tagErotic CouplingsHandsome Ch. 31

Handsome Ch. 31

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 31

Organizing Things

After classes that day I went home and to sleep, waking at five the following morning. At eight, I called Julius Baxter and learned that Mr. X was no longer my producer. I wanted to cheer, but realized that left a gaping hole in my financial and distribution needs.

But Julius was at least a step ahead of me. "You have an eleven o' clock conference call in my office. Be there, no tie necessary. But be there, and be prepared to answer some tough questions."

I made my class in Spanish at nine then cut the remainder of my morning schedule. I stopped by the football coach's office and hurriedly told him I had lost interest in being a backup quarterback. He took it well, and I trotted to my car and drove over to Julius' office.

It went surprisingly well. He had a client who knew a guy, who knew a ... you can see where I'm going with this. At any rate, 'the guy' in question happened to be located in California, Silicone Valley to be specific. His name was Howard Keller, and he made it clear to me that he did not invest in beginners, but had seen two of my films made earlier with Hayley and thought they had merit.

"More than merit," he said, "they made a shitload of money. They were also fresh and full of ideas that, I'm sorry to say, have been stolen by everyone out here in the business. I'm guessing you've got some new ideas, at least I hope you do, or I'm wasting my money."

"Mr. Keller," I said, trying not to stammer, I do have some new ideas, but I'll tell you what, you bankroll the first film, and if you don't like it, you keep it and I'll forgo any money it makes."

"You sound confident, kid."

"Oh, I'm not finished. If you like it, you double the size of the bankroll for the next two films, and we split the profits fifty-fifty, after you recoup your investment."

Keller protested, saying, "Wait a minute, I don't make any deals without my lawyer's approval. I recommend you do the same. That said, I'm not turning your offer down, I just want cooler heads to look at the situation. We need to put it in writing, ask Julius, he'll tell you I'm right."

I looked at Julius and he nodded affirmatively.

"I don't disagree with you, Mr. Keller, I think you're right. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to let me know how much money you're thinking of advancing us to get under way." I then went on to tell him what my needs were and where we stood as a production company.

"You've got all those people lined up?" he said.

"No. Not all of them. I still need a lighting expert, an electrician and two cameramen. Um, I expect to meet with the cameramen this afternoon to see if they'll accept my salary offer. I've got feelers out for a couple a scriptwriters. I'll have to look at some of their work to see if they really can put a script together. And my production manager is putting an ad together to pull in some potential actors and actresses for auditions."

"You've been busy," he said.

"I can't afford to waste time. This afternoon I'm having someone check out several locations for shooting the sex scenes. You know it never really ends until the film is in the can."

"I know. Okay, before the lawyers get involved, will $100,000 be sufficient to get you through the first film?"

"I certainly hope so."

"It had better, that's all you're going to get out of me. I want a film that's different from all this shit being mass produced."

"I'll tell you this much, we'll have a story with a plot and lines the actors can deliver without screwing up. I'm hoping to attract the female audience to my films as well as the males already going to see them."

"I like you're thinking. Okay, I'll be in touch with Julius and you. Good talking with you. Break a leg, kid," and he hung his phone up.


I had an hour before my meeting with Wilbur and his buddies, so I went to Burger King and feasted on two burgers and an order of large fries along with a coke.

To say that Wilbur was excited would be no exaggeration. He was quivering with excitement as he introduced a tall, skinny, pimpled faced kid, named Ross, whose driver's license stated that he was twenty-six, although he looked fifteen.

"Vinnie's late," Ross said in a high-pitched voice. I would later learn that his friends called him Birdie because of it. I shortened it to Bird, for two reasons: first, Birdie sounded too juvenile and I didn't want a group of naked men and women trying to get it on while someone called Birdie was being told to move in for a close-up, or other camera strategy. Second Larry Bird was King on the basketball courts at the time. Calling him Bird, gave him prestige, and with his geeky looks and voice, he needed as much of that as I could dredge up for him. And he seemed to take to the new nickname.

Vinnie showed up ten minutes later. He was a muscular guy, although short, possibly 5 feet, 5 inches tall and wore elevated shoes. He was decent looking, and in short order proved he knew more about camerawork than Bird, but because he was late and because it really didn't matter, except to the guys themselves, I made him 3rd camera.

All three needed camera work. Porno, I was told, was totally acceptable to their world in that it counted as professional work behind the lens on their respective resumes. I offered them the same wages and met no resistance. And when I told them they would be filming the interviews and getting blowjobs from the occasional applicant (well, females anyway.) they quickly signed the contracts Julius had provided me with earlier.

Vinnie also proved valuable in setting me up with my electrician and not one, but two lighting experts, all of whom were happy to sign on the following day.

I called Sigourney, learned that Allison wanted me to know that she expected to see more of me in the future, and that she was meeting with a potential writer later that afternoon and would I be interested in sitting in. I was, and did.

Her name was Ursula Bartoli. I would have cast her for a role in a nanosecond. But one of the first things she told me on meeting her was that she was not interested in performing in front of a camera.

"I do," she said, "have some interesting ideas for some storylines, however. I have a vivid imagination and Sigourney here tells me you're looking for that rather than the run-of-the-mill crap one rents at the video store these days.

I admitted that was what I wanted and told her I would pay her $50 for a synopsis and that if I liked it, would pay her $500 for a finished script.

"What about revisions?" Ursula asked, "There are always revisions that take time, and of course they always need to be done immediately."

"How does $100 sound?"

"For each revision, fine, but no, if that includes all revisions."

"Are you a law student?" I asked with a smile.

"No, but Daddy's a lawyer," she answered, returning my smile.

"Okay, a hundred for each revision, ' I said agreeably. "And here's a check for $150 for the first three synopses, ' Ursula.

That got me a hug from Ursula, whose boobs were quite firm as they mashed against my chest.

Sigourney checked me out to see what effect the hug had had on me. It wasn't all that noticeable. Well that's what she told me later. I would not meet the other writers until the next day. That meeting went almost as well as Ursula's had, except they didn't give me a hug. At any rate, their names were Willie Smith and Demetrius (Demetri) Roskov; and they were proven writers having been published several times each.

However, their respective work, although published had not sold well, and they were hungry and willing to work with me.

After Ursula left, Sigourney showed me the draft she'd put together for the ad we would be placing. It seemed all right and I gave her the green light on it. I knew it would attract some candidates, and as yet we didn't know exactly what types would be needed for the first shoot since we had no script at the moment.

"We could use that little scene we talked about the other day," Sigourney said seriously.

"The one where two hitchhikers are picked up?" I asked, and got a quick nod. "Let's put that on a back burner for the time being."

"Okay, but why?"

"It's not fleshed out, we have no usable dialogue. Our stuff has to have decent plot and dialogue. I'd like you to place the ad and we'll go from there. Now I've gotta run, I'm supposed to catch up with Dan DeLeon and help him scout a couple potential locations."

"Houses? You two are looking at houses to rent?" Sigourney sounded incredulous that we two could pull it off.

"Yeah, the two of us are looking at some properties. While we don't know what we're going to be filming, we can always use a given property even if only for exterior shots. But we'll be looking at them with several things in mind."

"Such as?" Sigourney asked.

"Availability, location, extras, such as privacy afforded and say, swimming pool, or type rooms. I mean, there's bedrooms in every house, but some have pool tables or luxurious rooms that ooze glamour. Some rooms are easier to light than others. It goes on and on."

"How are you gaining access to these ... potential sites?"

"Oh, didn't I mention that I have a realtor working with us. A realtor who guarantees us secrecy and for a price will let us use the occasional home whose owners are out of the country, and as long as we have the place cleaned professionally after filming won't cost us butka."

"I'm impressed, Bree. Really I am. That doesn't leave us much time. Want to have a quickie?"

"I'd love one, but there's no time. I should be with Dandy already."

Sigourney pouted. It was a lovely pout but one I'd seen women use before and I gave her a quick kiss and hug and after reminding her to place the ad, left her to catch up with Dandy.

I found Dandy with the realtor, who was the mother of this girl Dandy was boffing regularly. The mother thought an engagement was on the horizon, it wasn't, but neither of us saw any reason to tell her otherwise. She was a greedy type, and perfect for what we wanted. I saw no reason not to tell her what we were doing, and to my surprise she decided to make us a personal cause, as porn made tons of money and she wanted her daughter marrying a rich husband.

I was relieved that was her reason. For a moment her enthusiasm led me to think she wanted a starring role in one of the films.

But one thought led to another and I checked her out with a thought to actually using her in a parental type role. But when I mentioned the possibility, she laughed it off, saying her professional career came first. Making a porno flick would ruin her reputation. Then she caught me completely off guard by telling me that she did know a couple women who would die to be in our films.

So I asked and received their names and numbers. All Veronica wanted was to be able to call them first. When I asked if in her opinion, they would look good on camera, she laughed and said, Molly will dazzle you, and Vickie will probably fit the bill, although she's not a beauty-queen.

The home we looked at I dismissed at first sight. It was too exposed to prying eyes. I told Veronica and she agreed immediately and we drove off in two vehicles to the next house.

It met my initial criteria, and we learned the owners had had it for sale for over six months without any offers being made.

"It really needs an up dated kitchen. Potential buyers come in, see the kitchen and leave without going through the rest of the house. It would cost about $65,000 to modernize and they will have to lower their asking price or put money into it before any serious buyer with talk to them."

"So, this will be here next week or next month if we need it?"

"More than likely. But can I suggest something?"


"Use a three day max on filming at any place you find. Three days gives you a kind of safety-net for getting in and out without undue complications."

"You just earned yourself $100, Veronica," I said and handed her two fifty dollar bills.

"Hmmm, I can do business with you two," she said, tucking the bills into her bra.

"Part of that's for the recommendations on Mindy and Vickie."

"Um, it's Molly and Vickie. Get their names right, sweetie, you don't want to piss them off at the start of a relationship now, do you?"

"I don't and thank you, I really appreciate your advice."

"Dan, when are you seeing my daughter again?"

"Oh, we're going out tomorrow night," he replied quickly. Too quickly by my count, for a strange expression crossed Veronica's face, but she recovered quickly, and we went on to look at a third house, which also had possibilities.


On my way home I remembered the twins and how I had wanted to use them in a film. I called Ursula, told her about them and asked if she might try working something out that featured twins.

"It's unusual, but why not? I was toying with an idea, but hadn't put anything down. I can table it and give your suggestion some serious thought. By the way, have you located the other writers yet?"

"Yes, I have," and I filled her in on Willie and Demetri, whom she did not know. "We'll have a meeting in two days, okay? We can toss some ideas around and look at any material you guys might have at that time."

"Sounds, good to me. Meanwhile, I'll get hopping on the twins deal."


To my great surprise, Allison was waiting with

Sigourney when I arrived to pick Sigourney up for a little fun and games. They wasted no time at all in stripping and helping me out of my all too cumbersome shorts and Mighty Mouse T-shirt. Both women, in their own right were accomplished flautists in the skin section of the orchestra; Allison with her soft, silky lips and Sigourney with her tongue ring and talented fingers. Each of them had their little tricks—a slight flick of the wrist, or curl of the tongue, and great suction. Of course both swallowed, even shared my sperm before doing so.

I knelt on the bed and they had me together; taking my cock into their wet mouths and passing it back and forth, smiling and giggling as they did so. Each time their mouths met they giggled and kissed each other. They even tried to wrap their lips around me and kiss at the same time, a stunt which only prompted more giggling.

I wondered how a married woman like Allison could get out of the house so easily, leaving a husband to babysit while she was out catting around. It never occurred to me that Allison might be bringing Sigourney over to her place for a different three-some, keeping him I line by telling him they needed their time together once or twice a week.

Someone asked me once whether these moments ever bore me. As I hovered over my lovely playmates, thinking about the moment when I'd make a mess on their pretty faces, it occurred to me that this must have been the dumbest question I've ever been asked.

We went somewhere afterward, I really don't remember where. I had a big, stupid double-blowjob smile planted on my face all night.

People would strike up conversations with me only to drift away moments later, angry that I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't help myself. Even when we came home, when I had the girls again, plunging into one inviting cunt and then the next—even then, I was thinking about those two mouths performing their lovely duet on me.

It never gets old.


Allison was still in bed with us when I awoke around ten. I asked her when she had to be home. "One," she said, Nick has a meeting at two-thirty."

"Then let's have some fun shopping," I said, catching them both off-guard.

"YOU ... want to take us shopping?" Sigourney laughed.

"I do. Bad idea?"

"On the contrary, it's a wonderful idea. Do you have a place in mind?" Allison asked, numbly.

"The Mall. If that's..."

"Perfect!" They said together. Fifteen minutes later (the ladies needed to apply some lipstick after the blowjob) were we on our way.

I selected a dress shop that had some very sexy cocktail dresses on display, and we ventured in.

After roaming around I noted two things. One, there was only one salesgirl on duty. The other two were at lunch for another forty minutes. (Yes, I asked.) And the changing room had room for at least two of us and perhaps more.

I selected a dress with no arms or shoulder straps, but it was obviously too small either girl, handed it to Sigourney and asked her to try it on first. Allison's mouth dropped at that as she realized she would be trying the same dress on after Sigourney.

I whispered to Sigourney that she should take everything off before trying the dress on, and the idea was to seduce the salesgirl. I gave her a light pat on the rump and sent her into the dressing room.

I summoned the salesgirl and told her that she might want to assist my friend. She bit her lower lip a, nodded and hurried after Sigourney.

Allison and I both saw that Sigourney was already nude when the girl opened the dressing room door. I had followed her and kept the door from fully closing. The girl did nothing as Sigourney stepped into the dress. Her undivided attention was on Sigourney. She was completely unaware of Allison and me standing, (well I was leaning into Allison's ass just a little.) outside the room.

"It seems to be stuck," Sigourney said in a low voice. The sales girl couldn't seem to find her voice, my guess is she was eighteen or nineteen, and inexperienced in sexual matters. She motioned at Sigourney to take the dress off and start over.

Sigourney took the dress off and stood naked in front of the salesgirl who accepted the dress and then just stood riveted to the spot.

"I think a size larger will do," Sigourney told her. The girl nodded and turned almost bumping into us. It was as if she hadn't noticed us standing there as she blundered past us and quickly found the same dress in a larger size and hurried back to Sigourney, who was now seated in the solitary chair the dressing room offered facing the door with her legs wide open.

The salesgirl stopped in her tracks, obviously stunned by the glint of sparkling light generated by the two rings Sigourney had piercing her labia.


"Come in, come in!" Sigourney called out shrilly, causing both Allison and me to start laughing uncontrollably.

Handing Sigourney the dress, the salesgirl turned away from her and seemed startled to find us at the dressing room door looking in.

Before she could say a word, Sigourney whirled past her and came up to me asking, "How does it look? Is it to big?"

I reached out and pinched her left nipple. Sigourney feigned a screech, but left my hand where it was.

"I can see your cunt," Allison said, and put a finger at Sigourney's entrance.

The salesgirl appeared horrified at first, and then underwent a change that apparently rendered her spontaneously sexual. She licked her lips and her right hand lightly rubbed across her pussy as she watched Allison's finger jab Sigourney's cunt a second time.

"You try it, Allison," Sigourney said, stepping out of the dress and standing nude just outside the dressing room. Allison followed her lead and stripped in place, then put the dress on while the salesgirl gaped at her. I wasn't sure if it was sufficiently lustful as yet, but my hopes were soaring.

"Oh," Sigourney said, "I see what you mean," and jabbed a finger against Allison's pussy while I placed an arm around the salesgirl's shoulder.

The girl looked at me but didn't say anything. She looked as though she was about to, but stopped herself.

I told the girls to find another dress. They began looking immediately, one nude, one almost nude, as casually as if they were home in their own bedroom.

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