tagGroup SexHandyman Chronicles Ch. 02

Handyman Chronicles Ch. 02


I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, waiting for Brooke to make her way in from the hallway. She walked in a moment later, pants still pulled down past her beautiful little butt. She walked up to me, bringing her face as close to mine as she could get, looking up at me due to my taller height.

"That wasn't very nice," she said, referring to my all-too-brief eating of her hole in the hallway a moment earlier. I smiled, and she grabbed my rigid cock through my jeans, giving it a rough squeeze, apparently as punishment for my behavior.

"Well, what are you gonna do about it?" I teased.

"Oh, you'll see," Brooke answered, and began unbuckling my pants. She dropped them to the floor, then pulled off my underwear, finally releasing my cock. At a little over eight inches mine was smaller compared to Marco's but I knew it was always enough to get the job done. Brooke squeezed it a few more times, then began slowly lowering herself to her knees. Once her face was level with my cock she looked up at me and gave a mock-angry glare. I assumed she was going to suck my cock, but instead she grabbed my balls and squeezed, while simultaneously jerking them down. I was surprised, but it was not as painful as I would have thought, and with a such a sexy creature doing it I found it to be pretty hot.

"Is that all you've got?" I asked, daring her to continue my punishment. In response she wrapped one hand around the head of cock while keeping the other wrapped around my balls. She squeezed both at the same time, getting a little closer to the painful side this time. I moaned a bit and gritted my teeth, but said "That's more like it," maintaining eye contact while she continued to periodically squeeze my cock.

As she squeezed harder and harder, I decided it was time to take control back. I used one hand to grab her wrist and pull her hand off the tip of my cock, while using the other to grab a handful of her hair. "That's enough," I said firmly, "my turn." Without another word I pulled head toward my cock with one hand while repositioning my cock with the other. Her eyes went wide as I pushed my cock past her lips and into her hungry mouth. She moaned with a mix of pleasure and surprise while I lifted her head up slightly to give myself better access to her throat. In no time she was taking a good four to six inches of my cock, and I began gently fucking her mouth. I had seen her take Marco's cock, but still was not sure how hard she could take it, and I did not want to start off too hard. We quickly got into a nice rhythm, and after a minute she was taking me just about balls deep on every stroke. "Damn, this girl can suck!" I thought to myself. Not wanting to cum too quickly, I stopped and lifted her to her feet.

"Shower time," I said, pulling off my shirt and stepping out of my pants and underwear. Brooke wiped her face clean of the saliva that had spilled while she was deepthroating me, and walked over and turned on the shower.

As we waited for the water to warm up, she said, "So, now I know that you know how paint walls, suck cock and eat ass. What else do you have up your sleeve?"

"Well," I answered, "what did you have in mind?"

Brooke bit her lip seductively and looked me up and down. "I'm guessing by the way you took Marco's cock down your throat that you have done that once or twice before." She began walking around me, looking me up and down continuously. She approached and gave my ass cheek a squeeze, then gently swept her hand across my ass crack, presumably seeing if I would flinch or pull away. I did not, and she said "So, I'm guessing that your mouth isn't the only hole that can take cock like that, especially since you obviously shave your asshole pretty frequently." She was right, I hadn't shaved in a couple days, but generally I keep it nice and smooth down below and she could tell.

"You're pretty observant," I answered. "If you think my oral skills are impressive, you should see what I can do with my ass."

"Oh I intend to," Brooke remarked, and then walked around me, grabbed my cock and gave it one more squeeze, then walked into the shower. She picked up a razor and said, "Now get the fuck over here, my man prefers holes smooth and perfectly prepared."

I joined her in the shower. We stood under the water and wetter ourselves down, then each washed ourselves. When we were both clean, Brooke picked her razor up again, grabbed the shaving cream, and dropped to her knees in front of me. She squirted some cream into her hands and slowly rubbed it onto my once again rock hard cock, covering my pubic area and balls as well. I had never had anyone shave me before, so I was a little wary. "Be careful," I said, trying to laugh off my nervousness.

"Don't worry," Brooke answered, "this is not my first rodeo." Clearly it was not, because within just a few minutes she had my cock and balls perfectly smooth, and grabbed my hips, spun me around so my ass was facing her, and pushed on my back to make me bend over. She repeated the shaving process, giving my lower body a sexy, smooth, twink-like feeling and appearance. I have to admit it felt extremely sexy. When that was done she performed the same routine on my chest after taking a closer look and noticing some lighter-colored hair of which she disapproved. When she was done, she ran her hands over my chest, down onto my cock, gently rubbing and caressing, checking to make sure she had not missed any rogue hairs. She repeated the process on my backside, running her hand up my crack and tempting me by giving my hole a soft poke.

"Now that we're nice and smooth," she said, "time to get clean." She then went to work making sure my back hole was nice and clean and ready for Marco's monster cock.

With all of this finally done and both of us clean, I asked "Can I return the favor?" and gave her pubic area light caress. Apparently she had expected some action tonight, as her pussy was already perfectly smooth.

"Way ahead of you, hun," she remarked, "waxed yesterday. Like I said, Marco prefers it smooth. And I had a feeling I would be getting some action tonight."

She turned the water off and walked out of the shower, throwing a towel around her gorgeous, dripping body, and tossing a second to me. She walked out the door, calling behind her, "Let's go slut, time for you to get the fucking of your dreams."

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