. I'll brush your hair while we wait for them to dry. Turn around."

She set the nail polish on the table by the bed, and picked up the hair brush. Jenny-Mae scooted on the bed, turned her back to Lynn and sat with her legs crossed, her hands resting on her knees and her fingers spread wide.

Lynn was quiet while she brushed. Jenny-Mae was afraid she had said something to make her angry.

She tried to think of something else to talk about, and said, "I heard Mr. Perry has a big dick," and wondered why she'd brought that up.

Lynn gave her a look, and said, "Why are you talking about big dicks all of a sudden?"

"Do you think it's true?"

"I don't care about Mr. Perry's penis. Why are you so concerned about penises anyway?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe it's because you're going out on a date with Aubrey tonight."


"So ... word is that he's really, really hung."

Lynn shivered, and then quickly blurted, "Jenny-Mae Chandler. You'd better stop that kind of talk."

"Will you tell me after you've seen it?"


"Lynn, please!"

Lynn thought back to the night before and how many times she had brought herself off, thinking about how sexy Aubrey was.

She pondered Jenny-Mae's request about telling her about his penis when she'd had a chance to see it. "Well, maybe."

They laughed together and Lynn almost knocked over the nail polish, but caught it before it tipped and quickly put the cap on.

"Are you going to suck him off?"

"Jenny-Mae, you better cut that out!"

Lynn's face was bright red.

"You want to don't you?" she said gleefully, and then puffed out her cheeks.

"What?" Lynn said, wondering what her friend was doing.

"That's how you'll look after he shoots his stuff into your mouth. You won't know whether to spit or swallow."

Jenny-Mae puffed out her cheeks again, this time she made her eyes bulge too. They both laughed at her antics, and then Jenny-Mae sighed and her eyes turned up with a dreamy look. "I'd love to do it with a guy who had a really big thing, just once; just to see how it felt."

"Have you done it already?" Lynn asked.

"Oh ... yeah, I have."

"What was it like ... I mean, I haven't?"


"Yeah, really. I'm a virgin."

"Well ... I like the feel of the guy's cock in my mouth. It's hard to describe ... it's like really hard, yet silky soft at the same time. So warm ... and so many different textures, you know?"

Lynn nodded, urging her friend on.

"And it throbs ... kinda like a heart beat ... he called it pulsing ... maybe that's the same thing, I don't know. But I loved the feeling of power it gave me over him. I was definitely in control. Really, I was in control. And that's wild too. And just before they cum, you can sorta feel it swell up in your mouth. I know I wanna suck like crazy then, 'cause he's gonna cum. I wanna make him cum. Then he cums and it's ... kinda weird."

"Weird ... how?"

"Well, there's the taste. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I don't know why."

"I don't understand," Lynn said looking back over her shoulder.

"Well, one of the guys ... the first one. He tasted good, and I swallowed almost all of it. The other guy had a kinda bitter, salt-like taste. I spit him out. I only did him the one time."

"And the other guy? The first one?"

"Oh, I do him whenever, you know?"

"Would you ... show me how you do it?"

"Show you what?" Jenny-Mae asked, already knowing the answer.

"How to ... you know, give a blowjob?"

"What do you mean; you've never done it before?"

Jenny-Mae shrugged. "Well, I did, but I don't know if I did it very good."

Lynn laughed as her face turned red. "Jenny-Mae, guys don't care, trust me. As long as you put his dick in your mouth, he doesn't care how good it is."

Lynn covered her mouth with the back of her hand while she laughed.

Jenny-Mae only smiled.

Lynn stopped laughing.

"Ok, I'll show you. Turn around."

Jenny-Mae turned around and they faced each other with their legs crossed. Lynn raised the hairbrush, holding it by the bristle end. The handle end was a round shaft with a blunt end.

"Pretend this is a guy's cock," Jenny-Mae said. "You know what one looks like, right?"

Lynn giggled. "Sure. I'm not that dumb."

"Good. I hope you know what a cock looks like." She held the blunt end close to her mouth, her eyes on Lynn's. "First, you kiss it, then you lick it a few times," she said, then pressed her lips to the handle. Her tongue poked out and ran up and down the handle. "Then you just suck on it." She put the handle between her lips and slid it in and out of her mouth. "That's it," she said with a shrug. "Oh, and make sure you don't let your teeth touch the cock. Guys hate that."

"Okay," Lynn said with a nod of confidence she had yet to feel.

Jenny-Mae angled the brush toward her. "Now you try it."

Lynn licked her lips. "What do I do again?"

"Kiss it, and lick it like you really like it."

"Will I?"

Jenny-Mae grinned. "Ain't nothin' like it."

Lynn leaned forward and kissed the tip a few times. She stuck her tongue way out and ran it up the sides of the handle, just like Jenny-Mae had. She looked into Jenny-Mae's eyes. She had a smirk on her lips. Lynn put her hand around Jenny-Mae's hand, pulled the brush closer, and closed her mouth over the end of the handle.

"Are you sure you never did this?" Jenny-Mae said.

Lynn licked her lips and wiped her mouth.

"Of course not, that's why I'm asking you."

Jenny-Mae laughed. "What makes you think I'm good at giving head?"

"Well, you are, aren't you?"

Jenny-Mae's laughing stopped. "Yeah," she said somewhat reflectively, "So what?"

"So ... I want to be good at it, too," Lynn said, fingering the top edge of her sock.

"It's not so hard. I just showed you, and you did it."

"What about kissing?" Lynn asked.

"What about it?"

"Well, I want to be ready when I get to do it with a boy. I want to do it right. Could we practice on each other?"

Lynn watched Jenny-Mae's eyes, hoping she hadn't gone too far. Her friend didn't look upset, though. She was looking down at the bedspread, and her lips were curled up in a grin. Then she looked up, and her face was serious.

"Okay, it's easy. Mostly, you just let the boy do the kissing, and you sort of go along with it. I'll be the boy. You just close your eyes."

Lynn closed her eyes and leaned forward with her lips slightly parted. Her breath was shallow and weak, but her blood burned in her veins. The wait seemed like forever, until Jenny-Mae's lips touched hers, and lights flashed behind her closed eyes. Jenny-Mae pressed with more force. Lynn's lips yielded and Jenny-Mae's moist tongue pushed into her mouth.

Jenny-Mae's hand touched her cheek. Lynn tilted her head to the left and let Jenny-Mae's tongue push deeper into her mouth. Jenny-Mae's hands rested lightly on her shoulders. Jenny-Mae's lips moved down her cheek to her neck. Lynn gasped, and then moaned from deep within.

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