Handy Man


Stepping out of the shower, I pushed the door to with a thud and picked up the towel. Wrapping myself in the fluffy cotton, I turned to the mirror and stared into it. Hmm, least the spots were gone and I was looking somewhat better after that bout of food poisoning I'd had a few days before.

That was the only reason I was home alone and my parents were at work. Still, it was nice to be knocking around such a huge house on my own without having to get up on order from the alarm clock. Dragging a brush though my wet hair, I tucked the towel tighter around my chest and pulled the bathroom door open. Padding across the carpet of my bedroom, I glanced at the clock and smiled as it stared at me, accusing my laziness with the time. Sod it, I'd caught food poisoning from the uni café, I deserved time out.

Walking over to the window, I pulled the curtains back with a flourish, intending to open the window for fresh air; the day was already feeling uncomfortably warm. Standing with my arms outstretched, I stared into the shocked face of the handyman, his hand raised to the glass with a soapy sponge and his other arm stretched out holding his balance as he stood on top of the bay window of the ground floor. I hadn't realised it was window cleaning day.

I was literally frozen to the spot, and so was he. Right then everything took on such amazing detail, the blueness of his eyes in the sun worn face, the trickle of water running down my spine from my wet hair. Everything was so intense.
He really did have stunning blue eyes; I'd never noticed them before.

I should shut the curtains. Those eyes were amazing; did he actually know how blue they were? Shut the curtains! He was actually quite cute; I'd never taken the time to look at him before. Hypnotising.

I risked a smile and was rewarded with one in return. Not perfect teeth, but still good. I relaxed a little and let go of the curtain in time to tuck my towel back in. A couple of seconds more and it would be on the floor. Looking up from that action, I saw his bright blue eyes on my hands as they tucked the cotton in around my breasts.

The tip of his tongue touched his lower lip for just a second as his eyes narrowed, and then he pulled himself together and took the sponge away from the glass.

What was he? Late 30's? I think that was right, he'd only been with us a few months and I'd never really met him, I was usually on my way out to uni as he was arriving. Thank god for food poisoning.

Those eyes were watching me through the glass now, and the heat of them was cutting into me and straight to my pit of my stomach. I couldn't, could I?

Glancing past him I took comfort in the fact the trees were now in full leaf and hiding the house front from the distant road. The neighbours were too far away to matter and I was starting to feel horny. The question was, just how horny?

Looking around, I pulled the dressing table chair over with my foot and tugged it in behind me. I looked up at him as he watched with a frown, then his eyes came back to my face and I felt heat flood my cheeks. I couldn't believe I was about to do this.

Biting my lower lip, I waited until I had his full attention, then I lowered my right hand to the towel and slowly started to pull the material lose. His eyes widened at that. Looking over his shoulder quickly, he checked the area around the house form where he could be seen, then he dropped the sponge on the top of the bay window and pressed both of his hands to the window frame as he leaned in close to watch.

Oh god this was making me feel so horny, but I wanted to prolong it as much as I could. Taking the towel in both hands, I let it slide enough to show the top of my thigh, and stepped back from him. He frowned and shook his head slightly, but I held a finger up to him and smiled slowly.

Nodding quickly, he settled down on his knees to watch the show.

The sun was coming in the window from the side now, highlighting him from for me. His face was weather warn and brown from the sun, but those eyes stood out clear and the wrinkles of laughter made him look sexy.

Stepping back a little further, I felt the chair press up against the back of my knees. Sitting down on the edge, I held the towel so it barely covered me. Letting my grip relax a little it slid lower, uncovering more of my breasts to him. His eyes flickered down to them, drinking in the curve and the promise of the hard nipples that were starting to stand out. God I was enjoying this so much.

Sliding back in the chair, I rested my arms up on the arms and relaxed in so my backside was nearer the edge than the back. He leaned forward, his elbows resting on the windowsill outside as his hands dangled down, the movement of his muscles telling me he was slowly stroking himself through his jeans. I wonder how long he was? Was he wide or slim? Average or different? I would have to find out now.

Biting my lip again, I watched his face carefully as I let go of the towel and it slipped down to reveal my breasts. My nipples were hard already, and the rush of fresh air on them made them even harder.

His eyes narrowed quickly and a flush of colour came into his cheeks. His arm muscles flexed several times, so the sight of my breasts must be good for him.

Leaning back, I rested my arms along the chair and let him stare at my breasts as they rose and fell with my breathing, the towel still wrapped around my lower half.

Looking up to my face, he raised a hand to his lips and blew me a gentle kiss in reward. Yes he'd do just nicely, he knew how to play.

Laughing softly, I stroked a finger over my right nipple, and his tongue licked out across his lips slowly, almost as if he was tasting my breast. That was an intriguing thought.

Pinching the nipple, I tugged gently and stretched my breast towards him a fraction. His hand flattened against the glass and then his fingers curled in as if to grab. He'd get his chance later if I had my way.

Raising my right foot, I stretched my leg out towards him, the towel slipping back from the calf and back over the knee. This teasing was fun! I had placed the chair just right for me. I rested my foot up on the internal window sill, my knee bent up just enough for comfort. Placing my left foot beside the right, I kept my knees together as the towel slipped back a bit more, revealing everything except what he wanted to see.

Curling my toes, I laughed as he tickled his fingers against the glass and I could hear his soft low laugh in return. He had a sexy laugh; I wonder if his voice matched?

Stroking my breasts a little more, I watched his face as his gaze roved over my exposed body, there was a definite sense of appreciation there, and a good deal of hunger, but he was playing by the rules.

Maybe now it was time to go a little further?

Pushing my feet apart on the sill, I watched his eyebrows raise and his eyes snapped down to the towel still about my waist. I moved my feet apart enough to be comfortable, then I parted my knees and rested them against the chair sides, but the towel still stayed in place over my pussy, and by the look of consternation he was getting impatient.

He looked up at me with a frown and mouthed for me to throw the towel away. I shook my head and wagged a finger at him. I smiled and told him to remove his shirt. I wanted a bit of flesh on show in return.

I just knew he was grumbling, but he quickly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it by his side. Hmm very nice, muscled arms from hard work, flat stomach and a nice scattering of hair on his chest, just perfect. Nodding in approval, I slid the towel aside and let him stare down at my freshly shaven pussy.

His eyes really did widen at that and I started to laugh. Resting my hand on my stomach, I chuckled as he pressed his hand to the window again and made stroking motions I could feel the hot juices running out of me and was aware he could probably see them from just a couple of feet away. But I had no intention of being alone in masturbating, and I knew he was hard as hell.

Dropping my feet to the floor, I leaned forward and tapped on the window at his crotch. His jeans were definitely straining and he looked a good length under the denim. He shook his head at that, so I pouted and picked up the towel again. I may be horny but I was not playing alone in this game.

I heard the dull swear word through the window as he undid his belt and zipped his jeans open. The cotton of his boxers was instantly pushed out and I made stroking motions against the window. He crooked a smile at me and fumbled for a second with the material, then his cock was out in the open and his balls were resting on the material of his boxers.

God he looked so good, longer than normal but not wider, so he'd be comfortable to take inside. Was good enough to taste, but I'd wait for that.

Smiling in pleasure, I leaned back in the chair and rested my feet back up against the windowsill, giving him an uninterrupted view of my pussy. In turn he came up off his haunches and kneeled at the window so I could see his cock. He was already stroking it slowly, his strong fingers wrapped around the shaft and moving up and down softly. If he was that gentle on his cock then his fingers would be amazing in my hot pussy. A shiver ran up my spine at the thought and I closed my eyes for a second. This was going to be one of the best fucks I'd had.

I slowly slid my hand down my stomach, my fingers gliding down and over my pussy where they rested for a few seconds. Slowly I used the first and third finger to open myself, his blue eyes riveted as I revealed my hot pink pussy, the juices now running freely in anticipation of being a whore for a near stranger. It was so damn sexy doing this, making me so horny I was sure to come hard.

His fingers clenched around his cock and I heard his gasp as he forced himself to relax the grip. He didn't want to come quickly either.

My clit was pulsing with blood as I touched my finger to it. With a sigh I began to circle it in rhythmic motions, my middle finger gliding over it every time as I built the feelings up to a level where I was panting. My breasts were shaking gently to the movement, the nipples standing hard as his gaze flickered between my circling finger and my shaking breasts.

Widening my legs, I stroked my finger down the length of my pussy to my hot juices. Stroking them back to my clit, I circled my finger quickly then rubbed hard, a loud gasp coming from me as my stomach muscles clenched in arousal. His mouth was open a little as he breathed heavily, his face flushed as he moved as close to the window as he could. The head of his cock was getting redder as he got harder, a couple of inches away from the cool glass between us. This was so damn sexy, each of us putting on a show for the others, acting as whores for near strangers. The risk of getting caught was near zero, but even so it still made me shiver in excitement.

I looked up at a sharp tap on the glass and he was pointing down at my pussy, an urgent stabbing motion of his finger. Nodding, I slipped my fingers lower and slowly inserted one into my opening, my horniness making it so easy to enter.

I was sure he was about to collapse against the window he pushed up that close to watch. All the time his fingers were working that hard cock of his, making it go redder and darker as the blood rushed to the arousal. His free hand was pressed against the stone frame of the window, balancing himself as he watched intently. Those blue eyes of his were sparkling with intense arousal and concentration, the pure colour of them making my clit throb even more as I watched his face. It was all about the face for me, that cock was gorgeous and I couldn't wait to play with it, but the face was where everything showed, and he showed complete and utter arousal, the muscles taught in his jaw and his eyes narrowed.

Pushing my finger in and out slowly, I felt my muscles clench gently around my finger the first level of my arousal. I needed something more, something deeper.

Looking around quickly, I reached back and grabbed a hairbrush from the dressing table. His eyebrows shot up at that; then he started to laugh as I smiled crookedly. Gingerly holding the bristles, I slowly slid the handle into my pussy, the hard wood handle cold against me as I took it ion. Wasn't quite as wide as I wanted right then, but it was long enough. Turning it slowly, the ridges of the hexagonal handle stimulated my pussy, sending shudders through my body. Arching up in the chair, I began to thrust it in and out of me, turning it a fraction each time.

At the window, he was gripping hic cock tighter, rubbing himself harder and faster as he watched that brush handle going in and out of my wet pussy. His cock was looking so hard and swollen now; I could just imagine it inside of me instead of the handle, it would go all the way in to my limit. Thrusting into me and making me gasp. Gasping, I arched up in the chair again and thrust the handle in harder and faster. Oh god I could feel it building fast. Ramming the brush in, I rubbed my clit hard and fast, inaccurate in my arousal but close enough to make the first of my come run down my pussy. Leaning my head back on the chair, I watched him press up against the window; his hand clenched around his cock as he rubbed it hard and watched my pussy. I was gasping and writhing in the chair, my whole body clenching as the orgasm built quickly. This was going to be a big one, and my god I was ready for it.

Ramming that handle into my hot pussy, I rubbed my clit as hard as I could and screamed, my orgasm slamming into me as I came hard against the window. Rubbing myself as quickly as I could, I continued to come, spattering the window as the orgasm clenched my muscles in hard waves as I shook.

Gasping in air, I relaxed down into the chair as I let my feet drop to the floor in exhaustion. Opening my eyes, I looked up at the handyman as he stared down in amazement at me. I guess he'd never seen a woman ejaculate before. But even though he was mesmerised by the sight his hand was jerking his cock off hard and fast. His fist was clenched hard around his shaft, the skin moving back and forth roughly as he worked himself to his orgasm. |Sitting forward, I pressed my hand to the window, then decided to be the complete whore and placed my tongue to the glass just in front of his cock. Licking slowly, I tasted my come in my mouth and found it strangely arousing. Hell I'd just brought myself to a mind blowing orgasm and I was getting ready for more!

I looked up and found him staring down at me in fascination, his forehead resting against the cold glass as he watched me lick the glass as he worked his cock hard. I could hear him grunting in effort, he must be about to come. Placing my hands to my breasts, I squeezed and rolled them for him to see as I pressed up against the glass. It felt cold on my nipples, a sensation I enjoyed very much. Staring up at him, I opened my mouth as if to take him and pressed my tongue to my lower lip. That was enough; he jerked hard and fast and I watched him come all over the window pane, his come running down the freshly washed glass as he jerked more and more out. Slowly he released his grip on his cock and relaxed down onto his haunches opposite me. Resting his hands on his thighs, he lowered his head and closed his eyes as he caught his breath. His stomach muscles were still clenched, only relaxing as I watched closely. That was one of the horniest things I had ever seen, and I was ready for more.

Reaching up, I flicked the catch open and smiled as he looked up at the slight snick. Pushing the sash window up, I reached high and knew he was watching my breasts lift as I pushed the frame as high as it would go. Lowering my arms, I leaned my elbows on the windowsill and rested my chin on my hands as I watched him. Leaning forward, he rested his hands on the sill either side of my arms and smiled slowly.

It was one of the sexiest and laziest smiles I had ever seen, and he damn well knew it. Lowering his face to mine, he pressed a soft kiss to my lips, taking his time about deepening it as I closed my eyes and gave myself to the moment.

My eyes snapped open as his hands closed about my arms and began to pull. I quickly realised what he wanted and I complied by sliding one leg over the sill and joining him on top of the bay window in the full sun of the morning. Sitting back on the sill, I placed my hands on his waist and pulled him back in to a kiss that was long and deep and getting hotter by the second.

His hands were quickly around my waist and sliding down to my backside, his fingers curling in my flesh and massaging as I dragged him close to me and wrapped my legs around him to hold him tight.

That gorgeous cock of his had been slowly drooping, growing ever more flaccid after his initial excursions, but now it was quickly growing hard again, standing to attention like a good soldier should. Breaking the kiss I trailed my lips down his neck, kissing softly and slowly as I flicked my tongue over his warm skin. Reaching his shoulder, I pulled him close to me and gently bit, just enough to make him gasp softly in my ear.

Giggling, I ran my fingers up his spine and back down again, dragging my nails ever so softly over his skin and feeling the shivers run through him.

Laughing as he picked me up, he pulled me down into his lap, my knees tucking in beside his hips as he held me tightly to his body, my breasts crushed against his chest and my wet pussy rubbing against his hard cock.

His fingers dug into my backside, gripping me tight as he began to rock me against his groin, the cotton of his boxers and jeans rubbing me roughly. Bending my knees until I was kneeling astride him, I rocked my whole body on him, my breasts massaging him, my stomach against his and our most intimate areas stroking and teasing one another. Releasing a hand, he slid his fingers up my spine and curled his palm around the back of my head, cradling me as he kissed me deeply, his tongue twining around mine and drawing soft moans from us both. Dear god this was so arousing, in plain view of anyone coming up the drive, the sun on us as it rose over the trees. I was fully aware of the sensation of the rough denim on my inner thighs and pussy, the rough material caressing and tempting forth more of my juices. I was already slick from my first orgasm, my pussy ready to take anything that he wished to put in me.

Releasing his hold on my head, his hand slid down my shoulders, his fingers making little stroking motions on my hot skin as he slid it between our moving bodies and cupped a breast, his fingers closing around the soft flesh and a thumb running over the taught nipple. I broke the kiss and buried my face into the curve of his neck. Instantly his hand was cradling the back of my head again, his fingers stroking gently to ease me as he whispered softly in my ear, tender words that turned me molten to his touch. Trailing kisses down my neck, he carefully raised me with his hands on my hips, positioning me back up on my knees and holding me there. Running kisses over my throat, he struggled with one hand behind him for a few moments before he pulled a wallet from the back pocket of his crumpled jeans. Flicking it open with one hand, he dropped it on the lead of the roof as his fingers dug around urgently in the confines. Releasing a small silver packet, he ripped it in his teeth and took out a condom as I laughed softly. Taking it from between his teeth, I placed it to the head of his cock and slowly ran my fingers down his length as I unrolled the latex. His head tipped back and he squeezed his eyes shut as a long shudder ran through him from head to toe.

Catching me in a kiss, he came up on his knees and his hands went to my waist, gripping me firmly but gently. Easing me back, eh shuffled forward on his knees as I came up against the window sill. Twining my arms around his neck, I kissed him deeply, my eyes closing as I revelled in the feel of his hands all over my body, placing me where he wanted me as I rested my buttocks on the sill and waited patiently.

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