Handsome Ch. 14

byParis Waterman©

She grew tighter as I edged into her. To this day I don't think I've had as delicious a cunt as Jenny-Mae's. I went slowly, although I wanted to fuck her hard and fast. For her part, Jenny-Mae kept gnawing at Lynn's cunt, and was doing a good job of it, for every so often, Lynn would cry out, her pleasure unmistakable.

Have I mentioned Jenny-Mae's cunt, I mean, other than how tight it was? It was very hairy. The hair started as a thick patch above her pudenda. It was black and very thick, making it difficult to see the flesh of her mound. The outer lips were very thick and wide open. They were also covered with hair, but not nearly as thick as that on her mound. The hair was confined to the lips and did not extend down to her inner thighs. It did however extend into the crack of her ass completely burying her anus in a thick thatch of hair. Her inner lips were a bright crimson red; apparently all of the sexual activity had turned her on and brought a mammoth amount of blood to her pussy lips, which caused them to become distended. Her open lips gave me a great view of her completely lovely delicious pussy and her clitoris. Her clit was extended out of its little house, and I was surprised to find it at least a half an inch long; probably due to our sexual activities.

Bracing myself so that I didn't place all my weight on the girls, I kissed Jenny-Mae's neck and told her I was going to make her cum and cum and cum.

She shuddered, and I wondered if it was my words, or the fact that Lynn was now sucking on her clit as I stroked in and out of her cunt.

From off in a distance, or so it seemed at the time, I heard Lynn telling me to go faster. "She wants it harder and faster, Aubrey!"

I reacted by shifting position and almost bounced on Jenny-Mae's slight frame. Undoubtedly this caused the young girl some pain and discomfort. But there must have been a great deal of pleasure mixed in, for she never complained. A fierce smile appeared on her face, and she spoke for the first time since I entered her.

"Fuck yeah! I think..." But Lynn sealed her mouth, kissing her hard.

"Suck her tits, Lynn!" I called out, and I sat up, pulling Jenny-Mae onto my lap. Somehow my cock never left the comfort of her tight pussy, for which I think we were both grateful.

Jenny-Mae grasped Lynn by the hair as Lynn started sucking on her breasts.

The double attack seemed to awaken a further ecstasy in Jenny-Mae and she seemed to faint. But I kept slamming the meat to her, and Lynn never stopped chewing on her nipples.

When Jenny-Mae regained some semblance of awareness, I changed position again and began pumping her from the rear, letting her stand, leaning over the bed and clenching the sheets.

After sucking my middle finger, I plunged it into Jenny-Mae's ass just above my thrusting cock. Her whole midsection must have been unusually relaxed since it went in fairly easily. Fluttering it several time did the trick, and Jenny-Mae began bucking out of rhythm and hugged the kissing Lynn in a mad embrace.

"Oh!" she moaned and her legs lost their strength, and Lynn and I had to help her down to all fours as she had her first major orgasm.

"Oh ... Oh ... Oh!"

Jenny-Mae moaned, as I continued fucking her after her orgasm.

Lynn cradled her beautiful face in her hands, smiled and told her, "It's not over yet, Jenny-Mae."

Knowing I should bring Lynn into the scene, I said, "Lynn, lay down here under her. You can lick her and my balls."

With an eagerness that surprised me, she complied, going at my balls with frenzy; alternating that with an equal adroitness in licking my shaft and Jenny-Mae's cunt when possible.

And when Jenny-Mae shuddered to what had to be another rousing climax, I pulled out of her snatch and tendered my cock to Lynn's salivating mouth. She seized the knob between her wet lips and circled it with her tongue. She ran the tip of her tongue along the length of the shaft, and over my swollen scrotum. Obviously excited by the hot, fleshy maleness, she began kissing my prick greedily, using tiny flicks of her tongue that made me groan with bliss.

I heard Lynn groan, and opened my eyes to see what had caused it, thinking it was my cock. But I was wrong. It was Jenny-Mae, licking the sole of Lynn's right foot. And, as Jenny-Mae found her rhythm, she kissed and licked her way up Lynn's calf, paused momentarily, and then moved to her thighs, alternating there for some time as Lynn writhed beneath her.

I felt Lynn brace herself for the inevitable attack on her cunt. My cock slipped from her open mouth and flopped against my stomach. A moment later, Jenny-Mae moved up between Lynn's parted thighs. She began kissing the fringe of Lynn's public hair, then her stomach and inner thighs.

Lynn quivered and moaned.

Suddenly Jenny-Mae's tongue probed Lynn's cunt, found her swollen clit, and sucked on it. Lynn screamed in ecstasy at the electrifying sensation. It was almost more than poor Lynn could bear. She sobbed and jerked in a frantic rhythm, hugging Jenny-Mae's head tightly to her crotch, and bucked and twisted as she came in a fierce orgasm.

Jenny-Mae seemed relentless. Her hand caressed Lynn's wet thighs. Her tongue darted out to circle Lynn's genitals in a gesture of how strong her carnal desire for Lynn had become.

After Lynn came again, she began to plead for Jenny-Mae to stop.

I paced a hand on Jenny-Mae's shoulder, and when she looked at me through lust glazed eyes, waved her off her girlfriend.

"I need to rest for a few minutes," Lynn sputtered after Jenny-Mae rolled away. "You were good, fantastic in fact, but between you and Aubrey, I'm worn out."

"Well then," Jenny-Mae said softly, but with wantonness I'd never heard before, and took the others hand and placed it on her own cunt, "I'm ready for you to return the favor."

Glancing fearfully at me, Lynn nodded her willingness to proceed.

"We're all friends," I said. "What happens here stays here."

Lynn gave me a grateful smile, and placed Jenny-Mae on her back, then sat astride her hips. Bringing herself into contact with Jenny-Mae, she began to writhe back and forth as she rubbed Jenny-Mae's shoulders and silken breasts. Pinching the nipples, she stroked all over her soft stomach.

Jenny-Mae trembled with desire as Lynn aroused her with a combination of soft, caressing hands and her moistened pussy. She covered every inch of Jenny-Mae's naked body, giving her thrill after thrill, culminating with the insertion of two wet fingers into her already steaming pussy.

"I can't wait any longer!" Jenny-Mae gasped. I provided two pillows for her to lean back against, and she sat back against them and spread her thighs as wide as she could.

Lynn lay on her stomach between Jenny-Mae's parted legs, facing her hairy valley. Her hands eagerly clutched Jenny-Mae's buttocks. She traced the outline of Jenny-Mae's nether lips with the tip of her tongue, felt her shudder, and sank her nails into Jenny-Mae's shoulders.

Lynn plunged her tongue deeply into Jenny-Mae's burning pussy, moaning happily as the wet essence covered her mouth and tongue. She was only dimly aware that I was mounting her from behind. I leaned over her back, my hands squeezing her breasts as I made a tentative probe of her pussy with my hard dick.

I sank into her molten cunt with almost no resistance. She all but ignored me, preferring to concentrate all her effort on wringing an orgasm out of Jenny-Mae.

She probed the quivering walls of Jenny-Mae's pussy with her tongue, then lavished a frantic suction upon Jenny-Mae's clit.

Moments later, Jenny-Mae started to cum. She kept doing so for the next five minutes and then collapsed, passing out as I continued fucking Lynn to several mini-orgasms.

Finally sated, Lynn said, "Let Jenny-Mae take you the rest of the way."

I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed. Lynn took over, directing Jenny-Mae to get on my lap, with her back to me.

"Aren't you going to finish fucking him?" Jenny-Mae asked, even as she started to climb onto my lap.

"Don't worry," Lynn chuckled. "I'm not through yet. But I want to watch this first. Go ahead."

Jenny-Mae lowered herself cautiously on my lap, holding onto my thighs for support. Lynn watched avidly, her nice tits heaving. Jenny-Mae grasped my dick just behind the head and moistened the throbbing head on the lips of her pussy, then shoved it in a mere inch. She hissed with pleasure as the thick shaft pressed against her burning pussy walls.

She stared between her legs, lowering herself slowly, biting her lips and groaning with joy. My massive pole filled her, but she kept sinking down until she was resting pelvis to pelvis with me.

Instinctively, she flexed her pussy muscles, and I gasped. "What? How?" I said as my arms circled her waist. Then my hands went up to gently squeeze her breasts, stroking her taunt nipples.

Savoring every delicious moment, Jenny-Mae began to slide her pussy up and down my pulsing prick.

"Wriggle your ass," Lynn cooed in her ear, and she did, using a soft, squiring motion, Jenny-Mae sent hot ripples of bliss through both our loins.

"How does it feel?" Lynn asked, kneeling before the two of us. Her face was contorted with excitement as she watched. "Tell me, Jenny-Mae, don't you just love his big cock?"

"Oh yes, oh yes!" she hissed through tightly clenched teeth.

Lynn gave a lewd laugh. "I didn't tell you how sore he made me. But that's because it felt so fucking good ... even when I could hardly walk."

Jenny-Mae slid down heavily. "He ... he makes me feel ... like I'm gonna burst apart!"

Lynn was laughing and shivering, hugging her swollen breasts.

"I'm gonna cum, Jenny-Mae!" I announced. She grunted, and raised her ass high, hovering for a moment before lunging down with all her might. I came, spewing a torrent of cum against the walls of her cunt.

She clamped her pussy muscles violently, groaning and tugging at Lynn's hair to vent her delirious excitement. For several minutes, Jenny-Mae's hot, damp body twitched and jerked. Finally, she fell back against my chest, trembling.

"God, I've never ... is it always that good?"

A glow of deep contentment welled up in Jenny-Mae. "The two of you make quite a team."

"Umm, not bad for your first time," Lynn giggled.

I was still hard, and so I pumped into Jenny-Mae a few more times and she began lunging up to meet me to get more of my slippery prick.

Jenny-Mae was cumming when I lifted her off of me, and rolled off the bed. Lynn promptly gripped Jenny-Mae's writhing ass and filed her mouth with my recent ejaculate and Jenny-Mae's own sweet nectar, quickly losing herself in a dreamy haze that knew no end...

Then, for no reason, her hunger went berserk.

She pressed her face tightly to Jenny-Mae's hot, wet cleft. She vibrated her tongue in frenzy, ignoring Jenny-Mae's petulant cries. Lynn appeared electrified by Jenny-Mae's succulent flesh. She used her lips to suck wildly as her tongue lashed. Soon her nails were raking into Jenny-Mae's back; and both began screaming in painful ecstasy.

Lynn's hunger evaporated as quickly as it appeared. She released Jenny-Mae and sat up, stretching languorously.

"Talk about insatiable!" gasped Lynn. She took a deep breath and shuddered. "I think it's time for all of us to take another shower."

Lynn casually grasped my semi-erect dick on the way to the bathroom, hefting it in her palm. It quickly swelled again, and Lynn announced that she might just suck me off then and there.

"Let's shower first," I said tugging my hardon from her grip.


That was about it for that semester at school. Oh, Lynn and Jenny-Mae and I got it on fairly often after that. And, of course, with my able assistance, Jenny-Mae got herself pregnant. I got the money, and Lynn took her to a clinic where she had her abortion. I used a rubber from then on, without exception.

We kind of drifted apart after that. The only other noteworthy item worth mentioning was my performance in the Nutcracker during the Christmas Holidays.

My dancing wasn't anything to write home about, but, did I mention there were several performances? Well, during the third performance, held on a Sunday afternoon, and before a packed house of some 1500 parents and friends, most of whom were female,I found myself in agony from the codpiece I wore under my tights. I ran to the dressing room and lowered the tights and saw that my groin was almost raw from the edge of the codpiece rubbing against the skin in that area.

I did what anyone would do. I plucked the codpiece out and looked for a suitable replacement. Unfortunately time was limited and I didn't find one. I pulled the tights back up and went back out to finish the act.

Then, in the tenth minute of act 2, Cynthia Armonte either accidentally or intentionally brushed against my dick. The contact caused me to get an erection.

The rest is history.

While I have since encountered many guys with larger penises than my own, I still possess a fairly large member. At the time I was slightly more than 8" in length and rather thick handled. Personally, I think that my erection, confined within the tights was somewhat magnified, um, insofar as the audience was concerned.

At any rate some members of the audience gasped. Some laughed. None left the auditorium. But I would be remembered, for better or worse, I was definitely remembered.

In fact I was ... I want to be sure to use the right word for what happened ... I was accosted, yes accosted by the one responsible for it all: fellow dancer, Cynthia Armonte, a senior at St. Anthony's High School who snuck into my dressing room - more closet than dressing room in my opinion, and while I was sitting down, threw her leg over my head as the first step in climbing onto me.

"I want you!" she moaned. I had heard from others that she was still a virgin, but her actions certainly contradicted the rumors. I found it hard to resist pulling aside the wet crotch panel of her leotard and sucking on her smooth cunt lips, and did so, leaving her perfect skin bruised wherever I squeezed her.

I ran my fingertips along her lean, silky thigh that was wrapped about my neck. She sighed, and the shelf of her ribs appeared and disappeared as she took deep breaths. With the briefest touches her nipples hardened. She bit her lower lip, which was already swollen and nearly bleeding with anxiety.

Feeling she'd left me no choice, I began licking the sweat off her uplifted thigh and the little crease of sweat on her leotard over her pussy as she moaned softly, lost in her own world, her face glowing.

I thought about sucking on her small, firm tits and teasing the nipples with my teeth. Aunt Nicole had taught me a highly aroused woman loved that treatment. Cynthia was certainly highly aroused, what else explained her virtual attack on me?

I guess I sighed, and she lowered her leg from my neck and rubbed her mound erotically.

"Please, Aubrey, don't keep me waiting... I need you in me."

Her fingers had pried her leotard to one side and the cleft of her pussy was clearly visible. I leaned down until my face was just inches from pussy and hooked a finger through the wet gusset of the leotard, pulling on it until her cunt was fully exposed. Her lips curled into an O as I brushed her hard, hot clit with my knuckle.

"Huh!" she'd exclaimed as the sensations spread throughout her body.

Carefully, I lowered her to the floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Bend your elbows; put your palms on the floor. We don't have much room in here and I don't want you hitting the door or walls and draw unwanted attention to us."

"Oh... sure," she replied coherent for the first time since entering my dressing room.

"You can rest your cheek on the floor so the blood doesn't rush to your head."

I smacked her ass hard enough for her to grunt into the floor.

"Wrap those legs around me!"

My busy hands caressed the insides of her thighs then pulled at her leotard to get a better look at her pussy.

"Tighter!" I whispered harshly. She whimpered and obeyed. I pinched the labia close to her clit and then stroked her until I felt her thighs weakening in their hold on me.

"I didn't...I didn't think it would be like this," she gasped.

"Normally it isn't, but I'm different than most.

Are you enjoying yourself?"


"Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, yeah ... yeah, OH YEAH!"

"Can you smell yourself?"

I smell? You're saying I smell?" she was devastated thinking her body parts had betrayed her.

"No, no. You have a lovely smell, Cynthia. A heavenly scent that has me so fucking hot you wouldn't believe."

"Oh God," she whispered reverently at my seductive words.

"I grabbed her cheeks firmly with both hands and slowly licked the hot flesh of her ass. I felt her clit throb when I glanced against it.

"You are so wet for me, Cynthia."

"Am I?"

The poor thing didn't know what was happening. Her plan to seduce me had turned against her. Not that it was a bad thing, but it did leave her in a confused state.

"Will you make me cum?"

"Yes, I'll make you cum."


"Soon enough, Cynthia."

"You can do whatever you want," she said, and moaned as I slid my fingers between the swollen lips of her cunt and pinched them.


I gave her pussy a sharp slap.

"OH, OH, OH, OH!" she groaned as her face slid on the wooden floor.

"I had my dick out and aligned it with her vertical slit. One little thrust and I was in, my cock parting her pussy lips like Moses did the Red Sea.

In her eagerness to consummate the act, Cynthia tried to grind on me, but I slapped her ass and then held her hips firmly as I worked my cock deeper.

"OH, OH, OH, OH! You're in me!"

"Hold still!" I barked hoarsely, and slid my dick in and out of her at a faster pace. The crown of my cock caught deliciously on her throbbing cunt, then at her clit. Her pussy lips turned a darker shade of rose with arousal. I thumbed her ass cheeks, then spread them further apart and saw her winking at me. I was tempted to stick my dick in there, but knew it would be painful and some passersby might hear and decide to look in on us.

I contented myself with working a finger into her as I slowly slammed in and out of her sodden cunt.

She accepted it without comment. Moments later, my balls tightened and my pulse quickened. I was about to explode and whispered, "I'm gonna cum, Cyn ... I'm gonna cum in you!"

She didn't hear me, or maybe she couldn't talk, but she was cumming herself; and big time.

Trying to make it even more meaningful for her, (and thinking of all the other dancers that she might tell about us) I tried to glide against her clit on each stroke.

I believe it helped her orgasm that much more powerful than it would have been. But that's probably just wishful thinking. (Note: Cynthia was the only member of the dance group that I nailed. I quit dancing soon after, and was as you'll soon see, quite busy with a different category of women.)

Cynthia and I were both bruised from the contortions we'd had to use to accomplish our fuck. We struggled to our feet, dusted one another off, before we kissed and parted.

We never got it on again, but I did receive an invitation to her wedding two years later, but regrettably, couldn't make it.

I believe my last words to her were: "Sorry about the mess," as I wiped my sperm from her thigh with a Kleenex she provided.

The phone didn't stop ringing for the next few days. My mother understood the reason for the calls and took pity on me. When I ventured out over the next two weeks of the holiday, strange women -- adults all -- on the street, or in a grocery store, or at the mall, would greet me with a smile.

More than a few murmured something suggestive to me. After a while, if I found them attractive, I'd smile back, and through one device or another, they would let me know how to find them later on. What follows are examples of such encounters.

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