tagErotic CouplingsHandsome Ch. 28

Handsome Ch. 28

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 28

This Time We Used a Script

Later that night Noreen arrived at Hayley's, and we tested her as we had Sissie.

Hayley thought her a natural for the camera, especially the way she masturbated while I was fucking her ass.

We also learned that she was more than willing to go girl — girl, which pleased Hayley, who had an older woman who she could pair Noreen in one of the scripted scenes.

We also decided to hold off on Marie Elena until the following week, with Hayley using one or more of the new guys she had found. (I never inquired into just how she "found" them, figuring she got them the same way I found Noreen, Sissie and Marie Elena.)

And so, on Sunday, we sat around Hayley's pool, Noreen, Sissie, Hayley, her new cameraman, and me, going over the script, and certain camera angles that the cameraman thought might work best with certain scenes.

Sandra was also present; you may recall that I helped her get an abortion a short time ago. Her job was to write the dialogue on cue cards and hold them up for us to read just out of camera range. She had offered to participate, but Hayley offered to pay her just as much as the other girls just to hold the cards, and act as the occasional fluffer. [1]

[1] One who performs fellatio to keep the male actors erect between actual filming.

An hour later everyone was in position, and Hayley called out, "Roll 'em!" and we were off and running.

The scene we were shooting took place in the master bath of Hayley's parent's spacious mansion. They were off skiing in the Swiss Alps, so we had the place all to ourselves.

Sissie: "I spent my whole day thinking about what we could do today, and I thought of some scrumptiously nasty things. Look you can see how dripping wet my pussy is for you."

(That line had to be re-shot four times because it cracked us both up. First, Sissie broke up at the word, "Dripping." Then I started laughing; and the next two times we broke up together, kind of like little kids in church knowing that they had better be quit, but unable to conform. We took a short break while Sissie repeated the word dripping over and over, and then shot the bit perfectly on the following take.)

We quickly undressed and slid into the huge tub and soaped one another up. Of course, may hand went to her snatch and began fingering her until she sank down and took my dick into her mouth sucking me off for about two minutes.

Hayley called, "Cut," and we took a short break while they repositioned one of the cameras. Sandra fluffed me, getting me up to speed again and then we resumed our love making in the tub, this time we had Sissie squatting over my lap with her back to me and slowly impaling her pussy onto my waiting cock. I felt her velvety folds engulf me and tried to ignore the cameraman just four feet away filming us.

Sandra moved into Sissies' field of vision, holding the next cue card for her to read. "Hmmm," Sissie breathed, "waiting for this has made it a long day."

I cupped her firm breasts in my hands, slowly rubbing the nipples. Her tight pussy started to slowly rotate on my cock. Following Hayley's direction, I lifted Sissie up and let her down slowly. We simulated intense pleasure when in fact; it was only the mildest form of pleasure under the circumstances.

"Ahh, you're in pretty deep, lover!" she hissed. I slipped my hands under her legs, and holding her slightly to one side, sent two fingers into her already well lubricated ass.

It turned out that this sent Sissie over the edge, and with a tremulous shudder, she came.

Sandra ran in front of Sissie waving the cue card. Sissie read it without any emphasis, "Oh, I needed that."

"Cut! Sissie, a little umph, please. You just came. I mean you really came, make it sound like you enjoyed it."

"I did enjoy it! Really I did. I really came that time," She said defensively.

"Let's take it from right after you came, okay?" Sure, right after."

"Sandra, cue her, please."

Sandra held the card in front of Sissies' face. The cameraman was shooting her in profile.


"Oh, I needed that, Lover!" Sissie said, and slid off of me, stretching so that only her head and cunt were out of the bubbly water.

It was my turn to speak, and Sandra held my cue card just out of camera range.

"Can we try something?"

"What do you have in mind?" Sissie asked.

"Have you ever shaved your pussy?" I asked.

"No" she answered "I've trimmed it, of course, but I've never shaved it."

"Want to do it?"

"I'm always ready to try something once."

We cut about then, and took a short break. Ten minutes later we climbed into the tub again, only to have Sissie complain that the water was getting cold. I had to agree with her, and we lost another couple minutes while some hot water was pumped into the tub and the level of bubbles was arranged to correspond with what it had been previously.

When we resumed filming, I lifted her up until she was sitting on the edge of the bath; her legs spread wide, water dripping down her swollen pussy lips. I took the bar of soap, rubbed a thick lather in my hands, and then onto the hair around her pussy. I leant across and took the razor and moved as if to actually shave her.


"What's wrong?" I asked innocently.

"We can't let you shave her," Hayley said, but I could see she was thinking about just that.

"I shave myself, why not Sissie?"

"You promise not to cut me?" Sissie asked.

"Yes, of course, I promise."

"Aubrey, have you ever shaved a woman before?" Hayley asked.

"No, but..."

"Allen," Hayley asked the cameraman, Have you?"

"No, I haven't had the pleasure." He responded.

Sandra piped in, "I can do it."

"Sorry, Sandra, your hands are a dead give-away," Hayley said and heaved a big sigh.

"I have a suggestion," I said, and waited for Hayley to bite.

"I'm listening, Bree."

"Allen, just how close can you get with that thing?" By thing, I meant his camera.

"For that shot, pretty damn close."

"What if, and I mean what if ... I start the shaving stroke, then we cut before I actually touch her pussy. Then someone, say Sandra, or even Hayley or Sissie herself draws the blade over her skin?"

"Well..." Hayley said slowly, "Sissie can't do it, the angle of the razor is all wrong. But Sandra can do it. Allen can keep a tight focus on her twat the whole time. When necessary, I can get a shot of you with the razor, and we can splice them when we edit."

"You can also shoot Sissies' facial expression as we proceed," I said. "For example, I lean in to make that first crucial stroke, and someone catches the nervous expression on her face. Can you manage to look nervous, Sissie?"

"Are you shitting me?" she replied and everyone laughed. We were going to do it my way.

It worked out just fine. Soon, Sissie sat in the tub with a pussy as bald as the day she was born. I took a sponge, and held it under the hot water tap, "This will be very hot," I said, "If I don't clean your pussy like this you'll liable to get a really itchy rash."

"Okay," she said, "I'll grit my teeth."

Hayley ignored the ad-libbing on both our part, but I had spoken the truth, for as I applied the hot sponge to her freshly shaven pussy, she gasped "That was hot! You had better sooth it now!"

"Keep rolling!" Hayley barked, and I bent down and sucked Sissies' labia into my mouth. Sissie groaned with intense satisfaction. This was not a faked orgasm. It wasn't even an orgasm, but it sure looked and sounded like one.

We cut about then, and readied the camera angles for the next shot, which had us getting out of the tub and heading into the bedroom.

Sandra held the cue card up, and Sissie read her line, and nailed it. "Let's get out of this tub and take it into the bedroom."

The next scene called for the doorbell to ring as we were toweling ourselves off. With cameras rolling, Sissie walked to the front door clad in an oversized towel, opened the door and greeted Noreen. And with the camera following them at a discreet distance, the girls walked into the bedroom where I was waiting.

"Noreen stopped by to say hello," she said. "Hi Ted," (my screen name) Noreen said, "Hi, Noreen, it's been a while. But it's good to see you."

"It's good to see you, too, Ted, she replied and looked like she meant it. Departing from the script, I let the towel fall to the floor and hoped the cameraman would catch Noreen's expression. He didn't, but Hayley did.

Noreen looked even better that the last time I had seen her. I had always thought she had attractive features. Following the script, she walked into the room and sat down on the couch. Her short sun dress barely covering her crotch. Noreen licked her lips, and slowly crossed her legs, giving me a good look at her panty-less pussy.

Again following the script, I quickly looked across at Sissie who was now standing at the foot of the bed. She had a wry smile on her face.

"Let's get something to drink," I said to Sissie. As we got into the kitchen I took Sissie by the arm. "What's going on?" I asked, "Noreen is practically undressing me with her eyes."

Sissie giggled. "I have a confession to make" she said "I told Noreen about last night. We've become really close over the last few months." Sandra fumbled the cue card, picked it up and moved quickly to a point from which I could read it.

I paused to help Sandra reach her spot. I knew my line, but didn't want her looking bad, so I just looked at Sissie a long moment before responding. "Just how close do you mean?" I said laconically.

Sissie feigned a blush, and hung her head. "I missed you ... I needed someone to talk to. After a while I ... Noreen and I both realized that we were both sexually frustrated. Well ... one thing led to another, and before we knew it we were both masturbating. Then she offered to do me, and I did her and..."

I feigned shock. This was the part where my so called heterosexual girlfriend told me she was bisexual.

"I'm sorry Ted" she said, "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Hurt me. I laughed, "The thought of you and Noreen licking each other's cunt is a big turn-on, baby!"

Sissie looked relieved. "It doesn't end there" she said.

"Oh?" I said.

"Noreen wants to taste that big cock of yours, and I agreed. I hope you don't mind."

"Mind," I said, "what are we waiting for?" I quickly pulled Sissies' towel off and tossed it on top of mine.

Noreen looked up as we walked naked into the room. A broad smile crossed her face. She took the hem of her dress and lifted it up over her head. She was wearing flimsy pair of pale blue panties and no bra. Her nipples were hard. "Sissie tells me you're a great lay," she said.

I just nodded.

"Well come on over here, and show me."

I walked over and knelt in front of her. I pushed my face gently into her warm mound. My nose drank in the aroma of her pussy through the fabric. I was surprised as the crotch of her panties was quite moist. Had she been fluffed before coming into the scene?

It didn't really matter and I kept going, hooking my fingers into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down and burying my face in her hairy muff, licking at her until she began to moan of her own volition and not faking it.

Her hands were behind my head, urging me deeper. From the corner of my eye, I saw Sandra frantically waving her cue card.

Pulling my face from Noreen's cunt, I read it. I had forgotten my line, so I blurted, "Wait, I want to see the two of you in action, before I cum."

The fact that I wasn't about to cum had nothing to do with the situation. That was the line, and I delivered it without challenging it.

"Not a problem," Noreen chirped, "I can't wait to get a taste of that shaved pussy."

Noreen and Sissie embraced as I took another step back. Then Sissie turned around and brought Noreen's hands to her breasts. While Noreen teased her nipples, Sissie cupped Noreen's face with one hand and began nibbling on her earlobe. I watched transfixed. These girls were for real! This wasn't acting, they were really into it. Noreen sighed and began running a hand over Sissies' body, scratching her back, her armpits then returning to her nipples.

Sissie was licking a pulsing vein in Noreen's neck, and I saw the cameraman zooming in on it, capturing the moment for posterity.

"You like?" Noreen purred.

"Oh, yes, velly much!" Sissie replied, imitating a pseudo Japanese accent.

Noreen led her to the bed, had Sissie lay down on her stomach, and began a semi-massage, caressing her neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks.

Sissie moaned her pleasure at each firm stroke of Noreen's hands. And then, with one hand on a hip, she rolled Sissie over, climbed on the bed and crouched at her feet.

"You are one lovely lady," she cooed and Sissie giggled. Noreen leaned forward and supporting herself with one hand ran the other through Sissies' pubic hair, combing it straight down onto her labia.

"Close your eyes," she murmured softly. Then, leaving her hand resting lightly on Sissies' mound, Noreen teased each of her nipples in turn until Sissie began to writhe on the sheets.

"Cut!" Hayley shouted and everyone turned to look at her. We were, all of us mesmerized by the two women on the bed. Not Hayley. She and she alone had remembered that the scene was being filmed without a key additive.

"The honey! You forgot the fucking honey, Noreen!" "Oh, shit! I'm sorry. I got caught up with Sissie ... and ...."

"Hey, it's all right. Except for that you two have been superb! Now let's just run that last part over and see where we can pick it up. It's a minor thing ... I mean we can edit the damn tape later, but let's see, where was the honey supposed to be?"

Sandra was thumbing through what passed for a script and shaking her head.

"What is it Sandra?" Hayley asked.

"I don't see anything about honey in this..." "That piece of shit doesn't cover half the stuff we're doing. Let me think..."

"Okay ... Noreen; let's go back to the point just before you climb up on the bed with her." Hayley looked around. "Anybody know where the honey is? Don't tell me we gotta run out and buy some."

I had been rummaging around in the kitchen cabinets and found a half filled jar of honey and brought it back to the bedroom, and handed it to Hayley, who in turn gave it to Noreen.

Two minutes later the cameras were rolling again, with Noreen dribbling the honey on Sissies' breasts.

"Oh," Sissie moaned. She knew what was coming and the anticipation was too much for her.

Noreen slowly licked the honey from each turgid nipple as Hayley filmed it from less than a foot away.

The women kissed, it was a hungry kiss, filled with passion and yearning. More than that, from the cameras perspective, it was real and the viewer was there next to them watching avidly.

Watching from several feet away I remember thinking, anyone watching this movie won't be able to keep their hands off themselves or anyone near them.

"Touch me," Sissie whispered. Noreen kissed her again, but tweaked her left nipple and Sissie groaned into her mouth.

Wresting her lips away, Noreen hissed, "What's the magic word?"

"Please." Sissie whimpered.

"Please what?"

"Please touch me..."

"Touch you where?"

"My clit ... my cunt ... both!"

"Show me where."

Slowly, very slowly, Sissie brought a finger down, slipped it into her pussy and at a snail's pace made it trace a path to her clit. She moaned, and the hand dropped away to her side.

"So sweet!" Noreen exclaims -- remember these girls are working without benefit of a script during this time — and then her tongue is there ... on Sissies' magic spot licking and slurping away feveredly.

"Please ... Harder!"

But Noreen chooses to blow gently on her folds, creating yet another unexpected sensation and Sissie starts to cum.

Seeing this, Noreen leans in and all but devours her pussy, carrying Sissie from one crest to the next.

Suddenly Sandra is slapping my arm and pointing to the script. I realized this is the point where I join the two on the bed, and that I am to mount Sissie and fuck her brains out.

I vaulted onto the bed, jarring both girls back to reality. Noreen was quick to grasp the situation and yelled out "Lay down, um, Ted. Sissie you straddle him, but don't let him in you ... not just yet!"

Sissie did as Noreen asked, and with her back to my face she hovered over me, until Noreen guided her down to meet my sky searching cock. Still it was Noreen, who holding me taut, rubbed me against Sissies' clit and then placed me into her soft, feathery, throbbing snatch.

Sissie was coming with my first thrust and didn't stop until I came inside her. I spoiled the terrific cum shot Hayley sought, but didn't give a shit.

Anyway, Noreen more than saved the day, for as I pulled out of Sissie, Noreen placed her face next to Sissies' cunt, and as my sperm began oozing out in a long spool that at first, clung to her lips, Noreen stuck her long tongue out and caught every drop.

In retrospect, it was a fantastic act, and the way each camera filmed it, wound up being screened in a series of three slow motion shots so good the film was nominated for the top award before release.

But it was never released. I'll tell you why later.


The next to last game of the season ended: Us 9; Them 7.

It was still raining hard on the way home, everybody was hollering, hanging out the bus windows, messing around like this was some crazed field trip. I'm right in there with them, waving and yellin' at every car that passes.

Well, almost everybody. In the seat ahead of me, Sammy Mason, our other running back, sits stiff and silent. He won't turn around, won't talk to anyone, even though the game is over and his two fumbles are already forgotten.

I leaned forward and whispered, "We won, Sammy, we won. Forget everything else, it doesn't matter."

He didn't turn his head. I figure he's still visualizing the fumbles, and they were costly fumbles that probably cost us at least one touchdown. But shit, we won, and that what counts, isn't it?"

A car honked as it passed us. It had dark green and white crepe paper streaming from the antenna; Our Team Won! Is written on the side of the car with what I figured was shaving cream, but how it stayed on the car in all that rain is still a mystery to me. Anyway, the guys on my side of the bus cheered out the windows, and one of the girls in the car, they were all girls, mooned us, making our day.

"Hey Sam," I say kindly, "go get hammered with Shirley, you'll feel a lot better."

He didn't bother to respond. A few minutes later the bus pulled into the school parking lot and we got off.

Several of the guys approached me: Johnny Demastri, Bam-Bam Norton, J. P. Pacillo, and Johnny Mack Brown. They were still talking about what Bam-Bam had done on hearing that his opponent on the other team was going to Notre Dame on full scholarship.

As they lined up against one another, Bam-Bam had to ask him if it were true.

"In about 2 seconds you're gonna see how true it is, Mother-fucker!" the new pride of that famous Jesuit University proclaimed.

It was more like four seconds, actually, before the ball was snapped, but Bam-Bam was across the line and smashing his fist into the others throat, and then with the stricken opponent gasping for breath - well, maybe even before that, it happened so fast — Bam-Bam threw his weight into the guys left knee, ripping it up. We later heard that he never made it to the Notre Dame campus after it healed.

That's football; joyful at times, merciless at others. After the game the guys wanted to go have a few beers to celebrate, but I declined.

"Got a hot date," I shouted to much good-natured laughter. They knew it was with Hayley, and forgave me. J. P. added that he wished it was him had the hot date with Hayley, and I got into my car amid even more laughter, and waved goodbye. ________________________________________

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