tagIncest/TabooHandsome Ch. 24

Handsome Ch. 24

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 24

Football & Sex

I was beside myself with worry. How could I make Mom happy without giving up all the sex that was available to me? And to a lesser degree, should I play football this coming season? I had last put on the pads in the 8th grade. I had played well, but doubted anyone my size (at the time) could play high-school ball other than sitting on the bench.

I had grown a lot in the past two years. I was six foot and weighed a solid 185. I worked with weights almost daily, and had very little body fat, so there was no question about my ability to take a pounding. But did I want to risk damaging my arm, the arm that might carry me into a college scholarship and possibly a professional contract?

Regarding the latter, I called my baseball coach and told him about the football coach, Tucker Gifford, asking me to go out for football.

Coach said, "Yeah, his QB was in an accident, flipped his father's SUV and broke his arm in two places. His throwing arm, I might add."

He was talking about Jessie's boyfriend! I thought. "Larry-something, right?" I said.

"Yeah, his name's Larry Wright. Kid could throw the ball. Well, you can too, Bree."

"Coach, I haven't played football since the 8th grade."

"But when you played, you played quarterback, am I right?"

"Yeah ... but..."

"No buts, son. Coach Gifford will work with you. Hey, you get another letter, get to play QB, and they won't expect you to play like an All- American."

I was feeling better about the prospect of going out for football. "I guess I just needed to hear it from someone who knows what he's talking about, Coach. Thanks."

"Don't thank me, thank Coach Gifford. He's watched you pitch. He knows you've got a great arm. And he'll give you lots of reps to get settled in. You know, practice starts this Wednesday."

"I didn't know that."

"You do now, so get your butt out there and give 'em hell."

"Um, thanks Coach; I really appreciate your help."

"Don't mention it. Do good. I'll be watching."


The following morning, I called Coach Gifford. He sounded like he was really glad to hear from me and asked if I could come by the football field at two that afternoon. He knew a former NFL quarterback who had played for the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins that lived in town who would be happy to give me some tips on playing the position.

I was ecstatic about the idea and quickly agreed to meet with them.

Next I called Hayley and told her the news. She was far from delighted, and said so. "I thought we'd go to my Dad's place and edit the videos."

"I'm sorry ... I simply forgot. I mean, after getting a major lecture from my mother after she all but caught you and Janet with me..."

"Your mom isn't going to do anything to you, Bree. If anything, she'll call our mothers and complain to them. You're her little angel. You'll always be her little angel."

"You may be right," I conceded, "but she's my mom, and I respect her. From now on, anything we do won't be at my place.

Apparently, Hayley had thought that I might be planning to end our relationship, and was mollified by my statement. "Maybe I can get Janet to help with the editing."

"How long do you think it will take?" I asked.

"Hours and hours," she replied, "Possibly days, maybe even weeks."

"That long?" I said, not comprehending the magnitude of what goes into editing a video.

"Will you meet me after the practice?" she asked hopefully.

"Sure ... But I don't know how long that will be."

"You have a phone; call me. We'll meet you."

"Good deal, only..."

"What?" There was a hint of exasperation in her tone.

"I'll probably be all sweaty from running, you know?"

"Sweaty is good for what I have in mind," Hayley laughed.

"Then I'll call you."

"Yeah, you do that, sweetie."


I met Coach Gifford and Mr. Johnson shortly after talking with Hayley.

Mr. Johnson was a friendly guy and I had trouble believing that I was actually working with a former professional quarterback, well, until he threw me several passes that stung my hands each time I tried to catch them. That's right ... tried to catch them. They were thrown so hard that when they reached my hands they simply bounced off them.

Coach Gifford laughed and said, "There's a knack to catching a football, Aubrey. Your hands are big enough, but the trick is making them soft enough to absorb the impact of the ball as it settles into your hands.

"But I see those guys on TV making one-handed catches..."

Mr. Johnson laughed, and said, "Yeah, sure you do. But have you ever seen their hands?"

I hadn't, and said so.

"Let me tell you," he said, "they're huge, really huge and that's how they can grab the ball one-handed."

A few minutes later I was learning about the intricacies of the footwork involved in taking the handoff from center and backpedaling. Not throwing the ball, just taking snaps and moving backward to position myself for the throw.

We practiced this for 40 minutes, took a water break and then coach had Mr. Johnson watch me throw some passes.

I had thrown about seven passes when Mr. Johnson intervened again to demonstrate the proper way of holding the ball prior to throwing a pass.

After practicing this for several minutes, we returned to taking snaps and the footwork again. But this time Mr. Johnson was yelling instructions that would have me breaking out of the pocket and scrambling either right or left.

Finally, I sank to my knees, too tired to run another play.

"All right," Coach Gifford called out, "Let's call it a day. Not bad for a first timer. What'd you think Gus?"

Gus Johnson had a grin on his face, "Coach, he did fine. In fact, he did a heck of a lot better than I did first time out."

My grin must have been a mile wide, and when Mr. Johnson put his arm around my shoulders, I was about as proud of myself as I'd ever been, and couldn't wait to tell Hayley.


"You're seriously sexy, you know that?" I turned Hayley's face to mine. Her mouth was soft and vulnerable. It was definitely a different look for Hayley.

"Am I?" She whispered, and licked her lips.

"Oh, yeah, seriously so."

"So ... Just what are you gonna do about it, boyfriend, Bree?"

"I'm gonna fuck you, Hayley; that's what I'm gonna do."

I slipped my hand inside the loose sweatshirt she wore. She sighed into my mouth and her tongue flickered over mine as my hand cupped her bra-covered breast, squeezing it gently, and then harder. She moaned into my mouth as I squeezed a little harder, and sucked feverously on my tongue.

Hayley reached behind her and did that magical thing women do with their bras, and opened it, releasing her lovely melons to my hungry mouth.

I was teasing the right nipple, when Hayley sighed and gently removed her breast from my mouth and said, "We've got to stop for a minute."


"We've ... There's a problem."

"What's problem?"

"Sandra's pregnant."


Hayley's eyes were as wide as I'd ever seen them. "I'm serious, Bree! She's fuckin' pregnant!"

"And you ... you think I did it?"

"No ... Eric's the father. Sandra as much as told me he's the only one she's had inside her."

"But she blew me!"

"You didn't fuck her."

I calmed down at that. No one was accusing me of being the father. A minute passed, and I felt like I could deal with whatever the actual problem was, so I asked.

Hayley replied with a moue, "She needs a guy to take her to the clinic for an abortion."

"Isn't that Eric's job?"

"He's a goddamned wimp!" Hayley spat out. She was fuming with rage.


"He claims it's not his; that they always used a rubber, and besides she's on the pill."

"Are you sure it is?"

"Whose side are you on, Bree?"

"Yours, but..."

"What the fuck, Bree! Do you hear what I'm saying?"

"Yeah ... Sandra's pregnant and Eric's the father, right?"

"That's right!"

"Did Sandra say he's the father?"

No ... she didn't have too."

"But he denies it."


"Who did he deny it to?"

"Well ... me!"

"You asked him if he knocked Sandra up?"

"Yes, of course I did. She's my bestest friend. Of course he denies it."

"Is it possible he's not the guy?"

"It's possible he might not be the guy." But she refused to leave it there. "Now listen to me for a minute. He might not be the one, but he might be."

"So, you really don't know he was responsible."

"Bree, for Christ's sake! We tell each other who we do it with. She does it with Eric. Shit, you saw her fuck him. What more do you need?"

"All I'm saying is, Sandra didn't mention his name, and it is possible she did it with another guy and didn't bother telling you about it. Maybe she didn't want you to know about it. Now don't scream at me, I'm just saying."

"Oh, fuck you! All you guys are the same!"

"Wait a fuckin' minute! Am I right that all she needs is someone to take her to the clinic?"

"Yeah ... right! You'll take her, right?"

"What about the cost?"

"I've got that covered. I withdrew $500 from the ATM."

"So tell me how this works. I really don't have any idea."

"Take her to the clinic. Pretend to be the father. They don't take names. Hold her hand. If necessary, comfort her and take her home. No, take her to my house. I'll make sure she's well enough to go home so her parents don't catch on."

"When are we doing this?"

"Now ... well, within the hour. They close at six."

Hayley put her clothes in order and we drove to the local Pizza Hut, where Sandra was waiting for us. A phone call by Hayley set that up.

Sandra got in my car and Hayley got out. Sandra and I looked at each other; we were both embarrassed at why we were together.

"So, um, when did you know?"

"After I missed my period the second month."

"You took the test?"

"Oh, sure. Four times. I'm certain."

I couldn't help myself, I stared at her tits.

She tried to cover my eyes. "Don't ... I don't want you staring at me. I'm not a freak, and my tits haven't gotten any bigger if that's what you're wondering."

"I was," I admitted.

"It's all right. I keep looking at them myself."

"How far are you?"

"A little over two months."

"It sure doesn't show," I said.

Sandra began to cry. "I have my whole life ahead of me. I want to go to college. I can't let my family down by having a baby!"

I tried to comfort her by putting my arm around her. She sank into my arms and looked so vulnerable I had to resist kissing her. The last thing I wanted to happen was to jump her bones on the way to the abortion clinic. Although, in retrospect, I suppose a few girls have been nailed that way.

We arrived at the clinic and waited for them to call Sandra's name. I paid the nurse over $450, and they gave Sandra some medicine for the ensuing pain. Then a few minutes later they escorted her into a room and I was told to remain in the waiting room.

It seemed as if it took forever, but actually only twenty minutes passed before they called me to Sandra's bedside. I held her hand and she smiled at me as if I were really her boyfriend.

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

"It all happened so fast ... I mean the meds kicked in and they started in on me. It was very painful, but when it was over, I felt better, like I had nothing to worry about anymore. Now you're here, holding my hand. It's kind of romantic."

I kissed her on the lips and gave her breast a light squeeze.

"Oh ... I made you hot, did I?"

I laughed, "You always make me hot, Sandra."

"I'd let you do me, but the doctor says no sex for two weeks."

"That's all right; I can get laid if I need to. But I do want to do you."

"Does Hayley know that?"

"Well, from what I hear, you can keep a secret."

"Where'd you hear that?"

"Um, no one seems to know who the Daddy was."

"Oh ... yeah, I don't want anyone to know."

"So keep it a secret. No one needs to know."

"You're so sweet, Bree. I want you to know. Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes, I can keep a secret."

"My brother knocked me up. That's why I had to have the abortion. I don't want him to know, and I couldn't have his baby. People think Eric knocked me up. Poor Eric! I guess he won't want to go with me now. But I didn't say he was the one, honest I didn't."

"Does your brother know what he did?"


I thought about asking if she would let him near her again, but decided against it. That was her decision. She might and she might not.

Instead, I changed the subject. "What say we get you over to Hayley's?"

"Hayley's? Why?"

"She can keep an eye on you and take you home when you're ready. When you can act like nothing's happened out of the ordinary."

"You are so sweet. Do you want me to suck you off?"

"It's not necessary, Sandra. I appreciate the offer, but right now you need some rest. Are you ready to ride over to Hayley's?"

"I guess so."

I left her with Hayley and went home. I watched TV for a while, read some books about football and at ten to nine, I headed over to Hayley's to find out how Sandra had made out.


"Oh, Bree, you were fantastic!"

"I was?"

"Sandra couldn't stop talking about you."

"I only did what anyone would do under the circumstances."

"No, you stood by her side. You helped her through a very difficult time."

"It was nothing. Anyone would have done it." I put my arm around her shoulder.

"Nothing! It was amazing," Hayley was crying as I squeezed her right breast, "You ... you ... you don't know ... She was almost normal a few minutes after she got here."

"I find that hard to believe."

She was laughing and crying at the same time, but let her hand drop onto my lap. "I find you pretty hard too."

We were in her living room. Her parents were upstairs in what they called their den, but what Hayley referred to as "their fucking quarters."

After working a breast from her bra cup, I whispered, "I've missed these." Hayley had guaranteed me her parents would not venture downstairs and that Sandra had indeed returned to normal before she'd driven her home.

I sat back and watched as she wriggled out of her tight jeans and panties. She carefully laid her jeans on the chair, placed the skimpy panties on top of them. I took in the very pleasant sight of her nudity. She followed my gaze, gave me a little smirk and wet her lips.

I was playing with my dick, making it jerk this way and then that.

"Your nipples are at attention," I said. She laughed, "Oh, you! Look who's talking about being at attention," she whispered, and followed up with a lewd smile.

She cupped her breasts, teased the nipples, then squeezed them together." Should I get a boob job?"

"Are you crazy? Those tits are beautiful. No, they're absolutely perfect!"

We kissed, and her hand wrapped around my cock. My hands busied themselves with her breasts. We both moaned with arousal. Hayley straddled my thighs, keeping my dick in front of her. She began a sensuous movement that resulted in my cock rubbing against her pussy.

With a low growl, she made a slight adjustment so that the underside of my dick was nudging her clit, not continuously but every so often. She closed her eyes and went with the pleasure of it all. I refrained from doing anything, allowing her the moment to herself.

Eventually I began pulling and rubbing her nipples. Apparently that sent jolts of pure pleasure sparking through her. She pressed her breasts into me and I reciprocated by nibbling at her hardened peaks. I sucked them, turning them shiny with my saliva. I knew that I could make her cum this way; I had before, but decided not to do it this time, thinking we'd both prefer a good fuck.

It was the right decision. Moments later, Hayley took a firm hold on my cock and raised herself up. "I like this part," she whispered, and began rubbing the pliant head across her belly, the inside of her thighs, and finally through the soft, wet cleft of her sex.

She moved her hips as she centered me, teasing the tip of my cock with her moist heat.

Tit for tat, I thought, and helped out by thrusting once and slipping a few inches into her heated sheath. She held me there, rhythmically squeezing her muscles.

"It feels like your pussy is trying to eat my cock."

"It is," she whispered. "It wants it. This is my way of thanking you for helping Sandra through her ... problem."

She shifted her weight, moving from side to side, she squirmed to help work me into her. Twice she raised herself and started over. Each time she got me farther into her. Finally she reached bottom. I was sheathed entirely within her. She gave my dick a squeeze with her muscles, then leaned forward, her arms on either side of my shoulders, her breasts right in front of my face. She felt absolutely, gloriously and totally stuffed.

"God, this feels so good," she whispered. "I'm absolutely stuffed."

"Mmm," I said agreeably, and flexed my hips, pulled back, then pushed back in. She arched her back, and thrust back at me. "Jesus, Bree, I can feel every bump and ridge on your cock." Her whole body seemed to come to life, as she slowly rocked back and forth on me. With a little cry, she came, riding the waves of pleasure as they rocked her.

I waited for her to come down with my hands on her hips, anchoring her to my shaft.

She did, and brushed the hair from where it lay on her face. "Whew, that was quick."

"That's all you can say about it?" Her whole body felt light, like she might float away.

"Oh, no ... It was wonderful ... I was ... in another kind of world there at the end."

She drew a ragged breath, asked, "Did you cum?"

"Not yet. How about turning over?" She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. And with an effortless movement presented her rear to me.

She buried her face in the pillow and I took my sweet time filling her. She matched my movements and it wasn't long before I felt her cunt contract, the clear indicator she was about to cum again. Well, I wasn't far behind. My cock seemed to swell, and I exploded into the ribbed condom I was wearing.

A long time later, we came back down, arms still wrapped around each other. The world intruded, I heard her parent's -- one of them anyway -- going to the bathroom. There was the screech of tires outside from some crazy teenager peeling rubber. (After that night, I never peeled rubber again.)

I started to move, but Hayley stopped me. "No, don't, I don't want it to come out."

"You've always liked it inside you."

"If you were a girl you'd know why."

"You ought to try it from this side."

"No, thanks. I'm happy I'm a girl."

"So am I."

So we lay there for an indeterminate time. And when my cock flopped out of her, we laughed, got untangled, rose from the couch and got dressed.


Wednesday came soon enough, and I found myself on the practice field with most of the other football players. I saw two guys that were on the baseball team with me, Big Bone Cleary, and even bigger Champ Banion. I soon learned that Cleary was a defensive end, and quite good, with several SEC schools trying to entice him into signing with them. Banion, I was told, was my main protector, in that he played left tackle on the offensive line, and would be keeping the opposition from coming into me from my blind side.

Coach Gifford ran us ragged that first day, allowing us plenty of water breaks and then running us in sprints, or laps around the field.

When the actual scrimmage began, he would select someone who messed up and had them run two additional laps around the field. My name was called once, although I'm certain I messed up plenty. I think he took pity on me since I was learning a position that until the day before had been foreign to me.

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