Roger a fifty-four years old widower lives in the southern part of the USA. He stood about five-foot five, has average weight, black hair, brown eyes, and a muscular build. He doesn't consider himself handsome, or someone women would find attractive. So he doesn't have an interested in looking for someone, or dating. He spends his week like the average man, working, taking care of his home and son. While shopping at the local market one Friday he met and has become friends with an older woman named Margaret.

Margaret was a Caucasian woman in her sixties. She stood about 5' 5". Her short white hair accented her blue eyes, and lips the color of a rose. She had a full figure, wide hips, and a good set of tits. His first thought was how he'd like to bury his face and cock in them. She didn't wear make-up because she didn't need it, she sparkled with a beauty many men would not see. He felt an immediate attraction to her.

When he first saw her, she was shopping at the same market he goes too. She was alone and always appeared to be lonely. However, she did smile in greeting every time they came close to one another. The following week he decided when he had the chance; he would stop and talk to her. He did and introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Roger."

"Hello, Roger my name is Margaret, nice to meet you."

Nothing else was said that week, but as the days passed, their conversations extended past the usual greeting. He found out she was a widow. She was also needing someone to help her with small things around the house, but had no idea where to look, and was too shy to ask.

"Sorry to hear about your husband, I know how that goes I have been a widower for over two years. My wife died of cancer. By the way if you want, I can come over and help you with some things if you want."

"Oh that would be nice, but I cannot pay you much."

"Don't worry about that, you can pay me with a home cooked meal."

"Okay, I can do that. When can you come over?"

He thought for a moment then suggested, "How's about this coming Saturday, around three o'clock?"

"That will be nice. Here's my address and phone number, just in case you get lost or have to cancel."

He chuckled, "I doubt I will cancel on a free meal."

In the back of his mind he wondered is she would be willing to be the dessert. After all age is just a mere number, and her body was alluring. Besides it would be just sex, and he never got enough of that.

Saturday was three days away, and the time drug by slowly. When the day finally arrived, he showered and dressed in blue-jeans and a t-shirt, after all he would be doing handyman type work.

When he arrived she greeted him wearing a skirt and casual blouse. "Thanks for coming over to help me out, Roger, this won't take long."

She seemed to be such a sweet woman. He also loved the fact that she offered a home cooked meal as his reward for helping her.

She then told him she needed a few light bulbs changed, but was scared of heights. She pointed to a hall closet and told him he'd find the stepladder there. She told him she'd go get the bulbs as he retrieved the ladder. When they had everything needed, she showed him the ones that needed to be replaced.

When they had one bulb left, she told him he needed to change the one in her bedroom closet. In addition he could hand her a couple boxes off the top shelf.

When they entered the room he saw it was neat and tidy. Everything had butterflies on it and was either purple or pink and nicely coordinated.

She then directed him to the closet. The huge walk in closet was as bigger than any he'd ever seen.

"Roger, while you're on the ladder, I want you to hand me a couple of boxes. I need to find some papers and I am sure they are in one of them."

"No problem. Let me change this bulb then you can tell me which ones you need." He changed the bulb and she turned the light on.

"Now which ones do you need Margaret?"

"One box if brown and has a label on it which reads, 2010, insurance paperwork, and one is green, and it reads insurance papers 2011."

He found them, picked up one box and handed it down to her. When he did he got a good look down her blouse. He swallowed hard, and felt his dick stir. Oh man, what a time for a boner, he froze. . She noticed he was acting peculiar and asked. "What's wrong dear?"

"Oh nothing," hoping she had not noticed the swelling in his jeans. He quickly composed himself, found the other box, and handed it to her.

He got down off the ladder, and was startled, they were face to face. He tried to act casual, and spoke, "What else do you need done, I'm don't have to be home till 10pm to make sure my son goes to bed, and doesn't stay up too late playing video games."

She moved back, smiled and batted her eyes. "Nothing I can think of. Hey, I'm getting thirsty, would you like some cool tea, soda, or a beer?"

"I'd like some tea with sugar and lemon if you have it, my throat is a bit parched."

"Good why don't you go sit on the sofa as I get us both some. After that we can have supper, as it won't take long to finish that, I have a roast in the oven with all the trimmings. Plus German chocolate cake for dessert."

"You didn't have to go to all that trouble."

"It's no problem besides it feels nice cooking for a man again."

She came back with tea and napkins, and the two sat and talked like long lost friends. Neither was really looking for romance, but somehow the two were drawn to each other

"You know, I used to have a handyman, but he moved to another state." She blushed, and then chuckled, "He was so good to me, in more ways than one."

He kind of knew what she was hinting at and asked. "Oh really, care to tell me what you he did, if it's not too embarrassing?"

Her eyes lit up, and her hands trembled when she began to talk. "This all happened after Alvin passed away mind you, but we did have some fun times. He fixed faucets, changed light bulbs, and even helped by cleaning the windows. I cooked for him, and we often went on a picnic, it was fun to get out of this boring house. However, there were some things I loved doing, something I really miss doing with a man."

Well that perked up his interest, and his cock twitched and began to swell. "What was that, you can tell me, I will keep it a secret?"

She gulped, looked him in the eyes, to gauge his reaction and blurted out. "I'm not a prude and I used to pay him for his work by giving him a blow job. I may be old baby, but I love sex, always did."

All a sudden she looked down at his crotch and licked her lips. "Oh my god, honey, looks like you have an erection."

He took a deep breath. "Sorry about that. Excuse me, but I accidently got a glimpse of your beautiful tits while on the ladder, and my dick started to swell and throb. Then when you talked about the blow job, I got a hard-on."

She smiled, leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Well I I think we can do something about that honey. However, I am hungry, how about us eating supper, and having some sexy fun afterwards?"

He could not believe his ears, she was propositioning him. He just stared at her.

She patted his arm, "Don't worry honey, I am not too old to, cut the mustard."

She told him where the bathroom was, so he could wash up. Then she got up and walked into the kitchen to prepare supper.

About ten minutes later he joined her. "Can I do anything to help?"

"Sure honey, the plates are in the cupboard on your left, and the silverware in the door to your right. When you get the table set, I will pour us some more tea, unless you want a beer, because everything is ready to serve."

"Tea is fine." He set the table, and watched her put the finishing touches on a scrumptious meal.

Before he could do anything else, she walked over to him, placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately.

"Oh god, I have wanted to do that since I first met you. I'm glad you could come over, I have a sneaky feeling we are going to be good friends and maybe more."

He moaned and quivered, her kiss was sweeter than wine. He held her for a moment, and then stated, "I'd like that." He then kissed her hard enough to curl her toes,

Her eyes twinkled in delight, he hadn't seen her this happy since the first day we said hello.

They enjoyed the meal talking about family, religion, and places they traveled to. In his mind he told himself, he could get used to this, every week or so.

She gathered the plates, and served up dessert. "You know Roger; I could really use you as my handyman, on a permanent basis. Maybe I can call you ever every other weekend if I need you for something."

"This cake is delicious, thanks for a great meal. I like your way of thinking, I'd love to help you out. Are we just talking about odd jobs around the house?"

She winked, blushed, and purred, "Around the house and in my bedroom, if you don't mind."

"Oooh honey, you're making my dick hard again!"

"Good because this baby is horny as hell. Are you ready to go into my bedroom and have some hot, sexy, fun?"

Before he could say a word she got up and took him by the hand, and led him to the bedroom. Once inside the room she started stripping.

He couldn't keep his eyes off her; she was so beautiful, even at her age.

"Well honey, don't just stand there, please take those clothes off."

She climbed onto the bed to watch as he hurriedly removed his clothing. His cock was fat but eight inches, and his big balls hung down full of his seed.

She licked her lips, quivered and cooed. "Mmm you are so sexy looking, my pussy is springing a leak, and is purring!"

He smiled and climbed onto the bed. "Well now, I'll just have to take care of that won't I?"

"Not yet, I want to suck that gorgeous cock of yours first."

Her eyes locked onto his cock. She licked her lips hungrily as she wrapped her hand around it. She flicked the tip with her tongue savoring the musky smell, and lapping up the tangy taste of precum.

"Yummy, it tastes so good Roger!"

He felt light headed and hot, it had been too long since a woman touched his cock, and he thought he'd pass out.

A soft growl escaped his lips, and he closed his eyes, reveling in the moment. Slowly, her warm, wet mouth engulfed his cock, and he loved how her pink lips wrapped around the shaft and sucked him deep.

"Ooooh fuck, that feels sooooo damn good!"

She just kept going, licking the shaft, and tickling his balls with her tongue. The slurping sounds and sight made his cock harder than steel. He was in seventh heaven. He knew he could not last must longer, he'd felt like he would explode any minute.

She must have been really turned and sensed his arousal heightening, because she began to suck his cock faster. He put his hands on her head, and started humping her face.

He paused long enough to ask, "Am I hurting you?"

She paused long enough to reply, "No I love taking care of my baby. I want to swallow your sweet load too boney. She resumed sucking his cock and rolling his balls.

Her moaning, slurping sounds, along with the sight of his shiny pulsating cock, coated with her saliva coating, sent him over the edge.

"Ooooh Margaret, I am ccuummiinnnggg!!"

He thought he would never stop, there was some much jism that if overflowed onto her chin.

She eagerly licked up every drop. Following that she moved upwards until her lips touched his. They shared a soft passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her, because it felt right. He didn't care that she was older, as she too needed to feel loved.

He could feel her hardened nipples against his chest, and let his finger travel to her warm, moist pussy. God she was drenched.

He then kissed her cheeks and neck then nibbled on her earlobe. "My turn baby, lay down, I want to eat that hot cunt!"

"Oh yes I would like that!"

He moved and got between her legs. He inhaled deep letting the intoxicating aroma of her sex, tantalize all his senses. He then moved closer and slid his tongue the full length of her hairy mound.

She quivered, ran her fingers through his hair, and squealed, "Ooooh honey eat my hot pussy!"

He spread the silky folds of her pussy, and was awed as to how wet she was. He slithered his tongue across the velvety skin, and she moaned in response. When he flicked her clit, a gush of fluids covered his chin. He lapped it up than shoved his tongue deep inside her. The warmth of her inner flesh was magnificent. It milked his tongue like a small cock.

"Ooooh god, if you keep doing that baby and I will cover your face with cum!"

He paused long enough to growl, "I hope so!"

He licked, probed, and tickled every inch of her twat with his tongue. He then shoved two fingers inside her hole as he sucked on her engorged clit. She was gushing so much it ran down the crack of her ass onto the bed.

She appeared to be in another dimension. She moved her head from side to side, moaned, and begun moving her hips and fucking his fingers.

He increased the pace, and she began to shake violently.

"Ooooh honey I am cumming!"

She covered his whole hand and wrist with her juices. He licked eagerly like a hungry pup at a bowl of milk.

When she finished, he moved up and took her in his arms, basking in the afterglow.



"I'm glad we met I really needed you more than you realize. Does my age bother you?"

"Margaret, I needed you baby, as much as you did me. Age to me only matters if you're buying cheese and wine."

They both laughed and he held her for my comfort as much as hers.

About an hour later, he lifted her chin as he placed his lips on hers.

"Honey I need to get home before my son worries where I am. I would not want him to come looking for me."

"Okay. Well I want to thank you for helping me. We will have to do this again, you can bet on it."

"I know we will."

He cleaned himself up, and dressed. He held her close one last time and then kissed her goodbye.

As he drove off, he knew they were going to be more than just friends, and her handyman.

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