byParis Waterman©

"You do it," Andy said to me.

I blanched. Not at the thought of going down on Karen; I had already done so and found it to be fine. Actually, more than fine; I had thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the part where she started to shiver and shake and was looking forward to tasting her again. What gave me pause was putting on a performance in front of the guys and then having them run off, heaping ridicule on me later on.

Karen was two steps ahead of me, and came to my rescue. "You first Andy; you eat me, then I'll do you. Then it will be Matt's turn, and so on."

I thought they'd never agree, but Karen moved them to the next level by raising her dress up, and exposing her panties to them. The opportunity to see her naked, to have her suck them off, a first for both of them, was too good to pass up.

"I'll do it!" Matt blurted.

"Me too!" Andy said a second later, and it was settled.

Karen relieved Matt of the blanket he held under his arm, and spread it out under a large oak. Then she crooked a finger in a come-hither sign, hoisted her dress over her head, and tossed it off to the side.

Matt moved to join her. He appeared to be in a trance as he moved to her side. Karen lay down and wriggled out of her panties. When she parted her legs all three of us stared at her pussy.

"Jesus!" Andy said and made the sign of the cross on his forehead.

"I don't believe this is happening," Matt said, "Can I fuck you first?"

"No! No one fucks me. I'll leave first," Karen said forcefully enough to dampen any thoughts of actually sticking our dicks in her.

"Aubrey?" She almost sobbed.


"Promise me once we start, no one, including you, sticks his thing in me?"

"I promise, Karen. I swear to God, no one will... um, stick it in ya."

"All right then," she sighed and lay back down, spreading her legs again.

Matt quickly dropped to his knees and moved between her thighs. "What... what do I do?" he asked, obviously needing directions.

She spread her pussy apart with her fingers. "Lick me here for starters," she said with a wicked anticipatory smile.

Matt, by this time thoroughly mesmerized by her open hole, seemed to forget about Andy and me for the moment, and tentatively gave her coral colored opening a gentle lick, then quickly recoiled in disgust. "Yuck!" he cried out.

"What's the matter?" Karen asked with concern.

"I... I don't know," he answered.

"C'mon, Matt," I said, "it doesn't smell and it won't bite you. You're fine with Karen sucking you, so what's wrong with returning the favor?"

"Um, I don't know," he said, as fear of the unknown seeped from his mouth.

"Does it taste bad?" I asked, knowing that it did not.

"Um, no..." he agreed after a few seconds.

"Don't tell me she smells," I said accusingly.

Matt had no viable answer and had now returned to hover over her crotch.

"Then get on with it," I said, "Me and Andy are waiting. We don't have all afternoon, and remember Karen here has to do all three of us."

That seemed to break him out of whatever daze he was in, and he lowered his head to her and started licking.

A moment later, Andy and I heard her moan with pleasure. And as her hands went to hold his head, we nervously glanced at each other; and without further ado, dropped our jeans, held our cocks in our hands, and then started to jerk ourselves off.

I should point out that we had never, ever done this before. I mean jerking off in front of one another. Of course we had all been jerking off in private forever, or so it seemed. Even so, I was surprised by the lack of embarrassment between us. I caught Andy giving my cock furtive looks, and only when I noted the difference in our respective sizes did I come to realize that my endowment was significantly more than his. I made a note to check Matt out when the opportunity presented itself.

I looked on with interest, as Matt continued lapping away at Karen; saw her guide his mouth to her clit as she had with me the day before; and heard her gasping for breath as he brought her to a roaring climax.

A few minutes passed before Karen was ready to do Matt. While we waited, I told Matt to undress and lie down on his back. When he was lying prone on the blanket, Karen knelt at his side and, after lifting her hair away from her face, nipped lightly at the head of his dick.

Matt's dick was bigger than Andy's, but not even close to mine and I wondered at the disparity and took comfort in my larger size. Meanwhile Karen proceeded much as she had with me the day before, licking up and down his shaft, paying particular attention to the underside of his cockhead. Matt obviously enjoyed that more than anything else, and so Karen spent more time there.

She took him from her mouth and instructed him to tell her when he was going to come. Then she gobbled him into her mouth, and began sucking furiously. Matt grunted twice, and she pulled him from her mouth, and we watched as he shot his load into the air, only to have it all land on his stomach and genitals.

"Next?" Karen called out matter-of-factly.

I nudged Andy forward as Matt climbed to his feet. Matt was staring at the jizm covering his midsection, wondering how to rid himself of it. I handed him his shirt, and he methodically wiped himself clean. I turned my attention to Andy, who was already kissing and licking Karen's pussy with wild abandon. He was into it big time, and Karen's moans indicated that she appreciated the attention he was giving to her twat.

My attention was focused on Karen's crotch -- Andy's mouth licking and sucking away at it and noted Karen's finger darting down to her clit, which she began rubbing furiously.

Moments later, she began heaving her hips into Andy's face as her climax arrived. Her fingers were a blur as the first sounds of her orgasm roared from her lips.

"Yes! Oh, yes! There, right there, Oh yes! Oh God... YES!

To my surprise, Andy maneuvered himself so that his dick was dangling just above her mouth and his mouth was still within easy tonguing range of her twat.

This was my first view of a couple engaged in what I would later call the "69" position. Karen, opening her eyes, saw him jutting out inches from her lips, and grasping his member with her small hand, brought his cock to her mouth and began blowing him as he continued to eat her to another orgasm.

I came then, spurting an unbelievable distance, perhaps five feet, or so and lost track of what was going on around me for a short time. When I returned to the real world, Karen was spitting out Andy's load, and Andy lay prone on his back, breathing heavily.

Karen looked at me then, her doe-like eyes beckoning me to her. "I... um, just came," I said, sheepishly.

"Me too," she grinned, letting some semen roll from her mouth to her chin, before absentmindedly wiping it away with her hand. "But I wouldn't mind cumming again," she grinned, wickedly.

While I stood there, woodenly looking at her, Matt moved to her side, and after taking a leisurely look at her privates, sent an exploratory finger into her cunt.

"Careful," was all she said. The expression on her face told me that she was enjoying it immensely.

Matt's finger moved slowly, guardedly, in and out, and sure enough, Karen began to grunt her way into yet another climax. He tried to add another finger, but she reached down and put a halt to it. Matt acquiesced to her, curling the one finger remaining inside her and inadvertently found her g-spot. None of us knew this of course, but from what followed I knew it must have been what happened.

Karen grunted twice and then shook uncontrollably, as a huge orgasm smashed into her from that additional stimulation. After the sudden upheaval, she lay there, breathing heavily, shuddering, for several minutes, until finally recovering her voice.

"My God..." she stammered. "I never imagined it could feel that way. That was unbelievable, really unbelievable."

"My turn," I said after what I thought a decent interval.

"No way," Karen said. "I mean, I'm kinda sore down there, you know?"

Andy chimed in with, "Yeah, me too. My dick hurts, you know?"

"Mine don't," Matt said.

"Mine neither," I added.

"Well, my pussy's sore, and I've really had enough for one day," Karen said with enough finality to quell Matt's and my desires. "But I'll blow you, Aubrey, so's all three of you will have gotten one. I think that's fair."

I dropped my jeans around my ankles, and knelt in front of her. Karen took me into her mouth and began to suck, and gradually my dick swelled to full size. When she started to rub my balls, I yelped in surprise, thinking that the flash of pain was coming. Instead I felt a thrilling tingle and began to moan. This caused her to continue with what were her initial experiments with a boy's cock and balls. To my surprise, Karen reached out and grabbed Andy's dick, and started jerking him off.

Having come minutes earlier, I was not about to unload for a while yet, and Karen, ever the trooper, really got into the blowjob, tonguing my entire glands, and kissing and stroking the shaft.

Matt was jerking off as he watched from several feet away. I cautioned both of them not to cum on either of us, or I'd beat the shit out of them.

The threat worked, and they didn't spurt anywhere near us when they eventually got off.

As time passed, Karen got hotter and started to rub her pussy. Soon she was rubbing harder and faster. Of course, I had no complaints here, because she was also sucking me harder and faster, and I felt the beginnings of my orgasm stirring in my balls.

I came in her mouth and she swallowed most of it, only a small trickle oozed from her mouth. When I pointed it out to her, she giggled, and using her index finger, scooped it up and placed it on her tongue.

"You have the sweetest taste to yours," she said, unashamedly. "Matt's is too salty, and Andy's is... well, all right I guess, but nowhere as nice as yours."

We all straightened out our clothing, checking for cum stains - there were none - and Andy and Matt made some excuse and left Karen and me alone in the woods.

"Well," I said, "was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?"

"No," Karen replied.

"Good, tomorrow then?" I said hopefully.

"No," she said again.

"Why not?"

"I wanted to be with you, only you. You brought two guys out here. I had no choice but to blow them. I didn't want to. Do you understand? I didn't want to."

"So why did you?" I asked getting a little miffed at her response.

"Cause if I didn't, you would have raped me, that's why."

"No, we wouldn't," I said, this time my words were more defensive than angry.

"Oh, you would have fought Matt and Andy to save my cherry?"

"Maybe," I said, weakly, knowing in my heart that I wouldn't have fought them at all.

"That's why I agreed to blow all of you. That's why I never want to see you again. And keep what happened here quiet. If I hear any talk about me being an easy lay or something, I'll tell the principal that you all raped me."

"What! We did no such thing!"

"Don't matter. That's what I'll tell them. It'll be my word against yours. Who do you think they'll believe?"

"All right," I conceded. "I'll talk with Matt and Andy. I promise I'll never say a word about us. I can't promise for them."

"I believe you," Karen said. "So if word gets out, I'll only say it was the two of them."

The relief was evident on my face, and Karen saw it.

"Of course, I could change my mind on that. You better convince them to keep it to themselves."

With those words ringing in my ears, Karen turned on her heel and walked away. I don't believe we ever spoke a word to one another after that. We did nod on those occasions when our paths crossed, as in church, or later at a mutual friend's wedding, but we never uttered a word to one another.

So I learned an important lesson then and there, and from that moment on I kept my mouth shut when it came to sexual conquests. Doing so would help me a great deal later on in life.

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