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So just a little back story here, I just got a divorce and pretty much gave my ex-wife everything I had including most of my money. Luckily, I had been saving cash money that she didn't know about for several years and had enough to put a nice down payment on a new house for myself. Well new to me anyways. So I bought this little two bedroom fixer upper that needed a lot of fixing up. The main problem with that is the fact that I work way to many hours to do it all on my own.

Now to current time, I have been living in this house for about 6 months now it seems that the work is never ending especially with no time to do much work. I am usually a hands-on kind of guy and hate calling any type of contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. but I finally break down after many people pushing me to do it and decide to shop around for a good handyman service. After research online and speaking to people I decide to go with a company that seemed to have nothing but great reviews.

I give the handyman a call and to my immediate surprise it wasn't a handyman at all. It was a handywoman. I am not sexist by any means but for the most part, you don't expect a woman to be in that line of work at first thought. I decide what the hell and decide to have a consult with her at the house to decide what all needs to be done and all that sort of stuff. We set an appointment for the following week and I go about my daily life.

The day comes upon me and I had already forgotten that we had the appointment. I get a call at work from the handywoman telling me that she is at my house waiting. I apologize profusely and tell her I will be right there as I only work about 5 minutes from home.

As I pull in my driveway I see the most beautiful petite dark haired woman standing there in dirty overalls with a tight white t-shirt underneath with her hair just thrown back in a pony-tail all messy with that one group of hair barely covering the side of her face. My jaw must have hit the ground and I just sat in my car as she stared at me waiting for me to get out.

This was by all means not what I was expecting. In my mind I pictured an average looking woman, that would probably be a little meatier and not all that attractive. Instead, I am now standing there shaking hands and introducing myself to a woman that you imagine only in your dreams. She is a somewhat short woman with dark brown almost black hair, dark brown eyes that make you melt, a little dark skin as she appears to be of Latin descent and the most beautiful body I have ever seen. Even through the overalls I could see that she had just the most mouthwatering perfect breasts you could imagine. Although she was small she had the perfect curves and later I find out that her ass is the most amazingly beautiful perfect shaped ass I have ever seen.

So back on track....After introducing myself and her introducing herself as Alicia, I give her the short walk through of the house as she makes little notes on a pad of paper. We then sit down in the living room and I attempt to offer her the recliner chair and I was going to take the couch but she comes and sits next to me. The entire time that we were in the house I was trying with all my might not to stare into her eyes for too long but my will power was failing slowly and as we sit on the couch and we start to discuss the plans I just continuously stared deep into her eyes.

As we are talking I notice that her hand is now resting right between our legs up against mine and very slowly moving as if she wasn't even doing it on purpose. But as the discussion about the house continues either her hand has starting moving a little more and pressing a little harder or my mind was playing some serious tricks on me.

The next thing I know I hear her repeating my name a few times as I come back to reality and she asks if I was okay. I stand up without thinking and explain that I am thirsty and ask her if she wants anything. She asks for a glass of water and as I turn around I notice that she kept looking down at my crotch area. That is when I realize that I am at full staff for all to notice. I get to the kitchen in a hurry and attempt to adjust myself as best as possible before returning with two glasses of water.

As I attempt to sit in the recliner this time after handing her, her glass of water she looks me in the eye and tells me not to be shy and sit next to her so we can finish going over everything. I get back up and sit next to her. As soon as I sit down she scoots as close as she can to me with her little notepad in her hand and rests her hand and notepad on my upper thigh.

At this point I am about 100% sure that she wants to do more than discuss my house but still am scared to act upon it in fear of scaring her away. I sit there and continue talking with her about the house and feel the back of her hand slowing moving up my thigh with the notepad in hand. I finally decide what the hell as all my blood as officially left my head and traveled south and look her straight in the eyes and kiss her. To my relief she starts kissing back gently at first but our mouths slowing start to open and I feel her tongue pressing against mine.

I slowly start rubbing her leg as she is rubbing mine and we are locked together in a very passionate kiss. All of a sudden she stands up and tells me that she will be right back. Coming out of the fog I sit there and just wait as she walks straight to the bathroom. Next thing I know she comes back out missing the tight white top she had on before with only one strap fastened and the other one hanging down to where I can see her one breast. She also still has her work boots and she looks at me in the eyes and gives me the "come hither" finger and starts walking to my bedroom. I get up and follow her like a sad little puppy straight to the bedroom eyes glued to her sexy tight jean covered ass.

She sits on the edge of the bed and wiggles her finger for me to come closer and as I do she takes her nails and runs them from my neck all the way down to the edge of my pants. I remain standing there still as can be and in complete shock of her beauty as she continues on and start unbuttoning my slacks. I finally come out of the shock and start rubbing her back underneath the overalls and I hear a slight moan out of her lips. She gets the slacks unbuttoned and puts her fingers inside the elastic band of my boxers and slowly pulls them down until my cock springs up only an inch from her face.

She keeps pulling them down while breathing heavily right on my rock hard cock until my pants and boxers are around my ankles. I then step out of the pants and boxers and as soon as my foot is back on the ground she licks the underside of my dick and looks right into my eyes. At this point I feel like complete mush and would probably do anything that she asked.

She starts to then kiss and lick all the way down my shaft and back up until her tongue is right at the tip of my cock and I see her look back up at me again and slowly opens her mouth and starts taking the head of my cock until I feel it hitting the back of her throat. She keeps going up and down on my cock with her mouth while licking the underside at the same time until I am weak at the knees. To her disappointment I pull my cock out of her mouth and grab her shoulders to have her stand up. We embrace once again and start kissing feverishly. I reach around and push my hands through the sides of her overalls and start massaging her ass as we kiss. I can hear her start to moan into my mouth as I squeeze her ass a little tighter. She finally pushes me back a little bit and stares into my eyes as she undoes the other strap of the overalls and lets them fall all the way to her feet.

At this point I see that she is wearing the sexiest little black thong panties with a little rose embroidered on the front. She then pulls me back to her and he fall back onto the bed while kissing and feeling each other all over. I then slowing pull away from the kiss as I bite her lower lip and then let go to start kissing and nibbling all over her neck down past her collar bone until I am at her breast. I start kissing and licking in circles around one breast while I massage the other breast and pinch her nipple with my hand. I slowly work my way to her nipple and suck it into my mouth and lightly bite down until I hear her whimper. I then let go of her nipple that is between my teeth and do the same thing to the other one.

I once again start descending a little lower leaving little kisses and nibble marks down her stomach until I am at the edge of her panties. I lower a little bit more and put my mouth up against her soaking wet panties and start to blow right into her pussy. She starts to squirm on the bed and panting with me hardly even touching her. I since that she has finally had enough and grab both sides of her panties and pull them down as she raises her ass off the bed.

As she kicks the panties off her feet I grab both of her legs and put them both over my shoulders and go straight back to her pussy. I lightly start licking the crease of her pussy to tease her a little bit more but she had already had enough teasing as she grabs the back of my head and forces my tongue deep into her pussy. I start licking like I have never licked before and then go up and little and start licking as quickly as possible on her clit. I then take one finger and insert it into her pussy as she burst into her first orgasm and soaking my entire hand. I keep licking and insert another finger and start fucking her pussy with my fingers. She keeps moaning and repeating "YES, Steve, YES" as I bring her to an even more mind blowing orgasm.

She then grabs my head to make me stop and crawls out from underneath. She then lays me on my back and takes my cock back into her mouth and starts sucking my hard dick like it would be her last. After a little bit I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm which she apparently could sense as well and slows down until she stops completely.

I then grab her by the waist and pull her on top of me until my cock is pinned between my stomach and her wet pussy. She then starts to slowly grind on me causing my dick to rub against her clit. I can tell that she wants more so I grab her waist again and push her up until my hard on sticks straight up right against the entrance to her pussy. I slowly lower her down on it and she lets out a deep long moan as my cock buries completely inside of her pussy. She then uses her strength and raises back up and this time slams back down on my cock and then slowly rises back up and repeats it again each time speeding up her rise and slamming back down again until we start fucking as hard as we can. As she continues to fuck my cock with her tight canal she leans down and starts kissing me again. We keep kissing and fucking until I can take no more. I finally tell her that I am about to cum and she hops off my cock and goes straight down and takes my entire cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. She keeps deep-throating up and down on my cock until I can take no more and release my cum all the way down her throat. It seems never ending as spurt after spurt shoots from my cock into her mouth. I finally shoot my last spurt and I see it leaking out of the side of her mouth back down my cock. She then uses her finger as she swallows what load didn't already go down her throat and wipes the cum off of my cock and puts it into her mouth and seductively licks it off.

Complete exhausted she lays down beside me on the bed as we drift off to sleep. As I finally wake from my peaceful sleep I wake up to some banging. I open my eyes and see that Alicia is completely naked working on my house. I guess she is hired.

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